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A princess who lives in a kingdom where natrual beauty is Everything. Changing an aspect of how you look is illegal. But her whole life she never felt like a woman. Fast forward a few years and she left the kingdom and met a woman who understands how she's feeling and gives her a word for it "transgender". The princess can't transition but she does cut her hair and bind and change her name to Alexius. Years later, people find out what she's done. Any ideas for how the reveal should go?

Bam okay, so the first thing is that it’s obviously going to be very tense and emotional. Maybe his family doesn’t believe that it’s him. Maybe they don’t understand, and things are even messier than before. Maybe they’re convinced that he’s still that young little princess, just confused and misled by an evil witch or something.

Okay maybe not that last one.

Anyways, I wrote up some scenarios, and if I messed anything up please tell me, as I know this is a very very delicate subject.


1) “My girl, my child-” The queen broke off into violent sobs, unable to control herself. The prince watched on, sadly. “What have you done?”

“What was right for me, mother.”

“You have broken the law! You have poisoned yourself! You are a disgrace!”

“I am your son!”

“You are my daughter!”

The queen paused again, putting a hand to his face. He flinched at her cold touch, but didn’t object. “Why have you done this, deadname?”

He took her hands into his. “Please don’t call me that, mother.”

She collapsed into tears again.

2) “I knew you were rebellious, but this-” The king looked up from his desk, and the prince was surprised to see that he looked confused, upset. The two emotions he had always hidden, saying that they were too womanly for a king. And now here was, being destroyed by them. “Why this, deadname? Why break the law like this, break it in the biggest way possible-”

“It’s a stupid law, father, you can change it-” The prince stepped forwards, his mind whirring. Maybe, just maybe he could change his father’s mind, finally make a place safe for his people, truly safe for those like him-

“I can’t change anything, child. I’m as much a servant to the law as you.”

3) “Who are you?” His mother’s voice was loud and clear, commanding. Meant to intimidate. He couldn’t help but smile beneath his hood. “How do you know so much of the castle’s tunnels? Did you have help?”

“I had much, mother. Much much more than you might have found possible.” He pulled down his hood, and the queen stepped forward.

“Mother?” She laughed. “I guess you need even more help you insolent-” she froze, recognising his face, his bright grey eyes. Her grey eyes, the only thing her children had inherited from her. “Birth name?”

4) “I am in charge now, sister. I can make them forget this, make them make an exception-” His brother pulled him towards the large mirror above the fire, pointing at his reflection. “You could be safe! My little sister, home again-”

“But I couldn’t be me, name.”

His brother let out a frustrated sigh.

5) “What is this?” The king shouted, his voice hoarse and dry. “What has this- this- thing convinced you of?”

“Only the truth,” his companion replied, standing still and calmly. Once again, Alexius couldn’t help but admire their strength, couldn’t help but admire how they wouldn’t show any fear, even when their honour was attacked.

He had always regretted that he wasn’t the same.

“Thing? They have more humanity in them than our whole family ever did!”

“Humanity? Please, deadname, they aren’t even human!”

Alexius resisted the urge to draw his sword.


I spent 3 hours doing this. Hope you’ll like it. Also, you can send me a message with information about some kings and queens. I’d gladly “create” their story.

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