Considering how much of a water baby I am, it’s absolutely deplorable that I haven’t done a swim shoot before now. In my defence, swimming pools have been hard to come by in the past 3 years, and the last time I swam regularly, it was mostly a matter of pulling on my hardworking speedo tankini and plunging into the blue for an hour of laps. Water is my natural state, though.  I’ve written extensively about my love of swimming in the past, but it’s something I could write about for the rest of my life and still not be any closer to capturing the sheer depth (ha!) of my feelings on the subject. Traditionally, I tend to go for performance suits when it comes to swimwear, but when Swimsuits For All offered to send me a piece from their collection, I thought I’d try out something cute for pool lounging instead.

Reading the reviews for this set, I knew that the top might come up small but I decided to risk it anyway. And while the cups are smaller than I’d like, I’m relieved to note that I didn’t suffer any wardrobe malfunctions during my lazy doggy paddling! It’s been a year and a half since I last swam (such a shame!) but water has this habit of welcoming you home no matter how long you’ve been gone. When I first started swimming at the ripe age of 18, I’d sometimes feel selfconscious during the walk to the pool. But once I was in, all I could care about was beauty and wonder of being nestled in its watery depths. Swimming was key to my first steps towards body confidence. These days, I just let it all hang out because who cares? It’s my body, and it’s built for swimming. I’m a water mammal and it’s my perfect state of being.

Wearing ♥ The Empress Underwire Bikini by Gabifresh for Swim Sexy


I was going to make another thirsty!jungkook post, but then jimin said this; “Jungkook doesn’t have any feelings for me.” AND those editors tried to NO HOMO JIKOOK of all OTPS and im just…gonna post this. 

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ok, jimin-ssi, ok. look at that bunny, crinkly-eyed smile. 

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right, he’s TOTALLY NOT trying to get your attention bc you’re sitting on hobi’s lap. No, ABsolutely not.

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then explain to me what the hell this was??? jungkook is holding you by the HIPS and then WAIST, swayinG you to the damn music. i swear, these two. 

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yeah, sure jimin. you can’t see jungkook’s face but WE can. if that’s not the face of a man in love, i dont fucking know what is. look at that bunny smile. look at it and tell me he has NO feelings for jimin. look at me and aTTEMpt to lie.

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you cant see how jungkook’s frown lines go away when he feels your head on his shoulder jimin, but WE CAN. omg, look how no HOMO they are. so platonic. so friendly. im in tears. such friendship. 

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wow, look at jungkook PLATONICALLY grabbing jimin’s balls. omg, they are such bros. look at jimin being such a good hyung, letting kookie grab his dick. the friendship is REAL. NO HOMO BRO. 

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omg, look at jikook eyefucking each other. NO HOMO. no flirting. we’re just a bunch of dudebros making love with our eyes on stage bc we can’t keep it in our pants. okay. 

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jimin and jungkook being all shy and giggly? nope. what you see above is NOT jungkook lifting jimin up bridal style. IT IS NOT THEM BEING ALL SHY AND GIGGLY. NOPE. 

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im so fond of you bro. i wanna hold your hand and go on a date by the han river and kiss you under the stars. but NO HOMO. BROS 4Lyfe

jungkook: bro, i love your arms man. you’re so motherly, dude. 

look at jungkook. tell me he sees  jimin like his mother. I DARE YOU. LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME. YOU CAN’T.


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i had to put this again. look at them almost make out on camera. NO HOMO, man. bros. just bros. 

conclusion: Stop trying to no homo jikook, im looking @ you editors. i refuse to watch the rest of that commentary. JIKOOK ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER IN THE MOST GAY WAY POSSIBLE. FIGHT ME. 


cr. to @jikookiejar for the arms post.

A thing a friend and I discussed

Basically, @paso-sombra and I discussed a funny thing with me being awake at ungodly hours. Anyway.
Basically, imagine Jack adopting this, already big, Great Dane puppy and said puppy grows to be a fucking monster, easily able to reach the top of the fridge when on its hind legs. However, despite its monstrous sight and appearance, it’s the biggest sweetheart to ever exist.

So, imagine Gabe goes into the kitchen one night to get a midnight snack, only to see this large mass of /something/ by the fridge. He freezes, and when two large glowing eyes settle on him when the mass snaps its head towards him, he lets out his unholy demon-owl screech as the mass drops down, and the next thing he knows he’s tackled to the floor, with the dog slobbering all over his face as the dog just licks his face.

