Watched Colin Morgan (“Merlin”) in GLORIA in Hampstead Theatre tonight…
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Over the mountains and under the stars by @starkaryen

“Perhaps he doesn’t have any preference for women, after all.”

The others laughed even louder, but Galahad froze as he felt his stomach churning. He looked up again at Tristan, because he had been the one who had talked, and felt his chest tightening almost painfully when he saw the knight’s calm expression.

Galahad wasn’t a fool. He knew perfectly well that the feelings he had harbored for Tristan for some time now would never be requited. The scout seemed to enjoy teasing Galahad sometimes, calling him a pup or referring to his lack of experience in the training field, as the rest of the knights. But Galahad was fine with that, he was used to being the youngest and latest to join the knights, and he knew the men’s teases were only that; he proved himself in the battlefield every time they had to fight. But Tristan had never joined the knights’ jokes about this particular matter, and he had always inwardly thanked him for that… 

Until this moment.

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