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Chap. 130 thoughts, go.

Yes! Of course :D

Well, I’ve got three things to highlight: 

1. I love how Tanaka is evidently not pleased with real!Ciel’s return. He always had such a relaxed attitude and now his face says it all:

 And he indeed calls real!Ciel ‘’Lord Ciel’’ and not young master, which makes this post by the lovely @lovemyciel​ even more relevant and accurate!

2. THIS LITTLE SHIT IS SO CONDESCENDING WTH ??? someone fling him into the sun

3. I AM…

I N   P A I N  

(with this, a little theory I had is kinda becoming true… sadly)

Bonus: Ciel is still cold and wet from the rain and no one is doing anything and I’m becoming desperate :’’))))

Who will take whose side?

Now that 2CT is officially confirmed, there is going to be a huge clash between the two. Our!Ciel took his supposedly dead brother’s identity while real!Ciel came back from the dead and ready to royally screw his brother. As the lies are about to be exposed, there are inevitably going to be people who will go against him. However, since this story is centered around our!Ciel, I’m positive there will be more people on his side, as real!Ciel’s true nature becomes more apparent and many feel indebted to our!Ciel.

For this reason, it seems like this plot twist is meant to bring his allies closer instead of pushing them away like usual, developing our!Ciel’s character. There are clearly many people who care about him, and it’s time for our!Ciel to see their value in his life. It might even be the key to solve this problem, by showing real!Ciel that his younger twin is still Ciel Phantomhive to them.

Sebastian Michaelis

He is contractually bound to his master, making it impossible to betray him until the contract is fulfilled. He finds our!Ciel too entertaining to leave him (although having another Ciel in his life might be a double pain in the ass xD) and there is also no incentive for him to do so if real!Ciel is a Bizarre Doll. Unless real!Ciel manipulates our!Ciel to make him give up on revenge, Sebastian will stay by our!Ciel’s side.

The servants

They were personally recruited by our!Ciel and he freed them from their suffering. They are happy with their current lives and will therefore continue to serve him. Judging from their reactions from the last chapter, they were cautious against real!Ciel and seemed to view him as dangerous.


Unlike the more recent servants, Tanaka has served the Phantomhives for generations and known the young masters since they were born. He may serve either depending on who he thinks is the rightful heir. However, I doubt he’s happy knowing there is going to be a conflict between the twins, so he might serve as a good mediator between the two.

The Midfords

As they are close relatives to the Phantomhives, they won’t be any less shocked about the twin. While I doubt they will be pleased when they find out our!Ciel has been lying to them, especially their young lady whom real!Ciel was originally betrothed to for the past 3-4 years, I’m not sure how quick they will leave his side. Our!Ciel has been proven to be reliable for most part and treat Lizzy well.

On the other hand, real!Ciel might play the victim card to get on their good side and have his fiancee back. Paula’s words also concerned me as it sounded as if this might have actually been the case right before real!Ciel showed up in front of our!Ciel. This would also explain the Midford parents’ absence despite Lizzy’s disappearance. I hope they won’t trust him so easily at any rate.

Soma Asman Kadar

He is the only witness of the attack at the townhouse and he also clearly saw the person who shot him. If real!Ciel wore an eyepatch to mislead him, he might have thought it was our!Ciel in all his shock and grief. However, Soma is very clever and perceptive, so hopefully he will realize that his enemy is in fact our!Ciel’s enemy. I think he will be a valuable ally to our!Ciel since he wants to avenge Agni and promised himself to be his protector.

Sieglinde Sullivan

Her first knowledge of this ruckus came from Soma, so at first she would go along with his words and later investigate it. According to this post, her knowledge of the contract mark will be vital in telling the twins apart. She also trusts our!Ciel, so I’m sure she will be his ally at any rate.

The Queen

I think she is one of the few people who will oppose our!Ciel. The Queen never trusts her Watchdog much to begin with. According to @midnight-in-town (go check her posts!), she might be behind the Blue Sect to start her own Bizarre Doll experiments and real!Ciel would be the new faithful Watchdog. For this reason, Sieglinde might unfortunately be forced to support her interests despite siding with our!Ciel. I would like to see her outsmart the Queen in that case.

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Hi! Dropping by to say how I gained a bit of a new perspective after Kuro130. Not much of a theory but more of a thought, I guess like how OurCiel took his twin's identity due to guilt, he must have also distanced himself from Lizzy a lot becaus e he's afraid she might like him when he's not even the real Ciel, and feels that it would be like "cheating" on RC. Poor baby he must have felt such guilt :'( anyway have a good day!

