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"Demyx getting stabbed by ice sickles" damn, is that how he's beaten in the kh2 manga? i only read the CoM ones, but jeez, that sounds even more brutal than what happens to Vexen.

Yup, I haven’t read it but from what I skimmed he does a water attack, someone freezes it and then he gets stabbed with the resulting ice-sickles off screen. Then it shows a scene of him lying on the floor, he says something heart-jerking and then fades. 

Tbf though I’m not sure if that’s been released in English yet. It was just the first “horrifying thing in the manga” that came to mind. Honestly I probably should have used Larxene getting electrocuted. 

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Oh my god I read your tags on that zexion and Riku post and holy shit. That makes so much sense. Oh my god.

I KNOW RIGHT? I kept wondering what made Riku go so “emo” in KH2 and then I realized. What Zexion told him in CoM was some really powerful and destructive shit that made Riku ashamed of himself for a long time since we see his attitude in the beginning of CoM he was all like I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS ANSEM and was resisting the darkness but not once was he ashamed of his darkness before he met Zexion.