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¡Holi comunidad pandita!

Hemos empezado a promocionar ropa, y hoy quisimos hacer nuestra primera publicación para los amantes de los libros de Harry Potter (como yo e.e) 

Los link de la página están arriba.

Sólo deben presionar alguno de los dos números (dependiendo de cúal quieran) y los redireccionara a la página de donde son.

Nos serían de mucha ayuda que rebloguearan estos post para que otras personas también puedan verlos

Espero que les guste mucho la ropa que estaremos publicando, porque verdaderamente es muy hermosa.

Si tienen alguna duda o pregunta, no lo piensen mucho y escribanos al imbox de la página. le contestaremos lo más rápido posible.

Que sigan teniendo un lindo día en su dash.


-Tiburón Krum & Una chica invisible. 


Se enamoraron nada más mirarse.
Él venía dolido de otro cuerpo.
Ella creía saber cómo domarlo.
Él resolvió ser distante para gustarle.
Ella que debía ser él quien diera el primer paso.
Ambos esperaron a que fuera el otro quien hablara.
Y así fue el amor más bonito de la historia
que jamás tuvo lugar.

—  Marwan- Todos mis futuros son contigo.

Happy Birthday to this chungaa bundaa Lilly aka @iisuperwomanii.
sorry I wasn’t able to make it for the #LA portion of your celebrations but we’ll do it live in #Toronto. I’m extremely grateful for the adventures and experiences we shared this past year and I’m so proud of the evolution you’ve shown since. I’m continually excited to see the person you’re becoming, and how you’ve taken that growth and turned it into something wonderful for the world to enjoy. Here’s to another beautiful dance around the sun full of laughter, tears, hustle, life lessons and everything else in between. #Love

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nojokesaboutmyname  asked:

Maggie! I really need to know. Are we going to have the spanish version of the Raven King soon or should I just buy the english one???

Dear nojokeasboutmyname,

Unfortunately, SM Spain, who published the rest of the series, has decided it is not profitable to buy the rights to the Raven King at this time, so it does not have a Spanish release date. Because the Spanish rights for the last book are still available, I do hope they or another publisher might buy them at some point to publish it in Spain, but for now, I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you.




hello i am back from the family vegas wedding and i am triumphantly NOT hungover bc my body went directly from festivities to stress with no intermediate stages. teaching my first class for the quarter tomorrow, haven’t done any reading for either seminar, taking a moment to question whether taking on 3 extra jobs was a mistake, etc. usual night before the first day of school Regrets. i hope everyone had a nice weekend!! 🌸


So today I met Margaret Bennett (DC’s bombshells writter) at La Mole Cómic Con in mexico…

I can just say she’s the sweetest person ever! She complimented my Harley quinn shirt! And I told her how much I loved bombshells and how much it meant to me the relationship she let Harley and ivy have (no kidding the guy sitting next to her started clapping I was shook) she told me they scolded her “ you shouldn’t have done that!” She mocked in her boss voice I suppose.

Anyway I’m just here to tell you guys to send love to her and support her! She’s an amazing person! And her job is just so great!

Alright fangirl moment over now…