Tagura Tohru - Koi Monogatari - Chapter 10


How are you guys!! I hope you’re all good because I’m finally coming back with THE MANGA everybody should ready! Tagura Tohru is finally back with a new chapter of her masterpiece Koi Monogatari. Sorry if you had to wait for a bit. I spent the last 72hours to work like crazy on it. And I dedicate this chapter to  @koyukiya​.

As I said, some pages are damaged because of me. I tried to fix it the best I could.

EDIT : Also, Koyukiya used to follow the chapters of the Tankoubon while I’ll follow the Magazine. 

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Thank you Meidorin for the translation and Yoru from @sentimientoyaoi for cleaning this chapter for me. She did an incredible job for the short amount of time I asked her.


Comment by Tagura Tohru in the lastest issue of Rutile.


Celebrating the Aiba Masaki month! → masaki per week (2/4): Masaki’s lead roles - which role(s) is/are your favourite?


242,000 team love points just to clear 6 event stories… Last Tenka story event was tough 😣😣😣😣😣 especially when your ally stopped playing halfway through (ugh) but i just have to have this pretty background. Gosh I really need to check into a tenka/SLBP rehab, the amount of time, energy and money I spent for this two apps are ridiculous…

And these two won’t be running for forever either…


I made this after it really hit me that part of the Eddsworld fandom practically drove Tomska out. Which is where this came from. Tord left a long time ago to do his own thing, Edd is already gone. All we had left was Tom and Matt. And people fucking drove him away. Now Matt’s all we’ve got. Don’t. Fuck. This. Up. Don’t fucking drive him out, too.

Audio: Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy


Yep, he’s colored up to bit in the past month, mostly on his anal fin and dorsal and him booty. Also a black edging to his caudal! I love it I hope he stays yellow for a good while though but the iridescence is coming in more too so it would be neat if he turned out a kind of orchid black? The spots aren’t super blue, they’re very very black


25 yaşındayım, bu sabah annemden fiziksel şiddet gördüm. Evet şiddet gördüm. Haklı gerekçesi (!) deterjanı makinenin 2.gözüne koy dedi diye, 2.gözüne koymam. Yanlış okumadınız hayır, dediğini yaptım. Eğer kendi bildiğimi okusaydım, her zaman koyduğum yere, doğru yere, koyacaktım. Ve kıyamet koptu. Ne olduğunu bile anlamadım.

Yaşıtlarım bi sürü çocuk büyütüyorlarmış,
Kim yerimde olsaymış, onun bütün yükünü alırmış. Ütü ondanymış, çamaşır ondaymış, yemek ondaymış, her şey ondaymış. Çoban gibi eve koymuşuz onu. Amınakoyayım ya amınakoyayım her şeyin! Sorumlulukları kendin aldın üstüne. Ben mi sana yük ettim?
Ulan sabah 8.30da evden çıkıp, işe gidiyorum oradan çıkıp kursa gidiyorum eve gelişim akşam 9. Bırak iş güç yapmaya yemek yemeye takatim kalmıyor. Buna rağmen girip talan ettikleri mutfağı topluyorum zerre şikayet etmeden. Haftasonları gezip eğlenmek yerine evdeyim ki yakın arkadaşlarım çok iyi bilir evden çıkmak için haftalar öncesinden plan yaptığımı. 25 yaşındayım, kırkbin takla atıyorum keyfi dışarı çıkmak için.

Ne saygısızlığım, ne terbiyesizliğim kaldı. Misafir gelcek diye, evde durmak yerine işe gitmem mesela… Bakın buna gülmeyin. Misafir gelcek diye işten izin almamı istedi bu kadın. :) Akşamları onlarla oturmak yerine odama çekilip birkaç sayfa kitap okumak mesela… Ne haddime lan benim temizlik yerine çizim yapmak, fotoğraf çekmek. Ben kim köpeğim ki, ütü yapmak varken yazı yazayım, dans etmek yerine hamur açmam lazım mesela, müzikle uğraşmak yerine camları silmeliyim. KİMİM ULAN BEN KİMİM?!
Bok mu vardı 16 yıl okuyup, işe gidiyorum falan.

Onlar öyle gördü falan değil. Onların zamanı bizimki gibi değil zırvalıklarını sıralamasın kimse. Annem daha 43 yaşında eğitimci bir ailenin, okumuş kızı. :))

Geçen gün burada minnoş minnoş hayallerimden bahsediyordum dimi ben? BEN BU AİLEYLE SANAT, EDEBİYAT FALAN YAPMAYI HAYAL EDİYORDUM. :)))

Allah benim belamı ailemle veriyor.

