They be testing our loyalty again… all six of the seven active members are live at once… again… I was so confused with who’s live to watch

No offense to the Army’s, but BTS are not “the first kpop act” to appear in America, and not the first to sign under american label, Psy and Wonder Girls is the first kpop act to debut in America and he actually won an award in AMA’s, he’s also the first to debut on American TV, CL was on Late Late Show first too. Psy, CL and BigBang, SNSD are one of the artist that won in Youtube Awards in america and also all around europe, the very first kpop group to win outside Korea is Super Junior. Psy, BigBang and CL,are the first to sign under a American label, the first artist in kpop that worked with UNICEF is jinusean, before that there’s, BigBang who’s supports UNICEF as solo and as a group, also Snsd, SuJu, Tvxq, Epik High, 2ne1, f(x), Shinee and much more. So no BTS didn’t do that first..

honestly tho super junior are the real MVPs they attended this shitshow to perform just one song and even though they didn’t win any awards they were the #1 Hypemen of their dongsengs in the SM family i love protective caring big brothers


Finally, after being MIA long time, here’s a new comic from these characters that I love so much.

I have been practicing new flat techniques on color, so I’m gonna be changing my value style so much, I hope you like it!

I don’t think Non-ELFS can grasp how extra, petty & savage Super Junior members can be. So let me hand you a list. (Please feel free to add on)

  • When Yesung couldn’t just take off his slipper to smack Eunhyuk but he HAD to kick off his slipper by flicking it in the air, catch it and then proceed to smack him.
  • Also when Zhou Mi said the members are useless and questioned “so why would he bring them on a holiday?”
  • The amount of times Heechul mentioned Eunhyuk eating his egg is actually more times than you realize.
  • They expose E V E R Y T H I N G.
  • Henry and Ryeowook legit just started batting and fighting each other in the middle of a TV broadcast and Eunhyuk, who was sitting next to them, didn’t even bat an eyelid. (They were separated by the host LOL)
  • Shindong told the TV hosts not to praise Leeteuk at all because after just two visits to the gym, Leeteuk started stripping onstage.
  • Hangeng didn’t hesitate to stand behind Heechul as his vote for “Bad Person” and basically confirmed it immediately.
  • Siwon & Ryeowok’s “High Five Hajima” fight.  
  • When Heechul straight up told us “I don’t know what I did wrong but I’m writing this because you guys (SM ENT.) told me I have to.”  
  • When they commandeered the entire “A Song For U” episode and Leeteuk became the host and SJ probably traumatized the living daylights out of Amber and Sungjae.
  • Between them, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk stuffed 26 marshmallows into their mouths.
  • Siwon exposing all of Super Junior, saying that “no one is normal in SJ” whilst in a Luigi costume, on national radio.
  • Heechul said he does a lot of skinship with people he likes but when Shindong pointed out “You don’t do it with me.”; Heechul responded with “I don’t like you!”
  • Leeteuk once threw his chopsticks down and demanded to know who cooked the “Hangang Ramyeon” (Ramyeon that was too watery)
  • Watch SJ Returns because 90% of that is exposed secrets and 10% Yesung crying or swearing.