To the number one story that influenced my entire childhood. That made me subject my dad to hours and hours of repeated film watching. And that still haunts my imagination.

These two characters are so wonderful. DAMN YOU Molly, and the longing you brought. And Schmendrick the magician who kept searching… Well, you can go read the book if you want to know WHAT what he searched for.

“What is plucked will grow again
What is slain lives on
What is stolen will remain
What is gone is gone

What is sea-born dies on land
Soft is trod upon
What is given burns the hand
What is gone is gone”
-The Last Unicorn

I love a good

“I know/remember you” moment in a movie…

they can be sincere and beautiful 

I know you. If I were blind I would know you.

weirdly romantic 

I remember you… I remember…. 

Of course with anything, it can be shit -_-

I know what you are 

Will add more when I remember more.