Contributor Spotlight #6

As we launch into our creation period, we’d like the chance for you to get to know the creators and contributors involved in making this zine happen. For that reason, we will be posting bi-weekly Contributor Spotlights, which will showcase the past works of Limitless Zine contributors.

They’re all amazing creators with amazing talent, so please show them your support!

✽ Roku


“I could probably marathon the series 3 times and still want more. I’m super exicted and honored to be a part of this project with so much talent that I’ve admired during my time in this fandom!”

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✽ Richer

AO3 | Twitter

“KnB is the first fandom I spent time in where I came out of my shell and talked to people, and writing for this fandom helped me become so much more comfortable and confident sharing my work in other fandoms. I’ve made so many good friends and had so many great discussions here, and I’m so glad to be a part of Limitless! If you wanna hit me up on twitter I’m @lemaireality (feel free to shoot headcanons and kagahimu talk my way)”

“I talked to Taiga. He wants to know how you’re doing.”

Tatsuya laughs. “I figured it was something like that.”

“That’s not all of it,” says Daiki. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to see you.”

Tatsuya sips his drink. “How much did he tell you?”

“Not much. That you guys fought.”

“Yeah,” says Tatsuya. “We did. I told him I was trying to find a playing job; he told me I wouldn’t mind retirement, and I disagreed. Part of that was me being overly sensitive and taking it the wrong way, but I don’t like other people telling me what I would and wouldn’t like, even when they’re right, so I had an extra reason to be contrary.”

Tatsuya is nothing if not self-aware.

“And I’m a bit worried that he might be right.”

Tatsuya’s voice is getting lower and lower with every passing word; for a second Daiki wants to reach over and grab his hand, tell him Taiga’s wrong, but they’re not dating anymore. Tatsuya had never been this frank with him when they had been, anyway (and that’s one of the reasons they’d broken up in the first place). But thing is, Taiga definitely is wrong about Tatsuya, the same way he’d been wrong about Daiki. Tatsuya’s incredibly stubborn and incredibly attached to basketball, in a way that Taiga doesn’t completely get. And even without that, Tatsuya’s last year had been more than serviceable, split between the Bucks and Wizards. He’d done fine in limited minutes; he hadn’t even been injured.

“He’s not,” says Daiki, and Tatsuya throws a half-smile at his drink.

“Even if he is, I don’t want to go just yet,” says Tatsuya. “I can’t, not when I’ve been given this chance to play here in the first place—I can’t leave until it runs completely dry.”

And that’s it; that’s the way Daiki feels but expressed with more clarity. It makes sense, given how much longer Tatsuya’s had to think about it, and at that realization Daiki feels a rush of indignation.

“Got any offers yet?”

Tatsuya shrugs. “The Knicks gave me an invite to training camp. I’m not holding my breath for more. Everyone knows it’s a young man’s game now; guys like us are on the wrong side of the trend.”

Trend or no, they’re good enough; they’ve paid their dues. There should be a place for them; there ought to be. But Daiki’s not going to say it; he can already hear Tatsuya’s response about how unfair life can be echoing in his head.

                        —  Excerpt from Until it All Runs Dry [AO3]


Happy (very late) White Day, my Kuroko @chocoletoart !!

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