#790 Watanabe You (Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaite’ru Kai? R)

Card quotes:

  • Starting a Live: 私、頑張るよ! / Givin’ it my best shot!
  • Skill activate:   ヨーソロー! / Steady as she goes!
  • Live clear: ライブ成功! 冴えてるねえっ♪ / The concert was a success. We really nailed it! ♪
  • Live failed: きっと次は大丈夫だよ! / We’ll be fine next time!
  • Gaining Bond: ありがとーございました! 敬礼っ! / Thaaaank you! Salute!
  • Hitting max Bond: 好き……なんてね / I like y… Just kiddin’.

Side story:

Course, good to go! Wind direction, good to go! Oh! Soooorry, did I surprise you? Is this your first time coming to Uchiura? Isn’t it nice how big the ocean is here? ♪ I’m Watanabe You, a 2nd year at Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy. I’m going to be a school idol with Chika and the girls! Hm? “Is being on a boat part of school idol practice”? Ahaha, nope! My dad’s a sailor, so being on boats and staring out at the ocean is something I do nearly every day. I’m really good at swimming because I’ve been swimming ever since I was little ♪ You should watch me do a triple back-flip sometime soon. It feels like a dream come true, seeing school idols come from a place like Uchiura where the ocean is so pretty ♪ There’s no telling what kind of school idols Aqours are going to be, but nothing will happen if you don’t try! Eheheh, my motto is “Full speed ahead, and no turning back!” Let’s do the best we can together, okay? Steady as she goes! ♪