I feel like Marc-Alexis Côté should be making all the Assassin’s Creed games. He made Assassin’s Creed 3 tyranny of King Washington using only his imagination. Now he is adding in all this crazy new stuff to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that we needed in all the Assassin’s Creed titles. Plus, he listens to social media and what the fans want.

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yo so i got tagged by finedwarvencraft​ & grotesqe​ to do 2 of those “get to know better meme” (thanks btw i love doing these tbh ^.^) so this is the one harrison tagged me in!

What’s your name?: cole :0

Nickname?: jordnandos, coletex & cole slaw mostly :0

Where are you from?: the u s of a

What’s your favorite color?: yellow!!!

Write something in all caps: I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO ST. VINCENT ALL DAY

Favorite artist/band: idkkkk tbh….. i like st. vincent & fob & 21p

Reasons to smile: dogs, good friends!, music, sweets, soup, bad jokes, good movies/tv shows, selfies!!


10 people i want to get to know better meme

ahhh lain thank u for tagging me ily ^.^

Name: cple
Time/Date: 5:16pm, june 30th
Average Hours of sleep: like…. 6-10 usually
Last thing I googled: i think it was transgender dysphoria blues by against me!
Birthday: july 20th!!
Gender: agender B)
Sexual Orientation: bisexual/quoiromantic
Height: 5′
Favorite Color: yellow!!!
One place that makes me happy: my room + being w/ ppl i love <3
How many blankets i sleep with: 1-3 (usually 3)
Favorite movies: scott pilgrim vs the world, pacific rim, ca:tws, others too but i forget lol
Last Book I read: good omens B)
Most used phrases: eat my ass
Favorite Beverage: dr. pepper, my nana’s sun tea, milkshakes 
Fav Food: my ma’s mac & cheese 
Last Movie I watched: um…………. wtf i can’t remember uh i think? like 20 mins of shawshank redemption 
Dream Vacation: like 2 boston or seattle or cali with ppl i RLY LIKE 
Dream Wedding: uhguhgu
Dream Job: liking my job i rly dnt know……

tagging ten people: samresonates, dark-magicians, afarewell2kings, veggiesrbad, gogh-gogh-boots, davyjnes, jaytim, butterymeme, sunsetsarsaparila, milkw (only if u wanna of course!! <3)

A-E about an angel with amber eyes.

apples and autumn, the things I associate with you as you ask me about my afternoon

blue and black, bombing me with busy words about how beautiful life is to you and boy do I believe it

calluses and Christmas and crisp new sheets, I want to curl your crow black hair and kiss your crimson cheeks

dewdrops and dainty daisies, do I sound dumb for dancing on my words of a doe eyed damsel? damn me if I do

every evening I envision your pretty eyes and wish I was as empathetic and energetic and embracing as you are

1973: White cis gays boo a trans woman of color for defending queer detainees.

2015: White cis gays in suits boo a trans woman of color for defending queer detainees.


(kutekweer and efemmeralmedia in the photograph)

#TDOA #TDOA15 #TDOA2015 #transdayofaction #sylviarivera #jennicetgutiérrez #StopTransMurders #BlackTransLivesMatter #Not1More

  • what she says:i'm fine.
  • what she means:when did luke get so buff? i mean he's my little noodle. my tiny son. my precious baby. i could fit him in my pocket but now the tables have turned. he has scruff now. his voice and dimples are deeper than the pacific ocean. his arms have gotten bigger and his shoulders have gotten broader. not that i'm complaining but a little warning in advance would've been nice.