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1. Last movie you watched on DVD: kim possible a stitch in time akdlajhsaj my stepdad loves kp and we indulge him (kim and monique are dating tho)

2. Theatre: i saw hidden figures on monday! it was really good and i want to read the book now

3. Last song you listened to:  “i know you know” by the friendly indians, that conspirator Aesthetic

4. Last book you read: currently reading anne ursu’s the real boy, good shit so far, lowkey writing a sherlock au in my head

5. Last thing you ate: choc chip cookies

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: right here, my blanket is warm 

7. When would you time-travel to: sunday january 22nd 2017 at 3 pm est (an hour early for that magical hype period)

8. First thing you’d do with lottery money: buy the in the heights soundtrack and burst into a rousing rendition of 96000

9. Last fandom you’ve joined: apple tree yard. asgdahj but seriously it’s leverage

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