*lady gaga voice* do what u want with my body


Today [October 21st] marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Lady Gaga’s 2nd Single from her 4th Studio Album ARTPOP ‘Do What U Want’

The single was first previewed on Dr. Dre Beats commercial in early October. As the single release drew near Gaga tweeted media rumors along with photos such as 'Lady Gaga is a reductive copy of Madonna" “Lady Gaga is on Drugs” etc Upon release the single sold an estimated 475,000 Copies Worldwide in under a week and 165,000 in the US, entering the 'Hot Digital Songs’ Chart at #3 becoming Gaga’s 14th Top Ten on that chart.

By January 2014 'Do What U Want’ was the 3rd Biggest Radio song of 2013 with an Audience impression of 27 Million. Do What U Want peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 selling 1,200,000 Copies in the US and ended up selling 1,800,000 in Denmark alone! It sold 400,000+ copies in other countries. 

Do What U Want was performed numerous times such as; X Factor, Graham Norton, American Music Awards, The Voice, the Jingle Bell Ball and most recently at the artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball as the 11th song on the set list. The AMA Performance being the most memorable as headlines on the screens reading 'LADY GAGA IS FAT’ 'LADY GAGA IS OVER’ 'FLOP’ while Gaga belts “Do What U Want with me, Say What you want about me, Do What U Want with me, what you want with my body…”

Gaga collaborated with R.Kelly, Rick Ross, DJ White Shadow and Christina Aguilera both on Remixes and performances. in December Gaga released the 'Remixes EP" featuring all 3 artists as well as releasing a version featuring Christina Aguilera only and a Solo version of the single.

Originally the music video [directed by Terry Richardson] was due for release in December but was scrapped do to poor management and fear of media scandals. The video was promoting 'rape’ and wasn’t Gaga’s intention to release such material.

Do What U Want won 3 Awards of 5 Nominations including Best Radio Song over Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines’ It also went #1 on the Dance/Electronic Songs and peaked at #1 on the Billboard Heatseakers Songs and received 40,000,000 Youtube Views for its [Audio].

Happy Anniversary Do What U Want!

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3jzMyYgPQs