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What do Team 8 do when they have free time? Do they ever hang out?

They rarely find time that they are all free, especially with the two little ones. But whenever they get a chance they have a good time, go out to eat, maybe just hang out and get some fresh air while Boruto runs around and burns off all  that toddler energy. 

Konoha Hiden - The Wedding (Part 1 of 2)



So… Is anybody else miffed that Konoha Hiden didn’t get to describe the actual NaruHina wedding and the reception that followed afterwards? I know I am! And when I get miffed I write!

Actually, I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. Ever since I’ve laid my eyes on this excellent piece of fanart by PixIV artist AIKA, I wanted to write a story about Sasuke taking pictures at Naruto’s wedding and reflecting on it…

…but then Konoha Hiden came out and it was revealed that Sasuke was not seen at the wedding.

But I still wanted to write the story, and I still wanted it to be as canon-compliant as possible! Eventually I came up with something else.

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I love Team 8?? Ever since I started this Naruto Heck Pit I’ve always loved Team 8 the most. I love their clans too. No other team do I adore all the members (including their sensei!!). They’re the best team. Hinata and her goofy sidekicks. Kiba and his gang. Shino and his two best friends in the entire world.

They’re not super-powerful or have 300 years of team work or an especially tragic backstory. But they do have a dog, and they do have each other, and I like that. I like them.

title: The Day the World Stopped and Began Again
pairing: NaruHina
summary: Naruto breaks down over Hinata. [Submitted by Anonymous]
notes: This is going to be angsty, sad, happy and dark, just the way I like it.

How could you let this happen?” He screamed into Kiba’s face, fingers clutching desperately onto his shirt, like somehow that was going to fix everything that had happened.

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