Amo los personajes de Sami y Lena, ellas a pesar de la muerte de sus madres a tan corta edad y luego ser criadas por gente verdaderamente malvada y fóbica, a demás de ser tentadas por el lado oscuro no perdieron su centro y siempre lucharon por el bien, a pesar de que eso signifique perder a la única familia que les queda.

aaaand more of izumi’s daughter. i have no excuses

i was just thinking about her and mako. how would be their first kiss? i think she would be the one who started it, cause mako is a little afraid and intimidated, cause GOD he only dates super important and independent girls. the future industries owner, the fuckin avatar and now the firelord’s daughter. he’s also insecure about everything cause his last relationships didnt worked out very well and he didnt wanted to rush anything, now. izumi’s daughter - which i call ursa - takes the first step and kisses him one day, and mako almost forgets all those insecurities cause it feels good and right to be with her

also korra and asami supports them like crazy. when they kissed they were all like “called it”


Credit to AbsoluteDestiny for their awesome work!

one of my favourite jokes ever was when the legend of korra had just started going, and i was never even in this fandom, but the show is about katara and aang’s kids, right, and i think someone tagged a picture of their kids “#implied kataang /” and it’s been y e a r s and every time i think about it i lose it. 

I am so proud of how far this crazy herder mutt has come in such a short amount of time. She came to me an under-exercised, under-stimulated, untrained demon-beast with behavior issues that the average pet owner can’t handle.

That I didn’t know how to handle.

Now, almost three years later, I understand her. I am able to listen and communicate with her, and she has taught me so much about dog behavior and rehabilitation. Korra may not have been the dog that I wanted (at first), but she is definitely the dog that I needed.

Today, I can take this pointy-eared demon dog on a 30min + walk offlead (with the leash dragging, as there are leash laws) around the neighborhood, passing dogs, cars, and all sorts of distractions without breaking a heel. She is confident, she trusts in me, and I reward her with freedom and unconditional love.

For those of you who struggle with your dog’s behavior problems, I understand you. I was you. We were lucky enough to find an amazing dog trainer to help us along in our journey, who gave us hope when we were in our darkest hour.

I an so glad I didn’t give up on Korra because my life would have been very different if I had.