Please Consider...
  • Reina asking Kiara about grandchildren and Kiara spitting her tea out. 
  • Reiji talking about continuing the family line. Shin glaring and saying even if they -did- have a kid it’d be a Tsukinami. 
  • Reiji snapping the handle off his own teacup. 
  • Kiara awkwardly adding in that she doesn’t even want kids. “I mean technically we’re not even really married yet so…”
  • The lenses of Reiji’s glasses cracking.

I want lance and allura to become best friends in that way where they call each other ‘wife’ and 'husband’
- “hang on let me get my wife’s opinion - HONEY, SHOULD KEITH WEAR THE RED SHIRT OR THE BLACK SHIRT”
- “sorry my husband is the handy man around here” “allura I just want to know how the toaster works”
- random declarations of eternal commitment during briefings
- “my handsome soulmate, my dear husband, your footing is wonky and it’s throwing voltron off balance”
- “my dear, sweet allura - would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? - because right now your name is 'angry tired and stressed’ and I need u to take a fucking chill pill”
- “allura, the love of my life, the essence or my being, would you come shopping for sparkly shit with me?” “of course, my little dove”
- coran introduces a 'one term of endearment per sentence’ limit to keep meetings efficient
- shiro is 'the mistress’
- hunk is 'side ho number one’
- pidge is 'side ho number two’
- keith is 'side ho number three’
- “lance I’m ACTUALLY your boyfriend why the fuck am I side ho number three” “first come first serve bitch”


You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.