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In the Salvatore House:

Damon was beyond furious. “You little-”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Kai smirked while shaking his finger at Damon. 

“I told you not to underestimate me, but you did it anyway. Locking me up in a prison world, again.”

“If you touch Elena, I’ll rip your throat out.” Damon hissed.

Kai chuckled and shook his head, “Oh I won’t touch Elena. A little bird told me there’s someone better. Someone you love more than yourself.”

Damon realized Kai found out about you, he tried so hard to keep you secret from him, “I swear if you do anything to her, I’ll-”

“Rip my throat out, yeah I got it, I’ve heard that about a hundred times and you know what? I still don’t care. And as the looks of it-” he paused and chuckled. “The spell is working, you won’t be able to move, until I let you. Sure, I could just kill you now, but I’m going to kill your sister and show you her lifeless body. I mean it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise?” Kai smiled, provoking Damon even more. 

Kai pulled out a knife and sliced  Damon’s hand, and hold his own up, catching the blood. Damon looked at him confused.

“What? First, I have to find her.” 

Kai used a simple location spell, leading him to your exact location, he smiled, “Found her.” then he walked out of the House.


Kai took a deep and satisfied breath, then used another spell to transport himself to you. He found himself at a Disco. Kai has never seen you before, not even a picture. Damon hid ever since Kai showed up.. but you knew exactly who he was.

You walked right over to him, a drink in hand, and smiled at him, “I guess you’re Kai.”

He looked confused, “And you are?” Still looking around for.. Well, you.

“I am Y/N Salvatore, Damon’s younger sister.” You said, not even a bit afraid. “Damon called me, saying there would be a psycho who wants to kill me.”

Kai stood there, not knowing what to say. No ones ever talked to him like you just did. He didn’t think you would look and act like this. “You are very beautiful and really confident, very different from your brother. At least I don’t have to look for you anymore. Thanks for making my life easier sweetheart.”

You chuckled, “You won’t kill me.”

“And why is that?” he asked smirking.


In the Woods:

You took his hand in your’s and transported you both into the woods, you wanted to talk to him where it would be quiet and where no one would listen.

“I’m much stronger than you are.  And since you merged with Luke, you’re like a little puppy.” You said sharply, but smirking. “Yes, I know exactly who you are.”

“Well the Puppy wanted to kill your brother just a few minutes ago..” Kai replied.

“Yeah, but you didn’t.”


“-Don’t say because you wanted to kill me first. You wanted to know who I was, you felt my spirit, just like I felt yours.” You responded. “Maybe so you could get my powers too, but definitely  not to kill me.”

You were right, Kai wanted to know why he doesn't felt like the most powerful witch. When he got into the prison world in 1903, he heard that a sister of Vampires was extremely powerful, and over a hundred years old. He knew he needed to find you, so he could steal your powers, but now that he met you, he’s more fascinated by you than he ever imagined.

“I assume,  my brother doesn’t know that you felt me here the entire time.” You asked smiling, while Kai nodded. “Well, if you want my powers, you can try to take them, but it won’t be easy. For either of us, but just so you know, I would be the one to survive, I already freed my brother.. Nice spell by the way.”

“And I guess you never got a call from Damon, because he never told you about me to keep you safe.” You smirked, Kai couldn’t stop smiling, he started to like you more by the second, “So Y/N, what are we going to do now?”

“Glad you asked, first off, you will stop hurting and stop trying to kill  my family and friends-”

“And if I don’t?” Kai asked still with a smile. “Will you rip my throat out?”

“No,” You paused and chuckled, “I’ll torture you and then I’ll call Bonnie so she can do whatever she wants to do with you.” You threatened him. “Or, you could stop being a psycho and we could learn from each other.”

“Like how a girl with Vampire brothers is also a powerful witch, who happens to be over a hundred years old?”

“Maybe.” You smiled. “See you soon.” you said, while you turned around to walk back to your house.

“Wait! Y/N! When can I see you again?” Kai asked shouting.

You turned around and smiled.

“I mean for learning stuff..”

