compillation of doodles about Kos. Random, though for purposes, the slash one and the one with the dream energy was mostly me imagining how he can use the dream in combat, much like vessels uses soul.

Out of all of those I think the one that I cannot get over is Kos buying a cookie from Millybug, the dream ghost from the Glade of Hope.

 Why does that doodle sticks to me so much? because that ghost always says:
“Buy my cookies! They’re ever so tasty.”
“Buy my cookies! Once I’ve sold them all I can go home. “

It sticks so much to me is because that is a ghost, it will never go home, it doesn’t matter how many cookies it sells.
 But I imagine Kos buys its cookies anyway, even if he is actually buying nothing and just giving away his geo, what matters to him is that he is putting a smile on that little ghost’s face.