Wow, hello again everyone! Thank you for all your wonderful nominations! It’s time to start voting!

1: You can only vote for ONE (1) choice per category.
2: You CAN vote for the same author/story in more than one category.
3: You CANNOT vote for yourself.
4: You may only vote from the nominations on this list
If story you nominated is not on this list, that means that I have checked it over and it is not eligible for one of four reasons (1) It wasn’t in the right category. (2) For best dead story, it had been updated less that 4 months ago. (3) For best unknown fic it had more than 25 kudos. (4) For best original character the character exists in canon.

Note: Nominations for stories are written in “story title, author” format.



Best Author

Best Oneshot Author

Most Humorous Author

Best Romance Author

Best Angst Author

Best Mature Author


Best Angst
-Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin), xxjinchuurikixx
-The candle that I burn, GraphiteFox
-When to Leave the Party, AnnaofAza
-The First Scotland Trip, anarchycox
-Far Away and Closer, 0_Q_0
-Laid to Rest, mauzymorn
-Patience and Sheer Determination, blacktofade
-All You Need, CQueen
-The Colour Blue, dreadpiratewatson
-all the riches you’ve surveyed, futuredescending
-bleeding out, ViolyntFemme

Best Hurt/Comfort
-A Fair Day’s Work, ProdigalQueer
-Take these broken wings (and learn to fly again), Blackbeyond
-Fallout, Whisper91
-Only Love Can Come Between, fuzzyslippers
-funny how it rained all day, dreadpiratewatson
-Healing, potentiality_26

Best Fix-it
-Exaggerated, Mochas N Mayhem (KoohiiCafe)
-My Darling Boy, anarchycox
-Class Of Conduct, fideliant
-Convalescence, LittleSpider
-A Different Place and Time, Ferrero13
-In Living Colour, Della19
-Dissolution, mauzymorn
-Consequences, Whisper91
-mountains and valleys, futuredescending

Best Romance
-Like It Was, RafaelaFranzen
-If we are patient with our lives, ColinFilth
-Far Away and Closer, 0_Q_0
-Same Old Sad Sensation, moonflowers
-The King’s Thief, twentyfourblackbirds
-The Courting of Eggsy Unwin, Sheepie
-A Knight’s Guide to Falling in Love, anarchycox
-The Lie, potentiality_26
-The Black Prince, ColinFilth
-And Then One Fine Morning, missbecky
-Bend, neroh
-The monsters are alright, potted_music
-Living by Your Wedding Vows, Nickygp

Best Mature
-Bespoke, Deepdarkwaters (Nomination pertains to the story and not the series. The story is part 4 of the series)
-No One’s Word and Nobody’s Promise, SongAboutExiles
-Final Two, kayecho
-And Who’s The Boy Now?, sanguisuga
-With Your Strong Words, ToriCeratops

Best AU
-Fallout, Whisper91
-Idylls of the King, marginaliana
-Pixie Love, jackalope212
-To Sail True, anarchycox
-less than a drop, futuredescending
-The Ink On Our Skin Stains Us Black, InsaneRedDragon
-Bon Appetit, Galahard
-Believe in Better Things, trekkiepirate
-You Get Up With Fleas, evil_brainmate
-Your Highness, Galahard
-How to get your very own sex scandal, BakaDoll
-sirensong, kirkaut
-Muse, Galahard
-You Have My Heart, Take My Number, whatthefuck

Best Crossover
-The Courting of Eggsy Unwin, Sheepie
-Mamma Mia!: The Gentleman’s Way, jackalope212
-As Fate Would Have it, midnightsurge
-Not Without You, midnightsurge
-In Which Secrets Are Secrets No More, Renai_chan
-Waterloo, missbecky

Best Drabble/Oneshot
-Mountains and valleys, futuredescending
-Sweet Release, BosieJan (Kingsman Drabble Collection-Chapter 5)
-Big news, BakaDoll
-Things Not To Do When You Have A Peanut Allergy, dreadpiratewatson
-Daisy’s first Nativity, LittleSpider
-Pancakes, DemonicSymphony
-Perks of the Job, trekkiepirate
-Out of the Cold, potentiality_26
-In Retrospect, Aspireeverything
-The Colour Blue, dreadpiratewatson
-The Five Times Harry Tried To Propose To Eggsy And The One Time He Managed it, LittleSpider
-I’ll take my time and make it last, elletromil
-I’m All Ears (as long as you speak up), violentcheese
-Pet Shelter, Lady Mephistopheles (Neko_wa)
-Boyfriend Material, Deepdarkwaters
-In Time, potentiality_26

Best General
-Of Sterner Stuff, schweinsty
-a change in profession, silversteiner
-Little Miss Daisy and the Big Bad Spy, 100ottersonaplane
-A Whole New World, harryunwin
-Wrapped In Wool, anarchycox
-Kingmaker, manic_intent
-Through Time, coloursflyaway

