Who? Are? You?

Okay friends. I have been slowly going through Mighty Things and editing/rewriting and re-uploading the earliest chapters to make them better. Because, my god, I started posting that story a decade ago and there are some things in it that makes my skin crawl now as a more experienced writer. 

Anyway, someone asked me to write the scene in which Han resigns his commission as an outtake and, instead, I snuck it into the end of chapter four, which I just re-uploaded. It’s a scene that desperately needed to be in there, and I have no idea why I never wrote it. *headdesk*

The problem is that I have forgotten who asked for that scene and I wanted to let them know that it was up! Chapters 1-4 are all edited, with new content and whatnot, posted and available to read. So @organanation, @jennycbs, @lajulie24, @graciecatfamilyband, @loveth1s … I think I’ve narrowed it down to one of you. Which one of you asked for it? It’s driving me crazy not to know! I wouldn’t normally post about this, because I don’t like calling attention to the edits, but I specifically wrote this scene for one of you and I … failed …. in remembering who it was for. 

If you haven’t read Mighty Things yet or are waiting for a reread, I would suggest you hold off until the rewrites are done, because as of now you’ll get to chapter five and it’ll 1) jump a section, because I chopped up ch. 4 and plan on including what was at the end of 4 into the beginning of 5, and 2) it’ll feel like I’ve suddenly digressed back into 22 year old me. It’s up to you, but that’s my suggestion. :D 


Isak: Can you do me a favor?

Sana: What?

Isak: Help us carry a washing machine up to the 4th floor to the new apartment

Sana: Sorry. Forgot I had to help mom with some stuff

Isak: Just kidding

Sana: Cool sense of humor

Sana: How’s the new crib?

Isak: It’s chill. 

Isak: Great not having Eskild stalk my life

Sana: Haha

Sana: You miss him

Isak: No way

Isak: yes. Maybe. just a little

Isak: Have you studied for the chemistry test?

Sana: Yes

Isak: I haven’t studied shit……..

Sana: What am I supposed to do with that?

Isak: Listen. I thought we could read together and you could give me your notes.

Sana: It’ll be 60k

Isak: Cool. I’ll bring it tomorrow

Sana: Chill

nefretiniz sizin katilinizdir ve nefretinizi ne kadar güçlendirirseniz sizi o kadar çabuk öldürür
—  imthealiensqueen