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FP Jones/Andrews family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 7

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AN: Well… I hope you like this chapter. 

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 2,940

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, some strong language, none really

“Come on.” FP held onto your hand as he led you into the trailer. 

You laughed at yourself as your feet began to fail you. FP sighed at you but couldn’t help the smile that made it’s way onto his face in defeat when you fell against the wall for support. 

“Here.” FP gave you a cup of water and you made your way to his bedroom. You unzipped your dress, dropping it to the floor then helped yourself to one of FP’s flannels to change into. 

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Just a little Newsies Headcanon
  • Okay so Jack Kelly is often scared by the smallest of things, like someone coming up behind him and whispering ‘boo’ in his ear or something.
  • But unlike normal people, Jack will jump 5 feet in the air.
  • And of course, no one expects this, so one day when everyone is hanging out, Davey goes to tap Jack’s shoulder to get his attention one day and Jack freaks, everyone is surprised.
  • Soon Race, Spot, Kath, and Crutchie all swear to never let Jack ever have another moment of peace as long as one of them is around.
  • So now, whenever Jack hangs out with one of them, he demands that Davey come with him, because Davey (the best boyfriend ever) doesn’t try to scare Jack.
  • Also since, Jack, absolutely refuses to not take on a challenge, Spot and Kath dare him to watch a horror movie, begging to end, at night with all the lights off.
  • So of course, Jack takes on the challenge, and everyone ends up sitting around the TV, with bowls of popcorn, making fun of Jack.
  • Jack basically latches onto Davey, refusing to let go.
  • “Jack get off me.”
  • “No.”
  • “Jack, I can’t move.”
  • “No.”
  • About halfway through the movie, Spot realizes that he chose a movie too scary, because even he is scared and Spot is never scared.
  • After the movie is done, everyone starts talking about how scary that movie was, and then Davey goes and says “that wasn’t that scary. what are you talking about?”
  • Now instead of scaring Jack, everyone tries to scare Davey.
  • Nothing works until, Crutchie mentions something about a teacher (they both share) saying everyone failed a really important test and Davey loses his shit, and doesn’t calm down until Crutchie tells him it was a joke.
Richie Tozier || Too Soon pt. 2

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy the second part to Too Soon, it has been highly requested so I hope it turned out as well as part one!

Nothing changed, since Richie and yourself moved away from Derry, not one single thing had changed. Your stomach churned as your nerves were on edge, your anxiety was through the roof. Richie’s fingers laced with yours and he gave you a reassuring squeeze, you shifted your gaze to meet his and his face showed just how worried he was. Worried about his friends. Worried about you. Worried about your baby.

His worried expression and his constant grasp on your hand was something you had grown used to over the last day and a half. When his hand was not on yours, it carefully caressed your slight growing bump. Within the next three weeks, you would definitely be showing in your pregnancy, even in your baggy shirts. For the most part, the flight back to Derry was silent since you slept most of the flight, Richie just silently watched over you. It coming back so soon was something that made his stomach churn with uneasiness.

The two of you stood outside of the restaurant everyone was supposed to meet up at. Richie shot you a quick look and he released a quick but shaky breath, “we don’t get involved.” Richie’s voice was quiet as he gave you a quick kiss on your cheek, you gave a nod, “promise.”

The two of you walked in and found the table that the others already sat at, “what’s up, assholes!” You rolled your eyes at that, “Richie, really?” All eyes were on you two and you were quickly pulled into a hug by Beverly.

Separate conversations quickly sparked up throughout the group, Richie’s hand was placed on your thigh comfortingly. Slowly, the conversation drifted to the reason you all were back.

“We… we have to kill it this time…” Bill’s words were strained, his stutter threatened to return, “for Georgie… for Betty… all the missing kids.”

The new tension eased away your comfort and your nerves returned as you gave a glance to Richie. He was already shaking his head, “Y/N and I will do what we can but… we aren’t going into those sewers, we are leaving tomorrow.”

“What?” Eddie’s voice was the loudest and all eyes were on you once again. You hesitantly grasped Richie’s hand, “you’re joking. He’s joking, right Y/N?” Stan’s voice cracked.

“No, he’s not. We just… we can’t do it.” Your voice was strained, it felt wrong to say to Stan since you knew he had such a hard time the first time, but you knew you had more than just yourself to think about.

“How could you two do this? Why would you even come if you weren’t going to help us against it?” Bill’s voice mirrored his angry expression.

Tears swelled in your eyes as you turned away, your eyes trained on your hand that Richie was holding, “it’s not what you guys-“

“You’re being cowards!”

“No, I’m doing what’s best for my family!” Richie pointed a finger at Bill, “trust me, I’d kill that fucking clown myself, but we have to think,” he paused, his eyes shot to yours as you gave him a nod to continue, “we have to think about our child.”

Silence filled the room and you felt as if you were going to be sick, “what?” Eddie’s voice was quiet.

“I’m pregnant.” The words escaped your lips for the first time and you let out a shaky breath.

Beverly was the first to give a reaction, the first to give any reaction to you saying you were pregnant, and it was shock “Oh, my God.” She quickly shook her head with a smile, “Oh, my God! Congratulations!”

She quickly got up and gave you a hug, you stood up and wrapped your arms around her.

“What the fuck, Richie?! How could you bring her!”

“What the fuck? Now you’re mad because we are here! Make up your mind, Eds!” Richie growled out as he shot Eddie a look, “she would have came either way, but that’s why she’s not stepping a centimeter in a fucking sewer.”

Eddie’s face set in a hard look before it eased, “don’t call me, Eds.”

Silence fell over the able for a minute. “Wow,” Mike finally spoke up, “Richie’s going to be a dad, how weird is that?”

Richie grinned, “really fucking weird huh?”

You gave a soft laugh as the tension vanished, you leaned on your elbow, “we are seriously going to have to work on your language.”

Richie shot you a smirk, but before he could say anything you lifted your hand to your lips, “oh, I’ll be… I’ll be right back. Bathroom.” You muttered quickly as Richie released your hand and gave your shoulder a comforting rub, “want me to come with you?”

“No,” you gave him a sweet smile, “I’ll be right back.”

You quickly made your way to the bathroom, you closed the door behind you and collapsed on the floor as you quickly heaved into the toilet, but nothing came out. You fell back against the wall, your slow, deep breaths turned into quick, panicked breaths as you fell forward with a pained groan. A sharp, gut wrenching pain shot through your abdomen and you grasped your stomach. Blood began to seep through your jeans and pooled beneath you as a panicked scream ripped from your throat, despite never having one before, you quickly recognized it as a contraction.

“No, no.” You sobbed as you reached forward to lifted yourself using the toilet, you closed your eyes. When you opened your eyes, the pain and blood were gone.


“You’re starting to sound like Billy boy.” A sinister and chilling voice came from behind you, a sickeningly familiar voice. You quickly turned your head, a hand wrapped around your throat, It inhaled deeply, “there it is.” It’s eyes focused on your stomach before you lost consciousness.

Your screams that were mixed of panic and pain echoed throughout the restaurant, immediately alerting Richie. When he got the bathroom to find it empty, he punched the bathroom door, “son of a bitch!”

He stormed out of the restaurant, his eyes wild, “Richie! Richie!” He snapped his head to Bill, “what?!”

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think? I’m going to Neibolt and I am going to fucking kill this clown!” Richie growled dangerously, “are you coming with me or not?”

The answer was clear as they quickly caught up with Richie.

The echo of water dripping woke up, you lifted your head and your breath caught in your throat. You felt sick to your stomach as you looked around at the lair, everything was decomposing. Your hand immediately went to hold your stomach and eased over your baby bump, your body clear of any blood. A relived sigh left your lips. Your eyes darted over to the exit, you knew you would not make it to it before It got you.

“Hm,” your head snapped behind you with wide eyes, “you’ve definitely grown, Y/N.” A satisfied grin crossed It’s face, “and you’ve brought my favorite meal.” His eyes shifted to your hand that protectively held your stomach.

“Don’t-“ you were cut off as your head slammed into the floor, “we’ll wait for your husband for the fun to begin.” His laughter echoed through the room as you passed out once more.

Navigating the sewers was pretty easy, for the most part, they remembered how to get through there. Richie found himself thankful for that, but even that was not enough to ease his nerves. Even when this all began ten years ago and all that happened, Richie never felt so scared his whole life.

When they entered the familiar room, Richie’s eyes immediately found yours, lifeless and your body covered in blood, your stomach ripped open. His eyes drifted next to your body and he felt like he was going to throw up as a clump of blood laid next to you, he knew what it was. “N-No, NO!” His sobs echoed as he ran forward, “Y/N!”

“Richie, wait!” Bill latched onto Richie’s arm, Richie turned and his fist connected with Bill’s cheek, “Let go of me!”

