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“Two Weeks”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A narrative that explores how Steve copes after your tragic death.

notes: implied character death (reader), a failed attempt at writing sad things

A/N: thank you to @buckyywiththegoodhair​ for beta-reading this mess. i adore you, and god rest this old bitch’s soul.

One week has passed since you left New York for a month-long guest curatorship in Germany. Before leaving, you kissed Steve goodbye and promised to return in one piece.

One week has passed since HYDRA agents infiltrated the museum. They put the entire museum on lockdown, claiming it had World War II documents that were essential to the HYDRA agenda. Even the Avengers wouldn’t stop their mission to obtain these documents, they declared.

One week has passed since a certain HYDRA agent recognized your face from a tabloid, the headline screaming “Captain America Finally Finds Love!” He also deduced your title as one of the United States’ leading experts on Nazi Germany. It was the perfect coincidence.

One week has passed since HYDRA attempted to use you as a bargaining tool. “Give up the documents, and we’ll let you go back to your precious boyfriend,” they said. Much to their surprise, behind your simple dress and ballet flats was a woman not afraid to kick men in the balls, both figuratively and literally. You proceeded to do the latter.

One week has passed since the Avengers compromised the guards and rescued most of the hostages at the museum. Only one remained, but when it became clear that they’re wouldn’t gain access to any of the documents, HYDRA decided to inflict pain in the best way they knew how - by taking away the remaining innocent life.

One week has passed since your tragic death.
One week has passed since Steve Rogers buried the love of his life.

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Being with Cas (A Drabble Series): Nighttime with Cas

Warning: excessive fluff.

Being with Cas Masterlist

“I think it’s time for bed,” Cas said suddenly from his chair beside you, closing your lore book for you.

You nodded and squealed out a high-pitched “yeeEESSSS” as you stretched, causing Cas to chuckle. 

“Carry me,” you requested softly, your eyes closed while you stood and held your arms out for him.

Cas rolled his eyes and smiled, picking you up easily into his arms as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. 

“You’re like a spider monkey,” he commented in amusement.

You grinned sleepily, burying your face into his neck as he carried you into your shared bedroom and gingerly tucked you into bed. You didn’t bother changing out of your t-shirt and shorts, instead choosing to watch Cas walk around to his side of the bed and strip down to his boxers before sliding into bed beside you.

“Cas,” you said quietly, resting on your side and scooting so that you were nose to nose with him, playing with his fingers as he locked eyes with you.

“Hmm?” he mumbled, interlacing his fingers with yours and kissing the back of your hand. 

“Where do you go at night?” You knew Angels didn’t sleep, and you didn’t expect him to just lay there all night doing nothing. So you got curious; what did he do all those hours you slept?

“I stay here with you,” he responded easily, his nose nuzzling against yours. “You know I enjoy snuggling.”

You smiled widely, sitting up to lean on your elbow. “Cas, you seriously lay next to me for 5+ hours every single night just to cuddle me?” As adorable as it was, you found it slightly hard to believe.

He smiled. “Not every night,” he admitted. “Sometimes I get up and wander around the bunker or do some reading. But I favor being in here with you.”

You hummed contently in response, snuggling up to his chest and sighing happily when he wrapped an arm around your waist. Before you could close your eyes, his free hand went up to your chin, gently tilting your face up so he could kiss you sweetly. 

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

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Imagine Jensen being a nervous goofball at your wedding rehearsal. 

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, mild wedding angst

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic FIFTEEN. The line requested was, The line “Do I really say awesome a lot?” was requested by @iwrotemyownending . It will be highlighted in the fic. I combined it with a gif I just fell in love with.  Hope you enjoy it! It kind of came out of NOWHERE. It’s a little cliche, but I love it. Thanks for celebrating with me!

Feedback Appreciated

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Unwanted (Bucky x reader)

This one is a request by @buckyslocalfarmer and I gladly accepted. I thought it be a really good fic to balance out the angst of Battered and Bruised. (If you love Bucky, then I think you’ll like my series, Battered and Bruised. You can find it here in my masterlist.) 

This turned really smutty really quickly and I’d just like to say that this is my first time writing smut and I’m sorry if it’s bad. I’m gonna work on it. So please forgive me for the cringy writing. 

Request:  Could you do something with Bucky where reader is feeling useless, due to her work, friends or something like that and Bucky comforts her? Something fluffy or hot.

Warnings: SMUT. and cursing

Your boss had asked you to come to his office to tell you something. You were nervous, you had a terrifying boss who gave scowls everyone in the building. Maybe he was promoting you? You honestly had no idea. You came into his office and shut the door behind you. 

“You said you wanted to s-” You were cut off immediately. 

“You’re fired, F/N.” He gave you one of his famous death glares. You had no idea what to say, so you nodded and turned, leaving his office for good. You didn’t understand. You were doing everything that you were supposed to do and you made sure all your deadlines were met, even going as far as to getting them in a few days early. You groaned in frustration as you packed up your things from your cubicle and headed to the car. The rest of the employees peered from their work spaces, their eyes like lasers in your back. You could feel everyone staring at you. 

You snapped. “What the hell do you all want?” When they realized that you could tell they were staring they darted back to your work, acting like they hadn’t done anything at all. 

“That’s what I thought.” You walked out, your blood boiling. When you reached the car, you threw your box of belongings in the back seat and got in. Your car ride was silent. No music. Nothing. You were beyond upset. You felt so useless. Every time you tried to do well, and go above and beyond, they hated you. 

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[REQUEST]- Could you maybe write down the reaction of each BTS member to seeing y/n asleep in their bed? Like she wanted to wait for them to come back but it got really late, so she fell asleep.

I tried :3 Hope you like it! 


He saw your sleeping lump on the bed. “Aigo…” He just got home after a full day of practice. He was worrying about the upcoming concerts and choreo he had to do for the Wings Tour. “Y/N, were you waiting up for me?” He asked while he slid into bed with you. He rested your head on his chest and put his arms around your waist. He felt you snuggle into his body for warmth. “Oppa, you’re home…” And you went back to sleep. Light snores and heavy breathing. He watched you sleep. “How did I get so lucky with you?” It was true, you were so patient with him and his members. You even tried to wait for him every night. But tonight, you were tired and you fell asleep. He gave you a kiss on the head and drifted off into his dreams as well.


He unlocked the door, trying to stay as quiet as possible. He looked at the time on his phone, 3:53AM. He sighed. He promised you he would have been home by 10 at the latest tonight, but practice dragged out longer than he thought. He walked into his bathroom, took a quick shower and came out. He didn’t notice you were on his bed until he sat down and felt your body. His eyes widened. You waited for him the whole time he was at practice. He thought you would’ve gone home by now. He went under the blankets to hold you, he would never admit to you that he was a real cuddler. He smelled the fresh scent of your shampoo in your hair. It was nostalgic.  He was home and drifted off to sleep.


