-ˏˋ poly!krisoo headcanons ˎˊ-

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  • kyungsoo never lets either of you cook
  • ever
  • but sometimes he’ll let you help with preparations and stuff
  • yifan was deemed ‘too damn clumsy’
  • it’s alright though because the lack of work is made up for in cuddles
  • like yifan makes kyungsoo really soft sometimes so expect lots
  • where he just squeezes himself between you both and curls into your side
  • while yifan attempts to wrap his long ass legs around you guys
  • also, that cool guy act? you and kyungsoo shattered it
  • he’s so soft for you guys it’s insane
  • and a big fucking dork too
  • going shopping with kyungsoo and sneaking things into the buggy when you think he isn’t paying attention
  • and he always notices right away but he never says a thing
  • watching basketball together on the couch
  • even if you don’t give two shits about the sport, you’ll hear enough about it from yifan
  • and learn just by watching him play
  • getting nose kisses from kyungsoo and forehead kisses from yifan :o
  • sex is either on the fluffier side or incredibly rough
  • this opinion is unpopular but kyungsoo doms for the most part
  • yifan is mostly into the fluffy giggly stuff but he does have those nights where he just wants to wreck you both
  • god help you lol
  • love bites
  • lots of them
  • especially on your inner thighs when yifan goes down on you
  • or on your neck when kyungsoo fucks you missionary style
  • tying yifan up is a thing every now and again
  • if he’s in that sort of mood
  • in which case, he’ll definitely be down for you riding his face while kyungsoo fucks him
  • aftercare is so sweet
  • trying to take warm baths together even though yifan doesn’t fit in the tub very well
  • let alone the three of you together
  • you and soo changing into one of fan’s extra large shirts
  • he always says you two look so cute in them
  • lots of cuddles before falling asleep

If Chanyeol and Kris meet at the Fashion Show

*Kris and Chanyeol’s eyes meet*

*Both nod*

Chanyeol: Heyo wurup Kriss

Kris: Heyo wussssssup


Chanyeol: SAY EEXOOO!


Both: *hugging each other while jumping* ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO!!!

EXO Reaction To Their GF Getting Lost Because She’s New To Korea

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Could I request an exo reaction where their so gets lost since she is new to Korean? Thanks

Xiumin: *probably going to immediately panic since he’d likely be unable to go help her when she called to let him know she was lost.* aya oh no…Just…find someone and get them to give you the address and I’ll send a cab. 

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Luhan: *when you called to lament your predicament he’d feel sympathic and frustrated since he’d be able to help you considering he was in Beijing* oh wow, I’m so sorry baby, see if you can ask someone to help you. I just wish there was more that I could do. 

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Kris: *I feel like Kris might get more frustrated that he can’t help you and I also feel like he’s a little directionally challenged so he’d be of no use really beyond just telling you to get a cab* I’m sorry babe but I haven’t been back in years, I wish I could do more for you. 

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Suho: *I feel like Suho would just call a car company to pick you up once you gave him some kind of address or landmark* It’s ok love, there’s a car on its way just stay right there

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Lay: *I feel like Lay would be the most empathetic of your situation - I can definitely see him getting lost in the city when it was still to it so he’d actually have concrete advice.* if you’re in that neighborhood, there’s a subway stop at… but you should also be able to find a cab at…

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Baekhyun: *most likely to be oblivious that you were lost just because he wasn’t checking his phone so when you finally got to him, exhausted and pissed, he’d be clueless.* hey baby so nice that you made it? what took you so long?

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Chen: *I feel like Chen would likely be like Suho in that he’d just get a car to go pick you up and bring you to him but afterwards he’d see himself as your personal guide and wouldn’t like it if you went out without him until he knew you knew the city or area well enough* I just don’t want you getting lost again.

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Chanyeol: *another one who might not be checking his phone enough to know what was going on but once you had told him, after you’d finally reached him, he may not have the most understanding of responses.* but at least you made it all in one peice and you can’t say you aren’t more familiar with the city now.

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DO: *probably panicking when he found out you were lost. I just expect him to have a potentially skewed idea, at least in that moment, that Seoul is unsafe and if you don’t make your way to him soon, something bad will happen. He’d be telling you not to worry even though he’d obviously be more worried than you* it’ll be ok! Don’t worry! I’ve sent a car! But do not talk to strangers and only get in the cab with the driver that says ‘Two Moons’

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Tao: *Like Lay, I feel like getting lost in Seoul was something that happened to him so he’d be pretty understanding and would have solid tips on navigating the city. Once you got back to him, he’d have a warm hug and drink prepared to take away some of the stress of the day.* I’m glad you made it back safely, I’m sorry it was so stressful.

