I just wanted to draw some kids with their parents because I wanted to figure out how they’d all look, like who resembles who in what way.

Naruto mostly looks like his mom, but he’s got Dad’s eye shape and coloring. Sasuke looks more like mom, while Itachi resembles Dad more but still got Mom’s hair.

Heights are obvs not proportional to one another.

HC: More than once, Sasuke overheard Mikoto and Fugaku talking about the boy with the kyuubi sealed inside him. How that poor kid lost his parents, should be treated as the hero of the village but was despised by everyone. 

And every day, Mikoto made sure to pack an extra lunchbox for Sasuke ‘to share with his classmates’. Sasuke instinctively knew that his mother was not referring to any other classmate but a certain blonde, so he always left the food in the boy’s shoe locker in the morning, and collected the always-empty lunchbox after school. Boy, that kid was hungry. 

Thinking back, Sasuke realized that his parents being jounins, wouldn’t have let any secrets leaked, meaning every single word he ‘overheard’ was deliberately said to him, hoping Naruto and he would get along well. That was the only way Mikoto could take care of Kushina’s son under the government’s strong censorship of the Kyuubi Incident, and what Mikoto prepared could have been Naruto’s only proper meal each day (he mostly relied on instant food and sometimes skipped meals, given the tiny allowance and lack of cooking ability. Ichiraku was not an always-affordable option.)


Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from “Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by SC - 2nd Channel! :)

dimancheetoile  asked:

I'm building an AU set in canon-verse, starting with the Hyuuga Incident. I've been asking around for theories, to see what would work the best. A friend pointed out that Sarutobi should pick a successor quickly, not like he did in canon where we had to wait until the invasion. In reverse, you picked Kushina but unfortunately, she's already dead in my verse. Who would you consider for the position? (btw, the Uchiha massacre won't happen in my verse since Itachi retired)

Hmm. I suppose that depends on how you want to frame the AU. Personally I would probably default to Shikaku, but I’m also biased towards Naras as Hokage.