So I don’t know if this is what I was supposed to take away from Shadows of Revan, but as far as I can tell, it is literally all about beating the everloving fuck out of the abomination that is the skeezy, moronic, pointlessly genocidal useless piece of shit white cis-dude that is canon!Revan in the name of actual!Revan, your beloved player character of KotOR I who died centuries ago and who is also sick to death of this shit, who in lieu of an actual KotOR III, would like to remain dead with dignity and let other stories be told.

My KOTOR 2 game glitched on me once so when Atton was having a dramatic conversation with Kreia, Mikal is standing in the background like nothing is going on. 

Like I know Kreia is wiping his memory but Atton is literally telling Kreia she doesn’t control him because he told the Exile his big secret. 

Does Mikal just think Atton is talking to the air? He doesn’t seem bothered, he’s just chilling in the background like, “Wow. Nice room you’ve got here.” 

tbh if i hated awakening i wouldn’t:

  1. be here cause it’s my first FE game that I finished and enjoyed (since I was like 8 or 10 when I tried SS and yeah that didn’t go too hot)
  2. have like $75 worth of FE:A rubber straps (with more ordered)
  3.  have the lucina figma preordered with EMS shipping (which i never ever use but I’m so excited for her)
  4. have like 100+ hours played (like that’s reserved for DA:O (250+ hours lAUGHS), KOTOR, the entirety of ME, and Saints Row - honestly my FEA files have almost as much time as I have in Skyrim)

but i’m honestly very sick of the mentality that It Did It’s Best and It Can’t Be Better and The Old Games Are Bad Because They’re Old and If You Criticize Something That Means You Hate It (and also It Saved The Franchise but that’s a different thing entirely), especially from people who have never even tried the older games.

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s hard for me to be nostalgic about games I never played when I was younger, so my opinions about the older games are coming right off Awakening. 

Don’t assume I hate something, please.

The Signs as characters from video games

Aries: Lilith - Borderlands (On the left)

Taurus: Brynjolf - Skyrim

Gemini: HK - 47 - Star Wars KOTOR

Cancer: Alyx - Half Life

Leo: Garrus - Mass Effect

Virgo: Mordin - Mass Effect

Libra: Link - Legend of Zelda

Scorpio: Adam Jensen - Deus Ex

Sagittarius: Mordecai - Borderlands 

Capricorn: GLADOS - Portal 

Aquarius: Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Pisces: Serah - Final Fantasy 13