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20:“Is there something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Please & thank you! :)

“Is there something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” 

AN: Thank you for the prompt, Belle ;) Lol, that one’s a classic! I tweaked it a bit, hope you don’t mind.

Okay, here we have some good old AU/AH with drunk!Caroline.

This is also for @misssophiachase​, for her veryyy belated birthday gift, before I write her the proper one, that is ;)

The floor was looking at her funny.

Like it was laughing brazenly straight into her face.

Maybe because she was upside down, hanging over Klaus’ shoulder. The heat of his hands pressing into the back of her thighs make her head even more dizzy than it’d been from all the tequila.

Rebekah’s bachelorette party had been…interesting. And it was just getting good for Caroline, a man with mouth-dropping abs and even a better face talking her up by the bar, when the boys decided to crash it.

Before she knew it, Mr. Pretty Face was gone and the future bride’s annoying brother took his place.

Klaus Mikaelson, the bane of her existence.

Currently carrying her drunk sorry ass home.

“Stop wriggling, love. Wouldn’t want me to drop you, right?” His drawl sent shivers along her spine.

“Like you were dropped on your head when you were little?”

She could feel his head shake in response. “That was mature.”

“That was mature,” Caroline mimicked mockingly. “Look, will you put me down or not? You…big oaf!”

“Big oaf? You wound me, love,” he chuckled.

“Would you prefer Officer Mikaelson?”

“I’m off duty, sweetheart,” Klaus shot back, adding as they reached the door to her apartment, “The keys, Caroline?”

“In my clutch. Can’t look for them when I’m hanging upside down, though,” she sang into his ear.

It was a very handsome ear, damn him. It took all of her self-control not to bite into it.

With a deep sigh, Klaus put her down gently, his hands running down her sides in the process. They lingered on her waist before he seemed to break out of his reverie and took a step back, watching her closely while she trashed her purse in search of keys.

“So will you go out with him?” he asked.


“That stripper firefighter you seemed getting so cozy with at the bar.”

“It’s none of your business, right? And I really liked…Pretty Face. We have lots in common, you know?” she rambled drunkenly.

“I’m sure you do, love.”

His dry tone made Caroline stop her so far futile search and peer at him closely. “Wait…are you jealous?”

“Of course not,” he replied way too soon.

Head thrown back, she laughed, then strode straight towards him. “Come on, Klaus. Can’t blame a girl for loving a man in a uniform,” she mused, trailing a finger down his shirt. “Police officers’ included.”

Clutching her finger in his hand, he glared at her,” You’re drunk, Caroline.”

“I am!” she giggled. “But you are delicious.” Body pressed into his, her nose nudged his neck as she very obviously inhaled his scent. Revelling in the shudder that coursed through him at her ministrations.

“Caroline,” he croaked, trying to gently pry her off him.

But she was relentless, standing on her toes to reach higher and with her tongue now travelling up to his ear, one that had caught her attention earlier.

Maybe she would get a taste, after all.

Then she felt him stirring up against her thigh. Of course, she didn’t hesitate to comment on it.

“Is there a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me, Officer?” she whispered in his ear, her voice husky.

“You know it’s not a gun, Caroline.”

“Yeah, but you still want to shoot from it. You have hots for me Mikaelson, admit it.”

His face grew serious. “I do,” he said simply, the raw honesty of his statement silencing her for once.


Oh, indeed.


Cause we’re hot like hell. Does it burn when I’m not there? When you’re by yourself. Am I the answer to your prayers, I’m giving you that pleasure heaven and I’ll give it to you                                                                           Hotter than hell 

CrossroadsBy: Sophia Chase 

Welcome to my new drabble series, each one inspired by a movie. The initial premise of the films will be the same but everything else (characters, scenarios and scenes) will be different and my own Klaroline interpretation. The opening quotes (in italics) are from the movies, titles are songs from the soundtrack. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in! I tried to go for a mix of new and old and I think pretty much everything that was suggested can get squeezed in somewhere (when in doubt, go Trope!). As always the themes are meant to be guidelines so feel free to interpret them as loosely as you want!

