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you can have a dog and live in an apartment building it just means you have to walk it as opposed to just letting it out into the garden

ya i know i jus really enjoy the idea of dan and phil moving into a modern house with a big green backyard and koi ponds

Ok what has happened today??? Like dan and Phil are moving again??? Together???? I want to believe that this is the next step towards something bigger in the phandom because literally what else it there to happen? They get a dog? A queen sized bed? A koi pond? In a romantic relationship or not they are literally fulfilling every fantasy I myself would want to achieve????

Sorry for the csssa spam- here's a poem about wanting to get into csssa

Besides wanting false summers
Smiling in the break of a dawn
Warmth fleeting
A smiling koi
A sun dance

I wish I knew how to dance
So that my legs become an arrow
Pointed to the ground
Positioned to kill
Choosing to float
I don’t

But I can tap out a beat
And engrain it into the boom of my nerves
All painted with lightning and black coffee
Perhaps not at the speed you might wish it to be
But at a speed just the same

I wish to paint ideas
Into pockets or heads
Whatever’s more convenient
With paint slick like oil
That sticks like a stain
To make you smile
that brilliant twinkling light
I haven’t seem in a while

But I feel it
Hooked in padded finger tips
Breathed in on anxious Tuesdays
All your dancing wonder
Is waiting


wonder why aquaponic farmers dont use koi more, you can sell adult sized koi with vibrant colors to collectors and restaurants and shit for thousands of dollars. and they produce more waste than tilapia which is good for your farm.