okay so i know there are a lot of posts on james and lily welcoming harry to the afterlife

but can you imagine if it was a certain house elf instead???

imagine if dobby is the one who gets to greet him first, and he’s got on his favourite socks and numerous hats all piled on his head and a bright white tea cosy on and he just looks up at harry, his massive eyes watering and the biggest grin on his face

and he goes ‘harry potter is here at last, dobby is so happy sir’

and harry just breaks down because he has missed this elf so much and leans down and hugs him so hard

and then when he calms down, dobby grabs his hand and tugs him to where his wife and parents and family are waiting for him

and harry is finally at peace


Osiris Lavellan the Reaver

Inspired by the following dialogue:

“Dragon blood can change you in the ways you’d not expect. Dragon hunters were once revered in Nevarra, and the Pentagasts were the most famous. Many of my family became reavers harnessing the powers of the dragon against their enemy, but each one went terribly insane in the end.  Eventually, it was forbidden. It was their own doing, i understand. Greed drove them to use more and more. The blood deformed them, caused growth, scales, things of that nature. They became enraged by little things. In time, that rage swallowed them. They committed murders, killed entire families, unspeakable things. Tales from hundreds years ago, of course, likely exaggerated, but perhaps not entirely…”  - Casandra Pentagast on Reaver Spec. 

Sagkeeng First Nation walk calls for inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women
Indigenous community members walk over 100 km to Manitoba Legislature to raise awareness for MMIW

Families from Sagkeeng First Nation started walking from their home community Sunday morning calling for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW). They’re headed for the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg and hope to arrive Tuesday.

Crystal Bruyere, the event organizer, lost her cousin Fonessa Bruyere, 17, in August of 2007. She went missing and her body was found later that year along the outskirts of Winnipeg.

MMIW: The case of Fonassa Lynn Louise Bruyere

Project Devote, a task force dedicated to investigating missing and murdered persons cases in Manitoba, is investigating the homicide.

Janet Bruyere, Fonessa and Crystal’s grandmother, said they called police, put up signs together and set out on a desperate search for the 17-year-old before her body was found.

Fonassa Bruyere, 17, was killed in 2007. Her case remains unsolved.

“Police told me she was a runaway, but she was a good girl, a happy girl. She loved her culture, she loved to laugh,” said Janet Bruyere.

“I always think of her every day and night…. I always think she’s going to phone me and I wait for her at night.”

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Dorian watched as the cracks arced across his lover’s body, the green light of the rift glowing brightly against their chests. The lightning-like marks crawled their way up Dyn’s arm, trailing further upwards and eventually across tear-stained cheeks. 

The Tevinter’s hand traced along the path, his hand eventually resting on Dyn’s neck to pull the elf closer.

“It’s gotten worse over the years, hasn’t it?”

Silence answered his question, pained green eyes eerily staring up at him. He missed looking into warm orange.

“I can barely suppress it anymore.” A pregnant pause.”…You know what’s happening. It’s killing me, Dorian. And before I go I need to make sure the Inquisition is safe. Everyone here has been helping me and standing beside me this whole time and I owe it to them to-”

The words flooded out, only halting when Dorian pressed a desperate kiss against Dyn’s forehead. The skin on his lips felt cold, small trembles confirming his suspicions. 

“….I’m not ready to die.” Panic crept into the whisper. “I don’t want to die,” Dyn pleaded, as if saying the words out loud would delay the inevitable.

“Trust me, amatus, I won’t let you.”

Taylor looks so mysterious, like she definitely knows whats coming and that NONE of us are safe.. we are all going to die and taylor is going to be the one to kill us. SHE KNOWS.

anonymous asked:

I don't even watch Hannibal but oh my god is Hannigram ACTUALLY CANON?? what happened?


will conspired to fake hannibal getting out of custody but he actually did get out of custody and will went along w it and then they went to a secluded romantic getaway house by the sea and killed the bad guy [the red dragon] together

and then they held each other while they were covered in blood and essentially confessed their love for each other whILE IN ROMANTIC COMEDY DISTANCE FROM EACH OTHER LIKE no joke they were like love gazing at each other and an inch from each other’s faces

aND THEN HANNIBAL’s just like ‘this is all i wanted for u. for both of us’ ????? and will’s like ‘it’s beautiful’ 

???? SO GAY. SO CANON and gay jfc i hope will is okay lmao