Here’s the lineup:

Monday, October 10 - AU: Fusions and Crossovers: This is the day to have Klaroline interacting with characters from other books/movies/shows (the crossovers!) or simply taking elements from other works and adding Klaus and Caroline (the fusions!)

Tuesday, October 11 - AU: Right Place, Right Time: Kind of a mash up of themes. Anything taking place in a different time period (past or future - we had requests for Regency and Medieval) or place (Klaroline travel fics! Maybe even space?) goes here. 

Wednesday, October 12 - AU: Because Magic!: For all manner of magical shenanigans. Curses, hexed objects, awkward spells, fixing the baby nonsense, it all falls under this theme

Thursday, October 13 - AU: All Human: The perennial fave! For any works where Klaus and Caroline are human. Celeb!AUs, Office!AUs, College!AUs… There’s always plenty to choose from!

Friday, October 14 - AU: Canon-ish: Using TVD or TO canon as a jumping off point. PreCanon was requested (Human!Caroline, anyone?) but down the line fix its, or jumping off from any episode you like works too!

Saturday, October 15 - AU: Myths and Legends: For creatures and beings from folklore and myths! For works casting Klaus and/or Caroline as something else. There’s been plenty of cool ones every time this theme happens and I can’t wait to see what comes up this time (but also mermaids…)

Sunday, October 16 - AU: Tropes: A trope is essentially just a common plot device found fanworks and I thought a broad theme to end the week is always nice. I had suggestions for things like Crime!AU, Superhero!AU and Royalty!AU (Mates is also hugely popular and encouraged!) and all those things fit the trope theme. Peruse this list at fanlore for inspiration if you’d like! There are tons of options.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! The ask box is open for questions of course and I’ll check the klarolineauweek tag daily so pop any prompt requests or previews there and I’ll reblog.

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Could you perhaps write Klaroline "You're ticklish." please??

“You’re ticklish.“ 

AN: Of course I can! Thanks for the ask and I hope you like it ;)

Sharing an eternity with someone is…peculiar.

Throughout the decades, Caroline has travelled through bustling cities and quaint little towns, cruised oceans and trekked the mountains. She has tasted the art, the culture, the music, sometimes alone, sometimes with the taste of him spicing the flavour up.

Having experienced so much and still craving more, there’s one thing Caroline loves to learn more than anything else.


One by one, her fingers itch to peel the layers off.

Furious. Goofy. Bloody. Ravenous. Broody. Caring. Murderous.

But as one of them falls off, he seems to don a few more.

Good and ugly, she wants, needs to lick and taste it all.

And sometimes, there are these moments that made eternity sound like the vibrant tone of her laugh. They feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon, one you spend lounging in bed, only soft sighs and sweat and afternoon breeze cooling the bodies off.

Her hand smoothing the invisible creases along his skin, fingertips dancing between the ribs and then, a delightful surprise.

“You’re ticklish.” Her voice carries amusement that breaks into sweet little chuckles.

“I am not,” Klaus sounds so gravely offended, it only makes her laugh more.

Swiftly, she runs her hands along his sides and watches closely.

There it is. An almost unnoticeable flinch of a muscle and then he winces when it’s clear that she saw.

Yet he denies, “Even if I am a tad tingly, it’s only from the blood loss, love. Someone was feeling rather thirsty today, after all.” Looking so damn smug, he throws his arms over his head, realizing that he’s exposed himself perfectly just a second too late.

Caroline lunges in a full attack and then it’s all uncontrolled laughter and bites and scrapes and more blood, until they’re tangled mess of two bodies but they seem like one.

Her interest piqued so when he takes his fill of her, she checks.

It’s only from the blood loss, love.

What a load of nonsense.

He’s actually ticklish.

Jumping on him for a second round, Caroline marvels in that wonder of the day.