Then, not even thirty seconds later, half the base storms into the kitchen, weapons at hand and bits and pieces of clothing and armor put on in a hurry. Jack turns on the light, and the immediately starts losing his shit because he thought someone attacked Gabe and was about to helix rocket a guy up the arse to protect his boyfriend, but nope; Gabe got scared by the overly big sweetheart of a dog.
Gabe is still on the ground, just kind of dazed, but flips off Jack as soon as he regains his composure, trying to get the over-excited dog off of him. Everyone else is snickering by now, but already trudging back to bed to keep sleeping.

Everybody Loves Amethyst Zine

So Grace Kraft made this. And I noticed something. Pearl is stroking Amethyst’s hair (something a mother does), Garnet is having Amethyst sitting on her lap (something a mother does), and Rose is holding Amethyst (something a mother does).

I think this basically confirms that Amethyst sees them as her mothers, more than friends or a romantic partner. Now to the one with Peridot.

Yes, I know they are not blushing. But this seems different to the other ones. She sees her as a friend/romantic partner more than a mother or a sister. They’re giggling and wrapping their arms around each other’s shoulders. This could mean something. But I think it does. I think it’s telling us Peridot and Amethyst act different around each other then the others. Hell, Amethyst is the only one who makes Peridot laugh.

Also, this is an edit and side note. Peridot loves Amethyst. Rose, Garnet, and Pearl love Amethyst too, but in a family way. But I don’t see Amethyst and Peridot as family. This confirms they love each other.

I’m just pointing this out. 

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CAN YOU! GIVE ME! YOUR! HCS! ON! KITTY!JACK!!!!!!! pretty please? Gabriel basically took in a stray kitty when he started at Overwatch.

Kitty Morrison:

- The sweetest, most affectionate cat ever. The kind who’s not afraid of physical contact, who is happy to walk up to people, ears alert. Is amazingly good at making friends, which can be unusual for many cats. 

- LOVES getting ear skritches and having his hair played with. He has spent many a lazy Sunday afternoon draped across Gabe’s lap napping as Gabe skritches his ears while reading. 

- Has the fluffiest puffiest tail but would really really would prefer you not touch it unless you’re Gabe, thanks very much. His tail is just the softest thing; you wouldn’t notice if it brushed against you if it wasn’t for the swish of wind it brought with it.

- Doesn’t really have a night/day sleep cycle, he just naps when he can but he doesn’t stay asleep for more than a few hours at a time. He’s perfectly content to lay awake at night just curling around Gabe and enjoying cuddles though.


- Only really expressive with his tail and ears now that his face is behind his mask most of the time. You can always tell when something is irritating him by the way his tail flicks irritably

- No longer lets anyone give him ear skritches. One of his ears has a nick in it. His tail has lost most of its fluff too and looks less like a maine coon’s and more like an american shorthair’s. 

- Will never sleep in the middle of a room - his bed has to be pushed up to a wall and he has to have his back to a wall - corners are ok too.

- leaves white fur all over Reaper’s black coat because he still can’t help but cuddle up to him when he can. Sometimes Reaper will take off the claw gloves to give him ear skritches and Kitty:76 can close his eyes and almost see the glow of the afternoon sun, can almost feel the weight of Gabe’s book against his back, can almost hear the sound of pages turning. 

hate to do this lmao

my puppy who does not know much better knocked my laptop off my lap and it fell about ~3 feet and the screen stopped working. i took it in to a repair shop and they just called to inform me the display is broken entirely and needs to be replaced. the part is $450 which i absolutely do not have and cannot afford at all. i desperately need my laptop, its the only computer in my house that works. i am so desperate right now like i dont know how to even describe how upset i am. any money you could donate to me would be greatly appreciated i really have to get this fixed…

my paypal is emily_quast@yahoo.com and i’ll forever be indebted for any help i love you im sorry


Sprawled in Dius’ lap and across his chest, Cato purred. Happy where he was for a variety of reasons, most of which had to do with the man idly petting down his spine to the curve of his rear. A few more having to do with the both of them being naked and just a couple being how comfy he was. One or two along the lines of nothing having happened yet…. “What’re thinking?” The boy nuzzled his stomach. “You got all quiet.”

  • what tptb keep saying sherlock s4 is:super dark, super scary, will damage you in ways you can't imagine
  • what sherlock s4 actually will be:360 minutes of sherlock sobbing quietly with his head in john's lap while john pets his hair

Not a request, but a oneshot I was dying to do since seeing that beard. This is also fuelled by the collective beard fantasies/conversations with @momis30 @thedevilsmomma and a few anons. 


“Should I get a skin fade or leave a bit of stubble?” Roman asked nonchalantly as if asking what the weather’s like for the day.

