No, I think it’s convenient that it’s complicated. Remember that I’ve watched over you for years. I know your patterns, and you like to pick bad boys. Yeah, so you don’t have to get serious. You can keep your distance. And I guess, in a way, I am the ultimate bad boy. Because I’m not really an option for you, am I?


The Fastest 4-Minute Core and Abs Yoga Workout

Kristin McGee—yoga and Pilates instructor, and Target’s C9 by Champion ambassador—has this super-fast yoga-based workout—eight moves that combine classic yoga movements with ab-strengthening exercises—in four minutes, which work your core more quickly than you can say “vinyasa.”



Look at what my babe commander-shakarian got me! Ahhhhhh!!! What an amazing surprise. I love it so much and I love you so much, bubs. You’re amazing and truly made my day when I opened it this morning, so confused, thinking I had ordered something drunk. Haha. Eeeee! I’m never gonna take it off. Thank you xxx