tears fell like heavy raindrops
she didn’t want to believe it
all this time someone else’s hand
had been entangled with the love of her life
all the memories of him came back like a rushing wind
and she wondered how she could have missed it
she buried her hands in her face
left to pick up the pieces
from a love
she thought
would last
—  kl poems

“Kl**ce is a healthy ship!”

Uh. Considering all the malicious intent whenever they bicker, and a rivalry that was solely created on L’s part without any consent from K, I highly doubt that. It’s really only healthy in fanon, but canon highly suggests otherwise. Oh, wait… but people romanticize the abuse in fics and art regarding the two all the goddamn time. So maybe not. :)

“Sha**ura is a healthy ship!”

True, but no one is even questioning that. It’s just super heteronormative and boring af. :/ A is a strong, independent princess, who don’t need no man.

anonymous asked:

Do u ever think klance will become Canon in the show? Because even though I strongly disagree, a lot of people believe that "kid" shows shouldn't have homosexual relationships and that it's too mature for younger kids. But I honestly just can't ignore the signs and hints about how lance and Keith really feel about each other 😫😭

Like as much as I love kl/anc/e and as much as I want it to become canon, I can’t be too sure myself? Like I know Studio Mir is animating and they animated LOK and it ended with korr/asami but that was mostly on bryke’s part. 

Since it’s a Netflix original, I feel like Dreamworks should have more free creative reign, but (scratches chin) I can’t really jump the gun, yanno???

I definitely get u anon! Same-sex relationships are not “too mature” for kids, but lately lgbt relationships in shows have been more cameos than anything (like two dads in the background or a briefly skimmed introduction of a same-sex couple), and seeing a relationship actually grow from their interactions would be so great ;_; showing kids that two teenage boys can fall in love, they can have a not so “picture perfect” beginning. Because I don’t want young kids who are starting to know themselves only see these types of relationships as “mature.” All relationships are about growing together, and seeing Keith and Lance grow together would be wonderful

sure is exhausting how kl@nces keep suddenly acting like huge victims over the fact that not Every Single Person likes/is comfortable with it and claiming the ONLY reason anyone could dislike it is because theyre a disgusting pedo shipper or a racist when it’s like

actually i can’t not associate it with my repeated experiences with being hesitant and conflicted and push-pull about entering relationships with crushes bc my abuse makes me feel like im too Much and too broken to pursue them, and then sexually self-harming with them which is damaging for both people

but go off i guess

am-bient replied to your post “Okay sorry but I don’t read the books but I’ve been hearing about…”

do you think there’s a possibility that dany & aegon could end up teaming up after some initial conflict? just that currently the story seems predictable (they fight/he dies/KL burns/she teams up with jon/she or jon dies) but i’ve never found GRRM to be predictable! i just feel there has got to be some twist still yet to come…

Sorry, I only saw this now. No, I don’t really see Aegon surviving his meeting with Dany. It’s the prophecies that make me think he is doomed. They are basically a description of what’s going to happen:

  • A cloth dragon swayed on poles amidst a cheering crowd. -> Dany will recognize Aegon as the mummer’s dragon as soon as she sees him
  • Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun’s son and the mummer’s dragon. Trust none of them. -> She will never trust him, so I don’t see how a team-up could be possible
  • A cloth dragon on poles,“ Dany explained. "Mummers use them in their follies, to give the heroes something to fight. -> She will fight him
  • Mother of dragons, slayer of lies -> And she will slay him

Out of the things you mentioned (they fight/he dies/KL burns/she teams up with jon/she or jon dies), I think Dany defeating Aegon is the most likely to happen. The rest are just wild guesses, I wouldn’t call them predictable tbh. And honestly, I think a lot of things are only predictable for us on the internet overanalyzing everything and exchanging theories every day lol. Even Aegon being revealed as an impostor is not supposed to be predictable.

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I see a lot of fanfics where Lyanna survive and Ned and Benjen are completely fine with her. Like I know the overwhelming emotion will be happiness that their sister is alive but I think both Ned and Benjen will be really pissed off at her at first. Her actions led to Rickard and Brandon's deaths not to mention countless others and I think they'll view it as actions of a child. Obviously when the anger subsided they'll be overjoyed at the sight of her but I think that would be their response

Yeah, I definitely agree that they would be angry at first. Although,  I admit I - myself - often forget to add in the anger and just go straight for the loving reunion. I think it has to do with more of everyone writing it as Ned and Benjen just being more relieved that they don’t have bury another family member mixed with the fact that, yes Brandon and Rickard went to KL to get her back, but it was more the doing of the mad king being….well…mad that got them killed. But yeah, realistically, they would be angry and harsh to her for a little while before embracing their little sister.

OF COURSE, we’re only talking about the stories where Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar willingly. For the ones where she WAS kidnapped, then it would make sense that Ned and Benjen would be nothing but loving toward her.

Keith/Lance Dynamic

Alright so the majority of anti-klancers that I’ve seen claim that they don’t like kl/ance because their relationship is “abusive.” I’m here to tell you all that this claim is complete and utter petty bullshit, and the relationship between Keith and Lance is completely healthy. I’m going to capitalize on their symbolic roles as fire and water, because it’s important to understanding their relationship and also I find it interesting as hell.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Right off the bat we can tell that these two don’t like each other. Or more like, Lance doesn’t like Keith and Keith literally does not care. He doesn’t even remember who Lance is at first.