Y/N lowered her magazine and eyed him wearily, “In terms of what?”

“Beard,” he said, speaking with his hands before resting them on her legs that lay on his lap.

But Y/N sat up and intensified her stare, shaking her head in confusion, “Ummm and why would you do that?”

Roman noticed the stress in her voice as she challenged him. He stroked the beard, thinking of a good way to word it. He knew how much she loved it.

“It’s getting hotter, I can’t cope with a damn forest on my face,”

“Babe, we’re in Florida. It’s hot every day of the year, bullshit, don’t you even dare,”

“It’s my beard,” he mumbled, pulling a childish face.


“I said you’re right,” he winked. “Nah but for real, I need to get it trimmed for that GQ shoot,”

“Fuck them, y'can’t shave it. I need you to keep it!”

“You wanna tell them that for me?” he smiled.

“Hell yeah, me and a load of other women, I’ve checked the stats, I know I have a backing,” Y/N said confidently, putting the magazine down.

This was serious business.

“Keep it please? I rarely ask for favours, do this one for me,”

“For what reason?”

“Other than you look so frickin’ sexy?” She asked, biting her lip as she admired him, always, with or without the beard. “It feels so good when you kiss me…”

“So you want me to keep it just for kissing?”

She shook her head no and climbed on his lap, straddling him and cupping his face.

“Noo, you look hella good with it, and without. But with it, you’re like the equivalent of a man in a suit, it does things to me,”

“Oh yeah?” he smirked, shooting his brow up. “Things like what?”

“Inspiring a looot of dirty thoughts,” she whispered in his ear before nibbling and gyrating against him. “Wanna hear what else?”

“Uhhh yeah, I guess so, maybe one or two,” he said tryna act cool about the whole thing, but he was dying inside, aroused by the mere prospect of her being turned on.

“I love it when it grazes my thighs when you go down on me,” she said daringly, watching him for his response.

He smirked, and shifted slightly in his seat, “I believe you told me this before,”

“Have I also told you that it feels nice on my pussy?”

“Dirty girl.  I mean, I forgot, but we can always reenact this, jig my memory a bit,”

“Yes, and for demonstration purposes,” she hissed.

He rolled her over onto her back, not wasting anytime, he put his hand down boy-shorts before looking up and giving her a ‘really’ look. She smiled, biting on her finger seductively.

“Oops,” she shrugged with a giggle.

He groaned and sat up for a second, slipping them off and admired how wet she was for him. So pretty, ready and welcoming.

“Y'know what it does to me when you don’t wear any panties,”

“And y'know what it does to me when you grow your beard,” she retorted.

He licked his lips and grabbed her legs, drawing her closer to him. He leant down and kissed her, distracting her and slipped himself inside her. She moaned in his mouth, accidentally biting his lip as he rested all the way inside her. He pulled away and gazed down at her, expecting to see the disappointment or frustration for not going down on her first, but she looked satiated, waiting for him to rock into her.

“C'mon baby,” she urged, her legs wrapping around his waist and egging him on.

He followed command, gyrating slowly but with power, filling her all the way in each time. She gasped in his ear with each thrust, nibbling her neck, biting her ear and then back down to her neck. And when he took a break from that, he was nuzzling against her neck, his beard rubbing against her smooth skin.

When he felt her walls contract and her nails digging into his biceps, he pulled out slowly, much to her disappointment. His body tightened at the cry that left her lips.

“Roman,” she whined, vocalising her disappointment.

“What sweetie?” he feigned oblivion, his voice light.

“Y'know what, I was gonna cum,”

“Too bad,” he smirked deviously at her and winked.

He began the trail at her décolletage, peppering her body with kisses, enough to make her forget the missed orgasm. She shivered as he descended on her body, he was sucking her breasts tenderly one second, the next, he was at her naval, or tracing the line where her thighs joined the rest of her body.

Her mouth watered at the promise of his lips on hers, drinking from her fountain, suckling, nibbling and biting. And he did just that. Her legs tightened around him, securing him in place as he nibbled at her nub. With each tug, his beard grazed the inside of her thighs. She trembled at the feeling, automatically gripping his hair in a balled fist. He lapped at her again, enjoying her sweet romantic serenades she was blessing him with.

“Fuuuuck,” she squealed, her back lifting off the couch.

He flicked his tongue at her nub, then sucked it gently until he felt her legs shaking, before relocating to her opening where she oozed out, trickling into his mouth. He suckled at her, wrapping his lips around her and enjoying each taste. She found her back lifting off the couch and grip on him tightening. And as hers did, so did his on her thighs. She was gonna hate him tomorrow for this, for that beard that lusciously caressed her skin, with a prickly graze.