He stumbled into his room, visibly exhausted. It’s been a couple of days since you’ve both seen each other and hung out because of the upcoming tour. Hoseok needed to practice and get everything perfect. You didn’t mind not seeing him. But what you did mind was his health. You wanted to surprise him by visiting, but you didn’t realize that he was going to be home so late. You fell asleep before you saw him on his bed. He walked towards his bed and plopped down and he whacked you with his arm whilst falling down onto his bed. You immediately got up, frightened and started screaming. Hoseok was shocked by the sight, “JAGI, JAGI IT’S ME HOBI!” You stopped and you threw your arms around his neck. You hugged him tightly. You realized he just came back from practice and still smelled like faded cologne and sweat. You urged him to shower and come back to bed with you. He agreed. He came back you were both snoring your lives away.


Namjoon unlocked the door to his room. Being a leader, communicator, producer, and member all at once was starting to stress him out. He really missed having a bit of free time to hang out with you and spend time with you. He’s been practicing nonstop and it’s been tense with the members because they were all exhausted. He rolled onto his bed and felt something under the covers. It was you. Namjoon felt tears pricking his eyes. He had the best girlfriend in the entire world. You didn’t complain about not being with him. You knew that it was his job to be busy all the time. You were his number one fan of course. You were patient and loving. He knew he chose best. He rolled towards you and put his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. “Jagi, I love you.”


Jimin has been feeling particularly tired. He’s been stressed out. All he wanted to do was just destress with you. Watch a movie and cuddle. He missed your laugh and smile. You haven’t been able to see him due to his schedule and your busy schedule as well. You missed him and you went to his apartment and slept in his bed because you missed his scent. You were able to sleep easy for once just by staying there and waiting for him to come back and you would jump him and kiss him to show that you missed him. But due to your exhaustion, you fell asleep. He walked in on you and he swept his hair back and had an evil look on his face. He jumped onto the bed and started giving you sweet little kisses all over your face. “Yah, Park Jimin, I’m sleeping!” He laughed at this. “I know Jagi, I just missed you so much and your face.”


For the past couple of days, Tae has been feeling ridiculously tired. He’s been yawning all over the place. He had to practice for the upcoming concert and he hasn’t had time to even respond to you. He felt a little depressed to know that he couldn’t make time to talk to you. Little did he know, You went by the apartment to drop off some food and clean. After cleaning you were feeling tired and you went to tae’s bed and fell asleep. Later that night, Tae came home to see you on his bed. “JAAAAGIIIIIIIII” He jumped on the bed as if he were 5 years old again. Happy to see you, he koala-hugged you. He had you between his legs and basically crushed the life out of you. “Tae-I know you love me, but I’m losing Oxygen” He sheepishly smiled, “heh, love you.”


He was pacing back and forth to stay awake. Practice was neverending and he knew he had to make it perfect for his fans and his number one gal in his life. Y/N. He loved your antics, and your jokes. He was missing you so much. He hasn’t had any time to talk to you and finally he was able to go home for a bit. Once he got into bed, he realized that there was less space than usual. He took the covers off and saw you sleeping soundly with his jacket on. “This girl.” He started tickling you awake. “Yah, kookie, can’t a girl sleep peacefully?” He started smiling like crazy because he missed you. “Jagiiiiiiyaaaaa, I missed you so much” You stared at him, “I do too, now can we sleep? It’s literally 3 in the morning.”

RFA comforting MC when MC feels neglected

(A/N: This is meant to be headcanons but like, it’s really long. So, it’s more like mini-fics, lol. ^^ Nevertheless, happy reading and enjoy!) 


Yoosung was the type of person who always kept himself busy. When there was nothing, he preoccupied his time by gaming. But now, he spent his time studying and working hard at University to do his best; if not for himself, then you. While you felt proud of him growing up so much in such a little time, especially in order to impress you, you felt lonely. Lately, he had been so busy that he barely talked to you.

And you understood that he didn’t have a choice, you really did. You thought that you should be supportive with his career and not bother him with your emotions. Hence, you kept your unnecessary emotions bottled up.

Until one day, the bottle broke.

And when it did, all the emotions poured out of you like a coke with mentos inside it. You were glad that when this had occurred, you were alone.

Or so, you thought. It had happened that on that day, Yoosung had decided to arrive home early. So, when he came home to find you crying he panicked.

He instantly dropped everything and wrapped his arms around you. He pulled you into a tight hug, and squeezed you tenderly and lovingly.

Despite your protests, he had forced you to tell him what was wrong. And although you felt silly for troubling him with your ‘childish’ issues, the boy shook his head and said just the right words.

“You aren’t a bother, your emotions aren’t a bother no matter how small your issues seem to you. They are never small for me. It’s normal, your emotions are normal so let’s handle this normally by helping you through them.” He had said, before he brought you your favourite food, put your favourite show on, and watched it together with you.

The entire time Yoosung did not release you from his embrace to assure you that he would always be there.


It was a given fact that Zen was a workaholic. After he began dating you, he had decreased his hours of work to make sure that he gave you the time and attention that you deserved. However, recently, he had been offered a new enticing lead role in a musical which he really wanted. The only issue was that the practices for this new role became an enormous commitment. It was not just that. After the release of the musical, it had become a major hit which meant that his work with this project wasn’t finished as he had to attend many fan meet ups and such.

To say that you missed him was an utter understatement. You began to feel insecure as if he did not want to be with you anymore. So, to avoid being in contact with you and not wanting to address the elephant of this situation, you believed that this was why Zen was overworking.

However, your trust in Zen overwhelmed your insecurities. Additionally, you were very reflective of your situations. This helped you remember that Zen was an extremely loyal and honest person. If his intentions were to neglect you on purpose, he would not have pursued a relationship with you in the first place. He loved you too much to do something as petty as what your insecurities had caused you to thought.

However, despite his love, his current actions were still bound to bother you and needed to be dealt with. So, you decided that you would discuss this with him over a cup of tea or so. And when you did, he was incredibly understanding of your situation and told you that he will decrease his work hours.

In the meanwhile, he decided to do other things to make up for the loss time 

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Due to your partnership over the cafe with Jaehee, you two were together all time at work, and at home. You were busy just as much as her, and felt exhausted just as much as she did. However, the only difference was that Jaehee was use to the hectic work life due to working for Jumin prior to the cafe. She was use to the exhaustion: both physically and mentally and dealing it with on her own. However, you, on the other hand, you were not used to working and then living in a way where you did not talk about how you felt throughout the day in a proper face to face conversation with someone.  

These days, Jaehee and you only shared conversations that were about work. Nothing was about yourselves. You were not able to share your thoughts, your feelings, or even have a small conversation which made you feel connected to her as a person. This was beginning to strain you emotionally and the stress that came with it was executed in your behaviour and work practice.

It was on a certain day where it all went wrong. The atmosphere of the cafe was downright sour. Your genuineness of your  customer service felt forced. Everything ticked you off and the work was done poorly. This did not go unnoticed by Jaehee, who had decided to close the cafe early in order to make sure you were okay.

As soon as she even called your name, you broke down crying. This had instantly caused her to enter her mom friend mode. Then, quickly as she could, she made you a cup of your favourite beverage in order to help you calm down, before encouraging you to talk about your feelings. And when you did, she realized that she was treating you somewhat similarly to how Jumin treated her. She instantly apologized and promised to spend more quality time with you as friends and not just as co-workers.


