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This rumor REALLY needs to stop. the Korrasami hug was NOT censored. It was an editing flub no different than Toph's 6 fingers. The censors didn't even KNOW about KA until the last ep like Bryan said.

Okay, that’s not surprising since atla/tlok are littered with little bugs throughout. But my post still stands, no matter if it were purposely edited or an editing mistake, Korra was still missing half her stomach and now she’s not.

Edit: I also just looked more into it. And the issue is is that there was a canon difference because one scene was from the recap and one scene was from the actual episode. So there was some sort of animation mistake, editing change, redraw, etc going on.

I honestly think it was just two different teams drawing, one for the episode and one for the recap. And because of that, there’s a difference in the romantic undertones of the scene (Korra’s hand in Asami’s hair, their closeness, and their facial expressions).


My legs are something that I’m really proud of now. Since starting my Korra fitness journey over 3 years ago, I’ve made my legs my main training point for 2 of those years even though Korra’s legs aren’t really a thing in the show.

My legs have always been a weak point as my hardest area to grow and my least favorite group to train, but if Korra can learn to airbend, then I could grow my legs.

you know the great debate™ of whether Aang or Korra would win in a fight which is the stupidest thing ever because, let me spell it out for you: Aang learned THREE of the four elements in the span of a YEAR when he was TWELVE. Korra had only mastered three elements by the time she was SEVENTEEN, and had been learning them since she was about THREE. Aang learned THREE WHOLE FUCKING ELEMENTS IN ONE YEAR AT THE AGE OF TWELVE. How the fuck is it a question about who would win?


did the twitter mish mash character challenge hehe

Two in one

Summary: Kya receives a gift from a new friend.

Word count: 1,651

Author’s note: I was just showering and one thought led to another (apparently I get some good fic ideas while showering).. I was thinking about how Katara never really used much makeup - only during the time she and Toph were going to the Earth King’s party and that spa in the Upper Ring, also when she disguised herself as the Painted Lady. Even when there were formal events, such as the government elections in Yu Dao, or when she’s 34-35 in their family photo she doesn’t wear any, which is a thing I really love about her because she seems to believe in natural beauty like me.
But her daughter Kya does, so I thought how she could bond with Asami through that (they’d become closer friends and talk more, ever since Kya told her and Korra that she’s there for them and she supports their relationship). By then this story began writing itself in my head because I love my lesbian cloudbaby so much and I’m excited for these bisexual ladies and their new story in “Turf Wars: Part Two” (I’ve seen spoilers and I want my copy to arrive asap because the first part left me with the most unexpected and best feeling ever: like I’d just watched an actual episode of the show). Also, I had major TLOK feels when I went through transcripts and some screenshots for references of Air Temple Island and some other stuff (I NEED to do that rewatch, the sooner the better).

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Amazon Echo: VARRICK EDITION (Avatar Parody!)