i’m hyped oh my god

the Panic! At The Disco story:
  • Ryan:lmao pete wentz look at our thing just bc
  • Pete Wentz:whoa swaggy
  • Ryan:lmao what rly
  • Pete Wentz:ye
  • *Panic! At The Disco becomes double platinum rock group*
  • Ryan:im leaving bye
  • Jon:so am i lmao
  • Brendon:*gay tears* :( </3
  • Those Guys That Replaced Ryan and Jon For A While:who the f uc k are we
  • Dallon:hello Brendo it is i fellow mormon dallon weekes
  • Brendon:ur hired
  • Kenneth Harris:???
  • Brendon:ur hired
  • Pete Wentz:why my beejeebus yall all have grown right up im so proud of my emo children <3333
  • Brendon:*is an asshole*
  • Dallon:*is an asshole*
  • Spencer Smith:wh at the fuck what the fuc k wheat the fuc k ing fuck what the fu ck fuck thi s im going to play with my legos what the fu ck.