Klaus: “Let’s talk, we can’t act like this to each other forever”
You: “if you don’t stop being so damn annoying & protective about everything, i can be in a fight with you forever, no problem”
Klaus: *sighs* “come on your being childish“
You: “if your gonna treat me like a child i’m gonna act like a child, fine”
Klaus: *raising his hand* ”stop giving me this attitude”
You: “if you can stop treating me like a child and if you stop being so overprotective, maybe i’ll change my attitude, until then i have no reason to talk to you” *you stand up and walk away*
Klaus: *rolls his eyes* “(Y/N) come on”


Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Are you going to the party?” Rebekah asked as she knocked on your door and you mother let her in.

“Yes, that’s why I asked if you had any dresses.” You admitted shyly, hurrying to tug her upstairs and show her the few simple dresses you had.

“I have this one I think you might like.” She smiled and handed you one of the dresses, leaving to go back downstairs while you got changed.

“What do you think?” You asked, spinning into the room and coming to a stop in front of your mother and Rebekah who both smiled.

“Beautiful darling, are you and Rebekah going together?” She asked but the blond shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I have a family engagement but if you need a lift Klaus is heading towards the party… if you don’t mind meeting him a few blocks down the road?” She asked and smiled when you nodded.

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Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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  • 2p!Prussia: Guess what my arm is made of.
  • 2p!Canada: Metal, advanced bio-mechanisms... Uh... bones, muscle... Partially at leas-
  • 2p!Prussia: Boyfriend material.