“I know you’re cumming,” he commented, eyeing her up from his position as he feasted on her, tasting every inch of her sweet flesh.

She nodded in response, her thighs clamped tighter around him so she could savour that facial hair on her skin. She rolled her hips emphatically beneath him, because she couldn’t get enough but she wanted to come undone at the same time. He was in no rush so he continued at his pace, and thought to spice things up a little bit more. He dipped his index finger in there, then another followed.

“Roman…baby…fuck,” she shrieked, attempting to free herself from him to get a moment to breathe and recuperate from
the sensory overload.

The pinpricks of his beard brushing over her wet folds sent her over the edge, stimulating her clitoris and he felt the effect of it when her walls clenched around his fingers.

“Do that again,” she begged.

“Mhhh?” he asked, intentionally so that he could vibrate against her.

“Do it again…I wanna feel your beard on me,” she managed to say in between breathy moans. “Yes! Yes! Yessss!”

He obeyed his woman, watching her as he did so, how she fell apart with that gesture alone, even though it was her own command. He could see the impending agonising yet blissful release building up in her, so he was gonna give it to her.

“Come for me,”

“You’re…uhhh…touching…” touching her g-spot, she wanted to moan but the words escaped her.

His fingers mimicked his shaft; separating her lips and stroking her as he lapped at her simultaneously.  He gazed up from between her legs, wondering why she’d let go of his hair and saw that she’d closed her eyes and pinched her stiff nipples, rubbing them between her two fingers. She could have sworn she’d just touched the sky. He grabbed one of her hands and replaced it with his mouth, and then she came; thrusting her body upwards into him. She trembled, and gasped, too weak to scream any profanities, even as she watched him suck her juices off his fingers, and her lower half tingled from the constant friction. It was so worth it.

“Well…” she began, speechless. “Wow,”

“You okay?” he chuckled.

“Yeah,” she reciprocated the chuckle, lost in thought. “Give me a minute baby, I need to catch my breath,”

“Who said this show’s about me?” he questioned her before curling his arm around her, hurling her into a sitting position.

And when she realised just what was happening, she could’ve sworn she’d cum at the thought alone.

“Oh jheeze,” she cried, holding onto the couch head rest as he helped her lower her.

“Uhhh…oh my fucking Go- Roman!” she thrushed against him, rolling her hips on him frantically as her lips seperated at the mercy of his tongue; his beard freely brushing against it. This was heaven. It was pure bliss.


Y/N sat at her desk at work the following morning, fidgetting as she struggled to find a comfortable position. Her legs ached. Her thighs ached. Her thighs burnt. Her pussy felt sore, all from the intensive session last night.

She’d complain, really she would, had the pain not derived from a such a euphoric night. The lasting bittersweet pain of his beard grazing whatever part of her skin it made contact with, made her salivate at the mouth, wanting to do it all over again. Right there. On her office desk, legs splayed out for him as he brought her right to the edge of the table and feasted on her like he did last night. But she glanced up and counted four and a half more hours until she’d go home.

Y/N: 😔😔😔😔

Roman: What’s up? 😕

Y/N: I can’t sit down properly

Y/N: And I’m walking like a freshly fucked virgin. I’m so sore.

Y/N: Help! People at work keep asking me what’s wrong

Roman: LOOL! 😏 what can I say?

Y/N: 🙄😒

Roman: 😏😛👅👅

Y/N: Seriously, fuck you

Roman: Poor choice of words

Y/N: I’m using leg day as an excuse for walking funny 😔

Roman: Lame. Tell them what really happened

Y/N: Fuck off

Roman: 👀👅👅👅👅👅

Y/N: I hate you and your stupid beard

Roman: You weren’t saying that when you were sitting on my face though. It’s fine, I’ll get rid of it.

Y/N: NO! NO! Keep it around…for demonstration purposes

Roman: We’ll see

Y/N: Please?

Roman: 😏😏😏😏 If I keep it, it’s for my fans…not you, y'don’t deserve it

Y/N: Same time tonight?

Roman: Fuck yeah!

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ok so on the topic of getting dicked if u ever need good sin inspo music listen to the Urban Flora EP by Alina Baraz (esp show me, fantasy, and pretty thoughts) im not trying to promote anything im just saying i imagine hanzo giving the best fucking lap dances mccree will ever receive to this music ok

UHMMMMM can i kiss u??? i have been looking for good music like this with a tinashe vibe wow thank you so much for this, this type of music does actually inspire me