Jumin loved you a lot. For this reason, he tried his best to spend as much time as he could with you. If not only for your sake, but also his. However, lately, he was being bombarded with work constantly. If it was not late nights in at work, it was overbearing meetings. If it was not overbearing meetings, then it would be business trips overseas where he had to stay a few nights. Jumin’s lack of presence caused by this hectic schedule was a normal occurrence. You should’ve been use to it by now.

And you were. You passed your time during his absence perfectly fine. After all, you were not alone. You had Elizabeth the 3rd. You should not be feeling like this.

But you were, and you could not figure out why. This ‘normal’ schedule, did not feel normal anymore. You were beginning to be overwhelmed by loneliness. Additionally, the sorrow and anxiety caused by this continued to increase day by day. You tried to push it away and ignore it, but that just worsened how you felt. When the other RFA members tried to comfort you, or offered  their company instead, you always declined. That’s because it was not their company that you desired, but Jumin’s.

You were not really sure what gave it away. Whether it was the extra longing looks you seemed to direct towards Jumin that made him knew, the RFA members notifying him of your condition, or something else entirely; you did not had to suffer from feeling lonely for too long.

As if he knew it himself, Jumin had automatically decreased the amounts of work that he took on, and started to spend more time with you. You were not complaining, but the sudden change made you curious.

When you asked him about it, he simply smiled at you and wrapped his arms around you. His embrace was nothing but filled with love and warmth. So much that it made you wondered.

Perhaps he was also feeling what you were. After all, soulmates often tend to think alike.


A lot of things required Saeyoung’s attention nowadays. Firstly, he was busy with his work. Secondly, he was trying to rebuild his relationship with Saeran which required a lot of effort and patience. And this took so much out of his time that he barely had any time left to spend it with you. The time he was left with, he spent it sleeping. This was because despite how much he wanted to spend it with you, the fatigue in his body would not let him. After all, as a human, there were only so many nights he could pull an all nighter on without becoming extremely exhausted.

You tried to be understanding of his situation. You tried to ignore your feelings, your needs and put Saeyoung’s needs before yours. But, after all, you were only a human as well. There was only so much time you could spend telling yourself that you didn’t mind it, but in fact you did.

You did not want to seem needy so you did not bother to express your feelings.

However, as if this was a game and Saeyoung had the option to hack into your mind, he eventually figured out that you were missing him. And so, he decided to do what he thought he did best: turn everything into a joke.

He dressed like a gold digger and ordered a Jumin cosplay online that he forced you to wear. As a third party, Saeran was forced to dress like Elly.

When this weird situation commenced, you were extremely confused at what was occurring. You thought it was a weird roleplay kink he wanted to discover. For this reason, it was incredibly uncomfortable to have Saeran standing in a corner and watching you with a stoic face.

Subsequently, Saeyoung began to be incredibly flirtatious towards you and clingy. He began to proclaim his love towards you the way gold diggers did with Jumin. The only difference was that his acting was incredible cringey, but his love was absolutely genuine.

The entire thing was a mess. However, when you busted out laughing with literal sparkles around you, Saeyoung could not be any happier.

Then, finally, he had wrapped himself around you real tightly, before pampering your face with sweet kisses and lecturing you about the importance of talking about your feelings. What a hypocrite lol.

In bed with... Ten


Okay I didn’t even write this, becAUSE I WAS STRESSING FOR TIME AND NEEDED HELP, but thankfully Devina aka @chittaporno was there to save me and I asked her to write this since she loves Ten and shE HAS LITERALLY CREATED A MASTERPIECE  THIS IS THE BEST ONE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES AND IM NOT EVEN JEALOUS srsly pls go and give her a follow and lots of love or ask for some medical advice lmao because this is fucking credible and I’m so blessed to have her write this for me :’-) TYSM AND ILY❤️❤️❤️

In bed with… series:

Originally posted by nctnu

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moral support (jughead x reader)


Pairing: Reader x Jughead

Word Count: 1,141

Request: Jughead imagine where Y/N is proundly a deeply sexual being but despite Jug being ace she falls for him and he likes her too but is worried he can’t give her what she wants but she doesn’t care and fluff and stuff?

When you strode up to Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Jughead who were standing by a cluster of lockers, Veronica’s jaw playfully dropped open wide in a smile. “Girl, your legs look amazing!”

You giggled, “Thanks!” You were proud of your outfit today, meaning you were also proud of your body.

“Seriously, though, you made Reggie’s entire group stare. Must feel weird,” Betty laughed also.

“No, it actually feels pretty good.” You winked, opening your locker.

Kevin nudged your shoulder. “As good as the bassist from the Foals?”

You laughed as you took a binder out of your locker. “Oh no, nothing will ever compare.”

“The bassist from the Foals?” Jughead asked, arms crossed, leaning against the locker behind you.

“She never told you?” Veronica asked.

Jughead’s expression changed to one you couldn’t mark, uncrossing his arms and putting his hands in his pockets “I— Well—”

You closed your locker and rested a hand that wasn’t cradling your binder on his arm. “It’s okay, Juggie, I just figured since you were asexual and all, maybe you wouldn’t want to hear about my… sex life.”

“Well, I mean it’s not like— I can still hear about it.” Jughead explained defensively. “Every ace is different. For me it’s just… not a big deal.”

“That’s kinda…” Kevin tilted his head, speaking slowly.

“It’s fine!” You interrupted, grabbing Jug’s hand with your free one, pulling him away from any further interrogation. You knew Kevin was going to say something along the lines of weird, or freaky, and you didn’t want Jughead thinking he was anything like that, because he wasn’t. “Gotta go guys!” You called back, already halfway down the hallway.

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Day 6

Imagine Kissing Jace

For My Jace Lovers ;)

You’ve never been a stellar fighter but you have talent in healing and persuasion so you were allowed to stay at the Institute. You could have been asked to leave if you didn’t serve enough use to it.

Soon you became a favored member of the Institute due to the fact you patched up the fighters privately at all hours and never spoke a word to the Clave about unsanctioned missions.


“So the invincible prince can be harmed?” you tease as Jace drags himself into the infirmary. Most times you have to drag him in while he insists his mortal wound is only a scratch. Lately though he’s come in by himself. “Back again Jace? What happened this time?”

“Ravenor scratch,” he grunts and flops onto his usual bed.

“What? Jace! Those are bad!” you exclaim and start rooting through your cupboards to find the antidote. “How long?”

“Hour, maybe more,” he groans.

“Not long, okay that’s good,” you sigh in relief finally finding the drug and going to his bedside. “Already used the healing rune I presume.”

“Course,” he mumbles and holds his arm up for you. The ravenor got him deep right on his arm. Holding his arm with one hand you bite the cork off the antidote bottle and hold it up.

“This will sting,” you warn and he nods. You pour the antidote into the wound and quickly press a clean gauze on top. Jace hisses and recoils from your grip but you hold him tight. Being a medic you do have the strength to hold your patients down. “Now in case the antidote doesn’t get into your blood stream from your wound fast enough you have to drink it too.”

“Damn,” he swears but takes the bottle and chugs the rest down. Once it’s gone he slams it down and lays back on the bed. “You’re a good healer.”

“I try my best,” you reply.

“You’re better than the others we’ve had. You’re funnier, you’re a badass, and not to mention you’re way more attractive,” he muses confidently and you blush.

