So after fighting with myself over whether I wanted to do this or not for a while, I decided to add a little button to my blog for people to click if they want to.

See that little guy? It’s in my sidebar. It’s basically a tip jar that you guys have the freedom to use if you feel that you like my content/me/my cat/bug facts/whatever. 

No pressure though. I promise to not go rattling it around constantly <3

Thanks guys, you’re all pretty great.


just take these unfinished draws 

In tagalog dub, “We had a bonding moment, I cradled you in my arms!” is “Akala ko ba close na tayo? Niyakap pa nga kita, diba?” which translates to “I thought we’re close? I even embraced you, right?”

i really applaud namjoon for leading the boys in the interview. not just as a translation and interpretation major but a multilingual there’s just a lot of pressure when you’re the only person capable of linking two groups of people who don’t share a mutual language. namjoon did very well despite that he’s not a native speaker or didn’t live overseas nor that he ever studied trans/interpretation. he had to think of his own answers to the interview questions and also had to translate for both the interviewer and the members. once again he proved that he’s extremely intelligent and i’m just so proud of him.