Watch: iKON’s B.I Talks About His Appearance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” as a Kid

iKON’s B.I revealed that he had appeared on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” six years ago as a young boy.

On the February 12 broadcast of KBS’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” love confession songs were highlighted. After the performance, B.I revealed that he had appeared on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” six years ago with MC Mong.

Yoo Hee Yeol joked and teased him saying, “You were so little then that you sat on MC Mong’s lap. Now, you’re all grown up. You’re ripping out of your jeans growing up so fast.”

B.I mentioned “This is my first time coming on the show as an iKON member. I’m so happy.”

Check out the clips of B.I’s appearance on the show as a young kid below.

Mukami: food. Requested by anon.

(Instead of them yelling imngoingbtot make it sweeter by you and them sharing food instead ^^.)

The two of you were making perfect use of the breakfast nook in the manor.
Eating your favorite food, you sat in his lap as he feed you. Due to monthly cramps he was babying you, well he would baby you anyway. Since your his little princess.

He smiled,
“Close your eyes.” He commanded as your closed your eyes and felt the spoon nudging your lips sook after.
“Good now open your mouth.” He purred as he gave you a bit.
“Now how does it taste, I’ve been experimenting with different flavors.” He smiled.
“It’s good.” Your smiled as you took time to savor it.
“Maybe I should try some too.”
What you didn’t expect was for him to kiss you and pry your lips open with his tongue. Stealing the food inside your mouth. You gasped softly against his lips as he smirked against yours.

Running a ripe juicy strawberry along your lips. He smiled as you took a bit out of part of it and took a bit out of the other side. Finishing he strawberry.
“Heh, your so cute.” He grinned as he pulled out his phone and took a picture of you blushing.
“This one is going on tumblr!” He grinned.

“So want do you think of my tomato’s?” He grinned proudly as you ate food with his juicy tomatoes mixed in.
“Yummy, so yummy!” You grinned as your took another bite.
“Heh, maybe you can help me grow the next ones.” He grinned like a dork.

He grinned as you turned the tables on him, and took the fork from him.
“Here now you eat.” He grinned as he took a small bite.
“Have…some.” He smiled as he kissed you and put the ripe strawberry into your mouth. Not bothering to pull away.


The Chill Out
This was fun to make but also a nightmare XD
The thought behind this was that my F:SoSu fixed a camera and wanted to preserve the moment, by being in everyone’s face with it. Her Dogmeat is slightly smaller than the German Shepherd version and a total lap dog. While Brutus Hancock’s acquired guard dog always stay on the floor, he’s a massive sack of meat.

There’s caption text for each picture, Pipers synth cat conspiracy :3

The House Tour ->
Part One . Part Two . Part Three . Part Four . Part Five . Part Six  . - . Bonus

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Angie practically collapsed onto the couch, moving so her head rested on Bucky’s lap. “Remind me never to visit my family when my mother’s brother and his wife are there.” She mumbled, burying her face in his leg. She had been gone all day at a family dinner, and by the time she came home, she was angry and tired. She had intended the day to be happy, telling her parents that she was going to be having a baby, but her Uncle kept making remarks and trying to say things to make it seem like he and his wife were the center of attention, and just making her wish she hadn’t gone at all. She closed her eyes.

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Peter Carlisle x Rose Tyler, cuddling/spooning

Rose stroked her hand rhythmically over the soft hairs on the side of his head. Peter’s current case was wearing on him. Enough that he wouldn’t talk about it. He’d just come home, when he was in danger of passing out on the job, and crawl into her lap.

The first night she’d been in bed asleep and he’d crawled under the covers still fully dressed to laid his head on her soft belly. She’d just naturally began stroking his head and he’d eventually fallen asleep.

The next time, over 72 hours later, she’d been in the oversized chair enjoying tea and a novel in front of the fire. He sat at her feet and laid his head in her thigh. Rose had immediately began her caresses. Soon, his breath had evened out and she hated herself for rousing him enough to flop onto their made up bed.

Tonight he’d stumbled through the door and found her on the living room floor. She was finishing a glass of wine and a chick flick. He nuzzled his nose into her neck and muttered his love before lowering his head to her lap.

Rose placed a kissed on his head before letting her fingers work. He sighed and she frowned, worried that this case was going to break him. She had so many reasons to want the bastard caught.

When Peter’s breathing finally evened out, Rose pulled the throw from the couch and curled up behind him. With the blanket covering them both, she spooned her body against his, wrapping her arm around his waist and tucking her finger between his side and the carpet.

She was asleep in moments.

Watkins Glen Results!

It was the Pits!

Nexus Racing at the Glen was remarkably uneventful, as far as crashes go! We did have one particular turn that would cause some sparks and scraped paint if two cars were side-by-side, but otherwise, it was a fairly civil competition!

The odd thing about this race was the way people decided to time their pit stops. Instead of a majority of the drivers pitting within a lap or two of each other, we saw gaps of 4, 5, and 6 laps – long ones, being a road course – between groupings of cars heading into the pit. This made it difficult for our monitoring system to keep track of who was where; quite the challenge on my part!

For a long time, it looked like the race was really going to belong to Brier Blueleaf, as she dominated the first half of the race, and a good portion of the second. However, we did see Lorelei Blackclaw up front for a good amount of time, and Dick Ziggle took his share of lead laps too. However, in the end it was Nikson Cutts who was #1 at the checkered flag! Congratulations to Nikson on his first victory this season! This puts him within striking distance of current season points leader, Garth Aventino. Careful there, Garth; Nikson is only 20 points away! That could very easily be tightened up over the final four races this season!

Here are the full results of tonight’s race:

Points Leaderboard || Season Schedule || Nexus Racing Twitch

We’ll be back again next week on Friday, February 19th at 10pm EST (7pm PST)! See you then!

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To your last text post YES! I'm a huge fan of the Amazons! Do you have any headcannons about them?

Here are some Kinzie/Hylla ones

  • They have a deep emotional connection. Like, not even on a romantic level, they just deeply understand each other. Of course, there is also the deep romantic connection.
  • Kinzie gets lowkey jealous whenever Hylla gets a new boy. The jealousy goes away later, when that boy is used to bring them water and snacks after sex.
  • Kinzie loves to sit on Hylla’s lap when they’re alone and hanging out.
  • Amazon Prime and Chill.
  • The other Amazons tease Kinzie about her clear love of the queen, but its always lighthearted and good natured. Everyone thinks they are the cutest couple.
  • When Hylla’s title was being challenged, Kinzie was so ready to fight.
  • It took Reyna .3 seconds to figure out they were in love.
  • Hylla has worn a Wonder Woman costume to bed on more than one occasion.
  • They are a killer fighting duo. They train together so often that they can predict where the other will move, which is very useful in large fights when they need to watch each others backs.
  • Hylla braids Kinzie’s hair for her.
  • Kinzie has a bed in the same place where all the other Amazon’s sleep.
  • No one can remember when she last slept there.
  • Most nights they stay up talking, and making jokes. They are each others closest and most personal confidant. Kinzie is truly the only one Hylla feels she can be 100% open with.