The next time somebody decides to send me an asks saying how I am an “entitled SJW to expect pandering via gay characters”  and how “Korra was a politically correct propaganda and nobody cares about it” and how I am “just seeing things” just because I ship a pairing and entertain notion of a same sex pairing being ALLOWED to exist, needs to think hard and remember that:

  • We live in an era that got us Ellie from Last of Us who will be the lead protagonist in Last of Us 2.
  • There’s a thing called Life is Strange.
  • Legend of Korra exists.
  • Netflix exists.
  • We live in the age when we are less and less limited by conservative and hetero-normative expectations.

So when a writer implies and promises LGBT interactions and keeps teasing it, it is very much fair to expect it and to not just shrug it off as “nothing”.

If it looks like romance, sounds like romance, is spoken about in the same way as romances and is WRITTEN in the same way as a romance, then it IS a romance. It is only fair to expect it.

Its very easy to pretend it is “not there” or that “there’s nothing in the show to hint it”, but hey, guess what? That kind of tactic was also used against Korrasami.

Why should I view “straight” as THE default position? Why should straight romance interactions be taken as a given and yet LGBT romantic interactions be treated with doubt and questioning and denial?

Why does an optimistic and positive post  about the Legend of Korra and RWBY parallels in terms of Bumbleby and Korrasami, get met with replies and asks intent on demonizing it, claiming its insane, claiming its not there or trying to shit on Legend of Korra show for actually breaking the boundaries and giving actual pay off to subtext?

Why is the idea of representation and diversity an “insult” to some people? Why does it lead to harassment and hate? Why some fandom elements still try to demonize LGBT community while attacking us at every turn?

Expecting LGBT representation, expecting actual tangible pay off and development, expecting actual diversity is not “expecting pandering. It is expecting REALITY.

Existing is not “pandering”. Existing is a human right.

When it comes to expecting SOMETHING tangible and real about Blake and Yang, people are not “crazy” or “insane” or “entitled sjws” or “ruining the fandom” or “just seeing things” or any other derogatory descriptions.

People are just expecting to be treated as equals. Expecting interactions to be treated as equal. Expecting to be allowed to exist. Expecting that when the show and the writers are hinting something, they are actually intending to follow through with what they hint.

The “just a friends” train has left long long time ago. By the time of Volume 3 you can’t even see it from the station anymore.

All that is left is expecting for the nearby ship to actually start sailing. Or to be acknowledged as being there in the first place at least.

Despite various missteps in latest episodes, I remain hopeful and optimistic that Rooster Teeth knows we live in 2016 and not 1960′s.

So I am still waiting. And hoping. And will keep  searching for positive and optimistic indications towards that in the show. Towards the idea that the show will actually take the next step. Legend of Korra made a huge step forward, but it WAS flawed and very limited and restricted step forward.

I remain hopeful that RWBY actually manages to do more.

I had a dream last night where i went shopping and there was a korra comic there (it didn’t have the cover of turf wars i don’t know what was going on) and it was like 4 bucks which was amazing because in australia they’re all so expensive anyway i bought it but in the dream i was trying so hard to read it but somehow i couldn’t and i woke up in tears because i couldn’t read it and anyway what i’m saying is that i’ve been deprived of korra to long and i’m dying send help


Rewatching LOK • 2.10 » A New Spiritual Age

“The elders believed that as long as the portals are closed during the Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu will remain imprisoned and the battle between good and evil will not be fought again. But if both portals are opened, spirit energy is amplified greatly. During the Harmonic Convergence, this energy will be great enough to allow Vaatu to break free from his bonds, and the Material World will again risk being consumed by darkness.”