Tape Binding/Open chest binding

I talked about this a while back, but since I started to bind with tape more often and keep getting better results than on the first attempts, here we are again.

Binding with tape is an amazing option for people with smaller breasts. You won’t get a flat chest like using a binder, but it feels a lot more natural and is amazing for hot summer days. It even works for swimming!

@seethestarsablaze made a tutorial on how to do this, so I’m posting his instead of making a new one: Click

Anyway, I decided to add a few things, based on my experiences:

I started with using 5cm wide tape - which didn’t really work for me. But after I got some 7,5cm wide tape, the results became much better - no more pain and a semi-flat chest. This is how it looks like on me:

A few general tips: 

  • try different kinds of tape (and try using a wider tape if it doesn’t work out at first)
  • stretch the tape in the beginning and just let it fall down on the skin soon after you covered your breasts
  • DO NOT TIGHTEN THE TAPE ALL THE WAY! - the tape will pull on the skin which will result in blisters. Which do hurt quite a lot
  • If your skin doesn’t handle the tape too well, take breaks in between and wear a binder. Using any kind of tape or plasters on the same parts of your skin is always a stressfull situation for the skin
  • take care of the skin when not using tape 

Hope this helps and if anyone got some additions, drop us a message!

- Robyn

Mat saleh Grindr

Abang selalu gak online kt Grindr. Kdg2 tengok mat saleh berdekatan. Kdg2 abg tegur.

Satu hari ni, ada sorang mat saleh ni muncul di Grindr. Abg pun tegur ler. Hantar gambar abg dan dia pun balas.

Dia ckp dia datang melancong sorang2. So abg pun ajak ler jumpa. Dia okay je.

Abg drive dan jumpa dia area town. Dia botak, muka jambang tapi shave. Kurus tapi fit. Pakai baju longgar dan seluar pendek. So, nampak ler kaki dia pun berbulu. Rugged la nampak dia ni.

Dia naik kereta abg dan abg pun bawa dia pusing town. Batang abang dah keras sebab berkenan kan?  Teringin nak tengok dia bogel jer ni. Tapi kena cool dulu. Abg pun tak tau dia minat abg ke tak kan.

Sementara dalam kereta tu, abg sembang2 ler. Tanya dia dari mana. UK rupanya. Tanya kerja apa. Lama bersembang, bawa kereta tanpa arah, abg pun tanya ‘do you want to come to my place?’

Dia pun balas ‘sure!’ Apa lagi, terus mencanak ler batang abang. Tak sabar nak sampai rumah.

Sampai jer rumah, abg ngan dia masuk rumah. Offer air dan dia duduk kat ruang tamu.

Abg bgtau dia abg nk mandi jap dan dia pun belek2 majalah atas meja. Abg masuk bilik abg dan tanggal baju. Ada je bilik air dlm bilik tapi abg saja je keluar ke bilik air kat tepi dapur, Boleh nampak dia dari situ. Sambil jalan keluar, abg bogel. Pegang tuala jer kt tgn. Saja nk tease. Abg tanya dia okay tak. Dia cakap okay sambil abg jalan masuk bilik air. Dia tersengih tgk abg.

Abg tutup pintu dan mandi.

Abis dari mandi…..



anonymous asked:

In some post you mentioned you could point out several comparisons that make Kisara’s sacrifice and continued loyalty toward Seto more questionable than Mahad’s toward Atem. can i hear more of them? it's super intriguing!

Hmm, this will lean more on the anime though, since that’s the one I’m familiar with. I will add manga lore if I remember it.

I guess it’s a little unfair to accuse their bonds of anything considering nearly all the characters in the Millennium World lack in backstory. I know KT was planning more (he mentioned it several times) but had to nip things to meet deadlines. So it is justified to have doubts with both the Kisara-Seth and Mahad-Atem relationships. 

What I don’t like is people overthinking Mahad’s decision to sacrifice himself, because honestly whenever I read people wondering about it, it usually comes off as “I can’t see much ~love~ in his actions so I can’t fathom why he would give his life like that”. And then there are people who don’t question Mahad’s decisions, but it usually needs to have that headcanon of some kind of romantic love in it to make sense.