Bill pulled Richie to him, despite the stinging in his cheek, he placed a comforting hand on Richie’s shoulder, “Richie, whatever you see, it isn’t real… she’s knocked out, but she’s ok.”

Richie turned around to see Eddie by you, the blood was gone, your hand placed over your stomach protectively despite being unconscious, and Eddie was trying to waking you up. Richie muttered your name before he walked over to you, he collapsed to his knees and ignored the pain that shot through his legs. He shot Eddie a grateful smile and nod. His shaky hands gently pulled your head into his lap, his hands slowly ran through your hair, “Y/N,” he whimpered, “Y/N, you have to wake up.” He sobbed softly as he leaned over you, he placed a kiss against your lips, “please.” The others have never heard Richie sound so broken, but they understood.

A groan escaped your lips as your eyes slowly opened, your eyes focused on Richie’s your hand lifted to press against his cheek, “Richie.”

“Oh, thank God. I love you so much, Y/N. Oh, my God.” Richie’s voice broke as he kissed your lips repeatedly. “I’m ok.” You leaned up and looked over towards the well, “we have to kill It… It knows.” Richie’s grip on you tightened as he stood, his eyes glaring at the well.

“Come on out, fucking coward.” Richie yelled, his hand grabbed a metal pipe from the rubble. Beverly, Mike, Ben, and Eddie followed in behind him as Bill helped you up, your eyes darted to his swollen cheek, “Bill?”

He gave a soft smile, “it was Richie, but it’s alright… I know how he felt… whatever It showed him, it broke him.” Your heart dropped, you knew the feeling as well. What It showed you, the miscarriage. The pain was unbearable.

“Richie.” He did not hear you, his yells continued, “you took my wife, you threatened my child! I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Will you Richie? Will you kill me before I rip your unborn child from Y/N’s womb? I’ll kill every single one of you.” It appeared between Richie and the others, at It’s voice, Richie quickly swung the pipe and it connected with It’s face. The others jumped into action, hitting, stabbing, kicking, anything they could to get it down. Once It’s back was on the ground, fearfully looking up as they surrounded him. Richie let out an angry yell as he brought the pipe down on its face repeatedly, eventually smashing in its face.

“Richie, Richie stop!” Eddie grabbed him and pulled him back, “It… It’s dead.”

Bill slowly helped you up, his arms wrapped around you to steady you as you walked over to Richie as he panted. His eyes wide as they landed on you, his body immediately moved to wrap his arms around your shoulders and pulled you tightly to him. “I love you so much.” He kissed your head, “I love you both so much.” You could feel his tears landing in your hair as you felt the others wrap their arms around the two of you in a comforting manner. “We did it,” Eddie’s voice was quiet, “It’s over.”

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56 with Jungkook. Thank you!!

Prompt request: “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” + “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now?”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A classmate has been bothering you, so your best friend, Jungkook, pretends to be your boyfriend to scare him off. Let’s just say that the act goes a little too well.

Word count: 1k words

“It’s getting worse,” you whined, star-fishing on the floor of Jungkook’s dorm. He stepped over your legs, sitting on an area of the carpet that you weren’t occupying. “This guy literally won’t leave me alone.”

“Just threaten to report him for sexual harassment,” Jungkook suggested. He shook his head violently, his wet hair sending droplets of water everywhere. He had just finished showering in preparation for your (academically irresponsible) movie marathon.

“With what evidence?” you sighed, pulling yourself into a sitting position. You pulled your knees up to your chest. “He’s not a bad guy, I don’t think. He’s just too nice and it’s really creepy.”

“Well, you know what I do about my problems,” Jungkook laughed, turned towards his small TV, scrolling through Netflix. “Ignore them until they go away.”

“You’re not helping!” you shrieked, stretching out a leg to kick Jungkook in the side. He toppled over, laughing as he went.

“I don’t know what you expect me to do about this,” he said after righting himself.

“Maybe be a little supportive,” you pouted, turning your attention to the television. Jungkook was browsing through the different genres. As he skipped over the Romantic Comedy section, an idea dawned on you. A brilliant idea. “Jungkook.”

Your friend turned to you reluctantly, recognizing your tone of voice. He knew it meant something bad for him. “Please, no,” he whispered.

“I’ve got a plan,” you shared, completely ignoring what Jungkook had just said. “You’re going to pretend to be my boyfriend. You’re going to pick me up from class in a romantic fashion. Then, the creep will get the message and leave me alone.”

“I-I don’t know, Y/N,” Jungkook stammered, eyes widening before avoiding yours. “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Why don’t you tell him up front that you’re not interested?”

“You think I haven’t tried that?” you snorted. You crawled over to where Jungkook was sitting and latched onto his arm. “Please? For your best friend? Plus, you owe me a favour from May 6th, 2009–if I recall correctly.”

“Don’t bring that day up ever again,” Jungkook replied automatically, cringing at the memory. He heaved a heavy sigh and chewed on his bottom lip. You could tell he was about to give in. “Fine. This is a big favour you’re cashing in, so you better not regret this.”

“Thanks, Kookie!” you beamed, engulfing his frame in a hug. He stiffened underneath you–never one for physical affection–and you let him go. You moved back to your original spot, turing back to the TV. “Put on some rom coms. We need to do research.”

In retrospect, you realized Jungkook was right. This was not a very good idea. Asking your friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for the sake of fending off pursuers? Not the best idea. Asking your best friend, whom you’ve been harbouring a secret crush on for years? The worst idea.

Currently, he had an arm wrapped securely around your waist, somewhat shielding your body with his larger one. Your breathing was strained as you tried to keep it steady, which was nearly impossible with Jungkook’s closeness. Jungkook was not bothered by the proximity, more occupied with glaring daggers at the boy who had refused to leave you alone.

“And who are you, exactly?” Jungkook spat, every word laced with venom. You weren’t entirely sure if this was an act, since Jungkook had walked in when the boy was getting particularly handsy.

“J-just a classmate,” the boy stuttered, cowering away from Jungkook’s wrath. He turned his gaze to you accusingly. “You didn’t say you had a boyfriend.”

“Didn’t realize I had to,” you responded coldly, raising an eyebrow in challenge.

“Bitch,” the boy spat, turning on his heel to walk away.

You gasped as Jungkook lunged forward and jerked the boy back by the shoulder. Your classmates nearby stilled at Jungkook’s aggression. He pushed the boy into the wall, the latter’s head thumping quite loudly against it.

“If you ever say that again,” Jungkook hissed, the veins on his arms popping out as he gripped the boy’s collar, “I’ll fucking kill you.”

“You’re crazy, man,” the boy nearly screamed, wiggling out of Jungkook’s grasp and running out of the room. The spectators eyed Jungkook cautiously, but the boy paid them no mind.

“Let’s get out of here, Y/N,” Jungkook huffed, still fuming. He grabbed your hand, interlacing your fingers with his, and led you out of the classroom. “You didn’t tell me that guy was a fucking asshole.”

“It’s usually not that bad. Don’t be angry. But thank you, it really means a lot to me,” you smiled, walking quickly to match Jungkook’s long strides. As you strode through the busy hallways, you couldn’t help but glance at your interlocked hands. “Uh, Jungkook? You don’t have to keep holding my hand.”

“I want to,” Jungkook said simply, giving your hand a slight squeeze.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you actually were in love with me!” you joked, trying to ignore the butterflies Jungkook’s admission had caused.

Suddenly, Jungkook stopped walking. He pulled you to a stop as well, leaving the two of you in close proximity. Jungkook bit his lip, but his eyes pierced into yours. Almost unnoticeably, Jungkook took an unsteady intake of breath.

“What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” he whispered, his grip on your hand tightening.

Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. “Are you being serious?” you choked out. Jungkook nodded shyly, a light blush donning his cheeks.


A huge smile illuminated your face, and you felt your heart soar. “Well, I would be the happiest person alive,” you laughed, “cause I’ve been in love with you since then, too.”

Jungkook returned your smile with a beautiful one of his own–it made his eyes crinkle and showed all of his teeth, and it was perfect. The two of you leaned into each other’s space, Jungkook’s hands coming to rest around your waist. He looked into your eyes, searching.

“Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now?” Jungkook asked with a cheeky smile.

“Fuck, yes,” you breathed.

Then his lips met yours, and everything was right in the world.

- Girl in Luv

Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed writing this, and I might turn it into a longer one in the future tbh. Hope you liked it!! Thanks to all the anons who requested it. This is our prompts page if you want to read more from us. Happy reading!

RFA+ Saeran reactions to a homemade Valentine from MC (bc they don’t have any money to go buy them something so making something is the next best thing!)