“Jace Wayland are you flirting with me?” you accuse and laugh lightly. Truth be told you’ve always had eyes for the blood demon hunter.

“Yes,” he answers and reaches up with his good hand to cup your face. “I’ve tried to stay away but I can’t anymore.”

“Then don’t,” you whisper and lean in to kiss him softly.

Jace kisses with a gentle ferocity and holds your face close. It’s sweet and passionate.

Pulling away for a second you smile at him.

“No more of that now, you need bed rest. Doctors orders.” Jace cackles and you peck him quickly before pulling the sheet over and tucking him in. “Rest.”

Birthday: Part 2 (Bucky x reader)

Hey my lovelies. I’m so glad that I made it through this Tuesday in one piece. I’m tired, but that’s okay. I hope you all had a good day and that you sleep well. I love you all, xoxo

Description: You celebrate Bucky’s birthday by sending him on a scavenger hunt throughout the city, which ends in a big surprise.

Warnings: SMUT. Unprotected sex. 

Part 1


Bucky looked up at the staircase and saw the very last of your dress go up the stairs. He waited for the twenty minutes, the love and want in his eyes growing darker with every passing minute. When the clocked ticked to 11:30pm, he excused himself from the party, telling everyone he would be back. He slipped upstairs, taking a quick look in the mirror. Once he found himself looking presentable, he walked down the hallway to your shared room. He knocked on the door, the sound slightly echoing through the hallway. 

“Come in.” Your sweet voice chimed through the door. Bucky slowly opened the door to find you laying on the bed, wearing nothing but a F/C lace bra and matching panties. He feasted his eyes on your beautiful body, taking in every curve of your body. 

“Damn.. you’re so beautiful.” He was speechless as you gave him a soft smile and slowly got up from the bed. You sauntered across the room and placed your hands on his shoulders, slowly moving them down his chest. You began unbuttoning his shirt, tugging it down to bring his lips to yours. His lips were full and soft, perfectly molding to yours. He breathed against your lips, sending shivers down your spine. You tossed his shirt across the room, breaking the kiss and running your fingers over his body. You glanced up at him, batting your eyelashes as you unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. 

“Happy birthday, baby.” You gave him a small smile before going on your toes to kiss him. He held you by the small of your back, his cool metal hand against your fiery skin. He deepened the kiss, and you could feel every ounce of passion behind it. You began to walk backwards towards the bed, pulling Bucky along. Just before you were about to fall on the bed; you spun around, pushing him against the mattress. You stared at his toned muscles, thinking about how good he always looked in heather gray boxers. His gaze met yours, those gorgeous blue eyes piercing through you. You bit your lip, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth. You mouthed an “I love you” as you stood at the end of the bed, with Bucky laying across it, his hands folded behind his head. He gave you a genuine smile and mouthed it back as you crawled on top of him, straddling his hips. You leaned down and pressed your lips against his, pouring yourself into it. 

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A Life You Deserve (John Wick x Reader)

Originally posted by giantmonster

Who ever thought that The Boogeyman could fall in love. 

SPOILER FREE FIC consisting of 100% sappy fluff. 

A very loose Part II to this (x) – though it can easily be read on its own. 

John lay on his side next to you. His eyes were closed. His body was relaxed. His breathing was steady. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was just a man lulled into a slumber because it was a basic, human need. Instead, you marveled at the fact that the Boogeyman slept.

Instances like these were so rare. In the year you’d been with him, you’d only been able to spend  a handful of nights together, and you’d learned to treasure every moment. Perhaps that was why you could never sleep when he was by your side. He always looked so vulnerable, and even in the safety of The Continental, you still felt the need to watch over him. You’d grown to love John more than you could comprehend, and with that love came the constant need to keep him safe. Naturally, he’d assure you that he was perfectly fine—usually as the Continental’s doctor administered him sutures after a job—then change the subject. But you were stubborn, so if he wasn’t going to let you protect him while he was awake, then you’d do it when he was unconscious and had no say in the matter.

In the mornings, he went right back to real life. There was no groggy twilight to ease him in. It was always an alarm jolting his eyes open, and by the second time it buzzed, he’d be sitting up mumbling some variation of “I’m awake, I’m awake” irately at the offending clock. Then he’d turn his attention to you, most likely still asleep, and lay back down to pull you against his body. His arms would snake around you. His lips would graze your neck. It was time to switch roles. He was the protector once again, and you were his porcelain doll. Fragile. Captivating. He told you this on a regular basis. And you believed it to be true. John wasn’t one to say things he didn’t mean. He didn’t like to waste words.

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fuck me up p2

Daddy kink/kitten/angst in a way?/public sex/unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)/degrading a bit

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“Y/N!” your manager squeaked as she ran in, her arms wrapped around your body before you could take off the headphones.

“You and Daveed are number two on the charts!” she screeched, your mouth hung open as you looked out the window to Daveed. Your arms wrapped around your manager quickly as your eyes watered.

This is one of the first times you had been on top in a long time, it wasn’t that your music was bad you just always took it off of iTunes and Google Music.

You unwrapped yourself and walked out of the booth, hugging Daveed once you were out. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist and your heart beat quickened.

You had been in a secret fling with Daveed since the night at the restaurant, it had been exactly seven months since that night and you couldn’t be happier. Of course your crew, friends, family and managers knew, they had to know but they had to swear that they wouldn’t tell anyone.

He let go of you and kissed your forehead, the managers and crew ‘aw’ing at the sweet gesture. Your face blushed deeply before letting go of him.

“I’ve got to finish.” You whispered to him and he nodded, and pecked your lips as you walked back into the booth. You smiled at Daveed as you set the headphones on your head, the music starting again.

You rapped the lyrics you and Daveed had written only months prior to this certain day. His heart melted as he watched you do the thing you loved.

Well, the other thing you loved doing.

When Y/N was out of the booth she sat on Daveed’s lap and listened to the track. Your phone vibrated against your butt, making you shuffle uncomfortably and Daveed to moan loudly.

“Stop that, babygirl.” he whispered in your ear, you bite your lip and turned your head to look back at him. “Shh,” you hushed and shuffled again. His hands squeezed your hips as he kissed the spot behind your ear. “I’m serious. If you don’t daddy will punish you.” your breath got caught in your throat, choking softly.

You lifted yourself from his lap and took your phone from your back pocket. You checked the nonsense that was being thrown around Twitter.

Some of the supporters you had followed were tweeting you and Daveed like you two just killed a man.

@KillmeDaveed: ARE YOU AND @Y/T/U DATING? @DaveedDiggs

Your eyebrows knitted together.

Well, of course the two of you were dating but Jesus, nobody was suppose to know.

@Million(Your and Daveeds ship): THEY’RE FINALLY TOGETHER!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

*Picture attachment*

You clicked the picture and looked at it. It was a picture of you and Daveed. It was from a long time ago, it was from the first award show you had gone with each other. His hand was interlocked with yours and you both were looking up at each other. It was a picture you had taken right before you all left. You looked so happy.

“What are you looking at?” Daveed asked as you rested back in his lap, “A picture.” You mumbled and looked behind you.

“How do you think everyone would act if we told the fans that we’re dating?” you asked, his eyes met with yours and he kissed your nose.

