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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Streaming (2016) HD

➣ 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Storyline
“ An American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos. ”

➣ 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-13
Casts : Alexia Barlier, Kenny Sheard, Pablo Schreiber, Kerim Troeller, James Badge Dale, Elektra Anastasi, John Krasinski, Dominic Fumusa, Steffi Thake, David Costabile, Toby Stephens, Demetrius Grosse, Max Martini, Liisa Evastina, David Denman
Duration : 144 minutes runtime
Rating : 4

thegeminiqueen asked:

Hey there. Love all the hard work you guys do in running this blog. It's been my go to for good fic recs. I was actually hoping you guys might update the werebabies tag. Particularly any where Stiles is still human.

of course love

He stared daggers at the back. by iKnightWriter (1/1 | 1,000 | G)

Derek didn’t know how to react. That was had always been a problem for him. He didn’t know what to do when people were upset, or needed someone to confide in. There was a difference when people would come to him asking for advice. He was actually able to give it, but when they needed someone to actually listen, Derek was stunted.

Love Like You by Alazan (5/? | 11,623 | PG)

When a witch’s dying curse it to attack and kill the youngest Hale member, Derek expect it to be Cora or Malia…but it’s not. It’s possibly one of the worst ways to find out that he’s a father. Turns out he knocked up Stiles and the reason she’s been MIA is because she’s been away bringing life to his child. His child who is now in mortal danger.

Stiles is still hurt from Derek’s rejection and doesn’t really want to see him, so he had to protect her and his child from afar. Jealousy is high though when he realized just how close Isaac has gotten to Stiles and how much he’s done to be the dad in that situation.

Hopeless Opus by Casspiration (1/1 | 11,162 | G)

Scott may or may not have angered a witch and gotten the entire pack turned into tiny toddlers bundling with energy and Derek is absolutely terrified of children.


The fic in which Stiles is good with kids and it makes Derek want to press him against every available surface.

Lost and found by wolfypuppypiles (4/? | 4,260 | G)

Derek finds a were-child in the woods that turns out to be Laura’s daughter. Derek takes her in and raises her with Stiles’ help but raising a semi-feral were-toddler has its issues.

This is Not Coercion by StilesxandxHalexmen (3/3 | 11,419 | PG13)

Sometimes a packaged Deal is better than just a deal. As he stared down into two sets of liquid brown eyes. Eyes that thought he was a Superhero in real life. Eyes that seemed to think the world of him … Derek wouldn’t have traded anything for this moment. Nor the smile that covered the lips of the male standing next to him. Derek Hale was home.

Achoo by JaggedDiamonds (1/1 | 1,667 | G)

Derek and Stiles are concerned when their son picks up some new abilities.

Special Delivery (subway edition) by Fiannly (1/1 | 7,630 | NR)

“You’re what?” Stiles yells.

Derek jerks the phone away from his ear and waits a few beats before putting it back. “I’m adopting the baby I found on the subway last month,” he repeats.

anonymous asked:

Flowey, you're friends with Papyrus? I'm surprised he hasn't killed you yet.

* H-he’s tried a few times….
* Then Frisk had to make him promise not to kill me.
* Otherwise, he’s pretty cool!
* He likes movies and videogames and has cool books and action figures!

anonymous asked:

During priority: earth, there's a soldier that is talking to a woman on the radio and the woman is trying to save someone who is injured, but if you listen to the conversation long enough she ends up killing herself because reaper forces where coming close to her. So sad..

anonymous asked:

Could you kill Talon?

“ I have no interest in killing him, quite the contrary. We don’t really know each others, yet i respect him. ”

anonymous asked:

I love the stuff regarding the quarian Jonah. First the vid in me2 of his mom saying "mommy loves you very much" before she was killed. Then in me3 his dad saying to tell Jonah his father made it to the home world. I have such feelings.