I am strong. I am capable of pushing through whatever life throws at me. I am deserving of love, and I am capable of giving away more love than I recieve. I am worthy of a good live, filled with happiness, peace and calm. I am more than what negativity says to me. I am, and always will be, exactly where the universe needs me.

Positive Affirmations by Amy Kennedy


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Happy Riverdale Day! In anticipation of tonight’s new episode (FINALLY!!), here’s a short BTS vid of the scene of the Riverdale gang in the student lounge~ just chatting and chilling with each other in between takes. Juggie or rather Cole ain’t wearing his hat heh..


Sonny’ I’m undercover wearing something similar to what Barba has worn’ Carisi, Sonny ‘it’s my week to not wear a tie’ Carisi, and Rafael’ I’m wearing the Hufflepuff suspenders (even though I’m obviously a Slytherclaw) from Lessons Learned’ Barba in Net Worth pt 1

@iheartcarisi for Sonny

Question. What’s the point of having a fireplace in an office if you can’t use it?

Mark on V live saying his goodbyes because today he left for the recording of ‘Law Of The Jungle’ I pray for his safety going there and his return back! I hope he has a blast!!💋💖💋💖😍😍 Guess we’ll be having Got6 for a while!!😞😌💖💖💖

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