From a KyuMin shipper

Before I start, I wrote this because my KMday has been ruined even before it’s July 13th. Also, I don’t care if you get butthurt over what I am about to say. Another note, I know that my grammar isn’t perfect and I’m only writing this in english in case an intl fan read this. Okay, on to my…whatever you call this.

Why do I(we)ship KyuMin?

To be honest, I don’t know if I could put all the reasons why I ship KyuMin. They’re not even my first OTP in Super Junior. However, one of the reasons why I ship KM is I could see their slight resemblance with my other OTP(which im pretty sure is CANON). Also, have you see the way they look at each other? If you’re not a Joyer of course you’ll say “they look at other members like that too” but for me(or in this case, for us)there’s still something about the way Sungmin looks at Kyuhyun and vice versa. Like there’s this..twinkle in their eyes that I couldn’t really describe. The way they hold on to each other. Their bonding. Their cuteness. Their chemistry that is extremely different from other pairings I’ve seen. There are other reasons and I’m sure my fellow joyers could add their own reasons why they ship KM. Hehehehe.

Why do I(we)still hold on to KyuMin?

They’re real. Hahaha. I have a question for you. Do you ever received a gift—preferably a bracelet or something that could be ruined or destroyed—from your best friend, parents or your special someone that no matter how old and worn out it was you still refuse to throw it away and keep it with you as long as you can? You couldn’t abandon or throw it away because you’re deeply attached to it and it’s already so special for you right? Well, that’s what we, Joyers, feel about KyuMin. We’re already attached to them as a couple/pairing to the point that we couldn’t easily let go of them no matter what obstacles we already encountered.

Another reason is that…we know some things that non joyers don’t know.

Will I(we)ever let go or leave the KyuMin ship and just accept the truth?

Me? I honestly don’t know. But probably, I’ll never let go of it. Accept the truth? That what? That Sungmin’s already married? Hmm…maybe yes? Maybe not? Dunno ;)

Message to people who are against KM and the ones who are telling us to move on and just accept the truth.

It’s not easy to move on especially when we know some things that you guys don’t. Don’t ask what it is. We’ll never tell you. I don’t understand why you need to call us delusional, fake fans, irrational, narrow minded, and other stuff like that. I mean, yes we are delusional. We admit that but aren’t we all delusional? We’re fangirls/fanboys for f*cks sake! Of course we’re all delusional no matter how much we deny it! But calling as a fake fan? Does shipping a couple that you guys are against already labeled as a “fake fan”? I don’t think so. But if you think it is, then I don’t think what being a fan really means. Don’t call us irrational or narrow minded. Just because you accept the “”“truth”“” doesn’t mean you’re already rational and open minded, okay? Or maybe you have your own definition of being rational and open minded, I will respect that.

Speaking of respect, why don’t you guys respect us and our ship and we will respect you and whatever your ship is? We’ll respect your opinion but please respect ours too? If we think that KyuMin is real, then just shut your mouth and stop bashing us. If you think that “SaMin” is real then we’ll respect you. We won’t bash you.

We ship who we want to ship. That’s just that.

And to all my fellow KyuMin shippers,

HAPPY 규민 DAY JOYERS!! Hi to all the ones who stayed even after all the things we went through. Just wanted to say that I am so proud of you all. I’ve only been a fan for a few months so I didn’t really encountered the harder stuff that my senior joyers encountered. I admire you all for your strength and loyalty. I know that it’s extremely hard for us right now. But please, ignore the haters. Don’t let them rain on your parade. There will be a time that we will see KyuMin together again hehehe lets just think positive, yeah? JOYERS AND KYUMIN FIGHTING~!!

** theres a possibility that someone would rant me because of this but guess what? I DONT CARE **

No offense but...
  • People:*ships Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin and Sibum*
  • Me:*ships 83line, 2woon, Wonkyu, MinWook and HanBum*
  • Also Me:Why does Kangin do this to leeteuk? Why does hankyung leave heechul? Sungmin why you have to be get married and forget kyuhyun? Kibum you too! I thought you and siwon are one!
  • Other fandom:...
  • Me and Other Elfs:don't look at us you sucker! Eunhae is real!!!

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the concert’s consuming his life and, as much as performing is one of the things daegyu loves most in the world, he hates it. anytime he slacks in a rehearsal and gets reminded that he can’t do that on the night, he resists the urge to get snappy back and tell the staff members that obviously he wouldn’t do that. sometimes he wonders if the staff think all idols are stupid, because he knows he’s not. no, not in this field; training for nearly a decade didn’t allow for him to be stupid and he’s never afraid to let it be known.

it’s this nature of his to not hold back that lands him knocking on the door of king’s dressing room with the intent on finding kyumin. he had gotten into an argument with a couple of the staff members and had been sent off stage until further notice, leaving player without a leader to practice with. not that he cared at that particular moment; he was milking every second of not being sn, the annoyingly happy idol.

“kyumin-hyung,” he whines, knocking on the door, “are you there?”


It had been a long few days for Shiwoo. Three long days of the Hot Summer concert, then pushing himself to workout in the dorm afterwards while reading over his audition information and then today his actual audition for the drama. His nerves were shot by the time he got back to the dorm, his hand shaking much more visibly then usual. He knew Jaehyun was in the hospital and was planning to visit him later on. Glancing through the dorm he noted Hyun and Kyumin were gone but his eyes landed on Jesse as he passed that maknae’s room.

Walking in he sat on the edge of the bed where the younger was laying and carded his fingers through Jesse’s blond hair. “You okay Jess? You haven’t gone out or really left this room sine the concert ended. You got me worried here.” he said looking down at him. Jesse was like a brother to him so he was always naturally worried for the younger.