Today, I mentioned my parents’ abuse at my psychiatrist. She told me that my perceptions of reality were different from my parents’ and that I was clearly trying to replace my parents as a father figure to my brothers. She then prescribed me anxiolytics to avoid meltdowns.

Or at least, that’s what she told me, because I just checked and those are antipsychotics.

Vive la France.

SLAMS HANDS ON DESK fuckin good shit man good shit you see that war timeskip au i see you right there i see that new image i’m craving that shit yo why do I need that so much dam son  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ 


Who tf remixed the caillou song

I understand the marketing thing, and I understand the iconic thing, but I still envy the alternate universe where this, or a variant thereof, gets to be the picture for the DVD cover of Jurassic World, or a poster, or a promo thing, or anything.

I mean, everyone saw it, everyone knows, and it’s just a beautiful, beautiful shot. 

Also, there’s an opening gate. “The Park Is Open.”

“Welcome Back.”

“Welcome to Jurassic World.”

Of everything in the movie, for all the Raptor Standoffs and the motorcycles and the smashing skeletons and the hybrid dinosaurs, I think this is the centerpiece shot of the movie–where our heroine turns to the past film and brings its icon back to the forefront, where one of the most recognizable faces in cinema steps into the light. There’s no attempt at control, just respect, fear, and trust.

And it just looks so powerful, too.