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How does it feel knowing that Cami will always be known as the only girl in 1000 years who changed Klaus and he'll always remember her and carry her and what she taught him + remember her as the most important girl ever even when he's with Caroline?

In Hope’s letter, Klaus said that the only regret he has is being away from her meaning he doesn’t care about Caroline and being away from her and not being there if she’s in trouble.

How does it feel knowing that they only killed Cami so Klaroline could happen? I mean it’s not convicidence that they killed Cami and now Julie’s all Caroline could be his next love interest. They had to kill Cami for Klaroline to even happen again.

Oh my god…this was a trainwreck from start to finish.

Imagine being so blatantly insecure about your choice of fictional allegiance that you ultimately don’t believe even half of the shit you spout, because if you did, you wouldn’t feel the need to be here? Like I’m so—

Pero yeah, we can play this game. To the first message, I feel nothing, cause even on Klami’s best day that wasn’t even remotely true. Heaps of canon characters have had their effect on Klaus, and Cami, ranks at the bottom of the barrel. Having Klaus do certain actions that the narrative later attempts to attribute to Cami in a throw away line, despite him having acted similarly before, amounts to a big fat zero. I hate to break it to ya, but you can have some words, your ship will never have the proof. Next, 

Also if you’re gonna say shit like “remember her as the most important girl ever even when he’s with Caroline?” then prepare to have it flipped over, because something along the same lines could be said on our end. Klaus set-up a potential impending eternity with Caroline, a person whom he’s willing to take great risk for, a canon re-enhanced factor shown just as recently as the most recent seasons. So then on that note, how does it feel knowing that throughout Klami’s entirety she was merely a stepping stone till he get’s to Caroline? 

And that’s not a point I’m trying to make, cause I ship my ship for what it is, and has ten times over proven to provide for both characters. I’m not trying to loophole my ship as the winner, because narratively for me, it already is. That’s why I ship it. Granted it’s not exactly a reach, but I don’t need to make that point to amp up my ship, it does that plenty well on it’s own. I’m merely stating that by your logic, your premise holds no ground.

“Klaus said that the only regret he has is being away from her meaning he doesn’t care about Caroline and being away from her and not being there if she’s in trouble.”

Kay, so I know given by what you’ve already written that you like to twist shit to your favor, but that’s straight up a mess—and false. 

Klaus and Caroline parted ways, with their already established canon prior to this, potentially setting up a continuation of their relationship some many years, decades even, down the line. So how about you stop being bitter that your ship is garbage, and at the very least try and spin some shit to spout that makes sense and is backed up by the narrative, so that you can stop wasting my time.

Klaus schemed to get himself locked up, and in the best interest of his family, willingly parted from them. Thus his regret to that sacrifice (the one with the sole purpose of aiding his family) was that he wouldn’t be there for his kid. How that equates to him not giving af about Caroline is the most bizarre reach, that if you weren’t such a mess, I’d find it impressive. 

Also if you reaaaally wanna play this game, we can. Because in canon, TO canon mind you, in 3x14 after Klaus has been weakened by his sireline being broken, and coming to the realization that his enemies could now try and get rid of him cause their life is no longer tied to his, one of the very first things he does is ensure, that Caroline is being done right by.

Klaus cares about Caroline a great deal, always has, and given his inclination to help in 7x14 despite the great risk getting involved presented to his family, he always will. So you was out here trying it, and just like your ship—it flopped. 

Klaroline needed Cami to die? Kay well in 7x14 your girl was alive and well, in all her blissful stupidity. Klaus brought Stefan to NOLA, jeopardizing everyone’s safety, including your fave’s, not even for Caroline in the flesh, but rather to give her one less thing to worry about like several states away. We didn’t need shit from your girl. It’s not our fault her irrelevance finally caught up to her. 

Thanks for playing.

Heyyyy so this is my first attempt at a angsty klaroline drabble. Firstly I want to say a huge thanks to @recklessnesspersonified for helping me to write the more angsty part of this, I couldn’t of done with out her help so be sure to go check her out and check out her fics :D

Also warning of major character death!