To those people: Have you… Seriously, YGO DM. The one about friends. You’re wondering why a friend would do that. Have you watched most of the show. Look, how did you not get the main theme of YGO like literally even the 4kids dub repeats it over and over again like a broken record. Friendship. Friends. Bonds. Yuugi’s wish was friends. Gods sake the canon power of the Puzzle is unity.

Anyways, I suppose this is why Blueshipping in general stands out. It’s probably one of the most blatant romantic pairings in the series. Blatant in that it’s a girl, and it’s a boy, and look they’re interacting longer than Jounouchi and Mai’s weird romance thing… and there are sads.

Blueshipping is not one of my OTPs, but it’s not a ship I hate either. If it’s done right then I like it. For instance, I absolutely love this cute what-if dating sim game that features Blueshipping. It’s cute and adorable, and Kaiba is being such a dick in denial that Atem had to do a reverse DSOD to tell him to just try and be happy. Have I mentioned it’s cute.

For this rant, I’ll compare Kisara and Mahad and go from there. Also, I use Atem for Ancient Egypt time and Yami for modern time, k? K.

1. Time

Be it from the manga or anime, you can agree that Mahad knew Atem longer than Kisara knew Seth. If you don’t see them as childhood friends (as it’s shown in the anime), then you have to see them as at least knowing each other for several years. Mahad was a priest under Atem’s father first, and then Atem himself, so they must have seen each other several times for who knows how long. At least five years or so.

On the other hand, Kisara met Seth only a few times. The anime was generous with adding more interactions years before Seth was a priest, but that was very scarce. And during the time they finally met, there were other things to worry about. Their bonding usually consisted of life-threatening things, and dying. Mostly dying. Literally their most crucial point of their relationship was her dying and becoming his dragon.

2. Connections (or lack thereof)

Is Kisara loyal to Seth because he’s a good person? Yes. Is Kisara loyal to Seth because he’s probably one of the only few good people in her life? Most likely.

It’s not a bad thing, but putting it side by side with Mahad? It looks like Kisara chose to be a protector because Seth was a decent human being to her and everyone else… wasn’t. You first see Kisara being stoned by people, and with the way she just takes the pain by stride, this seems to be something she’s used to. The anime proves that point by showing a younger Kisara being taken away by bandits to (probably) be a slave. 

As much as I admire Kisara’s determination to protect Seth (and later on Seto), I have to wonder what could have happened if she met other people who were at the level of Seth’s moral compass. Like Atem, or Shada, or Isis, or Mahad, or even Mana. Because honestly, Seth was a douche compared to the other high priests.

Mahad on the other hand, has a lot of bonds. Blatant ones are Atem and Mana, and it’s shown he’s close with Isis too. Default ones are obviously the rest of the high priests, even Seth, regardless of when he’s a bitch. And while I’m sure Mahad’s willing to sacrifice his life for his friends, I don’t think he’d sacrifice so much as to never go to the afterlife for any of them. Except maybe Mana.

He also served another king, and even reported to him his findings about the Millennium Items. Yet neither the anime nor manga show that he did much about it, not until it affected Atem directly. He had sealed most of his power to deal with the Ring’s evil influence, and it’s only when with dealing with Bakura, an enemy of Atem who threw his own father’s corpse in front of him, that he decides to unseal it. 

So among all these good people he knows, between the two kings he served, he must see something in Atem that makes him worth doing so much. I can’t say the same thing with Kisara, because the little that’s shown of her life implies that Seth is the only good person in her life.

3. Friendship

Okay, so it’s not just me who notices how Seth likes to be a complete bitch around Mahad? Like, the few chapters I’ve read and the episodes I’ve watched I’m often like “Seth, dude, give the poor man some slack.” 

He’s always finding ways to criticize the magician, which I’ve mentioned before sounds a lot like jealousy in some way. As Seto Kaiba is often like that around duelists he doesn’t think is worth Yami’s time. At worse he’ll tear them a new one, at best he’ll ignore them. So Seth is most likely both annoyed at Mahad’s and Atem’s closeness and deems Mahad unworthy of that bond.

Kisara and Seth’s bond was cut so short you can’t really gauge how close they became.