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Kai: *most likely to give you misleading directions. I just feel like he’d give directions that used landmarks that were important to him but were not particularly salient to other people.* When you get to the corner, turn down the road with the sign advertising PuppyChow in the window of a small petstore. 

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Sehun: *most likely to act kind of indifferent on the phone when you call him in a tizzy, only for the car he called to arrive minutes after you hang up like I’m sorry you’re lost but there’s little I can do right now…then he immediately calls a car company and makes sure he’s around to greet you whenever you arrive.* 

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Departed pt. 2

<– Engraved 23 | Engraved 24 –>

Short: What happened, before everything. The events that shaped today.
Words: 2278
Type: Angst
Pairing: -
Notes for update: 30
Warnings: Abuse, murder, blood, guns, manipulation, emotional abuse, character death, mentions of cheating, possessiveness.
A/N: If you are an Engraved reader, please don’t skip these parts!
A/N2: seconds flashback, hmmmm hints. ;)

6 months before the event, 4,5 years ago

Your house wasn’t empty, you felt it as you entered with your breath wheezing like hot fire in your windpipe, the bruise on your cheek throbbing in pain. You stumbled over to the sink, turning on the tap and wetting a towel. The cold of the water was pleasant against your cheek, taking the sharpest of the pain away. So you filled a glass of water and gulped it down.

The window, the curtains were open. You closed them frantically, trying to keep everything outside. But you knew it’d be moments before his car would pull up in your driveway, maybe 20 minutes. He wouldn’t rush, he never did. But he’d come for you, always.

Tears were streaming down your face, you were shaking. Your legs couldn’t carry you, and you sank to the floor, leaning against the radiator. It was warm and it comforted you a bit.

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-ˏˋ poly!krishun headcanons ˎˊ-

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  • i hope you aren’t short
  • ‘cause you’ll never hear the end of it
  • it would just be like cute little remarks from yifan
  • but sehun is the type to even get you a stepping stool as a joke birthday gift
  • ‘so you can kiss us without breaking something, trying to reach so high up’
  • he’d never leave you alone if you’re tall either
  • believe me
  • yifan asking you both for musical imput
  • studio sessions together because he just likes having you guys around
  • or… studio sessions where you end up fucking instead of getting anything done
  • cute little cuddle sessions with you in the middle
  • they both have long as fuck limbs so good luck
  • the chatter can be fluffy 'i love you’s while you play with yifan’s hair
  • or really deep
  • like sehun would be in the middle for once
  • with his head on your chest and fan’s arms wrapped around him
  • and like he doesn’t like talking about his insecurities much
  • but you guys try to reassure him anyway
  • cooking for them both
  • yifan insists on helping even though he’s prone to burning stuff
  • sehun usually just sits on the counter and watches
  • the sex is always rough as hell
  • yifan loves when you and sehun sub for him :^)
  • or when sehun is the sole sub™
  • either way, he has so much praise to give you both
  • 'good boy/girl’
  • 'good boy’
  • 'my sweet babies’
  • him face-fucking you is a regular occurrence
  • yifan really gets off on watching sehun give you head
  • so sometimes he’ll just sit back in his chair and give orders, watching as you both obey him
  • sehun likes being tied up a lot
  • or cuffed up while you go down on him
  • aftercare is always a warm shower
  • and lots of cuddles
  • sehun always insists that you dress in one of his shirts, over yifan’s
  • sehun always rests his head on your chest after sex, too
  • while fan is more cool™ and just kind of holds your hand and fiddles with the ends of your hair
  • and tells you guys how good you were and how much he loves you
  • 'you love me more than (y/n), though, right?’
  • *deep sigh*

So both Chanyeol and Kris are in London for fashion show and you want me to be quiet about that? HELL NO I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT THAT CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THEY MEET? IF THEY TALK TO EACH OTHER? 2017 WOULD BE SAVE

Imagine Kris trying not to crack up while recording the “skur skur” noises on his latest song. He needs five takes to get just one clean recording. Each time he begins to croon the line, he breaks down in a fit of giggles at the sheer absurdity of his life.

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