“Im so sick of KP pushing W&K for every little single thing they do and when Harry gains international attention for speaking up about AIDS, takin an HIV test live on Facebook and DOING A BBQ FOR HEADS TOGETHER by HIMSELF, a few tweets, nothing about Heads Together(which is another umbrella org created to help boost popularity for W&K). W&K go watch rich people sail? CALL THE PRESS! TWEET NONSTOP. As a 21st century woman, I can’t watch this go on and I’ve only been royal watching for a few years!” - Submitted by Anonymous

Enjoy some official bg characters. They are Logan (Spinelli’s) college friends, who he was supposed to graduate with. They hang and they play sometimes.

Dylan, (based on me…wish I were him) - Agender and cute as shit. Fuck you. Plays sax (I cant play instruments)

Tucker, (based on my gf), Spinellis like.. one Brazillian friend, super into his partner Dylan, plays Guitar

Spinoopy, one and only, on Bass

Kelley or KP, stronger than you, tougher than you, protector of Riley. Drums. Wishes they were a deathmetal band, but Skaa is ok too.

Riley, or Pomaika’i Lilei Māhoe - Whichever is cool.The marshmallow, the angel sweet baby who is infatuated with Kelley. On Keyboard.

Got any questions about these kids, ask me anything!

anonymous asked:

Tay follows her on tumblr I believe 😁

*whispers* Taylor follows KP and JB on twitter…. she likes to keep an eye on the ungrateful kids lol