I feel that, even if worship of the Phoenix Witch is the most prominent display of killjoy spirituality and religion, there must be a diverse samplings of religious practice in the zones.

This could range anywhere from already established religions that were either prominent in battery city or have been passed down through the generations, to certain gangs starting to revere just, one particular rock and it just grows out of proportion and now there’s a hundred people worshipping a rock and no one really knows why. (This could take the less humorous form of killjoys really devoted to a dead friend spreading around stories and devotion to a dead friend to the point that that person becomes a religious feature)

There’s also a possibility of a pantheon that exists around the Phoenix witch. She seems mainly to be a goddess of death and the afterlife, and whether there be one other figure who contrasts her in representing life, or an entire group of gods and goddesses presiding over anything from music to the sky

There’s just a lot to talk about here and I think that, because of the focus on individuality in the zones, basically any theory about killjoy religions could coexist, and it would be interesting to see how they interact with each other

I made a post on my old blog about jewish killjoys and I’m here to tell you more about them

-every friday jewish killjoys wear a piece of white clothing, it might not be a shirt or pants but they will wear something
-jewish killjoys venturing from town to town in hopes of finding a rabbi for their child’s bnai mitzvah, circumcision, and confirmation
-competitive dreidel tournaments around channukah
-killjoys selling olive oil for lamps that is made from scratch in the desert (fun fact California has it’s own olive trees)
-killjoys getting together with strangers to pray on high holy days
-killjoys writing ph-enix witch to honor the tradition of writing G-d
-tzadakah being collected to help those new to the zones
-rugalah, sufganiyah, koogle, and other treats made and shared with all no matter the religion
-bubbies taking in lost killjoys and feeding them till they can’t eat anymore
-killjoys who can recite all the prayers and songs but can’t read or write the language

just jewish killjoys man

I was thinking. We always talk about killjoys outside the zones, livingn in dofferwnt climates and their different forms of fighting. And i realized that destroya probably wouldnt be something that spread to these people, sure everyone in the zones and around battery city knew of it. But i doubt a killjoy living out on the other side of the country would.
These ‘joys might have their own myths and legends, much like their own version of destroya. Like imagine a huge robot in a clearing of a forest somewhere in the upper midwest with trees growing through it that is worshipped by the people around it. Or the rumor through the bayou that theres an anchient god living beneath the waters. Or the myth of some deep sea creature on the east coast that protects them.

Also on this note, i would think that the Phoenix witch would exist everywhere. But her appearance is always different depending on the culture of the area

Thanks so much, Patrick Munn, for assuring us FOX will “address” TXF in January and that talks are ongoing. That is such revelatory information. But until Gillian demonstrates one iota of enthusiam in doing an 11th season, I personally am going to remain on the skeptical side.

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Dude I've been looking at ur redbubble store forever (specially the Killjoy shirt with all the ray guns) and I'm looking to get something for Christmas but I just wanna say ur art is really good (like really really good) and if I had any money it would go to ur merch in a heartbeat

aw dude, youre the fuckin sweetest. thanks for all the love and i hope your xmas is totally rad as fuck.

Zone Legends

Legend has it that there is a white, wolf like dog who roams the Zones: a spirit of peace, understanding, and mercy. After a ‘Joy passes unexpectedly, he approaches their loved ones and leads them to a remote location where they can visit and say goodbye to the past 'Joys spirt one last time before the Phoenix Witch guides them to the other side.

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do you have a complete list of all canon killjoys (not just the fab four)?

Sure! I’ll just list ‘em all off 

-There’s the Fab Four (which I’m assuming you know)

-Dr. Death Defying

-Show Pony

-Cherri Cola

-Val Velocity



-theres also a few other people in the ultra vs but i dont think all of them are named in the comics and the one that is gets killed on like page 5 lol)

-The Girl

-Tommy Chow Mein if you want to count him

-Mad Gear and the Missile Kid

-DJ Hot Chimp


and I think that’s it!

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Hey Lace, would you mind sharing your favorite killjoy campfire/lore story?

Of course sweetheart but it’ll cost ya 6 carbs ;)

Now just a heads up, it’s not really a story so to speak, it’s just something I read out of a journal I found out in zone 3, but you did ask for my favourite so here goes.

It’s hard to believe that some people are so lucky, that when food meets their lips, they can afford to wipe it off. I desperately stretch my tongue to the corners of my mouths that I know damn well I won’t be able to reach, just to get one last bit of food in my belly.

I’ve killed three men in my lifetime; A father, a brother and a son, each one left me dry. How fitting I shed 3 tears for spoilt meat and sour milk, and how fitting I break flesh like breaking bread.

if I could die my hair in blood they’d call me Party Poison by now. If I had a drop of bleach for every grain of sand, my hair would look like snow (whatever the hell that is). Every drop of colour gives me a goddamn headache, and every Siren of a killjoy puts me closer to gauging my eyes out.

Day 2, day 2, welcome to the zones kid.

A bit of a downer but you did ask for my favourite. Pay up sweetheart.

Inmate #0801, [interrogation video]

Found in BL/ind archives, shows footage of 20-year-old Gerard Way, who would later turn into the infamous rebel leader known as Party Poison, interrogated after being taken into custody by S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W operatives for refusing to wear his BLI headphones at the appropriate times and levels. Way claimed that the daily broadcasts were “unnatural” as he continued to show disinterest and even laugh through the interrogation. Many experts say this is the event that sparked the rebellion that would make it’s mark on Battery City history.