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somethin' before i give you a couple of hcs i have for best au that im never letting go of. I will never not love baby Tsubaki's confused face, i want 8. But anyway~ Fiirst hc: Hyde totally begs Kuro (and mahi?) for money to buy posters. Seecond hc: Either some kiddies are sharing rooms or 'the creator' has all them dollars. Seriously, eight people in one house. Lasst hc: Hyde steals Okami's socks, i don't know why, i don't know how that came to me, and i don't know why im sending asks @ 1am.

aww thanks~ I am always happy to hear people like my au~ :D Baby Tsubaki’s confused face is A+ Oh boy~ headcanons for my au, time to confirm and deny. lol

  • Haha Hyde would be the kid who begs for money. But Kuro would most likely respond with “You think I have money??? I don’t work….” To answer your question I think in this au since their parent(cough* creator) is never around, cause he’s always working. He usually just sends them their ‘monthly budget’ to spend on whatever they need. Hugh, even though he is only 16, works part time so he can bring in extra money. (also cause he likes to brag about “what would this family do without ME??”) Each of the kids are also probably given a certain amount of allowance to spend on whatever they want and then Hyde usually ends up spending his share really fast and begs everyone else for some of their allowance. OMG greed.
  • I actually never thought about if they shares rooms or not. Cause it was one of those little things I was gonna leave to everyone’s imaginations. But if I had to say something, probably some do? At least the youngest ones share. Kuro has his own room because he’s the oldest. Okami has her own room, (being the ONLY female and all) and maybe baby Tsubaki???(no one wants to share a room with the giggly child…. It would be funny if Jeje and Hugh shared a room but Jeje has to put up with Hugh complaining that “I am the responsible one! How come I DON’T get my own room??!?” 8 people in one house is a lot. But it’s never lonely at least. 

also~ the idea of Hyde stealing Okami socks is kinda appealing. But it’s FUNNY cause whenever I draw her she’s always in thigh highs or knee socks. LOL

but maybe not all her socks are thigh highs so she had a pair striped socks that Hyde liked: (have more doodles~)

and then she let him keep them~ Cause Okami is a cool older sister! :D and that’s the story of Hyde’s “halloween socks”. 

also could you imagine that he goes to school the next day and then OPHELIA tells him his new socks are “soooooooo cool?” Now he’s never taking them off. HAHAHAHA. 

thanks for asking these were fun to think about! 

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How the Servamps (idk if you write for the mother/world end but if you do you can include them!) would react to one of their siblings getting hurt right infront of them?

Yup i do write for the mother and world end!! I think some of the previous askers didn’t want them, but i love them :’))) Thankyou so much for asking!!


- He goes silent, he’ll quickly and efficiently attack them until they pass out not even giving them a chance to hit back

- He get’s very over protective for them for the next few days or week, making sure he knows where they are and if they’re safe

- he makes sure they’re okay after, offering them everything he can do to help

The Mother

- She knows her siblings can take care of themselves, she’ll let them fight back and defeat the enemy themselves, unless they cant or are too badly hurt in which case she will step in

- She tortures them into apologizing before letting them go, Yes she makes them say ‘im very sorry i will never do it again’

- She’ll take them out to somewhere nice and calm to try and relax them and make sure they’re okay


- He goes a little bit over board, using every possible means to make that person suffer 

- lots of property damages and angry locals and swearing but he doesn’t care, someone stop this child

- let’s just say that person never showed their face again


- ‘yOU FOUL MORTAL DARE TO HURT MY PRECIOUS SIBLING??’ he calls tetsu over and tetsu destroys them without a second thought

- he would destroy them himself, but he says ‘they aren’t worth it’ its really because hes too short to inflict much damage.

- it puts him in a horrible mood for hours, like a little child he just huffs and calls them an idiotic human 


- Lily takes the more peaceful approach, getting them away from the area and carefully healing them

- Is actually very worried and concerned about them, he tries not to make it obvious but it is

- ‘Shall i strip to make you feel better~?-’ ‘DONT STRIP’


- He’s indifferent at first, until it gets to a certain point where he cant just watch. 

- ‘Aaah… not interesting at all’ he’ll step in for them eventually

- but he will never let them live it down, ‘hey remember that time that you were helpless and i had to save you? ahahaha so interesting~~’ ‘I GET IT OKAY’


- he’ll stand by because ‘they’re immortal’ if its not too bad, but if it is bad he will immidiatley go to defend them

- he quickly shoots the enemy killing them before leaving, their eve or one of the other servamps can take care of them

- he doesn’t see protecting them as an obligation but a choice 

Done!! I’m sorry if these aren’t in character ^^’ i tried my best aha, i hope you like it !! I didn’t include world end because i wasn’t sure what too add for him, since i feel like his situation would be very very similar to Hyde’s but i do normally write him!!

Creepypasta 1012: Frozen In Time

Length: Long

Everyone always told me I was the most normal teenager with the most abnormal past. I wouldn’t disagree, per se. I know my upbringing was nontraditional at best.

Before I got put into the foster system at age 12, I lived in a community of Romani people who practiced a special, homebrewed type of witchcraft. It centered mainly on a secret language that had been hidden for centuries and was controlled by the leaders of the community. With that language, they could make almost anything happen. At least it seemed like that at the time.

It was sort of a lawless community, but I still went to a school (and my education was actually to par with the schools I was placed after I went into the foster care system), and I did other relatively normal things.

