Ingat dengan Arya ?, anak 10 tahun dengan berat badan 192 kg ?. Satu tahu dia tidak sekolah karena tidak kuat berjalan. Namun yang luput dari pemberitaan media adalah selama satu tahun itu Arya tetap belajar, GURUnya yang datang ke rumah untuk mengajari dia, membimbing supaya tidak ketinggalan pelajaran, mengikutkannya dalam ujian di rumah yang di temani gurunya. Semua orang bicara tentang arya, adakah dari kita membicarakan guru SDnya yang istiqomah setahun membimbingnya. Luar Biasa. Tabik.
—  Itulah mengapa meski kita pernah dididik oleh banyak guru, guru SD selalu punya tempat lebih untuk dikenang.

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I wanted ADC to be cast as Lara Croft because I would love to see her as the character but what you said, I have to agree. ADC being cast in a 2 billion+ fucking film franchise, there are just so many & it's getting annoying & even though if she was part of one it would really get her name out there, I don't know that I'd actually want her or Eliza to be part of one, the only reason I would want them to would be for their actual portrayal of the characters.

And to be completely honest, I just don’t think Alycia could handle a franchise. If she’s this put off by a fanbase of a couple hundred thousand gays who are for the most part pretty tame I think she’d have a hell of a hard time with a movie of that scale where the rest of the world and the internet trolls zone in on her. I really think she would fall apart. Maybe she’d be better equipped in a few years, but not with where she is at right now. 

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Reboots, superhero, blockbuster movies are just the worst. It's like going to the movies for a lobotomy. People always ask me my favorite movie because I see tons but not those types so when I tell them the Before trilogy they get excited & think it's some kind of superhero or whatever franchise. I'm like nope, it's a trilogy done over 20 years by Richard Linklater with Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy. Two strangers meet in their early 20s spend a night just talking about life & love & then meet again


That’s the only kind of “franchise” I will ever accept. 

Please love yourself and watch Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. Linklater shoots (and according to him will continue to shoot) a new “chapter” of this story every ten years. It’s follows the love story of Jesse and Celine over twenty years (so far) and each film happens in the span of a few real time hours of their lives. The titles are pretty self explanatory when it comes to timeframes. We check in on them and see where they are in their lives and relationships and then we wait for ten years to see what happens next. It’s just…brilliance.