Hello :) Actually, I think that in the light of ch130, Soma’s description of Ciel sounds even more accurate than before:

Because our!Ciel sees himself as nothing but his brother’s spare and that’s the reason he can’t allow himself to acknowledge people caring about him and to be happy. 
It doesn’t have to be because it would be cheating on his brother, but rather simply because he doesn’t see himself as worth it (due to survivor’s guilt).

However I agree that’s basically the reason he initially tried to distance himself from everyone, Lizzie included. 

He’s terrified to be happy because he’s supposed to be acting as his brother’s spare (since that’s how he sees himself), so caring about Lizzie (for example) as much as he does with his own feelings and not because he’s supposed to be his brother is a complete contradiction to his decision to live as his brother’s spare out of guilt.

TL;DR our!Ciel has one hell of an inferiority complex and survivor’s guilt is not helping, but mostly he’s been inwardly conflicted between how he decided to live 4 years ago (as his brother’s spare) and what he, as himself, a person separate and different from his brother, felt all this time.
And that is what Soma caught on and explained in ch126.

That’s how I see it, I hope it makes sense. :3 Thank you and have a nice day as well, Anon!

The One Who Lies

In Chapter 130, real!Ciel announces his identity to the shock of most everyone there. It is Finny who seems to have the most trouble, as he begs Sebastian to tell him that it’s all a lie. Sebastian doesn’t answer, however, as he only looks over at our!Ciel.

This is because Sebastian can’t answer as he doesn’t tell lies.

In the past, Sebastian has relied on two methods when he was in a similar situation. Either he told the truth in such a way that it still fit the situation, or he looked to our!Ciel for the lie.

This has become a part of their dynamic. Sebastian does not lie. He is a demon, but he’s honest. Our!Ciel has done all the lying up to this point.

I have to wonder if Sebastian thought our!Ciel would lie once again. This was just before Tanaka announced that it was all true. Oddly enough, our!Ciel could have shouted that his brother was nothing more than a fraud, and the servants present would have all believed him. Yet, our!Ciel never says a word during all this. He only stands and looks upset. It’s not until after Tanaka tells about how Rachel gave birth to twins that our!Ciel refers to himself as a spare.

Perhaps this is all a sign that Ciel’s lies have caught up to him, and there’s no reason for him to lie now.

The truth is literally staring him in the face.


This panel gets to me.

I’ve heard some people saying that our!Ciel was neglected or abused by his family, and while I don’t think that’s true (Vincent and Rachel seemed to care for both the twins from what we’ve seen) I think there was a definite power imbalance between real!Ciel and our!Ciel. I mean ‘I won’t be angry with you’? That sounds like something you say to a child, not someone the same age. 

His facial expression shows this too- he’s smirking, like he’s mildly interested but sees himself as holding the upper hand. He’s completely calm. The only time he shows any anger is when he turns to Sebastian. 

It would make sense for him to be angry at our!Ciel too, but he isn’t, and it doesn’t feel like it’s out of love. He genuinely doesn’t believe that our!Ciel had any agency in the matter because he looks down on him (literally, in this scene) and he always has done.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing. He was definitely overprotective of our!Ciel, who was weak and vulnerable compared to him, so it would make sense for him to take on a leading position in their relationship. The protector, so to speak. But because of this he doesn’t see our!Ciel as a person on the same level as him. We’ve seen throughout the manga that our!Ciel is capable of doing things by himself, and he’s grown more independent, but real!Ciel returns and it immediately leaves him terrified and lost for words. Even when real!Ciel says things so condescending that I doubt our!Ciel would let anyone else get away with it, he says nothing. 

It’s not just the fact that he’s being found out here that terrifies him, it’s how real!Ciel is immediately holding power over him, and he can’t fight back because even he views himself as the inferior of the two. That’s probably part of the reason why he took his brother’s name and identity on, in the hope of being seen as the superior one for once. And now that real!Ciel has returned this is all crumbling around him. He’ll have to back to being the sickly little brother, the one who will never inherit a title and isn’t as important, and that terrifies him. 


This chapter is very deep and emotional. From body language and his silence, “Ciel” is very uncomfortable with his eldest brother being present. From what I have observed it seems like perhaps the eldest brother, the real Ciel was a bully to his younger brother and perhaps the younger Ciel was looked down upon, not only by his own brother but maybe his parents and even Tanaka. I figured this because in the panels with Tanaka he only is serving one cup of tea, not two. It could be because the real Ciel was there but The real Ciel had to of known that his brother would come soon. Also when the real Ciel says he won’t be angry with his brother it seems he is playing with his status and using it to overpower his brother. Which is sad because their Brothers! Maybe I’m just rambling but this is what it seems to me. I would really like to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this! Thanks your reading! ;)

“Hello? Um, yes, I signed up to read about a suspicious fortune teller and illegal blood transfusions, and instead I received a long lost twin and a dead butler and, honestly, I don’t know what to do with them…”