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fake film meme | phillip glenister & nicole kidman in a gangster film. requested by ieatpoisonedapplesforbreakfast.

nineteen twenty six. a detective (glenister) has been assigned to a bootlegging case, asked to infiltrate the gang who are selling it so they can be taken out from the inside. whilst working the case, he’s introduced to the gang leader’s moll (kidman), and the two strike up an affair. however, bootlegging isn’t all this gang is involved in - they’re one of the factions in a gang war slowly tearing the city apart, and the detective has a chance to help take that down from the inside too. but he’s walking a fine line, with no one he can really trust, and some people are starting to get a little suspicious of his motives and whose company he keeps…


just a quick post to see how this gif works, i’ve been trying some stuff out in photoshop (hello i have fallen in love with tywinllanister’s psd’s and i cannot get up) but i wanted to mess around with splicing footage and gradients and timing and you know what, i don’t think this one turned out too bad? like shit, i’ve got a long way to go if i want to make the gifset i’m envisioning (did someone say the asylum coughs) but i don’t think this is a bad first effort?

also i uploaded it twice because it went stupid and stretchy on it’s own so that’s why sorry about that

made another attempt at a faceswap whilst fucking around with a couple of graphics in photoshop

honestly i’m about 80% less happy with this one than the first one but it looked a hell of a lot worse when i was first starting out

and you know what mary’s face is so fucking hard to work with when it comes to faceswaps, like, everything else? fine! faceless edits, messing around with textures, psd tests, wild colouring, practice with gradients, go the fuck for it! face swaps? you’d have a better time carving out your genitals with a spoon.

but you know what this one fucking worked and even though it looks like shite i’m posting it because fuck you mary i win this one