“I’m not sure. Of course, we would get hate but so many people love you so I think they’d be happy for us.” He reassured you, a smile spread across your face as he spoke.

“Good because I think they have an idea.” you turned your head to look back at your phone, “What?” he asked with a laugh, you looked for the tweet again and clicked on it. You turned and showed Daveed, his face read over the tweet before he took your phone from your hands and clicked the picture.

He smiled at it before kissing your cheek. “Should we tell them?” he asked, you shrugged and stuck your hand out for your phone. He gave you your phone as you lifted from his lap. “Do you want to tell them?” you asked and he nodded. “Then I guess we’ll tell them,” you smiled and grabbed his hand, trying to lift him from his chair.

His body raised from the chair and his arms wrapped around you. He hands lingered to your butt as he looked down at you, his hands roughly squeezed it roughly. You bite your lip and began to speak.

“I’m hungry, can you take me to get something to eat?” you asked with a pout playing at your lips, he smiled and leaned down, pecking your lips.

You lead him to the car and scooted yourself in it, you looked at him as he went into the other side. He backed out and drove away, his hands met yours as you smiled widely. “What do you want to eat?” he asked, you shrugged.

“Sonic?” you asked as turned your body to his, he smiled and nodded. His hand left yours and met with your thigh, “Daveed,” you warned and looked at him, “Not now.” you mumbled, a smirk playing at his lips as his hand traveled further up your body.

“I’m serious,” you whined as his hand went higher, “Are you sure?” he asked, you nodded. “Is that why you were teasing me infront of everyone?” he asked, your breath caught in your throat as you opened your mouth.

“I don’t know what you mean,” you mumbled and he smiled, “You don’t?” he asked with a chuckle. “I’m sure.” you nodded and looked out the window.

“Hm,” he hummed as he pulled into the drive thru. “What do you want?” he asked, you gave him a ‘you-know-what-i-want’ look as he chuckled and ordered.

“Oh my God! You’re Daveed Diggs and Y/N Y/L/N!” the girl at the window screeched, a smile grew on both of your faces as she handed you the food. “Can I take a picture?” she asked, you both nodded. You unbuckled your seatbelt and scooted closer to Davved. Your hand went around to his chest, resting it on his heart. You smiled and sat your head on his shoulder.

The girl quickly snapped the picture and awed. “You two should date!” she screeched, you looked at Daveed, a huge smile spreading across both of your faces. “Is there-” the girl cut herself off with a squeal.

“You’re dating?” she asked, you both nodded and she squealed again, “Okay, we have people behind you, I- Oh my God! Thank you for the picture!” she jumped around a bit as you drove off.

You took a fry and ate it, your eyes meeting his body as he drove. The way his biceps bulged when he squeezed the wheel and the way he would bite his lip when a  sexual song would come on

You finished the remainder of the food, as he pulled into the apartment you both shared. “I can’t believe how excited she got when she saw us,” you began, Daveed nodded and got out of the car, waiting for you to do the same.

You started walking to the apartment, your hands reaching back for Daveeds. He happily took your hands in his, interlocking your fingers with his.

“Can i see your keys?” you asked and looked behind you, he smiled and nodded handing them to you, you smiled and unlocked the door, going straight to the bathroom.

One week later and the both of you were getting ready for an award show. You had done your makeup and hair before putting on the black and gold fitted dress. You smoothed it out and put on the black heels you had set out.

“You look so hot,” Daveed said, making your smiled widely. “You don’t think this dress is too much?” you asked and looked at your cleavage. “My boobs basically pop out.” you told him, he smiled and walked to you, his hands wrapped around your waist.

“You’re stunning.” he kissed your temple, “And you looking the way you do, just make you lucky tonight, kitten.” you smiled and giggled. “I’m already lucky, daddy.” you teased, he stiffened at the nick name and kissed your neck before he walked away. “We’ve got to go or we’re going to be late.” he mumbled, you nodded and grabbed your phone, walking out of the shared bedroom and out of the apartment, Daveed following you.

You walked down the carpet, your hands interlocked with his. You both stopped quickly as someone started to ask you questions.

“How long have you been together?” the reporter asked, you looked at Daveed as he looked at you “Half a year, i believe.” you responded, “And are you guys thinking of making a family?” they asked, both your and Daveed’s eyebrows knitted.

“Uh, we like to live in the now and not in the future.,” Daveed said pausing, “But if we did end up pregnant then yes, we’d start a family.” you nodded and smiled up at Daveed, his hand leaving yours to wrap his arm around your waist.

“I think we should get going,” Daveed nodded towards the entrance to the award show, you nodded and smiled at the people before walking off.

Daveed’s hand travelled down to your butt as he squeezed it like he’s done so many times before, you looked up at him and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him towards you. You set your lips next to his ear before whispering ‘Not here, daddy.’

His lips turned into a smirk, he moved so he was standing straight again. “I think we should, kitten.” you shook your head and leaned onto him, he smiled and started to guide you to your seat.

You both sat down as the lights dimmed and people started talking, you looked at saw the cast of Hamilton was sitting beside the two of you, you smiled at Lin before setting your head on Daveed’s shoulder as they started giving out awards.

“And best album goes to,” there was a soft pause before an audible gasp was sounded, “Daveed and Y/N!” she shouted, you smiled at Daveed and lifted yourself from the chair before walking out and into the aisle. You kissed Daveed once he was out of the aisle of chairs before the both of you walked up on stage, hand in hand.

“Oh God,” you smiled widely as you looked among the people and stared at Daveed. “If you would of told me that i was going to be standing up here with Daveed I would of laughed and walked my happy ass away,” you chuckled with the rest of the crowd. “But I’m happy to be here with him,” you smiled up at the man, a twinkle was held in his eyes as you finished the speech. “He and the fans are all of my stars and moons, i wouldnt trade anyone of them for a million dollars.” you smiled and hugged onto Daveed, he wrapped his arms around you before he let go and pulled a piece of paper from his back pocket. He unfolded it as you moved away from him.

“In the words of Lin, I am too old to freestyle,” Daveed chuckled as you slapped his arm. “But, i did write a little something.” you smiled softly and looked at him as he began to speak.

You looked at him, your eyes held love and your smile couldn’t leave your face. He looked at you before finishing. “I love this girl with all my heart,” he said before leaning down and kissing your lips.

You both walked backstage and to the award engraver thing. You held onto Daveed as he handed the award to the man and handed hi a card with your address on it, “She’s not feeling well, can you send this to us?” The man nodded as you both walked away.

“What would you say if i told you i wanted to rip that dress off of you?” Daveed asked, you looked at him and bite your lip as you walked out. “I’d tell you to do it.” Daveed smirked and walked quickly to the car, unlocking the doors he opened the passenger side door and let you in before he walked to the other side. You watched him get in, the bulge that was already starting the show, catching your eyes.

He turned the engine on and quickly sped out of the parking lot. You moved up your dress until it was bunched around your hips, going to lay your head down on his lap, Daveed smirked and looked down at you for a quick moment before he spoke.

“Are you going to suck daddies cock like the good little bitch you are?” Daveed growled out, you nodded and unbuttoned his pants. He lifted his hips slightly and allowed you to take off the extremely tight boxers and pants.

