@linearstarfall !!!

You gave me the option of whoever I wanted so haha why not FugoNara right???

Send me color palette challenges from the palettes I have in my tag for them! Just be specific or include the url number in your ask! I’m most into Jojo’s rn! 

reginaldspektor  asked:

I saw you buy from tractor supply. They just came out with Sportmix Wholesomes in a grain free variety. It's a bit cheaper than 4health.

Thanks for the info! But, some of mine didn’t really like the 4Health, and, today, I found out I’m getting a big raise (so won’t have to find a 2nd job now, woo!), so they can stay on Zignature! But I’ll remember that for the future!

PS I looked up that food, and it has canola oil, which lowers Kiba’s seizure threshold, so we avoid things that have it (and rosemary), but thanks again!

anonymous asked:

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ok so like I haven't watched naruto in forever but I lowkey always thought kiba (the older shippuden version at least) was good looking and your post just launched all of those feelings back like holy lordt

Kiba is fine af. All the Naruto guys are if we’re being forreal.