Aion KTS - 28 Aug 2015 Update

Another batch of skins to the KTS client, includes a transparent circle shield skin and some glowy shoulder pads.

P.S - The rainbow afro is not part of the boxing outfit, the player just decided to wear them together. The gloves can be removed from the outfit though.

Though I am posting this at 8 PM, an early morning workout was had.

I didn’t know if I was going to be able to muster it after a very busy, very good Sunday, which included church with KT and the Brosef, a trip to Crate & Barrel, Home Goods, and Ikea. We ate in the Ikea cafeteria and I had veggie balls in mashed cauliflower and sweet potato sauce and let me tell you, it was legit. I enjoyed walking through all of the rooms, imagining what it would be like to have them in my house…which I will one day.

I’m sure you could tell from they post and picture that I caught up with the Os for an hour at the airport before he had to head through TSA and back on to Denver, which was an hour very well spent. I didn’t cry this time as I said goodbye, but only because I see him again very soon.

Ended the night moving the brosef’s old couch to my place, I seriously love solid hand me down furniture. This bad boy is so comfortable, I took a 1.5 hour nap on it this afternoon.

Okay back to the workout. 20 minutes of cardio. tricep dips and chest press. I am slowly bumping up the number of reps.

I am on the coast for Labor day weekend starting Friday.

I am in Colorado for a tiny, spontaneous trip the weekend after that (I found a round trip ticket that was just too good to pass up, so I made it work)

I am trying to spend more time in the office than usual, because I want to prep all of the lectures/quizzes/ activities for the next two weeks. I don’t want to have to worry about any school related thing while I am out of town. 

Monday wasn’t so bad…I am hoping this trend continues

initial d has actually made me cry so many times. [spoilers ahead] the first time that the 86 Broke Down and crashed in first stage me and kt just kinda hugged and cried for a second. very gay for car

I was about to make a post about how proud I was of myself for making it through this summer. It felt like a whole year for me and was one of the most miserable times in my life (the only highlight being going to CTC and meeting Dean, Jojo, Ney, Mal, and KT for the first time). I was about to be so happy for myself and how I made it through transphobic comments from my loved ones, literally doing nothing and feeling like I had no purpose in life, and saying goodbye to my brother who moved into college this year.
I was about to congratulate myself…
and then a blog called daddys/paci/princess reblogged one of my posts and now i dont know if i can go on anymore


Not cosplay related, but yesterday was KT and I’s anniversary and it was so wonderful. We spent a lazy day in and then I treated her to a fancy meal. KT looks so stunning in her dress, right?? Love her sooo much. She even gave me a promise ring!! It’s been a great two years with many more to come!! – Kai (sorry, I just had to share KTs beautiful face!)

  • kida:i love listening to people be passionate about things. like you, about haru
  • me:shut up
  • kida:that's what rin would say
  • me:SHUT UP
  • kida:are you CRYING??
  • me:[crying] NO???

Aion KTS - 28 Aug 2015 Update

The KTS recently added a couple of new wings and skins into the client. Due to the combined size of the images, I will have to split them up into a few posts.

Featured here are the new wings, there is no further information regarding their stats or how they can be obtained currently, so feel free to speculate away.