“Don’t wiggle around,” she said, giggling again.

“What? Like this?” He shifted purposefully around her, kicking his legs out childishly.

“I will drop you!” she threatened, stumbling to the side again.

“Well, it’s really not that far a fall I suppose,” he teased.

“Shut up.”

- from serendipitous fate, chapter 6, by @skaylanphear

toying with my surface pro, figured i’d try to draw another part i love from this damn fic… but still a struggle to draw with this thing XD; whatever tho. 

read this fic it’s great you are missing out if you aren’t readin it etc etc 


that is… a single scene^^ one. single. scene and it’s not even done yet… i still have at least like 3k words to go frick

okay well, looks like im splitting this part as well and publishing two consecutive chapters of incredibly long-winded, self-indulgent sin

no one can stop me


He had me there.


9 films that define my aesthetic (in order of appearance): A Nightmare on Elm Street, Spring Breakers, Bad Education, Magnolia, Mulholland Dr., Kill Bill, Mysterious Skin, American Beauty, Eyes Wide Shut

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#152: Your First Kiss


Oh how I’ve missed writing cute small fluffy preferences like this! Enjooooooy and happy reading!


Luke held onto the door handle with his back pressed against it, his eyes somehow wide and his breathing quickened. He felt on his left hand, the palm still warm from your touch and he bit his lip in thought. He was supposed to do it. But every time you would lean into it, he would chicken up and panic. It wasn’t like him at all but that was what you did to him. It was the small goodbye, a short hug while he took in your scent and pressed you against his chest. Tonight, he had protested, claiming that he was gonna drive you home but you would rather walk, determined. It had been within seconds you said your goodbye, he had heard your footsteps turn around and down his porch. His cheeks were still rosy red from the night’s events, and he was holding onto the door handle so harshly his knuckles turned white. It had to be now if he wanted to catch up with you. Opening the door with force his eyes adjusted to the night life and walked down his porch. You weren’t that far away, your heels loud and clear from the pavement. He sprinted as fast as he could, almost breathless when he was right behind you. Turning around by the sudden sight, your eyes widened when you noticed Luke stand behind you. “Luke, what are you doing?” You asked confused. “I forgot something important.” He breathed and lifted your chin with his fingers. “What?” You asked. He smiled softly before leaning down with confidence, cupping your cheeks with his hands and gave you a sweet kiss on your lips. It was so sudden but also so satisfying you couldn’t control the smile growing on your lips and Luke almost whined by your lack of seriousness. “Come on. Is that how you want to remember our first kiss, by laughing into my mouth!” You rolled your eyes by his whine and wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him to shut up.


“You sure you can walk the few meters by yourself?” Calum commented from your left, his hands gripping onto the steering wheel and looked at you with a worried look. You rolled your eyes by his question and scoffed at him like he was acting a bit ridiculous. “It’s ten meters until I’m in front of my doorstep. My roommate is home so I assure there won’t happen anything to be without you by my side.” Even if you were trying to sound serious you couldn’t prevent the smile playing on your lips. Calum nodded his head agreeing, “Okay.” He said quietly with a smile and looked down at your intertwined fingers, yours resting on top of his on the gear shift. “Thank you for tonight. It was nice seeing this side of you after 15 years of friendship.” You moved down to grab your purse from the floor but remained your linked hands. Calum smiled warmly at you and nodded his head agreeing, watching as you pulled your bag over your shoulder ready to leave him. “See you tomorrow?” He winked and you nodded your head agreeing. You checked your phone shortly to see if your roommate had texted you, and leaned forward to hug Calum goodbye. “Sleep well.” He whispered, spotting the time on the radio and you giggled and whispered it back before opening the door to the car. Though, with your hand still linked with Calum’s you were tucked back into the seat and Calum’s lips found yours for a chase kiss. You were surprised by his action but leaned into the touch the second you realized what he was doing. He stopped to take a deep breath before he leaned forward again, placed three more pecks and leaned his forehead against yours, “Bye Y/N.” He was wearing a goofy expression on his face and you giggled in response and kissed him a last goodbye before walking out of the car with rosy cheeks.


”Come on Y/N.” Michael pleaded and grasped your hand in his, ”There’s a thunderstorm on the way.” You rolled your eyes by his words and ignored the rumbling sounds from the pitch black sky filled with stars. You kept your eyes on the sky, determined to the see the spectacular ocean of shooting stars that were supposed to shine bright like diamonds tonight, on this exact time. “I really wanna see this.” You grinned, unaware of the fact that Michael wasn’t looking at the sky, but having his gaze on you. An adorable smile embraced his cold face and he looked up to tag along, but the second a rain drop landed on his pale cheek. “You must be kidding me.” He mumbled but remained the smile on his face, grumbling about the London weather. Within minutes, the both of you were drowned down to your underwear, your hair matted in your face while drops of rain were falling down from Michael’s brown hair. “Y/N we’ll get sick.” He argued and tucked on your cold hand gently. “No it will clear up, I swear.” You giggled with hope in your voice. After one minute of having rain forced into your eyeballs you looked up at him, giggling at each other by the ridiculous situation you were put in. Michael caressed your cheek, and even with the cold weather his hand managed to be warm. You felt a blush appear on your cheeks and Michael moved closer to capture your lips between his. It was warm, erupting butterflies in your stomach; you stood on your toes and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer. He moved away for a short moment to look up at the sky, smiling widely before his lips went back to yours, giving it with all the force he had to make the both of you breathless, the exact same butterflies erupting in his stomach by the magical moment.


“Ashton, have you found the candles?” You yelled, roaming through the drawers in your kitchen, checked your cupboards and a small sigh left your lips. The only source of light you had was your phone, which only had 3% and not really helping with the search. The whole electricity in the house was out of function, just like the rest of your street. You and Ashton were in the middle of a movie marathon, watching the climax of the film the second the power went out. Ashton was the first one to react, standing up from the couch and ready to find some sort of life. But you had recently moved in, which meant that you had no such clue to where the hell you had put all the candles in your house besides the one on the coffee table for decoration. “I found some.” Ashton exclaimed from somewhere, and his footsteps became louder until he stood by the doorframe to the kitchen. “I think it’s scented though.” He commented and walked forward, the only source of light being the lamppost from the street outside. “Oh my god, it must be my skittles scented candle with orange!” You giggled happily and stood next to him, accidently touching his hand. You removed it away fast in reaction, a blush appearing on your lips. Ashton took it as another sign, and before you could react in the darkness his plump lips were placed on top of yours. You reacted immediately, not like you had expected, and wrapped your hands in his curly locks, tucking slightly. He groaned slightly by the affection and moved away to catch his breath, but in the right second it happened all the lights came back along with the TV turning on again. You both were breathless, looking at each other surprised by your sudden moment but it was less than seconds after a smile broke on both your faces and Ashton leaned down again for another kiss while he filled your eyes with his nervous contagious laughter.