Homemade gifts are the best thing ever


  • You and Yoosung were both broke college students so fancy gifts were definitely off the table
  • Money was limited but you had enough to buy heaps of clay from the store since it wasn’t very expensive
  • It took a month before Valentine’s Day to make this (it would’ve been faster but Yoosung constantly being around made it hard to hide)
  • This was probably the greatest (and hardest) figure you’ve worked on so far and Yoosung was going to l o v e it 
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Yoosung! Open my gift first!” you said excitedly
  • Yoosung quickly and carefully tore off the red wrapping paper and unveiled the greatest thing he’s ever seen
  • It was an amazingly detailed figure of his and your LOLOL avatars doing a hero pose together arm-in-arm
  • He took lots of pictures to show off to his guild buddies and let it sit proudly on top of his desk
  • His guild members may or may not commission you to make their characters now


  • Baehee would be happy with almost any gift but you wanted her to really love your gift
  • You figured she’d want something she could use often instead of something she could easily throw out
  • So you went out and bought a bunch of plain colored mugs
  • You were gonna decorate all of these to her liking so she could have coffee in the morning and think of you
  • It took about a week to decorate all 7 mugs (one per day)
  • The morning of Valentine’s Day, Jaehee got up to make her morning coffee only to find brand new ones in the cabinet??
  • And holy crap they’re beautiful and amazing and she loves you so much
  • She takes two of them out and pour coffee into them, fixing the drink to your own likings
  • She brought it to the bedroom where she woke you up with a forehead kiss, handing you the hot drink
  • “I love these, MC. Thank you very much for this”


  • You thought long and hard about what to get Zen for Valentine’s Day
  • Something from the heart would make Zen more than happy
  • It finally came to mind on what you should do for him
  • There was one time Zen caught you singing in your room and he would not let go on how much he loved your voice, but you never sang around him again
  • So why not take his playlist and cover all the songs on there for him?
  • Seven could edit the audio and make a digital playlist as well as burn a cd with the songs
  • Not surprisingly most of the songs on there were his own
  • “H-here’s your gift, Zen, I hope you like it…” you handed him a pair of earbuds and his phone magically had a new playlist downloaded onto it (thanks seven)
  • Zen’s face produced a smile so big when he heard your voice sing his favorite song
  • He loves it so much and it’s like the only thing he ever listens to


  • Jumin can buy anything he wants so you definitely weren’t going to do that
  • You decided that you’d handmake something that he could never buy, something entirely unique
  • It took about two and a half weeks straight to work on it, but it was so worth it
  • You spent all your free time sewing together the perfect sweater for Jumin (you had a looot of free time)
  • It was navy blue, cotton, and had an Elizabeth 3rd face on the front
  • When Valentine’s Day rolled around, you excitedly presented the wrapped up gift to him
  • He opened it to reveal said sweater, and you swore that there was a twinkle in his eye
  • He loved the sweater so much, he wore it all the time (excluding to work because he needs to look professional there)
  • So proud to show it off because like ‘hell yeah mc made this and you can’t buy it with money i bought it with my LOVE’


  • For this year’s Valentine’s Day you decided that you would make something for Saeyoung because he can buy everything he wants online
  • So you put your idea into action, buying sewing supplies, cloth, ribbon, fake fur, etc
  • You were going to make a giant plushie of his dear Elly (like the size of those giant teddy bears)
  • It took like a month to make, and you had to work on it at Jaehee’s place so Saeyoung wouldn’t find out
  • When you finished, you drove home with it and carried it into the front door
  • “Saeyouuuuuung~ Come here, I have a gift for you!”
  • You hear fast footsteps rushing towards you before finally reaching the living room
  • “What’d you get me–OH MY GOD, ELLY!!!
  • He’s latched onto it and will not let go of it
  • You also think he’s crying


  • He’s never celebrated Valentine’s Day so you wanted his first gift to be very special
  • It was an easy idea to some to mind and it sure wasn’t a bad one
  • Saeran was very fond of sweets so why not make them yourself?
  • You spent the whole day before preparing a giant batch for him and his happiness was going to be so worth it
  • The next day you came up to him, handing him your crappily made heart shaped box
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran! I made these myself, I hope you like them…”
  • He smiled and thanked you before popping one into his mouth
  • His eyes went wide and he kept popping more and more in
  • “Haha, I take it that you like them?”
  • You were responded with him shoving one in your mouth
  • They were really good

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just found your blog and I already adore it, so, if it was okay with you, could you write headcanons about the RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who loves giving hugs and being hugged? (if you don't want to do this request, it's okay, you can make your won request and write it, I would love to see anything you write, honestly)

That is the sweetest thing ever oh my goodness. Thank you sooooooo much <3
This is me. I loves hugs. I love hugs a lot. I’m a hugger. Kinda explains the url I guess. I need hugs.

-He’s a hugger too
-You guys are never not hanging onto each other.
-There is never a time you aren’t in each other’s arms.
-And honestly it’s great for both of you.
-He really loves that you enjoy hugging him because he loves hugging you too :)
-There’s been so many incidents at RFA parties where the other members tell you to get a room because you’re just hanging all over each other.
-If he’s having a rough day, remembering that you’ll be at home with arms wide open is the biggest comfort that gets him through the day.
-He’ll just come home and immediately cling to you.
-You don’t mind.
-You guys are like puzzle pieces.

-Yes please
-Give me all the hugs yesyesyesyesyes
-He loves it so much
-He loves when you hug him and he has all of your attention and love because awww you’re so cuuuuute~
-Zen loves it so much that sometimes when he’s busy he just lets you wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his torso and just carries you around.
-Or he’ll give you a piggyback ride. Either one is okay with him because he just doesn’t want you to let go of him even when he’s busy.
-If you’d be in the way doing that, you just stand or sit next to him and hug his arm which he loves just as much. (did I mention I love arm hugs? because I do.)
-Your hugs are the best hugs and nobody can convince him otherwise. No one else’s hugs make him feel that special.

-Your hugs are her favorite thing in the world.
-She’ll just be going about her day and she’ll feel your arms slowly wrap around her waist and your head gently press into her back.
-It’s just the cutest and sweetest thing EVER to her.
-If she’s in a bad mood, she finds herself missing the warmth of your hugs.
-She’ll come to you with a frown and just quietly ask for a hug.
-You tackle her in the biggest, warmest, most comforting hug ever.
-No more sad Jaehee.
-It’s magical.
-Cuddle sessions are a daily thing, of course, and she looks forward to it all day.
-If you’re not around, she’ll hug one of your shirts or jackets (or maybe just wear them) until you come back. It’s not the same as hugs, but it can suffice until you come home :)

-Everyday, when he comes home from work, the second he steps in the door, you tackle him in a hug.
-It is the cutest thing ever.
-Somedays when he comes home, you can tell by the way he stands gloomily in the doorway that he’s had a bad day.
-So instead of tackling him, you walk over to him and gently pull him into a hug while humming quietly.
-You whisper “welcome home” and rub his back.
-His day is no longer bad.
-Seriously, your hugs could cure diseases. They could create world peace.
-He truly believes that you are actually an angel.
-That’s his favorite thing to call you btw
-Jumin’s favorite pass time? Hugging you.
-His favorite is when you wrap your arms around his torso and rest your head on his chest.
-You’re just so cute and precious it makes him want to never let go of you.

-It made it even more difficult for him to ignore you in that one part of his route because you just wanted to hug him and he really wanted to let you but he couldn’t.
-After that’s all over though,
-He will let you hug him whenever you want.
-He likes having your arms wrapped around him. It’s comforting.
-You’ll sometimes cling to him as he’s on the computer or watching TV with your legs around his waist and your head and arms on his shoulders.
-It’s his favorite cuddle position.
-100% down to be the little spoon when you guys sleep or cuddle. He actually prefers it.
-If he’s ever super busy and you can’t hug him without getting in the way, you just kind of grip the end of his shirt because it’s better than nothing.
-It’s adorable to him.

-It’s so calming to have you clinging to him.
-Feeling you against him is the best feeling ever. He can’t see much and he gets a bit anxious if he can’t feel you with him. Lucky for him, you’re always hugging him.
-He’s always so soft and warm too, and he smells nice, and sometimes he likes to stroke your hair (I really want to hug V)
-Sometimes you just latch onto him and refuse to let go.
-“_____, sweetie, I need to go-”
-He really would rather stay and cuddle you all day but he’s got things to do and places to be.
-You fight him tho
-Like excuse you no you’re staying my arms all day you have no say in this
-You usually win and you hug and cuddle him for as long as you want (which is basically forever)

-You held back when you first started dating because you knew he wasn’t comfortable with lots of contact.
-He warms up to the idea though fairly quickly.
-He never regrets it.
-Your arms make him feel safe. Just something about knowing your body is right by his makes him feel completely at ease, like nothing bad can happen because you’re here.
-If you see him looking sad or angry, you just slowly ease him into a hug and it makes him feel so loved and happy.
-He looks back to those moments and smiles.
-He finds himself needing to be in your arms any time he’s upset.
-Nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, all that mess.
-You can make all of that go away by holding him in your arms.
-No matter what mood he’s in though, he loves your hugs. They’re the nicest thing he’s ever experienced.

