“ Gosh… I was really stupid. Right at this moment, it has nothing to do with me or him… I have a duty as a lawyer. And nothing matters more than that !! ”


Have a crappy Bill/Dipper brotp animatic! Hey, at least I’m making things for once!


Jaehee's Route So Far
  • Jumin:[looks at Jaehee the wrong way]
  • Me:First off, how fucking dare you. Leave my beautiful, smart, talented, and amazing wife alone? You corporate piece of shit. I'll fight you. I'll fight your whole company. Hell, I'll even fight every single one of your father's girlfriends.

rockymtn-rockinrollredneck said: 

They are a big problem where I live! I’ve seen them kill elk and not eat them, I know ranchers that lose livestock to wolves. The woman that cuts my hair her and her husband have a small acreage with a few cattle, last winter they lost 8 of their cattle to wolves game and fish went out to their property and killed 9 wolves on their and their neighbors property.

Yeah. Wolves eat other animals, be it wild or domesticated. If you leave cattle unatended then you really can’t expect to get them all back alive. To be honest the “wolves kill for sport” argument is getting really old in this debate. They don’t. I must also say you have seen some pretty uncommon things if you have on multiple occasions witnessed wolves kill elk and leave the carcass. Did you stay around to watch how that carcass finally perished as well? 

Wolves do surplus killings. It’s not rare and it’s not any worse than single kills. Also, surplus killings is not something that wolves practice most of the time, but rather when prey is weak, or with domestic animals that lack the ability to defend themselves like wild prey making them easy kills. 

The reason wolves do surplus killings is, again - not for sport, but because the situation allows them to get a large amount of food while useing relatively little energy. It’s kind of like when you buy food on sale and store it. Allthough the wolves might not eat the animals right after the kill, it is proven that they will come back to the carcasses as long as there is food left. 

Wolves do not kill for sport. 

The Prince of Egypt Read-Along
  • The Prince of Egypt Read-Along
  • Jeff Goldblum

The Prince of Egypt Read-Along is narrated by Jeff Goldblum because it’s classy like that (and the potential for meta and headcanons is pretty great).  This is a short clip from the well scene.

At first, I was actually feeling sorry for Cinder. She just looks so helpless. Then I remember that she’s responsible for the death of Pyrrha and Penny and all my sympathy evaporates.

The best part is? Salem apparently believes that Cinder killed Ozpin. There’s a 100% chance for that being false. Once Ozpin reappears, we’re going to see Salem become furious with Cinder and bitch slap the bitch right in the face.

I’m going to play that over and over and over while eating popcorn.