The one, overarching rule in the community was that everyone got one wish. It was a strange, sort of convoluted concept, but at age 10, every person got to make one wish that the head sorceress would try her hardest to grant. The wish needed to be very specific in order to work correctly, and that’s where most people got screwed, as at age 10 it was hard to focus past the point of getting a wish granted. It didn’t always work, and sometimes the wish got a little distorted during the process. There were some limits, but for the most part, you could ask for whatever you wanted.

I wanted to freeze time. My wish was definitely granted, and all I had to do was think about freezing time and it would stop. The only problem was that once time was frozen, I couldn’t change anything. If I tried to grab something or make contact with someone, my hand would pass right through whatever I wanted to touch. Essentially, I became a ghost in a snapshot of a moment. This was fine for the most part, as I still got what I wanted and it still came in handy when I wanted to use it.

But, it did come with its problems. I didn’t really realize some of them until today.

As a senior in an American high school now, I was surprisingly reasonably well adjusted. I was moved to a foster system in America at age 12 and brought up through the school system. I wouldn’t say I was part of the popular crowd, but I wasn’t the “lowest of the low” either. I had friends from each group in the school, and clicked with almost everyone I talked to, but I was pretty reserved and not as outgoing as most kids. I had a witty sense of humor, and I think that got me in with people I wouldn’t usually have gotten in with. But, I also had a swollen sense of empathy. Coming from a strange background, I understood the nuances of peoples’ lives that might lead them down an abnormal or bizarre path. So, I was friends with some of the “weirdo” kids too.

This morning, Derek and Evan, who would both fit into that group, stopped me in the hallway. I was on my way to pre-calculus, which I had with them first hour.

“Hey, don’t go to class today,” Derek said, placing a hand on my chest somewhat sternly, stopping me in my place. His face emanated such a strange aura. He seemed completely calm, but somehow also heart-poundingly nervous. Evan reiterated his sentiment.

I gave them a side-eyed look to inquire why they felt I shouldn’t go to class.

“I’m serious,” Derek said again in a voice lower and quieter than he usually spoke.

“Are we skipping together? Do you guys want to go somewhere?” I asked, relatively cluelessly, with one eyebrow raised slightly in a somewhat puzzled look.

“No, just don’t go,” Derek repeated. Evan, who had barely said a word, was visibly sweating.

I thought maybe it was some sort of protest, as Derek and Evan had talked at length recently about how much they disliked the school. They hated many of the teachers, who they thought enabled students who had bullied them, and they did get bullied pretty harshly. They even sat down with the principle to discuss some recent incidents, but they felt they were largely ignored. I guess they sort of just felt that way in general. Just the other day someone threw a bag of flour out the window of their truck at the two while they walked to school. It hit Evan and exploded, covering the two in powder.

Derek shook his head as they walked away in the opposite direction of the classroom. It was a strange encounter. I thought about skipping, but I knew we had an exam today. I had just sent in some applications to college, and wanted to not get into the “senior slide” and ruin my chances, although I had some interesting fodder for entrance essays.

Now, though, I wish I had skipped.

I sat down in class and the bell rung. Mr. Williams handed out our exams and told us to get started. I noticed Derek and Evan were absent. I was about five minutes into my exam when an obnoxiously loud crash startled me nearly out of my seat. 

I looked up to see Derek had kicked through the door, breaking it from its frame. Evan had a double-barreled, pump action shotgun in his hands, and both of Derek’s hands held black pistols. They were dressed in black, with scowls covering their faces. Evan turned to Abigail, a girl who sat in the front row. She and I were friends, and I actually had plans to get lunch with her that day. I had a bit of a crush on her, but I hadn’t told her. Evan pulled the trigger and just before the bullet hit, I froze time.

I sat with my eyes closed for what felt like ten minutes. I couldn’t bring myself to open them. When I did, all I saw were terrified faces. Mr. Williams was in the middle of diving behind his desk. Students were scrambling out of their seats. Abigail had her eyes clenched shut and her hands up, as if they were going to stop the blast coming her way. Alex, another kid sitting in the front, had already soaked his pants with piss.

I looked into the faces of Derek and Evan. There was so much rage. Evan was dripping sweat, and Derek was in the middle of yelling something, his face twisted and contorted in, seemingly in agony, to the point where I almost didn’t recognize him. I knew Derek and Evan had been bullied, and I had even tried to help them with that before. I talked to them and hung out with them when almost nobody else in school would. I stood up for them when people would talk about them. At heart, I knew they were nice kids.

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Plans OUO

So since I got a three day pass to a convention and it’s pretty close to where I am, I’m going to be looking for stuff to make a Kogami cosplay as well. I have Licht from SerVamp completed: just need to cut the extensions. But that’s only one day’s cosplay. So tomorrow, I’m gonna do some thrift shopping with the family to look for cosplay items. I have the Dominator already and his cosplay pieces are actually pretty basic owo 

So I think for the three days will be in this order:

Friday: Ruki Mukami (Diabolik Lovers)

This same outfit in this picture too

Saturday: Licht Todoroki (SerVamp)

My sister will also be Lawless so c:

Sunday: Shinya Kogami

Licht is staying right where he is on the days because I’m going to be meeting up with another Licht cosplayer there ^_^ I still have a while for the convention. It starts the day after my birthday actually and it’s Spring Break for college so I don’t have to worry about my college schedule~

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