The way Taehyung says goodbye to each animal 😂😂

  • Marinette:*playing Mystic Messenger* See Alya? This boy is the cutest one!
  • Adrien:*overhearing the conversation* Oh, who are girls talking about?
  • Marinette:*flustered* Oh, uh...it's this dating sim app...where you try to get guys to like you...I'm trying to get this boy to date me right now...*shows Adrien the app*
  • Adrien:*sees Yoosung* Oh wow, he looks a lot like me!
  • Marinette:*screams internally*
  • Alya:*stares into the camera like she's on the office*
  • MC:Do you wanna come over and eat what my mother made?
  • Zen:What’d she make?
  • MC:Me
  • [A few moments later]
  • Yoosung:I’ve been informed that that conversation didn’t, in fact, refer to cannibalism.