Most Humorous
-The Picnic, HalfAnachronism
-The Language of Flowers, Saucery
-The Ghost of Christmas Boning (Or a Dead Harry is still a Great Wingman), anarchycox
-Maybe Not Rock Climbing, kissingandcrying
-Connoisseur, Saucery
-Here Comes Santa Claus, AnnaofAza
-Hardwood, Deepdarkwaters
-Kingsmeme 4: A Meme Hope, EggMuffin
-The Five Times Harry Tried To Propose To Eggsy And The One Time He Managed it, LittleSpider
-mind your manners, badwolfbadwolf
-Egg$y, Scandalmuss

Best Hartwin
-The King’s Thief, twentyfourblackbirds
-The Black Prince, ColinFilth
-A Better Tomorrow, persephoneggsy
-Far Away and Closer, 0_Q_0
-Care and Custody, esama
-Idiot-Proof, Good_News_Everyone
-My End and My Beginning, CQueen
-Who He Is, sfumatosoup
-A Little of Your Company, patronusbro
-Bon Appetit, Galahard

Best Merwin
-We will make it there, Sheepie
-Welcome to the Blue House, Olor_et_Luna
-Bend, neroh
-His Constellations’ Chance, stereokem
-Always, yes, violentcheese
-Fitting Merlin, Merwin_Me
-Your Soulmate Always Arrives Precisely On Time, anarchycox
-A Little Extra, Sheepie
-Leave the Past Behind, mitslits
-Make You Happier Than I Do, sourdough_pup
-Lady Marmalade or what?, violentcheese
-Hands are Bound, Hearts are Free, anarchycox
-Your Body is a Wonderland, Sheepie
-fear on fire, neroh

Best Merlahad
-Love Makes Idiots of the Smartest of Men, anarchycox
-Weaknesses, HalfAnachronism
-The monsters are alright, potted_music
-zugzwang, potted_music
-Man’s Best Friend, mitslits

Best Merhartwin
-Fallout, Whisper91
-Good Cop, Bad Cop, sevenswells
-Carbon Copy, Blinkingkills (alexwhitewell), plingo_kat
-To Make A V, Dagonet (TsukikoCurrier)
-Anger Management, Sheepie
-With Good Intention, DyrneKeeper, rm (arem)
-There Was So Much Bread, Mercury_777
-Eggsy Unwin’s Full-Proof Guide to Becoming a Third, Sheepie
-Little Black Heels, Sheepie
-No One’s Word and Nobody’s Promise, SongAboutExiles

Best Roxlin
-The Lady Lancelot, StarlightAsteria
-Absolute, GraphiteFox
-Little sparks that fly and then land like dynamite, Deepdarkwaters

Best Other Paring
-Harry Hart/Victoria Winslow, from ‘Blush’, smaychel
-Harry Hart/Percival from ‘A Knight’s Guide to Falling in Love’, anarchycox
-Liz/Tristan from ‘Wrapped In Wool’, anarchycox
-Roxy/Eggsy from ‘who’s gonna catch you now?’, foxwins

Best Songfic
-Funny Valentine, LittleSpider
-Mamma Mia!: The Gentleman’s Way, jackalope212

Best Original Character
-Robyn Yeu from ‘A Gentleman Thief’, RafaelaFranzen
-Jasper from ‘Wrapped in Wool’, anarchycox
-All OC Knights from ‘Street Sweepers, Night Watchmen, Flame Keepers’, Deepdarkwaters, thekookster
-Hamish from ‘Wrapped In Wool’,anarchycox
-Ophelia from ‘Welcome to the Blue House’, Olor_et_Luna
-Gavin Unwin from ‘For the Price of One’, Renai_chan

Best Overall Fic
-The Ink On Our Skin Stains Us Black, InsaneRedDragon
-Bon Appetit, Galahard
-Wrapped In Wool, anarchycox
-You Get Up With Fleas, evil_brainmate
-My End and My Beginning, CQueen
-Bend, neroh

Best “Unknown” Fic
-Omnia Sol, Dagonet (TsukikoCurrier)
-Fatal Flaw, mitslits

Best Parody

Best Dead Story
-The Next Galahad, wallmakerrelict
-The Hart-Wins, ellisboydredding
-Off the Radar, AnnaofAza
-The Tail of Eggsy Unwin, agentgalahad
-Love like latte, bittenbullet
-Landslide, aphnxrising
-Lost in Translation, butterkist
-Power and Control, loved_ice
-You Better Run (Run from the Devil), midnightsurge

And those are our nominations! Remember, only ONE vote per category! Voting ends on November 27th , 2016 at 11:59pm EST, one month from today. Similar to the nominations, you may submit votes either through a comment on AO3 or via message on the Kingsman Awards tumblr (If you chose to message, please make sure it begins with the line “2016 Kingsman Awards Votes” or alternatively you can also email me at thekingsmanawards@gmail.com)
Good luck to all!

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