Block B’s U-Kwon Thinks Maybe He Is Now As Popular As Park Kyung After “Hit The Stage”

On the September 28 broadcast of Mnet’s dance competition show “Hit the Stage,” participating contestant U-Kwon discussed his popularity after his appearance on the program.

U-Kwon revealed that even older married woman (ahjummas) recognized him now, describing his rising popularity. When asked about the popularity of the other members of Block B, U-Kwon stated that Zico’s popularity is too high for other members to outrank him. However, he showed confidence in now being as popular at member Park Kyung, who has had solo albums and appearances on shows. “I think we rank the same now,” said U-Kwon.

As for the other members, MC Jeon Hyun Moo joked, “I guess you can’t even see the rest of the members at their popularity rank from where you are.”

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161001 Busan One Asia Festival - Very Good Rough Ver. (Block B)


Block B - Toy era 🎉

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Currently, Zico and Park Kyung are the only members who have proven themselves, but our goal is to prove ourselves as a group. Taeil hyung is good at singing and he has also released many solo songs, but often people remember the songs and not Taeil hyung. I hope the best talents in each of us become known, and we become a team in which everyone proves their abilities. Also, if we can, I want us to continue on like Shinhwa sunbaenim.” - U-Kwon, Block B

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Jinjin - His Shirt

Binwoo - The Wall Flower’s Protector

Moonbin - Trying To Teach

Rocky - Afraid to Confess

Eunwoo - Caretaker


Block B

Kyung - My Idiot


EXO (OT12)

Lay - Night Out


Jaebum - Seoulmates

Yugyeom - Room For Us


Monsta X


Mingyu - I’ve Got You

The8 - Just Friends

Hoshi - You’re The Best

DK - Theme Park Date

Joshua - Shock

Wonwoo - Early Morning


Minho - Surprise

Topp Dogg (OT13)

Xero - Cheer Up

Sangdo - Late Night Snack


Ken - Stop Staring

Leo - I Love You More



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