When Caroline moved to London in 1935 with her mother and father, falling in love was something she thought wouldn’t happen but it did. Klaus Mikaelson had stolen her heart and she in return stole his. So when he asked her to marry him in 1938, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. 

It took a little over a year for Caroline to fall pregnant with her and Klaus’s first child in 1939 and nothing could take away the utter joy the two shared. Nothing until the day war was declared on September 1st 1939. War had been declared on Germany by Britain and France after the invasion of Poland.

Caroline had tried to convince Klaus not to join the war but he was set on joining. He assured her that he would be safe, he was joining the RAF and would be miles away from ground fighting and that nothing could beat the British air force.

It didn’t take long for the Nazis to invade France using their blitzkrieg warfare, when the news reached England that Paris had fallen to the Nazis Caroline started to worry, she was eight months pregnant with the threat of invasion on the doorstep, Klaus assured her that the Germans would never reach English soil and she believed him. 

Then the London blitz began, the German Luftwaffe began dropping their bombs on London, Caroline had received a letter from Klaus informing her that he had already shot down six enemy aircraft and was the first fighter ace in his squadron. Surprisingly that gave her a small comfort, as it turned out he was born to fly planes so she had the knowledge that he at least knew what he was doing.

Klaus was given a short amount of leave when Caroline gave birth to their baby boy. It was the happiest moment of her and Klaus’s life when she gave birth. Little Henry Mikaelson was the splitting image of Klaus but he had his mothers nose and eyes. With the blitz getting worse Klaus bought a property out in the country side to keep Caroline and their child safe. Everything in that moment was perfect for Caroline and then suddenly it wasn’t.

It was a sunny day when the knock on her front door came, little Henry was asleep upstairs and Caroline was having a morning tea with her mother. When she opened it she saw a man in uniform standing there with a chaplain. His officers hat in his hand, a sad look on his face.

“Mrs Mikaelson?” The officer asked.

“Yes.” Caroline replied her voice sounding scared.

“I’m sorry to inform you Mrs Mikaelson but at 6am this morning your husband Niklaus was shot down during an air raid on London, he didn’t make it.” The officer said. 

“No, nope he’s not, he can’t be.” Caroline said, her voice was shaky, tears already falling from her eyes as she fell to her knees. “He sent me a letter the other day, he promised me that he was coming home.” Caroline choked out between her tears before she ran to get the letter.

“See, here, read it, he said he was coming home.” Caroline said as she become consumed with hysteria, shoving the letter into the hands of the officer, but he just looked at her as if she lost her mind.  "Read it damn it, he promised, he promised me.“ Caroline cried out.

Caroline was to consumed with her world falling apart that she didn’t notice her mother come up to her. She unconsciously fell into her mother’s arms, gripping onto her as if her life depended on it, Liz’s shirt soaking up Caroline’s tears.

"I’m sorry Mrs Mikaelson, I wish it were different, we found his plane, his body was inside, I know it doesn’t help but he died a hero protecting his country.” The officer told her sadly.

“No, no, no, no, no, you’re lying, he survived, I know he did.” Caroline managed to get out.

“Caroline sweetie, look at me.” Liz said to her daughter as her own eyes began to well up with tears for her daughter.

“Mommy, tell me he’s not gone, tell me he’ll be coming home.” Caroline said with the voice of a scarred child.

“He’s gone Caroline, I’m so sorry but he’s gone.” Liz said with a heavy heart.

Hearing it from her mother is what made Caroline believe what she had been told about Klaus. He was gone and he would never come back. That’s when her world went black and she felt herself slip into unconsciousness.


“Look mommy!” Henry shouted out as he hung upside on the monkey bars with a smile that was so much like his fathers.

“Wow Henry, that’s really impressive.” Caroline replied.

Five years later, Caroline’s heart still hurt from the loss of Klaus, she knew she wouldn’t love anyone again, she couldn’t, but what should could do was be strong for herself and her son. She would make sure her son grew up to be a good man just like his father was.


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