Remus Lupin + “They are separated for some time and just exchange letters/calls and it’s like getting to know each other all over again.”

If Remus Lupin thought he fancied you before, holy fuck.

When you step onto the Hogwarts Express for your seventh year Remus is floored. He is stunned as his whiskey eyes take in your appearance. As you speak to Sirius about how your trip to the south of France was Remus can’t breathe. All the hair on his body is standing up and he feels like he’s burning up from the inside out, the only way he could feel any hotter is if he apparated straight to the sun.

“Me and Pete are heading to the trolley, any of you want anything?” James asked. Though everyone in the compartment knew he was going to see Lily Evans, his not-yet-girlfriend. Peter might actually be heading to the trolley so everyone hands him over a galleon to get what they want.

“Hey Remus,” you smile at him making him feel woozy. Forget cupid shooting him with heart themed arrows, Remus Lupin is sure an army of invisible cherubs just hit him over the head with a heart shaped mallet.

“Hi,” he said weakly as you sit next to him. His eyes trail up your arm and notice that you’re darker than you were when you left. Your hair is shinier and you push your shoulders back more, showing off your nicely shaped assets that seemed to develop over the summer.

Before you left for summer holiday you had little to no body, did not wear makeup or skirts like the one you were wearing- it was pleather and tight and Remus wondered if it would be easier to pull it down or push it up if you let him take you against the bathroom door -so who was this stranger sitting next to him?

“Sorry about not writing, I know I said I would but mum didn’t want something to happen to Ada.” Your family owl, Ada, was old and grumpy and couldn’t fly long distances anymore.

“It’s fine,” Remus waved off, “So tell me-” what the bloody fuck happened to you “-How was your vacation?” You beamed at him. Maybe Remus didn’t need to apparate to the sun, your smile was bright enough to light a large city.

“Oh it was out of this world! We went to the French Riviera and, Remus,” you latched onto his arm and Remus never wanted you to let go, “It was amazing. Its beautiful and the weather-” you groaned. Heat once again flooded through Remus’s veins.

Sirius caught Remus’s eye and smirked. Sirius knew that he’d fancied you for what seemed like forever, he understood what your new look was doing to him and he was going to torture him because of it.

“So,” Sirius asked you coyly, “Any hot French boys?” It was official, Sirius Black was no longer his friend. In fact onceyou left the compartment he’d murder him. 

“No,” you shook your head, “I hung out with these girls for the-Sirius I hung out with them you slag, that’s it.”

“Come on, you come back looking like that, what are we supposed to think?” You raise an eyebrow at the pureblood. “Looking like what?”

Remus notes that he probably should stop you from murdering Sirius but he really doesn’t want to.

“Hot.” You narrow your eyes at him like a viper going in for the kill.

“Are you saying I wasn’t hot before?” Sirius turns red,

“No, well yes, no-Remus always thought you were hot.” You turn to Remus whose face is the same shade as the Prewett Twins hair.

Forget murder, Remus was going to slaughter him.

“You think I’m hot?” Hot’s not the right word.

He shrugged, “You’re my friend, I always think you’re nice looking.” You cross your arms over your chest and Remus really does try to stop himself from looking but he can’t and you catch him peeking at the top of your breasts.

You smirk at him.

“Really, just nice looking?”

“Really nice looking?” Remus shoots a mean look at Sirius when the curly haired boy starts to snicker.

“Too bad you only think I’m really nice looking Rem, ‘cause I think you’re gorgeous.”

“Well uh, see, uh-”

“Remus,” you snicker, deciding to put him out of his misery, “Wanna sneak out of school this weekend and get a drink at the Three Broomsticks?” Remus nods.

“Cool.” You only meant to kiss his cheek, you swear to Merlin you only wanted to peck his cheek, but somehow you end up pressing your lips against his. Remus kisses you back immediately and for the life of you, you cannot find the power to pull away.

So instead you thread your hands through his hair. “Come on,” Sirius whines, “Either let me join or knock it off.”

It was safe to say neither of you did either.

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Xeno - 5

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes:  Lol I am going through so much writers block right now. I can’t even. Okay this is the fluffiest thing I have probably ever written and I feel like screaming and cringing. Next chapter will be sorta.. angsty. ;) 3k Words

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It was a new day, which meant more experiments with your Taehyung – which was slowly becoming the best part of your day, it wasn’t being in the labs anymore. Things were getting quite stressful at work, and this was something you considered as your escape. 

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This is for @deals-with-demons​​​ Sarah’s 200 Followers Celebration. I got the prompt ‘Yeah I get it you have feelings for me, I don’t give a damn’

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL) , Sam, Dean

Pairing: Past Sam x Y/n,  Dean x Y/n 

Warnings: Angst, dickish Sam, mentions of cheating (not proper cheating, but it’s kinda there), arguing, language, like one sentence of smut. More angst and heartbroken Sam. 

Word Count: 1800

Summary: Sam finds the person he messed everything up with, intent on fixing everything. But will his apology be accepted?

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this quote kinda screamed it. Guess there’s a sort of dickish reader? Not in my opinion, but maybe u’ll think that. I think he deserves it. Either way, hope u like it!!

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Did he really have to be here?

Was it just a coincidence that he managed to be in the exact same state as you, going to the exact same city, town, and finding the exact same bar you just so happened to be in?

You shook your head, trying to focus on your drink, knowing your peace would be interrupted.

Of course, he strode over to you, just looming over you as his gaze was focussed on you and only you.

You tried your hardest to ignore him, but his huffing and his radiating heat just pissed you off.

“What the fuck do you want?” you snapped, not really caring how harsh you were being. He deserved it.

“I…I just saw you here. Thought we could catch up”.

You scoffed. He sounded so unconvincing. Damn bastard.

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A/N: So ya’ll know love me some Teen Wolf, but ya’ll also know I love me OUAT Peter Pan so I’m going to mash them up. I’ll be writing the Reader’s POV on this blog and Peter’s POV on my  Justpan Imagines Blog, The next part of this fic will be up on that blog some time tomorrow. 

You looked around the beach from the top of the huge rock formation you were resting around.

You saw Lydia and Allison sitting under the umbrellas chatting, a few yards away Boyd and Erica collecting shells.

Closer to the shore Scott, Jackson and Isaac are tossing a football around, and farthest away you can make out Stiles bugging your brother Derek who was just sitting in the sand reading a book.

Stiles was no doubt trying to talk his new boyfriend into joining him in the water.

Derek and Stiles getting together had managed to both shock everyone and not surprise anyone at all.

They fought like a married couple already and heaven knows that everyone in the pack could almost feel the sexual tension between the two of them in the air.

You decided it was time to go and rejoin the pack.

Since the whole pack was home from college for Spring Break, you had suggested that you all have a beach day. Normally Derek would brush you off as his fifteen year old sister being ridiculous, but when he saw how excited Stiles was he quick to cave.

‘Derek quit being so sour and swim with your boyfriend!’ you yelled as you began to approach the couple. You hear the rest of the pack laugh at you teasing your brother.

You could almost feel the ground shake with the laughter.

No…wait the ground really was shaking beneath you.

You look down and see a small green hole in the sand between your feet, and before you could truly question it the wind had suddenly picked up and that small hole began to grow.

You quickly decide that whatever is happening you want no part of it.

You run as fast as your werewolf speed would carry you, but with the wind blowing sand everywhere, and the green hole growing rapidly you were just barely keeping out of it’s reach.

‘(Y/N) RUN!’ Derek yelled as he was pushing everyone in the pack behind him and away from the hole, but he stayed where he was.

Waiting for you to get close enough to him so he could throw you out of harm’s way.

Just as you went to jump toward your brother and the safety of your pack you felt a could hand grab your ankle causing you to fall into the sand.

Thank god the hole had stopped growing.

You feel a clawed hand grab your arm. You look up and see Derek looking at you fully wolfed out and holding onto you desperately as he tried to pull you free from whoever or whatever had a hold of your foot.

‘No!’ he roared as you began to slip away from him.

‘Derek, you have to let me go!’ you yelled.

You didn’t want your brother to be pulled down with you, literally.

You screamed as Derek’s claws sunk deeper into your arm.

‘I said…NO!’ he yelled as you and he began to be pulled in with you.

You look up and watch as one by one the entire pack latched onto each other and finally you felt a final tug at your heel and you, along with everyone you care about, are pulled down.

You close your eyes for what feels like forever, it feels like you will never stop falling.

Then you feel yourself land in strong arms followed by the strong arms followed by the scent of forest, but something was off about the underlining of the smell.

You open your eyes and see a boy who you had never seen before (not that you were expecting to see a familiar face) and he was looking at you with such intensity you felt uncomfortable.

