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Heyheyhey hi I love your art more than I love myself and bippidi boppidi you should draw leo/guang-hong (you totally don't have to I would just kill to see them in your style)


And you’re right! I really should draw them……………………..



Context: There’s been a group terrorizing this town- we were supposed to deliver a package to them but upon investigating, it seemed we were sent a gatling gun. So, of course, we set it up and used it on them instead after our bounty one shotted the head guy (in the head), as he had boasted he would, as he always does when it comes to gun fights.

Thief: “My first massacre…”
Cowboy: “You always remember your first!”
Me: “I only killed one guy! Well, that and tricking the entire group to come into range so you all could ambush them and open up fire on them with that gattling gun.”
DM: “Yeah, I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight.”
Bounty hunter: “I always sleep well.”

Dungeon Crawl Classic Shenanigans

K: So I’ve got an Oil Flask if we encounter something dangerous.

R: Don’t you also have a cart full of dead people?

K: Yes? Oh, that’s disturbing.

DM: You find a burial chamber.

K: We have more dead people for the dead cart!

Y: Yay!

DM: You kneecap the snake.

R: Brazier, not brassiere. You put fire in it instead of boobs.





Noctis was exhausted. He shoved his way bodily into one of the rooms the guys had rented, and audibly groaned at the sight of a very shirtless Gladio, sprawled out on one of the beds with a book open in front of him.

He glanced up. “Hey.”

Noctis dug the heels of his palms into his eyes before flopping down at the edge of the bed. He didn’t care at that point––his legs felt like they were about to give out and all he wanted to do was sit down. “Care to explain why you’ve got no shirt on?”

Gladio glanced over at the closed door of the bathroom, where Noctis could hear the shower running. He then looked back at Noctis expectantly, an eyebrow raised. “We rented two rooms for a reason.”

“I didn’t know which one was yours!” Noctis whined defensively. “Not like I’m gonna want to stick around for your sex-capades.”

“You sure?” Gladio smirked. “We are nothing if not adventurous.”

Noctis made a face. “Thanks but no thanks. I’ll pass.”

At that exact moment, the door to the bathroom opened and steam slowly filtered into the room. You emerged in a towel that barely covered anything, tussling your hair with a separate one that blocked Noctis from your view.

“Babe, we have to be careful of our volume this time. As soon as we asked the front desk about a separate room, I got an earful from Ignis about being more considerate when we––”

You moved the towel and went bright red as you saw Noctis perched at the edge of the mattress, wide-eyed and also blushing profusely.

“Hey…” he said cautiously, looking like a cat with its fur on end.

“…Hey,” you answered slowly, moving your second towel to cover more of yourself. “Just…hangin’ out?”

“He wants to join,” Gladio piped up, turning a page of his book. Noctis snapped his head in Gladio’s direction.

“I do not.”

“Then why are you still here?”

Noctis gulped, unable to find an answer. His feet felt like they were cemented to the ground as he slowly turned to look at you, his eyes trailing over your body.

You couldn’t help but smile, biting your lip slightly as you let the towel start to slip, exposing inch by inch of glistening skin. “Oh, Ignis is gonna be mad.”