A few of my favorite redheaded ladies of literature.

Lady Fire from Graceling.

Hazel Evans from The Darkest Part of the Forest.

Scarlet Benoit from The Lunar Chronicles.

Alanna of Tredond from Song of the Lioness.

Truthful Newington from Newt’s Emerald.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare from Percy Jackson.


Sorry, not sorry…..here we go again

Who out of the couples above looks like an authentic, genuine ‘in love’ couple?

The mess on MM’s IG with a comment pointing to the article about fake romances.

Comments in the article in question pointed out the contradiction in terms of MM being with Billy, who also has friends and family who post loving photos and comments of them being together which complicates the latest Just Jared 'reveal’. One thing which does not lie is body language. If you don’t believe me look at the work of Pamela Meyer, who is an expert in BL and the science of telling lies by studying people’s micro facial movements. Further, look at history. Kristin Stewart, Robert Patinson, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, a few other A-List actors who have had numerous box office hits.

I am NOT saying Sam is gay. I actually have my own RELIABLE source who can vouch for Sam’s heterosexual status. A friend’s husband, who is Scottish and an actor is a friend of Roger/Richard in OL, and in a previous life, this female friend of mine was at the same drama school with Sam, and can very much vouch for Sam being a true, bonafide, red blooded male heterosexual. Believe me, don’t believe me, I won’t have an argument with you because I cannot be arsed and I have way more important things in my life to worry about, but I do know and believe, when I am being played and fed BS. I have watched Sam and Cait from the beginning and there is no way that their body language, words, SM behaviour or behaviour lies. 'Believe what you want!!!!!!!!’, as KDS said, but I am very much still on this ship and will be sunning myself on the Lido deck.


TXF rewatch

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So I know @startwreck is doing some screen caps (because she loves us) but tonight was epic and I had time so I found some non episode related rewatch quotes. Flor you are on here way too much. 

Jen_xfile-cabinetx: I may or may not have had an afternoon delight
Bailey Jo_sure-fine-whatever-nerd: MOM YOU KNOW I AM HERE

Lila_startwreck: when I first dipped my toes into the fandom there were two legends of fanwork that I was immediately made aware of: 1. chili’s fic. 2. msrafterdark


Jen_mobygirl21: If Hank Moody was your spirit animal you would have just fucked him then and there

Flor_Defnotmeyo: However I did take my frustrations out on a gentleman named Daniel, who I don’t specifically remember but who left me a very nice note the next day.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: The note said, “Hi Daniel, we had sex. I didn’t steal anything. Call me. XXX-XXX-XXXX”

Clarice_contrivedcoincidences6: Mulder probably has slide shows that he uses as foreplay
kristin_kateyes224: Dramatic slideshows = foreplay

Jill_imasquint: Scully can point the laser pointer where she wants his mouth
Jill_imasquint: Or put it on mulder for her mouth

mel_thethirstisoutthere: y'all notice how the evolution of scully’s suits is like… she wears suits s1 waiting for mulder to make a move and its clear he wont
mel_thethirstisoutthere: so she just wears pantsuits until s7 when they fucking and then its skirts all the time?
leigh_lepus-arcticus: skirts are easier access mel

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Hand veins and forearm veins do it for me.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And bicep veins.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And penis veins.

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Scully hates his scruff in season 1. It’s not professional. In season 2 she hates his scruff because it means he’s worn out and tired. In season 3 she hates it because they’ve hard a hard case. By season 4 she hates it because she can’t picture it anywhere else but scraping up her thighs.

juli_i-just-knew1013: This is the one where I get to see my *current* bathroom tile(because it’s that old)

Sorry if I missed something funny you said. You guys cracked me up tonight. @therobbinsnest I didn’t have you on here specifically but your responses to everything tonight made me laugh so hard!