Yokoso wagaya e won well at the 25th annual TV Life drama awards!! Best Actor - Aiba Masaki Best Drama - Yokoso, wagaya e Best Theme Song - Aozora no shita, kimi no tonari (Arashi) No wonder, a while ago TV Life mentioned that Aiba-chan would be on the cover… I thought it would be to promote for the single but that’s Nino the issue after his one ^^ Though o find it funny that he didn’t win the Spring drama awards coz that was given to Sato Takeru. Omedetou Aiba-chan!!! 💚😍🎉 I already ordered the magazine coz I’m not going to miss out on this glorious moment 😂 (Pic credit: miku_a_3104 Twitter & miku_a_0914)

Nico: *notices Sebastian passing by* omg. Sebastian! You look so fetch in the Ferrari suit!

Sebastian: really? You think so? It’s actually kimi’s but we fit into the same suits! *twirls around like a fashionista*

Nico: *smiles cheekily and whispers in hamilton’s ear* that’s the ugliest effing suit I have ever seen!

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