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“FIVE” Character Profiles (MENS5 and Asou Hina)

Shimizu Toshi (Sato Ryuji)

Intelligent, good-looking and a good fighter, Toshi is a leader-like existence in MENS5 and boasts of an overwhelming popularity with the ladies. He, himself, has a reputation of being a playboy and is quick to charm girls.

Breaking Hina’s glasses and getting to know her through trying to make it up to her for his actions, Toshi shows an interest in her, which prompts Kojirou to comment that Toshi might genuinely love her. However, nobody actually knows how Toshi truly feels as he, himself, has told Hina, “Don’t fall in love with me”.

Toshi has a reputation for having no weaknesses and being “perfect”, but unbeknownst to most, he has a phobia of the dark as a result of an incident that happened in his past.

Tairaku Jun (Kuroba Mario)

His intelligence is undeniable, but Jun always ranks in at Number 5 in their year (this puts his academic ranking as second-lowest in amongst Hina and the members of MENS5) because he finds it troublesome to move his pen during exams. He is also the member of MENS5 who most likely has the lowest fighting capability. Excelling at the use of computers, Jun spends his time trading stocks and shares online. He also specialises in hacking.

Upon getting to know Hina, Jun positions himself as Hina’s friend and doesn’t seem to show an interest in pursuing her romantically. Cool and composed, amongst the MENS5 members, Jun is the most mysterious one.

Iwabuchi Takui (Matsuoka Koudai)

An all-round outstanding athlete, Takui is generally able to excel at any sport. Not the most studious of the group, his school bag is often filled with toys in the place of study materials.

The eldest in his family, Takui is a caring brother who looks after his younger siblings. He can also do housework, being especially good in cooking and sewing.

Takui is very direct in his feelings for Hina, and shows a clear interest in pursuing her romantically.

Arisawa Nao (Nishii Yukito)

The mood maker of the group, Nao is cute and extremely popular because of this. Even as he is studying, he is also the president of the company “Mother Bear”.

Usually, he is the type of person who refers to himself as “boku”, but when he snaps, he refers to himself as “ore” and is strong enough to even send tables flying.

Like Takui, Nao is very direct and unambiguous in his romantic affections for Hina. However, there are instances where it seems like Nao has some very ambiguous feelings towards Jun that seem to cross the line of friendship.

Yauchi Kojirou (Negishi Takuya)

Kojirou is a member of the kendo club and can make level-headed decisions even in the midst of carnage. As a swordsman, he is extremely skilled, and is the one who often covers for Hina during fights. However, because of an incident in his past, he is weak against machines and is bad with small, cute things. He also has a bad sense of direction.

Asou Hina (Asakawa Nana)

Due to her parents’ frequent job re-locations, Hina has transferred schools regularly. However, that has finally come to an end, and it is when she transfers into her new school that she meets the boys of MENS5. She is generally someone who is sensible, but is someone who can lose her head and get very fired up because of her competitive spirit.

Despite being nicknamed “princess” by the boys, she is by no means a damsel in distress and can hold her own in fights; she, in fact, has learnt an assortment of martial arts, including judo, karate and kendo, during her years of growing up, and because of this experience, is really good at fighting.

In general, Hina is an intelligent girl, but can be dense in romantic matters, which lands her in some really complicated romantic situations.

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Yuri!!! on Ice Voice Actors in Other Sports Anime


@nebulousneko and i have solidly decided that Magic Kaito and 2DPV Ladybug take place in the same magical anime universe (and i’ve been meaning to draw a bunch of stuff for it for aaages but never got around to it)

coming to paris was a horrible idea, kaito; these particular gems seriously aren’t worth it no matter how magical akako said they were


MENS5 (メンズ5)

  • Sato Ryuji as Shimizu Toshi
  • Kuroba Mario as Tairaku Jun
  • Matsuoka Koudai as Iwabuchi Takui
  • Nishii Yukito as Arisawa Nao
  • Negishi Takuya as Yauchi Kojirou


The Executive Board of the Student Council

  • Totani Kimito as Yamachika Tooru (President)
  • Okamoto Anri as Nakagome Etsu (Vice-President)
  • Mizuta Kouki as Nakagome Mitsu (Treasurer)
  • Kayano as Komoro Kana (Secretary)

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