Commissions and drawings from the last leg of Anime Expo! That first character is mayakern’s OC, Franny from Monster Pop. Kris Anka very kindly stopped by to visit, and he picked up Emma Frost. Everyone was incredibly sweet, and I got to meet SO MANY awesome followers, friends, and personal faves. A warm thank you to everyone who stopped by!


🔥Zuko Makeup Tutorial🔥

hey mk community

I was tossing an idea around with a friend last night and the gist of it is:

would you guys be interested in a little podcast thing, where i’d hang with a person from the korra community on tumblr (probably the mk folk because lbr, we really banded together after the finale); we’d discuss things such as how atla/lok affected us, headcanons and shit, and just life in general. It would be a one-on-one kind of deal.

The idea behind this is that we’d get to know each other much better, while discussing the show and even other things that we might be a part of - other fandoms, activities, etc.

it’s just an idea but it could be a subfandom podcast kind of thing and for those of you who had no one to turn to irl when the show ended, maybe this could be some kind of solace.


From Agent Carter to Tank Girl, Imperator Furiosa and Avatar Korra, I present 63 more amazing women from film and tv lore. Enjoy.

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