“When you stop being a hot psycho and start only being hot.” You replied and transported yourself to your house, not giving him a chance to respond.


This Story was one of my old ones which got an update haha. Special thanks to my precious @star-gazer178​ <3


“ ‘Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make’ “

Inspired by Bram Stoker and Penny Dreadful

When the day starts and the roosters crow
The sun comes out, that we all know
And with its warm and bright bueatifull glow
The animals rejoice, and the trees grow

When the day ends, and the sun starts to fade
A cold rock, comes out to light the shade
Its cold, and dark but yet it will glow
For the suns warm bueaty continues to flow
So the owls, and wolfs will continue to see
The survival of the fittest that make the weak flee


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One year ago - At School:

<<After Tyler Lockwood broke up with you, you became a loner at your School, no one wanted to be around you anymore. Tyler started to tell lies about you, to make it seem like he was the victim. But one guy stayed by your side through everything, Jeremy Gilbert.>>

“Hey, what are you doing out here alone? Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend and all your friends?” A guy said, smirking at you, “Oh I’m sorry, I’m Jeremy, Jeremy Gilbert.” He laughed while holding his hand out.

“And shouldn’t you be with some punks, stoned out of your mind at some cemetery?” You replied. “I’m Y/N.” you laughed softly.

“I know who you are.” he smiled “Is this seat taken?” He asked smiling.

“Only for a punk like you.” You grinned.

“You heard that smoking thing huh? I thought I’d be too much of a “loser” for you to even know me.”

“I’m not like the others,” you had to laugh. “Well, that is exactly what the others would say. Ehm, hm okay, first, everyone knows about that and second, I don’t care about that. I think you had your reasons.. but Vicki isn’t really a good influence.” you said, looking him in the eyes.

“well, I  stopped smoking, and yes, you are right. She’s not. But you still haven’t answered my question. Why are you here alone? I mean, everyone wants to be around you.” Jeremy said.

“Well, Tyler broke up with me, and before I started dating him, I  was kind of a Loser too.” you laughed softly. “It’s not as bad as it looks. Now I know who my true friends really are.” you tried to smile.

“Hey Y/N? I don’t mean to be too forward, but you want to get out of here and go watch a movie?” Jeremy asked you with a smile.

“I’d love to.” you smiled back.


Two weeks before prom - At Jeremy’s:

“So how are you gonna ask her?” Elena asked her younger Brother while they were in the kitchen trying to cook dinner.

“What are you talking about?” Jeremy said, while trying to hide his grin.

“You should do something special. Prom night is your one year thingy right.”

“How do you know that?” Jeremy asked his sister.

“Caroline told me, you do realize she knows everything, right?”

“Its like she’s everywhere.” he replied. “Its kinda creepy. You have some very  creepy friends Elena.” Jeremy laughed.

“I know.” Elena laughed as she set the table. “And hey, your girlfriend is one of my friends too you know.” She continued to laugh at her brother.

“Yes, buuut she was my girlfriend before she was your friend.” Jeremy responded while laughing.


One week before prom - At your home:

You were sitting next to Matt in your history class, waiting for the teacher, when Jeremy walked into the room.

“Hey Y/N, what are you doing tonight?” He asked and kissed you before you could answer. “Good, I’ll pick you up at 9 pm, bye love.” he smiled and walked back out the door.

“What the hell was that?” you laughed at Matt.

“I have no idea.” he replied smiling and shrugged his shoulders.



“I’m sure, he hasn’t forgotten about you.” Your big sister told you.


“See? What did I tell you?” She smiled at you and you smiled back.

You didn’t know what your boyfriend had planned so you just put a summer dress on, in hopes it’d be okay for tonight. Usually, around this time you two would be lying in his bed, cuddling, kissing, and other things like that…

“Y/N.” your mom called. “It’s Jeremy!”

“Okay! I’m coming.” you replied and walked downstairs to your door.

“You look beautiful.” Jeremy said and kissed your cheek. “Sorry for being so late.”

“Awh thank you baby. It’s okay, it took me forever to figure out what to wear anyway.” you smiled. “Bye Mom.”


