alright so i just hit 2.8k and i wanted to say thank you!!!! this blog has been loads of fun honestly and this summer was really great!! i made friends with a bunch of new people so i thought i’d finally put one of these together!!!! (cred 2 shreya for the cool pun in the gif lmao)

my main memes:

joetoyeswolfandwildlingbuckyspanties ♥ 

longtime friends who have followed me thru 2 blogs and like 8 fandoms lol ily:

reycasillas​ jesythighelson zlall jellyfishes peitrom ♥

faves are bolded!! 


aanimagi acebarry aceofultron aceromanoffs almightyrogers angiecrters asexualfenris asgardain babsroe barneses batfleckk bcttombucky beardysteve bhrnes biromanticcap bisexualpoppunk bisexualrogers bisexualsteve bittyjack braddersjames brryallens buckybernes  buuckybaarnes bvstogne capaldy capheusing capsandbucky captainpunkrogers captainrogrrs captainrogvrs captnadorable captsrgnt carohdanvers caroldancers chrisnevans cptnstevens cptnwinters croptopamerica daerdevils daresdevils daresoldier deadrpool dehaanradcliffe deputybrooks dick-winters duredevil dxredevll easybucky easycompany elvenqueenthranduil emberfiredrake esggyunwin eugeneroe findingbarnes fireswamps freezingbucky furiohsa gcneroe gingerwerk goddessofidiocy guarncre gyffrindors hailbucky haljordont harleens-quinzel harleypquinn harleyquihn havleyatwell heystovepipeboys honesteve howellhtml howlingcommandhos howlingsoldier hullaballoons iceicebradley inhmans irisparry james-buchanan jamesbames jasentodd jazdia jceger jcobpitts jehau jjasntodd jjimkirk joeliebgot joestoyes  jonhnystorm kingsmeme kkingpin 


lazycompany lernaire lewrenix licour liebgotitty limeys linnetbird-and-greenfinch losersteve ltmccoy lvgertha madam-reveuse margoterobbies mattmuerdock matttmordock mattysfoggys mcrearymelliegrcnt michaelfassbender mirrortovortex nalle nataliarommanova natashasbanner nickyoflaherty nikolaateslanot-emele nyssaslaurel obartons ohbatsy ohdeardevil peggaycarter peggy-carter peggycsrter pesmenos prettywonderful ptrckstmph punkheffron punknatashas punkrockpatroclus punkxmen pxtrclus radcolbert realhomo redcliffemages remylebleau reneelemaires rileythesensate roncspeirs rqgers rubertkazinsky sansettes scaredpotter seamless-rhymes sebastianfucker sgtjimbarnes snorlaxatives spidemans steveroqer stuckyau stvesbcky thefistofhydra toccoans tonybruce tonystarks tquilasquared tterrymcginnis twinsimoffs ultronstark vat-69 wadewwilscn wcnda wearealsoboats wholockedj willgorzki worthystevie worthytony 

if i forgot anyone i’m sorry!! 

i hope you all have a nice day thx for making my dash great ♥ ♥

Holy shit guys i just hit 1k! This is so crazy because i honestly didn’t think it was possible. So thank you so so much for helping to get me to this point and thanks for putting up with all my shit. Anyways, this is really cool and i’m hella happy so i’m going to do my first follow forever:


a-boy-like-trxye, ageoftronnorallthingstronnor, bigboytroye, benslaypierce, bellsmy, buttronnor, basicallytronnor, bunnynoseniall, clurke, cherishingtronnor, coffee-and-nutella, conconsivan, conniesivannie, crazytronnor, croyefravan, doubtful-jerk, danisontnonfire, dreamytronnor, dazzlemetroye, damnittronnor, ereri-phan, everythingtronnor,


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And soooo many more. You guys are awesome and even if we’re not mutuals and also even if you’re not on this list, I want you to know that I love your blogs and I think you are some of the coolest people ever.

*i bolded my irl friends