A minor detail from Old NarutoTM that’s really funny in retrospect is how Kabuto was unable to treat Kimimaro’s illness ‘because of how unusual his body was’ and lack of medical information about his clan. At the time people were wondering if Kabuto was actually sabotaging Kimimaro’s health to get rid of him or whatever but now, like

No shit he had an unusual body he was like 33% literal space alien


Naruto Valentine’s Day cards! Part 2.

Part 1: here

These are all made by me, and some of the puns are mine as well. Really hoping my friends don’t see this because I sent them some in the mail & wanted to surprise them, haha. I just started watching Naruto this year & put it on pause at ep. 200 because I was going back to school after winter break—so no spoilers please!

Also, feel free to use my cards, but it would be nice if you could give me credit ^^; I was spending time making these instead of studying for midterms, haha.

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