Immediately you jump out of his arm and extend your claws.

‘Who the hell are you?!’ you demanded as you flashed your golden eyes.

‘Oooohh a feisty little pup.’ he smiled.

‘Who are you?!’ you yelled as you pinned him to a tree by the neck, letting your claws nick him a bit.

‘I’m Peter…Peter Pan.’

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do some headcanons for Lukas if his S/O was injured in battle??? Your writing is so good!!!

Lukas and an injured s/o:

Thirsty Note: Oh gods, thanks so much anon! ;A;

  • Lukas would be by their side in a heartbeat. He always makes sure to be near them for this exact situation. Depending on the severity, he’d either carry them off to safety, or be their human shield and murder every single enemy standing in their way.
  • Even if his s/o had just a scratch, Lukas would fret over them. He’d make sure they’re sterilized and would have the wound treated by a cleric. He would take all the precautions he could because he’d rather be safe than sorry. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing his s/o due to his carelessness both on the battlefield and after the wound was sustained.
  • If his s/o was gravely injured, he’d be a literal mess. He would fight extremely hard to get them out of danger but once they were safe and being treated he’d become an absolute walking disaster. He wouldn’t leave their side and he would refuse to eat as long as they remain hurt.
  • Lukas would become even more reserved than he normally is. He’d blame himself for not being there to protect his lover and he’d withdraw into himself more and more. Everyone would tell him it wasn’t his fault but he refuses to believe anyone, especially if his s/o still remains gravely wounded.
  • Lukas needs to see his lovers face and hear their voice telling him that it wasn’t his fault for him to actually believe it. Until then, he truly and honestly believes that it was indeed his fault and he cannot forgive himself.
  • When his lover starts to recover, he is at their beck and call. He will do anything and everything they ask of him without hesitation. Even when they ask him to crawl into the bed in the healing tent, he does it without a thought. (Normally he would adamantly refuse but he just can’t say no).
  • If the unthinkable happens and his s/o dies… Lukas is never the same. He never talks, his face is set in a constant frown, and he becomes a shell of a man. On the battlefield he is merciless, and no one can get through to him. When his lover dies, he dies with them.
  • When Lukas hears of tales of a revival spring, he searches for it endlessly. He latches onto that tale as hope to see his lover again. He goes to the ends of the earth to find it and once his lover is back in his arms, he never wants to let go.

Requests: “Could you write about Jake walking in on his small (but not too small) chested crush when she gets out of the shower and he’s really flustered and he just stares at her boobs like “Your breasts,they are small and cute. I like them.” 😂 I just think that would be hilarious”

He couldn’t help but think about the girl who made him nervous. Jake was never really nervous talking to girls he liked. But Y/N was something else. Something about how beautiful she was, her perfectly soft skin, the outfits she wore that seemed to express her personality. And boy was her personality something else, sass, funny, not afraid of anyone, stood for what she believed in. Jake could mentally note this for hours.

He thought maybe it was her pink lips that made him nervous. Or her wonderful, smooth voice that made him warm when she laughed. Maybe even something as little as having her nails painted a different color every other day. They had met in the cordon and he thinks that’s where he started to feel something for her. That was the only time he had saw her panic and she latched onto him, being the big protective cop he was, he never let her stray too far away.

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Skeleton sleep headcanons

Well this kind of got out of hand??? Just got a sudden urge to write down how the UT US UF and SF skele bro’s sleep for some fricking reason :D and it pretty much ran away from me so…

Enjoy I guess!

UT Sans:

Belly sleeper, prefers to sleep on his stomach, can sleep anywhere, can easily make himself fall asleep anytime and anywhere, like he can just close his eyes and he’s asleep, except after waking up from a nightmare, habit of falling asleep in the strangest of places, like inside cupboards, sinks, the laundry basket to name a few, whether he does it on purpose or not is anyone’s guess, pretty deep sleeper, usually doesn’t move around much while sleeping, except if he has nightmares, some nights he is unable to sleep at all, when he wakes up after a nightmare it is pretty much impossible for him to fall asleep again, when unable to sleep he usually take a walk through Snowdin/Waterfall, it calms him down, always checks up on Papyrus before he leaves though, or he goes to his hidden lab to try to do science stuff even though he is exhausted, at times after a really bad one he often crawls into his brothers bed, have had night terrors since he was a baby bones, always pretends to still be asleep if trying to wake him just to mess with the person who tries to wake him, especially his brother, is a little spoon, though also a big one it varies, prefers to be the little spoon though as he likes having his sleeping partners chin on his head and his face buried in their chest with his arms fully around them, snores slightly when fully asleep, sleeps for about 7-9 hours a night if he doesn’t have nightmares and depending when he goes to bed, not a morning person like he is still half asleep for at least an hour or two until he finally wakes up fully, coffee usually helps to speed it up, nothing wakes him up quicker than completely black coffee, which he dislikes but needs to wake up.  

UT Paps:

Sleeps on his back most of the time, does not move from the position he falls asleep in at all, his legs and arms moves and flail around like crazy while he sleeps though, like if you sleep next to him he will accidently slap and kick you, he usually wakes up immediately if he do and  apologize, though if he holds something or someone then he doesn’t move an inch, often kick his blanket onto the floor, pretty light sleeper, awakes instantly if trying to wake him, has this inner clock which allows him to wake up at any time he decides, so no need for alarm clocks, needs to have a bedtime story told to him before he falls asleep, can still fall asleep but then he doesn’t get that good of a rest, like he wakes up every once in a while if not read to most of the time, ultimate big spoon, is ok with been a little spoon but prefers to be the big one, as he likes to hold the person he spoons with, he snores sometimes and when he do so do he do it pretty damn loud, his snores sounds like nyeehs, sleeps for 3 rarely 5 hours a night, ultimate morning person, he always wakes up at the most ungodly hour of the morning, no coffee for him he drinks some milk to start of his day.

US Sans/Berry:

Usually sleeps in a fetal position, literally makes a cocoon around himself with his blanket, often end up getting completely tangled up in his blanket, he has to fight his own blanket to get free when he wakes up, rolls around a couple of times but then stays still for the rest of the night, sleeps the best when holding something, super clingy when sleeping with someone, he will latch onto you and never let you go throughout the night, pretty light sleeper, easily wakes up when hearing a weird noise etc, always wakes up with a start when his alarm clock rings, like he literally jumps out of bed startled every time, prefers to be a big spoon but is ok with been a little spoon, does not snore at all, sleeps for 6-8 hours a night depends when he goes to bed, forces himself to be a morning person even though he is truly not, is easily irritated by the slightest things in the morning, do actually drink coffee though not that much of an amount, like a really tiny teacup, lots of milk in it and some sugar though as he just can’t drink it black, sometimes he drinks juice though it at times gives him a bad after taste, though only if he drinks it in the morning weirdly enough.

US Paps/Papy:

He constantly moves while sleeping, is like a cat when he sleeps so he ends up in a bunch of weird ass positions while sleeping which cannot be comfortable or good for his spine, never stays long in one position, if sleeping in the same bed then he will eventually end up on top of you, accidently kick and slap you, even head-butt you, he’s the worst sleeping partner ever, though if someone is holding him or he is holding someone then he can end up sleeping pretty calmly, though if he holds you then you might end up been dragged around all over the bed too, though if cuddling and sleeping on the couch with someone then he usually stays still, alone on the couch though then he will move all over it eventually ending up with his lower body still on the couch and the rest of him on the floor, is a very, very deep sleeper, nothing can wake him unless you jump on top of him, shake him or scream in his ear, even then he might not wake up, suggest a bucket of water, barely sleeps most nights, because of nightmares which is pretty much the only thing which can instantly wake him up, often gasping for air when he do, but he usually fall back asleep after one after staying awake for a couple of hours, usually stays in his room when unable to sleep, sometimes read a book, smoke a cigarette or two looking out his window, usually he just sit leaned against a wall with a blanket draped over him and a cigarette in hand with his thoughts running amok, at times the nightmares does not wake him up, so if someone wakes him up while he has a nightmare he just might lash out though it’s not that common that he do, Berry has some sort of ability to wake up himself when his brother is stuck in a nightmare so he usually go to Papy’s room and crawl under the blanket with him to sooth him, probably have night terrors, Papy also have the ability to sleep anywhere, he often ends up nodding off and doze awhile standing up, though if he does it for too long he usually falls down onto the ground, still asleep, might have a slight case of narcolepsy, big spoon as he is so damn tall though he really likes to be the little spoon, snores very silently, sleeps for 7-10 hours depends when he goes to bed at night or if he stays up due for nightmares, not a morning person at all, often nods off while eating breakfast, happens that he face plants into his breakfast if Berry isn’t fast enough, drinks tea with lots and lots of honey, or a glass of milk mixed with chocolate powder, needs his sugar to wake up.