“So where are we going?” you smiled at him while you two were hand in hand walking down the street.

“It’s a surprise.”


At the School - In the Sports hall:

“What are we doing here? And why is there light in the Sports hall?” you asked him confused and slightly afraid.

“Come on, lets take a look.” he said and grabbed your hand. “But you have to wear this.” Jeremy laughed.

“A blindfold?” you asked. “Why?”

“Do you trust me? He replied with his cute puppy look. You nodded, so Jeremy continued to wrap the blindfold over your eyes.


"1-2-3, okay, you can open your eyes now.”

“Oh my god, Jeremy.” you smiled at him.

The sports hall was beautifully decorated with your favorite flowers, Tulips,  and balloons everywhere. There was punch for you two to drink, and a ton of finger foods to snack on, looked as if it would have been enough for a party. Jeremy stood next to you, still holding your hand while you admired the hall.

“Now.” Jeremy said and you looked at him confused.

“What is going on?” you laughed.

And then hundreds of pictures of you and Jeremy dropped to the floor (You loved taking pictures with him.), and the first picture you took with him, you both were Ice Skating, it was the largest one, sitting in the middle of the hallway. Jeremy stood in front of you while you had tears in your eyes.

“Y/N? Would you go to prom with me?” Jeremy asked you with a smile, holding your Hands.

“Yes! Of course! Yes!” you said as you jumped in his arms.

“I love you.” he whispered in your ear. It was the first time that he ever said it.

“I love you too, Jeremy.”

“I think she said yes, sooo LET THE  BEFORE PROM PARTY START!” Caroline yelled.

And when she said that, everyone who helped Jeremy with all this, came out of their hiding places and danced to the music that your big sister turned on.  

“Wanna dance?” Jeremy asked and took your hand and dragged you to the dance floor.

“People are dancing on our faces.” you smirked, making Jeremy laugh. “Thank you for everything, Jeremy. This is amazing.”

“Of course. Anything for you hun.” Jeremy said, as he leaned in to kiss you one more time.


This Story is one of my oldests and it got rewritten by my lovely @star-gazer178​ <3


IMAGINE: The Mikaelson family thinks you’ve betrayed them, and in turn, kills your girlfriend. However, they find out later you are innocent.

You couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed most mornings after she was gone—after the girl you loved was gone. You saved their asses, you gave them safety and support, and still they didn’t believe your claims. You didn’t stick up for yourself either, knowing you could worsen the situation and they would react the exact way they did. You would at a club every night with your girlfriend, where you also first met, and after the last two weeks went by you were sick of getting condolences from customers and your workmates. 

You pushed yourself to move on, however. You were working double shifts, and you even picked up a second job when night shifts weren’t good enough. You didn’t eat or sleep, trying to keep your mind busy, and out of despair or vengeance. As for the Mikaelsons, they were not about to apologize for what they’d done, until they found out you had no part in the situation at hand. Marcel had pointed out you weren’t even in town at that point in time. They realized what they’d done with much regret on their minds.

 You were working at Rousseau’s on the weekend, as Elijah found out, and that’s where they decided to start. “You’re fucking kidding right?” you spat. The minute an apology fell from their lips, the anger you’d been avoiding for so long had blown up. “You killed my girlfriend. You publicly disowned me as your friend and now you’re sorry! Do you know how many times a day I get people’s condolences or their pity? Do you know how alone I am? This is the last time we ever speak. Do you understand me?” you shouted in whisper. “Y/N-” “Do not say you’re sorry. It goes beyond that, Elijah. You know that,” you interrupted Elijah. You looked at Klaus, not about to try your patience. “As for you, you better figure out what the hell is wrong in your brain, because I’ve never met a man so ignorant that he’d kill an innocent to prove a point. Both of you need to leave,” you said, trying to keep your fury on a leash. “We will make this up to you,” Klaus assured you sincerely. “Yeah? I doubt that,” you replied as you went straight out the back exit. 

The Mikaelsons continually tried to squeeze back into your good interests, but it was far from happening soon. Perhaps you would miss them, but you would never apologize for not forgiving them or letting them earn your trust ever again.