• Danny:In 1991, I was in sixth grade.
  • Arin:Wow. I wasn't in grade.
  • Danny:Meanwhile, I could have been walking around the school yard of my grade school just being like "hey guys, you see that little kid? Yeah, he's not in nursery school yet. He's going to be my best friend one day. Jealous? Yeah, that's right. See ya later, losers. I'm gonna' go eat mashed peas with him."

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 for the Game Boy!

Compared to the original Dreamland, this allowed Kirby to get power ups! And to add to Kirby’s Adventure’s powers, you also have friends - like Ric, Coo and Kine!

Here we have the American and Japanese logos for the game.

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  • Danny:Fruit by the foot is too much fruit. All I need is about six inches of fruit.
  • Arin:It's too much real fruit.
  • Danny:It's like an orchard, practically.
  • Arin:It's like, on the food pyramid, fruit's at the very top like...you don't need that much fruit! If it was "Wheat and Bread" by the foot, I'd be fucking all over that shit.

African Head Wraps: Kirby Griffin - Black Women In African Turban

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