UF Sans/Red:

Usually on his stomach, extremely light sleeper unless completely exhausted or drunk, wakes up to any noise he hears, positions himself on his stomach with his head towards the door, just in case some monster decide to come and try to dust him, even though it isn’t very likely but still, usually have his blanket over his head with just his face showing, moves around a couple of times during the night, wakes up instantly by his brothers voice, can also sleep anywhere but is always half awake, can sleep with one eye open, when plagued by nightmares he usually stays still in the position he woke up in, his thoughts running amok until he either falls asleep or he stays awake in his bed until his brother comes to wake him, time to time he experiences sleep paralysis which freaks him out, when he feels completely safe and secure he becomes a pretty deep sleeper, prefers to be the big spoon as he does not like to feel trapped, though if he feels completely safe with the person he spoons with then he can go along with it, actually loves been the little spoon even though it still makes him slightly anxious, snores loudly, sleeps for about 4-6 hours a night it varies, so not a morning person, do not talk to him unless he have gotten his coffee or all hell will break out, drinks two cups of coffee to wake him up fully, sometimes 3 if truly exhausted, might mix his coffee with some kind of energy drink if he needs that extra kick, or alcohol.    

UF Paps/Edge:

Sleeps on his back, no matter what, has trained himself to sleep on his back and completely still and stiff by pure willpower, sleeps like a frikking vampire or something, because he did not like how messy his bed became when morning came and that he have a need to be in control even asleep etc, though when completely exhausted his discipline might slip a bit and he ends up kicking and tossing, also a light sleeper, not as light as his brother as he has trained himself to filter out the random sounds that occurs at night, while he instantly awakes at any noise that are different than the usual, wakes up every 2 hours to walk around the house, checking for intruders etc, also have an inner clock though he trained himself to have it, if sleeping with someone he automatically clings to them while sleeping, extreme cuddler, which he will deny to his dying breath that he is, big spoon and that’s final no way he will let himself be the little spoon, though he might try it out sometime if persuaded, which he then finds out he actually like it though there is no way he will admit it, used to snore quiet loudly but have somehow trained himself to not snore at all, don’t question how he is just that disciplined, sleeps for about 5 hours in total with him waking up every two hours to check the house though it varies, morning person, though he is slightly sluggish and a bit easier to irritate until he have had his coffee, usually drinks it before waking his brother up, also wakes up at a ungodly hour of the morning, he also make one of those vegetable mixed drinks because he is healthy.       

SF Sans/Scratch:

Usually sleeps on his side, constantly rolls around while asleep, kicks allot, extremely clingy if sleeping with someone, clings so hard that he might give you bruises, when he have latched onto something or someone he never lets  go, pretty much impossible to pry yourself or anything from him when he have gotten a hold, ultimate blanket stealer, he will take all the blankets and pillows, usually becomes some sort of blanket burrito when he do, will most certainly kick you if not completely covered in blankets and pillows, is a pretty deep sleeper, easily wakes up when he hears something unusual though, if someone tries to wake him up that person will be meet with a punch to the face and even some bone attacks sometimes, have a habit of shooting bone attacks at his alarm clock, it needs to get fixed or replaced at least once every second day, insists to be the big spoon even though he is so damn short, will fight you if you try to insist that it would be better if he was the little spoon, don’t push him, ultimate snorer, his snores are so loud it will be a miracle if anyone who sleeps in the same room as him succeeds in sleeping, I suggest earplugs, sleeps for about 6-9 hours a night it varies,  not a morning person at all, he tries to be but he just can’t wake up properly in the mornings, usually falls asleep again when he have turned off his alarm, unless his brother comes and wakes him up, which he hates because he wants to be able to wake himself up without anyone’s help god damnit, usually have to be carried down for breakfast as he just refuses to get up, because he is a spoiled brat and we all know it, is pretty sluggish and barely awake until he have eaten something, insists on drinking completely black coffee even though he in reality hates coffee, because that is what grownups and “cool” people drink and he is a grownup and super cool, got a complex just because he looks like a damn 12 year old.    

SF Paps/Rus:

Sleeps sitting up, this guy is so damn paranoid that he usually settles himself in the corner of his bed, his back against the wall with his arms around himself and knees up, looking around his room warily until he falls asleep in pure exhaustion, a very restless sleep that barely lasts for more than an hour or two before he wakes up with a start, extreme light sleeper, any sounds can wake him up, constantly plagued by nightmares, have night terrors, he might be kind of an ass but at night when there’s not really anything to distract him from his own mind he becomes pretty vulnerable if he is alone, usually keep the clothes he wore during the day on when going to bed, can’t be bothered to change, after sleeping for barely an hour he usually gets up and starts to walk around his room, then the rest of the house, just walking, thinking, smoking by one of the windows, also checking for intruders, he does not leave the house, after all someone might try to get in and dust his brother, checks up on his brother time to time, often ends up on the couch trying to watch some sort of show while eating some canned ravioli with bbq sauce or any other kind of food he can find to pass the time, he might sit down and tinker with something if he isn’t too restless, have taken apart most of the machines in the kitchen hundreds of times, due for him not sleeping much at all it happens that he ends up fainting due for pure exhaustion, can suddenly nod of at times due for been so damn tired even though he fights it with every fibre of his being, usually wakes up instantly after about 5-10 minutes when it happens, if truly exhausted while sleeping sitting up in his bed he usually starts to slide, which he usually instantly wakes up when his chin hits his chest or shoulder or until he hits the mattress, which he then instantly wakes up, his brother have a habit of drugging him time to time just so that Rus can finally sleep for more than two hours, needs quiet a high dose for it to work on him, when drugged with the right dosage he usually falls asleep in a matter of minutes, he hates taking them and especially dislikes it when his brother sneaks them into his meals, hates to be knocked out for too long, when drugged he usually ends up sleeping for about 10 hours, he srs need to sleep, big spoon, feels way too trapped with been a little spoon, not that big of a cuddler until he feels completely safe and secure and when he do then boy does he love to cuddle, if sleeping with someone he usually ends up watching them throughout the whole night, creepy, likes to hold the persons hand while they sleep, does not snore at all, is actually a morning person, always wakes up his brother and makes breakfast for him, does not eat breakfast himself, instead he gulps down an energy drink or two maybe even five unless he is stopped, literally lives on them, often adds some alcohol.  

And that’s it! this will probably not happen that often, though it was fun to do <: will not make a imagines blog if anyone is wondering, already have too much to do

Here’s some sketches of UT Sans sleeping in weird places

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This is for my hoe @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname​​ Orion’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge. I got the quoteLife is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep living’-Princess Mononoke

Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Ellie



Warnings: Angst, broken Dean, mentions of character death, neglectful John, sadness. Fluff and hope at the end!! Sorta depressed Dean I guess? Not specified, but you could take it that way.

Word Count: 1424

Summary: Y/n sees the changes in Dean and tries to understand what’s going through his mind.

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this quote kinda screamed it. But there’s fluff too, so yayyy!! Also, this is kinda AU I guess. No specific AU, just a non hunting world. Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @salvatorexwinchester @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @mypeopleskillsarerusty0203 @greek-geek481 @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56 @scorpiongirl1 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @squirels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick


You saw what was happening with him.

The way he’d barely speak anymore. 

His eyes always tired, bags growing as his hair became a mess.

He barely shaved. 

He’d spend longer than usual in the shower. 

He wouldn’t look at you or Ellie.

You knew he was a mess.


There was no reason.

Not really.

This was just Dean.

He’d always been this way.

Take away the bubbly, sweet, slightly cocky mask he wore, he was just a damaged and hurt little boy.

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The Commander & The Leader. (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requests/Summary- I was wondering if i can get a scenario with Bellamy Blake from The 100? Where Reader(grounder) argues with Bellamy(their dating) about all of the things that he has done for Pike and him killing 300 of her people. He says something hurtful about her and her people. then when Pike was about to pull the trigger on Lincoln, she offers to take his place because she loved Lincoln like a brother. Pike kill reader instead and Bellamy witnesses everything and blames himself for everything.
could you please do an imagine where you’re the commander and Bellamy falls in love with you??❤️

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For you, leading your people was the most important thing in your life. You cared for them deeply and it wasn’t a duty for you, it was a desire. All your life has been spent caring for them. After all, you are their Commander. But ever since the Skypeople came back down from Space, it had become harder and harder to choose the right path. Even more so when all the adults started taking charge. Your people who were once apart of the Skypeople, were beginning to be outcasted and feared. Having them at the root of discrimination wasn’t easy, but having Bellamy fall in love with you was even harder because you loved him too. Terrible things began happening. Bellamy was confused about what side he was on and who to protect. And with each decision he made against your people, he broke your heart over and over again. It seemed like there was no getting through to him but you have to try at least one more time. 