You kissed the head of his cock before taking him in your mouth. He let out a soft moan as you sucked on the lip and kitten licked the slit of his cock.

You pushed your mouth down his cock, taking most of him in your mouth. He hit the back of your throat before you choked, you head jerking forward. Daveed’s hand made contact with your head before he pushed your head down to take his whole cock.

“Oh, you usck my cock so good, baby!” he moaned, letting go of your head. You lifted your head all the way up his cock, your tongue meeting the underside of his hardened dick, you ran your tongue over the long thick vain, making him moan loudly. He moved his hand to your thigh, his hand quickly finding your covered pussy. He pushed his hand down the front of your panties before smirking.

“You’re already so wet,” he teased his finger down your slit before he spoke again.

“Did daddy do this to you?” he asked, you nodded and took his cock back in your mouth. “Are you sure? I bet someone else did.” he chuckled, you shook your head again, taking him all the way down your throat.

“I would of sworn Anthony made your pussy drip,” Daveed smirked, his finger pushed halfway into your pussy which made you moan loudly. Your head left his dick, your hand finding his throbbing dick.

He pulled his finger from your warm cunt and took it form your panties. He lifted his finger so it was in front of your face. “I bet you’re willing to do anything for your daddy, right? Anything to prove that your daddy made you this wet?” he teased, your mouth opened and looked up at him.

“Yes, daddy. I’m willing to do anything for you.”

Daveed put his finger on your lips as you spoke, you took his finger, sucking on it. You moaned at the taste of yourself, “Such a good girl.” he whispered and took his finger from your mouth, a audible ‘pop’ being heard.

He took his hand from your body and told you to get up, which you obeyed. “Put daddies cock up, we don’t want anyone to see his dick, right?” you nodded in agreement and pulled his boxers and pants back up.

You left the car once he had parked. You waited for him before walking into your apartment. Your lips met almost instantly when you closed the door to your apartment. His hands rested on your hips as yours rested behind his neck.

“You’re so hot,” he murmured against your lips while he unzipped your dress. You let out a soft hum to thank him, pulling the sleeves of the dress down your shoulders. You pulled away from him and pushed off his jacket and unbuttoned the shirt.

His hands tapped the back of your thighs, signaling you to jump. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands making contact with his hair. He brought you to the couch, and laid you on it. His groin grinded into your crotch. You let out a loud moan when he removed himself from you. He moved his pants and boxers from your body before he pulled your panties down.

“Your pussy is so pretty, kitten. You look so hot like this,” he smirked, “Helpless, under my control. You’re such a good whore.” you let out a whimper at his words. He sat on the opposite end of the couch, his hands pulling you up.

“Are you going to ride me?” he asked as your knees went to straddle him. You nodded, “Your words.” he whispered as he put his hand on his cock. He stroked himself and lined the head of his cock against your entrance. You let out a soft moan at the pressure before you slid down, a moan erupting from the both of you.

You allowed yourself to adjust, your eyes meeting with his as you started to grind against him. A deep growl left the safety of his lips, before they attacked your own.

You started moving a little faster, his hands finding your hips. He started to move you up and down slowly until he got you in a pace he liked. Your hands tugged on his tight curls, his lips allowing moans to spill into your mouth. You kept the pace until he moved his lips to your neck, he pressed a tough kiss to the base before sinking his teeth into your skin.

A whimper left your lips as he sucked and licked at the skin surrounding your neck. You felt a knot start to tighten in your stomach, a loud moan leaving both of your lips as he moved his fingers to your clit, rubbing fast circles.

“Are you going to cum?” he asked, “Are you going to cum for daddy?” he whimpered out making you nod quickly. He let out a loud grunt as you squeezed around him.

He lifted his hips to met yours as you came around his cock, not long after you he came. You let out a small whimper as you stopped moving. He helped lift you from him, letting out a sigh. You closed your eyes and lifted your arm to cover them.

There was a knock at the door before it opened. You both scrambled to find your close when your neighbor, Sally, walked in.

“I made you some cookies for you guy to- OH MY GOD!” she screeched and sat the cookies down before running out, slamming the door behind her.

“Please do not have any kids!” she shouted, making your eyes widened.

“That’s officially one of the most embarrassing things ever,” you whispered, Daveed chuckled and smiled before getting up. “That’s okay, maybe we should make more babies though.” he winked and picked you up, a smile wide smile playing on your faces.


Dorian deserves all the fluffiness and this is why I made a new playlist for my babies… and the cover ;) 

Special dedication to @weresquirrel Hope your teeth ache from this!

  1. I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family
  2. Keep Me Alive by Weatherstar
  3. Animal by Neon Trees
  4. Faster by Matt Nathanson
  5. Learn to Love Again by Lawson
  6. Right Here by Ashes Remain
  7. Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung
  8. Magic by Coldplay
  9. Quiet by Lights
  10. Pieces by Andrew Belle
  11. Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe
  12. Stay bu Two Steps From Hell
  13. Paperman by Christophe Beck
  14. This Modern Love by Block Party
  15. Sparks by Coldplay


bedhead ereri and morning kisses!!
(i hope you like it ahh)


Electricity // Julian Albert x Reader

Summary: You go to the precinct to have your daily lunch with your older brother, Barry, only to find he has resigned. You encounter Julian Albert the man you’ve had feelings for for the past year and in the moment you two have alone it seems he’s been doing the same.

Just a little bit of fluff

Word count: 1,139

Warnings: None

You step into the lab for your daily lunch with Barry. You had been gone for the week and had missed your talks with your older brother. You had come straight from the airport to make it to your scheduled time with Barry. Except when you step inside, he’s not there.

It’s not like the other times you get there and he’s not there, in the past you could assume he was just doing some Flash business. You couldn’t say that this time, because not only was he gone but so was his desk and all his belongings.

You stand in the doorway looking quite confused.

“What did I miss?” You mumble.

“Hey Y/N,” Julian says while brushes past you. “What are you doing here?” He asks, genuinely interested.

You and Julian had become friends even though him and Barry didn’t get along. You guys weren’t exactly best friends mainly because you knew if you two got too close he could find out Barry’s secret. You like Julian, you really do, you could even say you may have feelings for him. However, you know you have to protect Barry’s secret, even if it means giving up a chance with a guy you really like. Even so, it’s not like he felt the same way.

“I was just here to see Barry,” you say, hoping you hadn’t been lost in thought for too long.

“Oh,” he says, gaze trailing down to the side.

You weren’t aware of it, but Julian does indeed have feelings for you. It’s been that way ever since the two of you met a year ago out at a bookshop. He thought you were this sweet, intelligent and just absolutely ravishing girl. He still liked you when he found out you were Barry’s sister, in fact, he considers the day he found out to be the day he truly fell for you.

This sweet, quiet girl came into the lab one day and just swept him off his feet. Julian got to see a whole other side of you when you were here with Barry. You were this out-going, confident, and just all around sexy women. It was a complete 180 but for some reason you still seemed to be the same person. That’s what he loved most about you, no matter who you were with, how you were acting, you always stayed the same. You truly know who you are.

He takes a seat at his desk before continuing, “Didn’t Barry tell you?”