See. Keith literally doesn’t care. He’s just there to rescue Shiro and doesn’t have any strong feelings towards the other three. For now.

As the episode progresses, however, we get to see more of Lance and Keith butting heads.

Keywords: Lance and Keith. A lot of anti-klancers like to say that Lance is the abuser in this situation, but fail to recognize that it’s mutual arguing. (so, y’know, casual colorism). And more importantly, nothing abusive is ever said between the two. They never rip on anything personal or get physical with each other. How you guys manage to pull “abuse” out from childish banter between rivals is the epitome of grasping at straws.

On to episode two.

Throughout this episode we get to see the dynamic between the two, and it’s literally like fire and water. They’re complete opposites and can’t help but rub each other in all the wrong ways.

Competing against the other to prove themselves.

Taking jabs at each other.

They make a really bad team don’t they?

But listen, that’s the point. Keep in mind how this dynamic fits into the theme of the episode. Five people are put together, seemingly at random, to become defenders of the universe. It’s not just Keith and Lance who are struggling. This episode is about all of them learning how to come together as a team. Lance and Keith are especially resistant to each other but that’s what makes their dynamic so gratifying. Fire and water naturally have a turbulent relationship, but by the end of this episode—and the series— we get to see them make real progress towards becoming a team!

Wow, two people who hate each others’ guts are smiling and laughing together, having a good time? Maybe that’s because they don’t actually hate each other. Their personalities (again, remember fire and water symbolism) don’t match, so they argue and resist each other. But if they really hated each other, this could never happen, and not to mention, they wouldn’t even be able to form Voltron if they truly hated each other.

From this point on, we know Lance and Keith do not actually hate each other. Now we really get to see their relationship develop.

Look at that they’re having a normal conversation. Almost as if they could stand each other. Keith’s face tooootally screams “I hate you Lance.”

And look at this: the two sitting next to each other and eating, even though they could literally sit in any chair they wanted to.

Aaaaaaany chair they wanted to. Any chair.

And when they’re celebrating with the Arusians:

This entire exchange is that between friends. No animosity whatsoever. Compare to episode one when they couldn’t even look at each other without scowling. More Progress!! They’ve come pretty far in learning to get along.

Speaking of getting along: And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for!! The Bonding Moment!

Keith goes to check on Lance (because, what?? he cares about Lance’s well-being? Yeah he does) and to help him up.

Except nope he just fucking kneels beside him and holds his hand.

And here you have it!! Lance fully and shamelessly admits that he cares about their relationship. He’s genuinely happy that they could work together and succeed, and he says this all while holding Keith’s hand.

Here have more of it!!! Keith as we already know is a man of few words. But he feels the same way as Lance. He’s also happy that they could work together as a team. Do these two guys, smiling and supporting each other, look like the faces of hatred and abuse? The exact opposite, actually.

Next episode and we’re confirmed way past the apathy of their first encounter.

Remember when Keith only cared about rescuing Shiro and didn’t want anything to do with Lance? Well look at him now. Look how impatient he is to see Lance get better. Allura has to scold him because he’s getting annoying about Lance.

commence pout.

And then we get this scene. We’re reminded that even though they do care for each other, they still have that competitive dynamic. They’re fire and water, so it’s only natural. Ah, rivalry.

More rivalry.


At this point they’re competing to see who did the most for each other. It’s still a competition, but a strange, warm kind of rivalry. And they don’t even notice.

And then Lance got played by Nyma and the team has to go rescue his gullible ass. Let’s take a look at Keith.

Does this look like the face of hate??

Does it look like these two hate each other in any way shape or form??

They’re bantering—of course they are—but it’s playful banter. Look at how much fun they have teasing each other. Where do you see abuse in this?

And then in the Balmera these two actually work together. Without arguing.

Keith is even smiling at this development!

Look how far they’ve come!! Remember when I said their fire and water dynamic was important? Here’s why:

Fire and water are opposites. Lance and Keith are opposites. Their relationship is rocky and they don’t always get along—as we see at the very beginning—but we get to witness their monumental development from being the opposites who couldn’t stand being in the same room together to the opposites who compliment each other and when they work together, make a really good team.

That’s the beauty of symbolism and rivalry, people. They might bicker and get on each others’ nerves sometimes, but it’s undeniable that they’ve formed a strong bond and do care about each other.

You don’t find the rivalry dynamic interesting? Fine. You don’t interpret any of this as romantic? That’s cool, too. But to say Lance and Keith hate each other, that their relationship is abusive, is obscenely far from the truth and trivializes the trauma that real abuse survivors have suffered through. Real abuse is disturbing and damaging. Competition between companions is not. You can have your reasons for not shipping klance but stop with the abuse bullshit, because it’s insensitive and completely unfounded.

i love kl//ance so much but the shippers are starting to become Those Shippers that refuse to acknowledge or differentiate fanon vs canon dynamics in their relationship, and are starting to majorly mischaracterize them for the sake of shipping them with a “better” dynamic, and are putting down other ships to make kl//ance look better

please if you notice yourself doing any of these things take a dang step back and breathe don’t make kl//ance That Ship that ruins shipping for people within the fandom please please don’t