“Bellamy!” You call from afar, receiving looks from skypeople. You know they want you out of their camp but you have business to attend to. He turns around, knowing by the sound of your voice that this isn’t going to be a conversation he wants to have. 

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MONSTA X vs BTS (Yandere Ver): Going After The Same Girl

Anon Asked:  Monsta X Yandere vs BTS Yandere going after the same girl? Like they’re paired off, one member vs one member? TYVM! ❤❤

OOHhhhh!~ This one was super interesting!~ I’m not sure how you wanted it or if you wanted a certain member against another certain member, but here you go love! If you don’t like it just let us know and we will do it again!~ I won’t say who wins out of the two ! Feel free to pick the winner!~

For those of you that don’t know what a Yandere is: It is a character whom is obssessed with the main character. They adore and lust after that person so much that they can’t stand other people to be around them in fear of them being taken away from them. They give them their all just to make that person happy, even if it means themselves getting hurt or worse. In some cases they will also hurt or eliminate those they find to be a threat around the M/C.
Hope this cleared anything up !~ ^^

Seokjin vs Hyungwon

These two charming princes would both be cocky and sarcastic towards eachother when it came to you. Hyungwon hated it whenever Jin would lean over you and shower you in compliments and that kind smile of his. Jin hated it the most when Hyungwon would bring you small gifts, and would steal your smiles with the little flirty looks that he sent your way. 

Jin lingered around you all the time, bringing you coffee in the morning to start off your day, he helped you with anything that you needed weather it be school or work related. He was clumsy,around you yes, but that’s only because you made his heart always skip a beat when he saw you. He wanted you to rely on him and only him.

Hyungwon was drunk on you. He loved everything about you and had always wanted to be around you. During the day he lazily slithered his long fingers through your hair and kissed the tips of your locks. He smiled warmly at you as you spoke, and would occasionally touch his fingertips to your cheek or chin.

The way they fight for you: Jin was walking you to class as Hyungwon saw and glared your way. He hurriedly made his way over to where you were and slinked an arm over your shoulder ,pulling you back away from him. He kept a frown upon his face as Jin dropped his thing and grabbed for you, but failed due to Hyungwon putting you behind him. Jin had, had enough and threw his hands up feeling his face flare up with rage as he aimed for Hyungwon’s throat but he failed again as Hyungwon threw up his hands at the same time, grabbing Jin’s in his. Now the two fought for your affection as they pushed and shoved eachother back and forth, jaw clenched, gritting their teeth, and eye brows dangerously arched.

Which prince would you want to ride off into the sunset with?

Seokjin: “I think we make a great team don’t you? Hyungwon only cares about looks. I can give you so much more Y/N, If you would just accept my heart and give me yours in return?”

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Hyungwon: “All Seokjin is going to do is hurt you, just like everyone else will do. Let me into your heart Y/N. I will always be there to protect you from the rainy days in your life…”

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Wonho vs Jimin: 

These bad boys,may have the rock hard abs and the super cool attitude, but when it came to you, they can’t help but soften up. You are the only person that could make them smile and put their heart and nerves at ease. They just could not stand eachother. Jimin hated the fact that Wonho always called you “His” woman, and how he was always around you, and the times that he wasn’t, there was his jacket wrapped around you, letting him know that he still was. Wonho hated it the most when Jimin’s dimpled smile made you smile, he too hated it whenever he told everyone that you were his, and his only. The only thing that he could do was grit his teeth as you two walked by together and Jimin smirked his way along with a wink.

Jimin trailed right beside you as he carried your things for you, fearing that you would tire yourself out before the day was finished. His cute smile made you feel warm and fuzzy as you walked side by side down the hallway, but the minute you turned your head from him, his smile faded away as he shot anyone that looked your way a death glare. Even though you had though he was innocent, it didn’t appear that way to other people.

Wonho, being pretty popular with the ladies, brushed them to the side. He really didn’t care for their attention. The only attention that he craved was yours. He wanted you. He wanted every inch of you. He would leave everyone in the dust just to catch up with you as you walked across campus. He didn’t care to tune everyone out around him. Your voice was the only one that he longed to hear.

The way they fight for you: The minute that Wonho saw you and Jimin laughing among yourselves he felt every inch of him tingle as his heart started to race and he pushed the group of people that surrounded him before he walked over to you both. When Jimin saw Wonho inching closer he quickly stood up, on high on his guard as he swiped a fist across Jimin’s face. Jimin already knowing what was coming just wiped the blood from his mouth as he chuckled. He had known that Wonho too had eyes for you, but he tightened his balled up fists, as if to say that he too wasn’t going to give you up either, before he returned the gesture.

Jimin: “You think I’m going to hand Y/N over like nothing, without a fight? Hah! You’re crazy… She belongs to me.”

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Wonho: “Have feeling for her all you want. But we both know that I am more suited to take protect and take care of Y/N..She’s mine.”

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Hoseok vs Minhyuk:

These two balls of sunshine made your life nothing but positive and happy. The only problem was that,there was only room for one sun in your universe. Hoseok hated it the most when he caught Minhyuk popping his head in and out of where you were both were spending time together, with that cheeky smile knowing he had pissed Hoseok off by the way he had frowned when you turned your head from him to smile back at Minhyuk. Minhyuk hated it whenever he saw Hoseok following you around everywhere like a little puppy. All he could do was watch from afar and click his tongue as you walked together.

Even though Hoseok followed you around, tailing behind you, you couldn’t help but find it cute. But the minute you looked away he became serious and exasperated. In your view he was sweet and loyal, to others he was cold and offstandish. He didn’t care what others thought. He only cared for your opinion and thoughts on him and the things he did.

Minhyuk was always happy around you. Giving you piggy back rides here and there. He loved to latch onto you whenever you were around and squeeze you until you couldn’t breathe. He never wanted to let you go. He just couldn’t.

The way they fight for you: Hoseok couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His heart dropped as he watched as Minhyuk started to pull you onto his back into a piggy back stance. Throwing everything to the side, with a look of disgust upon his face he treaded over to where you both stood, giggling. He picked you up in his arms and set you over to the side back on the ground and grabbed Minhyuk by the front of his shirt and shook him asking him what he was doing with you. The next thing you knew Minhyuk put on the most innocent facade and frowned, making himself shake. Knowing you would run to his aid and scold Hoseok, he slyly smiled to himself as you two walked way leaving Hoseok standing in shock.

Hoseok: *talking to Minhyuk* “I know all your games and tricks. You can’t play the innocent card with me. I see right through it. You better stay away from Y/N. She is mine and I don’t like sharing..”

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Minhyuk: *smirks* “Oh but you see Hoseok, if I were to pout and cry out for help, she would leave your side and be with me for the violent monster that you are. Are you sure you want to play against the odds? Hm?”

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Jungkook vs Kihyun:

Both handsome studs would fight with their own way in winning you over. Kihyun being the someone who was popular among everyone had no fear that you would chose that Jungkook over him anyday, but Jungkook was not going to admit defeat. If it was one thing he was good at. It was aiming high for the thing that mattered most to him, and you were who he wanted the most in his life, and he always got what he wanted.

Just like Wonho, Kihyun would push out anyone and everyone from his view except for you. On the outside he was polite to everyone, making him popular. But the only reason for this was because he had wanted many connections, especially if he needed someone to take out anyone that was close to you. Jungkook on the other hand was a lone wolf. He cut off anyone and everyone around him except for you. He didn’t care if he was thought of as a delinquent or strange. He only had cared about what you thought about him.

The way they fight for you: When Kihyun had walked up to you,trying all he could do to make you agree on going out with him, Jungkook lost it. He couldn’t stand seeing other men around you, let alone his rival Kihyun. Running over to the both of you, he swiftly passed you and tackled Kihyun to the ground when he threw his hands upon his neck. He was beyond scared that he would lose you to him so he just lost it trying to squeeze the air out of him. Two of Kihyun’s friends witnessed the scene and ran to Kihyun’s aid, throwing Jungkook off of him and held him there as you watched in horror as Kihyun got up with a grin and started to punch Jungkook over and over again in his stomach, yelling over and over that you were his.

Kihyun: *Picking himself up and walking over to Jungkook* “You’re going to pay for that, and you’re going to pay for trying to take away my girl.”

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Jungkook: *grits teeth* “She’s not your girl ! She’s mine!”

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Shownu vs Namjoon

The fact of the matter was you had two totally different guys that lusted after you which made it all the more harder for you.

There was Namjoon. He listened to everything you had to say, gave you the best advice, and helped you with anything school wise. He used his smarts and down to earth attitude to grab your attention, making you feel as though you could lean on him without being afraid because of how open he was with you. He lingered around you, a smile upon his face, an arm wrapped around you, and his other hand held a good book, as he read you lines from within the pages. He spent his days drunk in you and beautiful and romantic literature that reminded him of you.

