“You are all stars! Never forget that!”

I wanted to do a set of Bravat in his proper colors, since I hadn’t done that yet and also I love Mr. Space Trash here. Although now I’m thinking this was a mistake because the more I colored the more I wanted his outfit and now I’m considering cosplay. X’‘‘D

So now that we know a little more about him, I feel like I can talk more accurately than I did before. Turns out he pretty much is a charming asshole. I mean, we’ve watched him run the P4 to exhaustion with no indication of concern, he’s brainwashing people and stealing their blood, and it took Ciel making the most ridiculous leap to counter him to even get him to stop smiling. He’s like some kind of cheshire vampire. (There’s a crack theory for you. The four Lords are actually vampires. We’ve done werewolves already, after all. What weird explanation could the manga come up with for vampires? Thank you, Finlay, for planting the idea of vampires taking blood medically. XD)

Anyway, I also sort of want to talk about his color palette. When it was initially revealed, I thought it was very cold, and didn’t suit someone who seemed so personable and friendly to all of the guests of the music hall. But now that it seems like the smile is a cover-up for him being an asshole, he might actually be that cold inside. I’m still not sure if I think he’s completely human, since he knew (sort of) what Sebastian was, but if he is, he’s either an extraordinary human, or he’s been in contact with someone who isn’t. Or, I could just be overthinking the colors and his palette is just “space child”. XDDD

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Servamp Chapter 19

Original translations: tenyaiida

Scans from: mangas-fuki

Cleaning, typesetting, editing etc etc by yours truly

Download: Servamp Chapter 19


So, long story short. I was cheated by the mobile manga readers.

For the past year, I thought that Servamp was having a long hiatus because the mobile manga readers had chapters only up to chapter 9. So when the anime was announced, I was shocked, how were they going to continue a manga on hiatus???

and then I went on tumblr.

I saw the wonderful Servamp network on tumblr and really thought the community was really something! Thanks to them (i.e. hatmirror, kamiyatsurugi, watanukisakuya, tenyaiida, etc etc..) I was able to get most latest chapters in English!

But some of the earlier chapters were only in translation and not in the manga-form…. Well, not to be able to read the manga with the text itself was frustrating so i thought I should merge the scans and the translation together! ((I hope it’s okay….? If it’s not okay, do tell me, I’ll take it down immediately. ><))

I plan to scanlate the missing chapters in English rather than to scanlate the newer chapters (because I don’t know where to get them )”:) and am currently working on Chapters 20 & 21! Shout out to tenyaiida for the translations and link to the scans fro Mangas-fuki!

Look forward to them!

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9:27 and what is the cipher hunt??

The Cipher Hunt is an international scavenger hunt made by Alex Hirsch as a last mystery for the Gravity Falls fandom (even Jason Ritter and Ariel Hirsch joined in!).  The end goal of this hunt is to find Bill Cipher’s statue, the one we saw at the end of the finale of Gravity Falls. Alex said that the statue is real, so if we follow all the clues we should be able to find it.

It started on the 20th, and right now a group of fans is assembling a puzzle- a very big one - that is part of the 8th clue. There are a few blogs that are following the hunt, like cipherhunt and fuckyeahgravityfalls, while all of us that can’t directly participate are following it like through streams made by fans.

Anonymously tell me the time and what you’re thinking


Me : I like Fukase
Me : I like taking screenshots and putting random comic sans on them
Me : I like making stupid reaction images
My brain : Combine all three of them for the ultimate shitpost
Me : K

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I’m sooooo happy and lucky!! Look at these cool art by my gorgeous penpal @kiyokominako they were in a huge packet with so many treats and cute stuff l. I love you my wonderful penpal, you are one of the kindest people I have ever met ❤️❤️❤️

Summary: Where @streleon, @chanpione, and my Shiro are triplets and live in a somewhat acceptable apartment together, refusing to ask their mother for money to live on their own separately bc they’re all stubborn assholes. They love each other, but they show it in ,, ,, ,, strange ways. The street they live on has been dubbed the nosiest street in their city, courtesy of them.           Tag: Verse ( that one where you have brothers and you’re okay; sort of. )

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                             ❛  just for the record, whatever you’re mad at, i did NOT do.  ❜  he could only let slip a mirth-coated snicker which in NO WAY would have saved his point as hand would quickly come to cover his lips. he could always pass the time SIMPLY by poking his brother, bending the visions of REALITY around to suit his whims or simply just tease him when the opportunity would present itself on a silver platter.     how else was he supposed to show love without actually having to DIVE in affections that would tickle his throat in nauseous amusement.     ( age could sweep them in simple SWIRLS but never would they grow from immaturity that dropped from their relationship. )


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Headcanon time: 2p axis as bffs with a younger human? Thank you, great to have you back!

2p Japan: Japan and his best friend would be the cutest Tsundere relationship. Because Kuro knows he can’t get too attached because of the way countries age, it would look like he kinda hates them but it’s really him showing his affection.

2p Italy: What any young child would do, play games of soccer in the court yard and doing anything that would preoccupy their little minds. Since their so close, he’d always go to them first to tell secrets and how he feel.

2p Germany: He was kinda a dork back then, before he was the muscular stud we all know today. He would have a clubhouse that only they are allowed to be in. They would both meet nearly everyday around the same time to just enjoy each other’s company.

2p Prussia: He would be the kid who would stay inside and draw pictures and eat snacks all day. Since he didn’t go much, because his skin would burn up so bad and so quickly, they both enjoy moved indoor activists.

2p Romano: They would both be going out, rarely staying inside talking about who’s their crush was and played a lot of sports. In short he’d be very active with his best friend spending all their days out.

- I think I read this wrong…