“He couldn’t reach me,” you shrug while walking up to the edge of his desk. “What didn’t he tell me?” You tilt your head to the side.

His heart sank a little. You were here on your daily lunch with Barry. He thought you knew he no longer worked here and that, for some reason, you were here to see him. He knew it was silly of him to think someone like you would go for a guy like him and you thought vice versa.

“Barry doesn’t work here anymore,” Julian clarifies, trying to hide his hurt. “He resigned a couple of days ago, I’m not sure why.” He shrugs, acting as if he doesn’t know. He thinks you will be quite upset to learn he made Barry quit.

“Oh,” you sigh. Why would he just resign like that? Without telling you? You know you need to go talk to him, to get to the bottom of this. “Well, I’ll just be going then,” you sigh before turning around.

A sudden jolt of adrenaline surges through Julian. He stands up and grabs your wrist, turning you around to face him.

“Wait,” he says, realizing what’s going on he grows nervous. He doesn’t know what to say from here. All he knows is he feels electricity just from touching you, and so do you. “Why don’t you stay?” He asks in a nervous voice, a slight blush creeping onto his cheeks.

You smile, could it be possible he has feelings for you too? Though, it doesn’t matter. The two of you can’t be together, not with having to hide Barry’s secret.

“I don’t want to interrupt your work,” you try to find a way out of this situation without being rude or hurting him. “Plus, I really should go talk to Barry.”

His hand moves from your wrist to your hand, brushing his fingers against yours. They linger and you just want him to hold your hand.

“Listen, Y/N,” he says lightly, taking your hand in his as you wished. “I don’t know how to tell you this but,” he pauses, he really doesn’t know what he’s going to say. What if he proclaims his love for you and you don’t feel the same?

You grow nervous at the pause. What is going on in his head? What if he does have feelings for and tells you? Do you tell him that you have feelings for him too? Even though the two of you can’t be together, do you tell him that too?

“I really don’t know how to say this,” he lightly chuckles while looking down at his desk. The little smile on his face when he laughs makes your heart melt.

“Just say it,” you speak quietly, encouragingly. All the worries leave your head and you just want to know if he feels the way for you as you do him.

He hesitantly looks up to make eye contact with you. You can see through his eyes that he’s thinking about what his next move is. You see him slowly leaning in and you don’t even have to think about it before you follow. You close your eyes and wait for the gap between you two to close.

You feel his lips connect with your and you lean in even more, immediately responding by kissing him back. Your lips move in unison, as if you two have kissed a million times before. Almost as if you two were meant to be. You can feel this electricity between the two of you and suddenly you know how it feels to be struck by lightning. The smile you feel present on his face makes your heart flutter. The kiss is sweet and gentle yet passionate, you both can feel the longing you two have had for this moment.

You two pull apart, leaning your foreheads against one another’s. You can feel each other’s breath as you try to refill your lungs with oxygen. You look up into his already staring eyes and you both smile.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that,” he breathes out.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that,” you breathe.

His smile grows wider before he grabs both of your cheeks and pulls you into another kiss.

damn perfume

pairing: lin x reader (shocker)

prompt: (anon) can you write a Lin x Reader with #51 and/or #15? fluffy maybe??

51. “are you jealous?”

15. “just marry me already!”

warnings: swearing? this sucks?

words: 1,795

a/n: i originally rlly liked this but i think it kind of stinks now that i’ve read it over so much. also it just sucks in general. i apologize in advance. okay i love you!! please keep leaving requests, i adore them.

Masterlist / Prompt List

“Slide over,” Lin grumbled near two in the morning as you felt the mattress dip. Instead of moving, you latched onto him, forcing him closer to the edge of the bed.

“Y/N,” he groaned. Regardless, he wrapped his arms tight around you, pressing sweet kisses to your hair.

You sighed into him, grateful to have him holding you; because if you were honest, you weren’t sure anyone else would.

The following morning, you woke up first - a rare occasion for the both of you. Maybe you would make breakfast, or do the crossword. But as you shuffled towards the edge of the bed, Lin’s grip tighten on you.

Giggled, you curled back into his arms.

Lin smiled.

The pair of you stayed like that for nearly an hour, content in each other’s company.

Around nine, you shoved him out of bed, “You’re gonna be late,” you sang as he rolled his eyes.

“I could call Javi,” he pondered, making you laugh.

“I’ll walk you today, how’s that?”

He grinned like a child, nodding his head rapidly. God, he was cute.

Lin practically dragged you into the theater despite your protests.

“I’m coming back for the show tonight - I’ll see everyone then,” you teased, “Otherwise we won’t be eating this week.” You added, reminding yourself of the lack of groceries in your house.

“There’s someone I want you to meet!” He chimed, a smile plastered on his face as he pulled you through the doors.

Defeated, you went along, clutching his hand and shouting out apologies as you dodged Anthony and Jasmine. By the time you reached his dressing room, you were nearly out of breath.

“Lin, slow down,” you laughed airily. To your surprise, however, there was a girl in his dressing room.

“Cameron!” He gushed, letting go of your hand to run to her. You felt a pang in your stomach but pushed it down.

“This is Y/N!” Lin smiled, pulling the girl towards you. She was pretty. Really pretty. She even dressed nice; her freshly ironed blouse made your cotton tee look like trash.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you! You’ve got to tell me how to managed to rein in Lin,” she grinned, taking a step forward and pulling you into a hug.

Great, she’s nice too.

You forced a smile onto your face, doing your best not ASLDFKJKG to breathe in her perfume. She even smelt pretty.

You let out a low laugh, pulling away after a beat. Lin stood between you, an arm over her shoulder.

“Two of my favorite girls in the same place,” he grinned.

Laughed curtly, you explained that you had some errands to run but you’d see him tonight. Lin frowned, but let you go. Without a kiss.

Walking out, Daveed stopped you.

“Leaving so soon?”

You nodded, feebly looking for an excuse, “I’ve got… things, to do,” you said, gesturing mindlessly.

Daveed saw right through it, placing a hand on your shoulder, “What’s going on?”

You shook your head, the same fake smile on, “Nothing! Really!” Your voice was too high and far to energetic to only be on coffee cup number one.

This time, however, Daveed let it go; pulling you into a hug before waving goodbye.

At the theater that night, you had hoped the worst was over. Waiting backstage with Pippa, you giggled about something Groff had told her.

Instantly, you turned at the sound of Lin.

“Hey, pretty,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around you. You melted in his arms, sighing lightly. Lin gave you one more squeeze before pulling away.

“Cam and I were planning on getting some drinks tonight, you in?” Your heart sank.

Curling your lips into a tight smile, you shook your head. “I’m not feeling all that well,” you tried.

His eyes fell in concern, “Want me to stay home?” He blanched.

You shook your head again, despite the rest of your body telling you otherwise, “It’s okay. I’ll see you later.”

Walking home, you grumbled, “Cam this, Cam that. We’re getting drinks, Cam and I…” You kicked the pebble in front of you. This sucked.

You woke up that night to his soft hum as the mattress dipped. Kissing the top of your head, he mumbled a, “Hi, pretty,” before sighing softly. Happy he was home - at your home - you pulled him closer. Your eyes shot open at the smell of perfume that was definitely not yours. You snaked out of his arms, pushing yourself towards the edge of the bed.

