Turns out that my *bright idea* of going all the way to Manchester for a book signing the day after Elliott and I moved in to our new flat in Leeds payed off after all!

I loved the little section in Louise’s book about moving in to your first flat with your partner. I was having a well earned sit down with the book after unpacking a ton of boxes and came across this bit and it felt like she was in the room with me!!! And lots of good advice in there that was heeded - especially about storage! :) :)

The rest of the book is lovely too - me & El are itching to try some of the ‘un baking’ recipes in our new kitchen and I’m definitely going to paint the inside of some jars to keep *important things* (read: junk) in.

Also it was lovely to see Louise again so soon, though I fear that I may forever be known to her as 'the girl who’s boyfriend I told to propose’ 😳