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170526  smtown_sum: 시원한 음료를 제대로 즐기고 싶다면, #EXO#별자리글라스보틀 을 만나보세요. ❤️
투명한 글라스 보틀에 톡톡튀는 네온 컬러가 더해져 평범한 음료도 특별해 보여요! ✨

친구와 함께 누구의 별자리인지 알아 맞추는 깨알 재미도 놓칠 순 없겠죠?
영롱영롱 EXO의 별자리 글라스 보틀은 5월 26일부터 #SUM 매장에서 만나보실 수 있답니다. 💕


EXO Reaction To Seeing Their GF In A VS Commercial

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pinkamaryllis46 said:

that’s all i wanted to say to you. oh, and you’re amazing as well! hope this won’t cause you anymore trouble cause of everything, but may I have another request of Exo when they see their gf in a VS commercial? no one, and I mean NO ONE is doing any of my requests at all!! :’( I’d really appreciate if you’d do it. thank you so much, have a wonderful day/evening. and remember, have faith! :3 :3

Xiumin: *definitely makes more excited about getting home, if you know what I mean*

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Luhan: *makes him wonder if he can get his girlfriend to give him a private show at home* 

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Kris: *Smirking to himself through the whole thing* 

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Suho: *minor freak out when he realizes its his girlfriend, in lingerie, on the tv, with all the members watching* 

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Lay: *trying to keep his smile from being too obvious*

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Baekhyun: *makes a little cocky with the members about his girlfriend* 

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Chen: *begins thinking about others moves he’d like to see his girlfriend do* 

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Chanyeol: *makes him just a bit frustrated considering they’re on tour* 

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DO: *makes him get subjected to a pretty brutal round of teasing* 

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Tao: *makes sure to take it in with all its glory* 

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Kai: *basically this, in a half-joking fashion* 

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Sehun: *transfixed*

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