Voltron High School Au

Buckle up, cause this is a mess from start to finish

  • Lance and Keith suddenly start an old west standoff in the hallway during passing period
    • The freshies are very confused
  • Pidge: “Lockers are for dumbasses.“ 
    • Bends over to tie shoe. Gets crushed under the weight of their backpack
  • Senior year Shiro just dropped and started twirking in the middle of the Annual Lunch Room Dance OffTM
    • The supposed prize is free HC tickets
    • But we all know the real reward is hilarity and scrutinization
  • Pidge vowed murder when the Sophmores held up a ‘George shoots Lenny’ sign during an assembly freshman year
    • They were ironically the one to replace the sign come next year
    • They also happened to be the one to start the ‘fuck the freshmen’ chant during HC
    • Sendak was too busy laughing his ass of to repremand them in anyway
  • Lance’s the kid that blasts marache music during passing periods
    • Keith’s the one that tries to shove the speaker down his throat
    • He also managed to fit Lance into a locker one year
      • It was all for shit and giggles until Lance got stuck
        • A custodian only helped him out after taking pictures
        • …Which then circulated around the school
          • Shay found it very amusing
          • Lance’s mother did not
  • Speaking of Shay, she made ‘the SH-A’ club for variants of the name (Shea, Shae, Sheala, Shealin, etc.)
    • It’s surprisingly popular and meets twice a month
    • They bake brownies and plot the drill teams murder
  • Teacher: I can hear you music.”
    • Allura: “Good.”
  • Hunks the kid that plays Neko Atsume under the desk in class
  • That one time Shiro almost dropped sodium in water
  • That other time he nearly killed the FACS teacher with his cooking
  • When Pidge tried to bargain with the lunch ladies
    • All they wanted was a cookie
    • And vengeance
    • It’s always vengeance tbh
  • Hunk fainted in the middle of gym, woke up, then started speaking French for a solid ten minutes before switching back to English
    • He remembers none of it
    • The only reason no one freaked was cause it was SAT week
    • Really, it’s a reasonable explanation 
  • Shay met the team when she accidentally punched Shiro in the face
    • Let’s just say it had to do with salt and vinegar potato chips and a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Keith somehow managed to get out of swim gym by convincing the teacher he was half mermaid
  • Lance tried  jumping out a first floor window during a fire drill
    • Said it was optimum time to 'flunk outta finals’
    • He was also the kid to have a stress induced heart attack and come back to school the next day
      • (*shrugs* “I had a project due.”)
  • Hunk accidentally attended detention once
    • He meant to go to the test make up room
    • Instead he was stuck next to the kid who shoved the starting quarterback down the English wing stairs
    • And that, my dear friends, is how Hunk meet Keith
  • Oh, and Shiro threw up in someone’s gym locker once
    • It was Hunk’s
    • Oops
  • That one time someone tried to sell pot to Pidge and failed miserably
  • Tbt when Keith wrote 'welcome to hell’ under the school sign
    • Then proceeded to get dragged into the principals office by the leg
      • Thanks for that, Sendak
    • He also managed to get a HC float on top of their rival schools roof without getting caught
    • The dude’s a legend among the student body
  • Coran’s the random, Irish accented English teacher that’s obsessed with stories involving fire and over the top analytics of LOTF
    • He also spends more time talking about Froid, Maslov, and Kohlberg’s theories than the actual book
  • Lance is the kid that calls teachers by their first name and somehow doesn’t get in trouble for it
    • Save for the one time he called Haggar by her first name
      • She nearly castrated him
      • Plus detention for one moth
        • Mama Mclain-Sanchez was not happy
  • Pidge will do anything to get to the outlet
    • Anything
    • They need their phone charged, goddamn it
  • Shay abuses the fuck outta 'Hawaiian shirt day’
    • It’s hilarious and terrifying at the same time
  • Keith’s the random dude that has Cup of Noodles every day seventh hour
    • Teacher: “Can you-”
    • Keith: slurp
    • Teacher: “-put that away-”
    • Keith: sluuurrrpppp
    • Teacher: “-please?”
    • Keith: makes eye contact “No.”
  • Allura with randomly quote the beginning of the pacer just to piss off her gym teacher
  • Shiro brings a spoon and a jar of peanut butter for lunch
    • Somehow he’s still alive
  • Also, Pidge binges on the terribly made mozzarella sticks
    • “It’s like someone fried string cheese.” *takes another bite* “Tastes terrible.”
  • Lance is the guy that never has a pencil. Ever. Not even during testing
    • He’s also the kid that borrows a mechanical pencil and keeps it
  • Shiro walked into the first day of finals with a supersized coffee and a 'fuck off’ attitude and absolutely no one gave him shit for it
    • He also flicked off every teacher and freshmen in the school
    • Individually
    • Pidge got most of it on Snapchat
    • It was glorious
  • Hunks the kid that wears a full body morph suit to school on Halloween
    • Nearly scares Haggar shitless when he sprints down the hall
    • Hey, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do, especially when the cafeterias last corn dog is on the line
  • Pidge has stabbed nearly everyone in their grade with a pencil
  • Keith’s the jackass that stops in the middle of the hallway
  • Allura’s that one kid that just nonchalantly shoves people out of her way
    • She also pushes couples apart mid-make out to get to her locker
  • Hunk: “What'cha doing?”
  • Pidge: “Procrastinating”
  • Shiro’s almost burned down the school at least five times
  • Shay somehow managed to get the band and orchestra kids to like each other????
  • The freshmen started a club dedicated to worshipping Allura
    • Coran’s the supervisor
  • Pidge got stuck in the basketball hoop twice their junior year
  • Shay gets voted HC queen every year
  • Keith and Lance met during freshmen orientation and it’s been annoyance and mutual pining ever since
    • Even the deans are sick of their shit
      • Sendak: “For fucks sake, Kogane, just kiss him already!!”
      • Haggar: *making smoochy faces in the background* 

Yuzuru, Nobu, Satoko and Keiji are dancing to Koi dance (恋ダンス, a booming dancing in japan because of the currently airing romance drama which this dance was aired in every ending of the drama).

Eventhough Yuzuru lives abroad, he dances more fluent than the other 3 (who of course live in Japan) LOL