 Shownu on the other hand showed you his loyalty by using his actions instead of words. No one dare messed with you because he would pummel them to the ground. If you needed help in reaching or carrying something heavy, there he was always lending a helping hand. He dropped anything and everything for you, just to make sure you were happy yet safe at the same time.

The way they fight for you: The way that you sat propped up on Namjoon’s lap as he read aloud from another poetic book while he draped a lazy arm around you made Shownu twitch. He couldn’t stand it when other people were around you, but it made him go completely insane whenever he saw Namjoon around you because he knew his true intentions. Without thinking he went straight over to you and him, and stopped right in front of you with a serious expression across his face as he glared over at Namjoon. Namjoon knew what he was there for as his grip around you tightened making you squirm. As soon as you started to do that, Shownu pulled you from him and heaved you over his shoulder making you start to protest, asking him what he was dong, but he didnt listen. Instead he walked away, leaving Namjoon sitting there alone, in his thoughts on what his next move was.

Namjoon: “Come on Y/N. Don’t fall for that guy. You know the old saying, Brains over Brawn.” *smiles slyly*

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Shownu: “He can’t protect you like I can Y/N. At least with me, you’re always going to be safe..”

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Jooheon vs Yoongi

The one thing these two knew what to do was fight back with fire and sharp tongues.

Yoongi paid not attention to others, making him appear cold and stuck up. But in reality he was beyond kind, at least to you. He followed you around, always watching your back, protecting you from those who he thought would want to hurt you. He always kept a close eye on you. It pained him whenever you two had to part ways because he worried dearly about you. What if something happened to you and he wasn’t there in time? What if you didn’t eat? What if you couldn’t sleep? You were constantly on his mind and heart.

Jooheon on the other hand was kind to everyone, you especially. He gave you the special treatment when it came to showering you with affection. He followed right beside you when he saw Yoongi was out of sight from you. Although you too thought he was sweet and innocent, in reality he did all he could to manipulate you, trying to talk you into cutting your friendship short with Yoongi because it would just be damaging to such a person like you, or would end up spilling rumors and lies about him trying to make you think otherwise.

The way they fight for you: When Yoongi saw Jooheon near you he became high on his guard as he made his way over there. He already knew how he really was so he became alert when he saw him talking to you, but the moment he heard the conversation, he shoved him back ,away from you and onto the ground. Yoongi was shaking with rage, but all Jooheon could do was stand back up and chuckle shaking his head, looking over to you, telling you that this is what he was talking about.

Jooheon: “See Y/N..I told you he was violent. You belong with me. Someone who would not be this psychotic. You deserve better than this trash.”

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Yoongi: “He is more harmful than I am Y/N! He is trying to get in your head! I would never ever hurt you…I love you !”

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Changkyun vs Taehyung

Both silly and eccentric boys always clashed when it came to gaining your affection and attention.

Taehyung liked to latch onto you. That’s where he was most of the time, by your side. He was just like a loyal puppy. Never leaving your side, only to get the things you needed so you didn’t have to get up yourself. He was most comforted when he had his arms around you and his face buried into your chest. He didn’t care if people starred or if you protested for him to stop because it was so embarrassing. He always wanted to show you his deep love for you, so he showed it through physical contact.

Changkyun on the other hand kept his distance. Although there were days that he did get the uncontrollable urge to touch you, he fought back. He loved you just as much as Taehyung did, but he was so scared to show it, in fear that he would either scare you away, or love you so hard that you would just…break. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing you, afterall, you were the reason that he greeted each day with a smile.

The way they fight for you: It would not be pretty when they actually did fight. It all started off when Changkyun got ticked off for Taehyung pulling you into him and walking you away from him because he had wanted to spend time with you. Changkyun lost all his control as his urges surfaced and he grabbed your arm, jerking you towards him. Seeing this and your surprised expression, made Taehyung finally lose his smile as he lunged forward toward Changkyun. The next thing you knew you screamed out for them to stop as they started to beat eachother up on the floor in front of you,not stopping until one or the other finally passed out unconscious. 

Changkyun: “I didn’t mean to grab you like that Y/N…please forgive me! I just can’t stand it that he thinks that he owns you..I’m not going to give up to someone like him.”

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Taehyung: “You still don’t get it do you? Y/N is mine. She always has been and will be forever. You already lost.”

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Dance For You

Braun Strowman/OC: You and Braun go out after a tough day at work. You get just a little too drunk and can’t stop yourself from dancing for Braun. Smut.


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In the Sheevsson verse, how did Obi Wan and Palpatine get to acknowledging their relationship to each other? When did they figure out that the other knew and how did that conversation go?

It had been an offhand comment, Sheev hadn’t expected the sarcastic reply from the clearly overworked knight when he had questioned him about his health and his missions.

“I’m fine father.”

That had come out of Obi-Wan’s mouth, his eyes rolled for effort before the Jedi froze, both staring at each other as they realized what he had said.

And then Obi-Wan had turned wary when Sheev hadn’t denied it. “…You know.” He whispered.

“…I was informed back when you did the genetic match back when you were twenty five…I wanted to get to know you so I invited you to my office.” Sheev murmured, deciding to continue his route of being honest with his son. Well about most parts, not saying something was not the same as lying since Obi-Wan had never asked him about the darkness that Sheev sometimes let slip.

“I…oh…” Obi-Wan shifted, the thirty one year old still wary looking and a bit confused about how to go forward.

“How about…we continue as we have…and you continue to tell me about that mission to Pon-Pon? Hmm? You said Anakin threw himself in front of you like a shield?” Sheev carefully prompted the other.

“I…yes. Yes he’s been behaving strangely lately. Latches onto me at the slightest of chances and doesn’t like to be separated from me. He hasn’t been like this since he was twelve.”Obi-Wan frowned a bit. “I worry for him…”

Sheev hummed quietly. “Perhaps you would like for me to speak to him?”

“I…perhaps. He respects you. He may listen to you.” The other looked so damn hopeful, open and trusting of Palpatine.

It was a good thing he wasn’t about to abuse that trust and for a moment Sheev wondered how things would have been if Obi-Wan trusted the order more then him.

But no, Sheev had done his job when Obi-Wan had been fragile and lost after the death of his Master and become the one person Obi-Wan could always talk to and never get judged for, even when he was lost.

No, Obi-Wan was not without support here even if he felt lost.

“Please, do send him my way and I’ll see about him.” Sheev chuckled quietly.


Of all the sith damned things to come out of the boys mouth!

Sheev continued to pound himself on his chest, coughing up the tea that had gone the wrong way even as the blond watched him warily.


“I am not screwing Obi-Wan!” Sheev managed to cough out, rubbing his chest before wheezing. “Little stars boy, just no.” He settled on even as Anakin relaxed at the vehement denial.

“I’m sorry sir it just seemed like…are you alright sir?”

Sheev grasped a napkin and wiped his mouth, mind spinning a thousand miles a second. Skywalker was jealous, that was why he didn’t want to be separated, he thought he and Obi-Wan were fucking and therefor latched onto the other as tightly as he could.

Sheev could use that, could use his jealousy, a protector for his son…

And if his coming apprentice was loyal to his heir…well that was fine by him.

Yes he could use this jealousy he thought as he sipped his tea to sooth his aching throat a bit, hiding away the sudden smile that wanted to lure itself along his lips. “You’re rather fond of Obi-Wan, are you not Anakin?” He started sweetly as the blond flushed and squirmed in his seat.

“He’s nice and smart.” Anakin tried.

“Very popular too is he not, he doesn’t speak much about it but I get the sensation he is often flirted with?”

And there was that angry flush in the others cheek as Anakin looked everywhere but at Sheev.

‘Lets fuel the fires…’

Part Of The Family

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Just cute kiddie Dean and Sam having fun. Accepting into the family. Just pure fluff.

Word Count: 1118

Summary: Y/n and John take the boys to a carnival.

A/N: Ok, just random fluff that I wanted to write. Cos I love me some John and cute little adorable Dean and Sam being happy. Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John Winchester! Would you hurry your butt up?”

“Just a second, princess”.

“Can we please go now?” Sam whined, pulling at y/n’s hands and trying to drag her to the car.

“We need to wait for your daddy, baby”, she answered, leaning down to scoop him into her arms, letting the boy play with her hair again.

“Dad! Hurry up”.

Y/n chuckled, seeing John hopping out of the cabin, trying to fit his foot into the shoe properly.

“I’m here”.

Y/n rolled her eyes, waiting for him to unlock the impala.

She got in, Sam beside her, Dean sat up front this time.

“So-you guys ready to have some fun?” she teased, leaning forward and ruffling Dean’s hair.

Sam began giggling in anticipation, Dean not able to keep the smile off his face.

“You got everything?” John asked, looking at y/n from the rear-view mirror.

She nodded, sitting back and looking out of the window, occasionally playing a few games of rock paper scissors with Sam, while John drove them to their destination.

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