4. Emotions

This is more of the fandom part, but I think what makes Mahad’s choice more questionable than Kisara’s is because it’s not as bitter or angsty. Yes, it’s sad. But you already see that he and Atem have a stable relationship, there’s no lasting regret between them. They practically bounce back up when Mahad returns as Dark Magician.

On the other hand, Kisara’s ascent to becoming BEWD is tragic and painful for both parties. They could have been together, but it was cut so unfairly short. It fills you with feels and you don’t really question it.

5. Choice

Mahad could have decided not to do the thing. I feel like if it were Akhnamkanon, he wouldn’t have gone as far as merging his ka and ba. 

He let himself be killed, and used that opportunity to fuse his own soul. Mahad chooses to confront Bakura, despite warnings from Shimon (manga) and Isis (anime) that he could die. He had more control on his sacrifice than Kisara, who reacted on whatever that was happening around her. 

6. Finding each other again

It’s not shown, but Kaiba has to put a lot of effort in collecting the BEWD cards. Yami got his from Yuugi, who got his from Sugoroku. 

Quick and easy in Yami’s end, probably not the same for DM. Kaiba has to work for BEWD, Yami does not. Does it say something on the thought and effort of Kisara and Mahad that Kaiba has to work to gain BEWDs’ respect, while Yami already had DM even during his insanity phase? Maybe.

7. Atem’s and Seth’s POV - fast forward

We can also compare their duelists’ feelings about them: Kaiba seems obsessed with collecting BEWD while Yami is happy if just one DM chooses him.

It literally takes a mind crush for Kaiba to chill.

While Kaiba’s obsession with BEWD could be attributed mostly on his stepfather’s abuse, it’s also partly because of Seth’s feelings towards Kisara. Which seem more of a mixture of guilt and grief and a heaping dose of “what if”. Seth’s and Kisara’s relationship revolves around potential.

On the other hand, Yami, despite his initial insanity and amnesia, is not as obsessed with DM. He doesn’t need 3 more DM, nor does he want 3 more DM. For someone who chases his memories fervently, he doesn’t become obsessed with DM even though he’s carved in the tablet. 

As stated, Atem and Mahad were already close, and the only regret there seems to be is that they died. But if they’re both going to live beyond death, then there’s little to regret at this point, right? And I think that’s why DM and Yami have such a relaxed dynamic half the time. Their relationship revolves around experience. They’ve already experienced love, and neither have to be obsessed on a dangling “what if”.

There’s no sadness when Yami thinks of DM, just pride that this monster follows him (unlike Kaiba who either thinks of his childhood or that flashback of Seth carrying a dead Kisara). Even after all his memories come back, there is no bitterness, only acknowledgement that they’re both here. 

As appealing Blueshipping is, Sealshipping tops it when it comes to sureness that something strong is between Mahad and Atem.

Things I associate with the houses:

(based on my closest friends)

Slytherin – David Bowie on full blast, either has all the sugar or none in their coffee, perfectly messy hair, cuts up their clothes on a whim, pin badges in denim jackets, a cigarette in a trembling hand, a graveyard at night, the feeling of vodka burning your throat, Halloween, paranormal youtube videos, does tarot with a normal card deck, jager bombs that are more jager than red bull.

Ravenclaw – animal rights activism, ridiculously thoughtful gifts, learning new languages for fun, horror movies at 1am, hope, paint smudges, forgotten tea that’s gone cold, meeting your idols, writing your own songs, political t-shirts, walking next to your bike so you can talk to your friends, pouring skittles into vodka.

Hufflepuff – hot chocolate, drunk tears, feeling festive in September, Pancake Day, cheesy music, soft colours, scuffed boots, permanently covered in animal fur, sweets, faded skinny jeans and plaid shirts, flour in their hair, saves empty bottles cause they look nice.

Gryffindor – leg-ups, arm wrestles, playful teasing, undercuts, the smell of gingerbread, eating so much takeaway you could burst, Bon Jovi, pretending not to be a lightweight, electric guitar, “is that a dare?”, heavy docs, late nights, climbing through windows cause you forgot your key, one leather jacket for all occasions.


Some @ask-sadisticdark inspired pen sketches bc hoo boy I’m Weak