“Pops In Seoul K-POP TOP 10″ with Kyuhyun’s album “Waiting, Still” at the 4th Place, 1st Week of November 2016.

“Pops In Seoul K-POP TOP 10″ avec l’album “Waiting, Still” de Kyuhyun à la 4ème Place, 1ère Semaine de Novembre 2016.

Seohyun was a young, shy girl when she debuted, who struggled with working to complete school despite being discouraged by classmates who undermined her intelligence because she was also working in the entertainment business. She no doubt had to work to avoid the overwhelming pressure from seniors trying to influence her as well as the pressure to do things to make her more popular. 

She herself said that being so aware of her image made her quiet and more timid when she was in the public eye. Not only that, SM really pushed that image, to the point where they specifically wouldn’t let her on variety shows (other than WGM, the SINGLE variety show she’s done in what is going to be 10 years), wouldn’t let her act in dramas and movies she was cast in and worst of all wouldn’t let her act in musicals, which had been her dream for YEEEAAARS and she worked hard to prepare for (this was even confirmed by Kyuhyun). 

Now that she’s a grown ass woman, the same people who put her down for YEARS for being so quiet, “having no personality” (despite the fact that she clearly did have one if you actually bother to pay attention to her) call her fake for being more open, more comfortable and happy. They talk about how they want the ”old Seohyun” back, not the “annoying” one even though the “annoying” things she does are the same things they once said she needed to do to be a good entertainer. 

And when Seomates try to compliment her, when seomates simply say “I hope she can do [insert thing she’s said she wants to do]” other sone cant just not hop in and talk about how horrible we are about how she ooooobviously would be doing these things if she wanted to and were just selfish for wanting good things for her instead of xyz member (that they usually dont stan themselves, they just use them as examples) 

Basically I’m just tired of people shitting on seomates even when the majority are not even saying anything negative about the members.  For some reason in this fandom saying something positive about Seohyun means attacking the rest of the members and its just????


Thank you for the music, the passion, the love, happiness and inspiration. The future isn’t set in stone, but no matter what, we’ll walk with you every step of the way. We look forward to being with you on the rest of our journey ♡ #11YearsWithSuperJunior

Cho Kyuhyun is the only idol who I’ve ever learned to hate. There is not a single quality of his which I find remotely redeeming. I really can’t stand his nasally voice, he’s very average looking, he bullies members of his own group, he bullies other idols and when he does netizens worship him and say whoever he was bulling was just being disrespectful, there’s just so much I hate about him. It doesn’t help that also the most overrated member of one of the most overrated groups in kpop. I know I shouldn’t judge because idol life is extremely hard but I really cannot stand Kyuhyun.