I’ve watched enough TV to know that sometimes (its believed anyway) when you have a heart transplant, you feel and think like the person whose heart you got, you get there memories. Could this person be tending to charles’ “unfinished buissness” ? Getting revenge for him? Maybe thats why we’ll feel sorry for A, they’re just doing what Charles couldn’t.

Is Wren in season 6A?

I think this seems to eliminate him as a suspect for Charles. If he was involved in any way, she’d play it coy or at least say “I agree” or “you never know when you might see him again”. Marlene always plays with us, but she flat out says here that she loves him but he’s busy. I doubt we’ll be seeing him in 6A.


Day of the Moon
>>As Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song are pursued across America by Canton Everett Delaware III and the FBI, the Eleventh Doctor is locked in the perfect prison.Against the backdrop of the first moon landing, the Doctor and his companions must solve the mystery of the aliens and the little girl.

In season 2, we found out that Mrs. Dilaurentis was on the board of trustees in Radley. Remember when they found out that Alison and Bethany’s dental records were switched? What if Mrs. D took Charles’ out of Radley, the same way she took Bethany it horseback riding, and never returned? She could have easily changed the organ donation documents and put Charles’ name.

Also, why would she put that headstone there? For only her to see? I believe it could be representing Charles’ “death”. Him faking his death and becoming someone else. Ambiguous loss. (Wren mentioned this in 3x02) Maybe Wren Kingston is the person who actually died at Radley, and Charles stole his identity. He then had access to his birth certificate, medical records, social security, etc. He moved in with Aunt Carol, and stayed at her house when she passed away. Then, went applied to college, without including that he was in Radley (for obvious reasons).

‘Dr.’ Wren Kingston | 3x01

Wren is at the top of my suspect list, and has been since Season Three. All of this is from the Pilot alone.

01 | First Appearance. 

Whaat? Wren is back! I was truly surprised when he first showed up after season two. I liked the character, despite another adult hitting on a teenager.

 02 | Hanna’s Surprise.

Hanna is clearly surprised by Wren’s appearance. She’s been visiting Mona for apparently a while now, and it seems like Wren just showed up

03 | Quid pro quo.

  1. Quid pro quo (“something for something” in Latin) means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other.
  2. Wren mentions he’s volunteering, so he’s not getting paid. What’s he getting from Radley to make his time being spent here worth his while? Why the interest in Mona?
  3. People like to ignore the fact that Wren is working at Radley because he is a doctor, but he was established in the first season as a medical doctor. Only to disappear and return as a mental heath general practicioner. He isn’t even Mona’s lead doctor. How is he allowed unsupervised time with her? Thats undeniably sketch. Even if he turns out to not be connected to Charles, Wren’s sketchyness is most likely end game and it starts here.

04 | More Kingston Background

In the same scene we get a glimpse into Wren’s background. We already know he didn’t grow up in a ‘perfect’ family, and now he’s dealt with mental issues at some point. So much so that he devoted his life and time to trying to make sense of it. We find out later that it was his father who suffered, and Wren didn’t always handle his father’s situation in the healthiest way. Is there more to it than we know? I’m assuming there is.

05 | Creepy Mona

Woah. Mona barely moved the entire time Hanna was visiting her, now she’s watching and listening to Hanna and Wren talk. I can understand Mona being interested in whatever and whoever Hanna would be talking about. Why were we shown her curiosity. It was on purpose for a Wren related reason. We aren’t shown her sneaking around to listen to anyone else’s conversation.

06 pt One | Mona’s Progress.

The nurse when Hanna visits Mona at the beginning of the episode, she let’s Hanna no that Mona isn’t progressing despite Hanna coming to see her.

06 pt Two | Mona’s Progress.

Later in the episode we see Wren telling Hanna that Mona is making progress at Radley due to Hanna’s visits. In the scenes we saw with Mona, it doesn’t look like she made any kind of progress at all. Why would Wren lie or over embellish this way to Hanna? Even if he is completely innocent in all of this, (not likely) why would Mona put on a show for Wren of all people? How would that benefit her since he isn’t truly her doctor?

06 pt Three |  Mona’s Progress.

It upsets me that he got Hanna’s hopes up about how Mona would respond during her next visit. He looks thrilled with himself and it makes me mad. There was no reason for it. 

07 | Mona’s Meds.

We knew that Mona would be on medication, but did Wren tell Hanna that Mona’s meds were changed? Her lead doctor wouldn’t share that with Hanna because it’s illegal to. I’m not seeing the change Wren is speaking of, regardless of Hanna’s visits or Mona’s new medications. Does that mean the Red Coat sighting could be jeopardized due to the meds?

08 | Prior Knowledge?

Does this mean that Mona met Wren outside of Radley? Maybe briefly or in passing? Hanna assumes that Mona knows Wren from when she was A

09 | What Mona wants.

Hanna tells Mona that Wren believes that Hanna’s visits are helping, and if she wants, Hanna will keep coming back. When Hanna mentions Wren’s beliefs, Mona’s face changes, she looks hesitant, and then the look is gone. Right after she has the vision of Alison as Vivian Darkbloom reading Lolita. We know Mona has been heavily medicated, and I don’t think we can trust her visions just yet.

10 | The ‘Real’ Group A Text.

This text from A is cryptic and much more dark than any others the girl’s have received. I don’t think Mona ever really worked alone. I think her Radley visit was planned and her partner meet her in Radley. This is the partner’s first text, and it hints a someone in the medical field. And that makes me suspicious of Wren. Why else would someone mention playing with body parts? 

In such an important episode, I honestly think that they made Wren come across as sketchy on purpose. He has so many red flags against him IN THIS EPISODE ALONE, there is no way in the world that is a coincidence. He has also never been a suspect of being A or revealed to be on the A-team, even though he is clearly involved. We know about his family history and there is no reason for us to. We know nothing about Mona’s family, and she turned out to be A

Wren is definitely end game. 


Look at this absolute swoon-worthy goofball. I am so in love with him and so in love with the idea of him being Charles!