“Babe?” Lin said quietly at the loss of contact.

You took in a sharp breath, pulling yourself out of bed and to the bathroom. You just needed to think.

The following morning, you were tired. It’s not like you slept much that night; no. You barely managed three hours, because every time you climbed back in bed that damn perfume was the only thing you could smell.

Wednesday came soon enough and your old friend Tyler took you to lunch. It was good. Really good, actually. He made you forget about your worries and told you about everything going on with him.

On the contrary, things with Lin were clammy. He spent a lot of his time at the theater, which you were used to, but so was Cam. Every time you walked over to drop off lunch for him, she was there. When he brought you coffee on Thursday, she was there too - waiting in the passenger seat of his car, dressed nicer than you were for the holidays. She was everywhere. Figuring if Lin was going to move on, you needed some outlets, you called your first roommate - Danny - and got drinks later in the night.

On Friday, you walked backstage to say goodbye to Lin before the intermission.

“I’m heading out tonight, I’ll be home late, okay?” You offered, desperately trying to avoid eye contact. Lin’s brows furrowed, but he nodded.

“Want me to wait up?” He gleamed. Shaking your head you pulled him into a light hug.

“I’ll see you later,” you sighed, speed walking away from his room and towards the exit.

It was already nine, so you headed towards the bar to meet a member of the band that had played the night before named Michael. At the sight of you, his eyes light up and he greeted you with a hug.

The pair of you chatted for hours, alcohol coursing through your body. You could feel yourself getting warm, but you weren’t sure if it was the shot you had just downed, the humid bar, or the burning fact that Lin wasn’t beside you.

Laughing at a story you had only heard half of, you put your hand on Michael’s shoulder, assuring him that you were happy he was here. He gave a quirk of a smile, winking at you as he bumped his knee against yours.

“Y/N?” You heard suddenly, making you jump back from him. Lin?

“Hey,” you breathed, seeing Cameron right next to him. Her arm was linked through his, instantly making your face fall.

He stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets.

Cameron whispered something into his ear, pulling him away before Lin could speak. Her slew way of taking him had your heart in your throat.

You felt your throat tighten and tears prick at your eyes as you turned back to Michael, ready to forget what had just happened - as if you could.

You stayed with Michael for another hour or so, begrudgingly walking up the stairs to your apartment. You picked at your nails for a moment before heading inside. You expected yelling, you expected tears - both of which there were, but not immediately.

“Lin?” You called out, tediously walking inside. No response. You locked the door behind you, throwing your purse on the counter. “Lin?” You tried again. He was sitting on the couch, bouncing his knee in anticipation. Already annoyed, you cocked an eyebrow.

Lin snapped.

“Are you breaking up with me?” He instantly asked.

Your neck cracked from moving so quickly, “Excuse me?”

“Are. You.” He articulated, “Breaking up with me?”

Sputtering out a laugh, you placed your hands on your hips, “It didn’t seem like it mattered when you were out with Cam all week.”

“Y/N - you’ve been out with different guys each day this week! And suddenly I’m the bad guy for going out with my friend?” He asked platonically.

“I don’t feel anything for them!”

Lin laughed bitterly at this, “That guy at the bar didn’t seem to understand that.”

Unfinished, you clapped back, “Who are you to talk? Every day this week has been ‘Cam and I are getting drinks,’ ‘Cam and I are getting lunch,’ ‘Cam brought me coffee’ -“

“Are you jealous?”

“Why don’t you just start sleeping with her too!”

“Y/N, baby -“

“Don’t you dare ‘baby’ me.” You spat. He was not playing victim here.

“Oh my God,” he laughed.

“Do you really think this is funny?” Getting angrier at each word he said, you raked a hand through your hair before turning you back on him and heading towards the kitchen for some water. You did not need to be angry, sad, and hungover tomorrow morning. Regardless, Lin was hot on your trails, grabbing your hand to face him.

“I’m in love with you,” he started, making you scoff. “Not Cam.”

You rolled you eyes as he continued, “And she’s gonna kill me if she finds out that this was how I ended up doing it.” Doing what - oh my God, you thought, as he got on one knee, pulling a small black box from his pocket. A hand flew to your mouth, instantly softening your face.

“I didn’t know how to ask you and so I called Cameron because she always talked about her wedding as a kid and,” he rambled, “I figured she could help me plan something romantic - God, this is so unromantic -“

“Just marry me already!” You interrupted, forcing your left hand in front of him. Lin’s creased brows relaxed when he saw the smile on your lips, a sly smirk forming on his lips.

“I haven’t even proposed,” he teased. Still, he slid the diamond onto your ring finger before cupping your face in his hands. His kiss was sweet as his undeniable grin pressed itself to your lips. You grabbed the lapels of his jacket to pull him flush against you. Joyful tears ran down your cheeks as his kisses melted you.

Suddenly, you pulled away.

“I am so sorry,” you said. “I just thought you were going to leave me and -“

Fiancé, I’m not going anywhere,” he managed before his lips found yours again, still grinning.


Brett Talbot x Werewolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Part 1

Word count: 1 826
Warnings: Sexual content, public sex, smut y’all.

A/N: So I totally used the requests to make a part 2 of it. I hope you enjoy this one as well, it’s hard to make a sequel of something I never thought would turn out as good as it did. *blushes*

”What do you think you’re doing?” Malia growled as she caught you staring too intently and long at the field. Devenford prep were visiting Beacon Hills for a friendly game for practice. You flinched when she was just beside your ear and almost jumped up in Lydia’s lap.

”N-nothing.” you stuttered and Malia whiffed at you. ”Dear god Y/N, you smell like you want the whole team to take you, right here and now.” she cautioned and furrowed her brows as you sank down on the bench, hoping that you maybe could melt under the bleachers, just to avoid Malia’s gaze.

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Rafael Barba / Peace Of Mind

Written for a friend I adore who certainly deserves some Rafi-Love, <3.

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

Rafael was already surprised to come home to an empty condo. It wasn’t at all uncommon for him to be arriving home so late- to the contrary, it was much more odd that you had yet to make an appearance. Absently, he flipped on the lights, and discarded his briefcase atop the table in the entryway. Apparently he’d need to wait for you, which really wasn’t a bother in and of itself. A quick check to his cell phone confirmed- you must have been too busy to send him a text warning him of your lateness. That’s fine, though, as long as you came home at the end of the day was all that truly mattered to him.

However, it was another hour or two before you sauntered in, eyes still red from exhaustion and the tears you had wiped away in the Taxi. 

“Mi amor?” He didn’t move, appeared frozen in shock, and instead took time to drink in the sight of you. You were as lovely as ever, of course; but the way your shoulders slouched, the flush in your face- it was painfully obvious something was bothering you. Considering your occupation and the fact that you dealt with sick people led him to believe your woes may extend beyond a typical ‘rough’ work day. “You’re late, is everything alright?”

Well, that was a relatively simple question- but one without a quite so simple answer. Where should you begin; you debated while hanging up your jacket in the closet, while discarding your keys in the dish by his briefcase, while taking off your shoes and leaving them on the mat by the front door. Even as you tried to decide- your bottom lip trembled, causing him to bite onto his own.

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