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Gangster Oogway getting pissed when he sees people being dicks to Soothsayer though. He's cool with causing trouble and being an ass, but bothering a lady because she has a beard is a big no in his book. Soothsayer gets mad because she can take care of herself. Oogway says that he just hates when people act all righteous then attack people for being different. She should be afraid because of Oogway and Kai, not folks who say she's not a woman. She says that she isn't afraid of anyone.

( casually slides in my trans!soothsayer and genderfluid!oogway hc’s onto this concept

taking that into account theres also the fact that in a way he kinda “relates”(? if thats the right word) to her in the sense that he also knows what its like when people get too nosy in things thats none of their business, and how maddening it can be )

Okay but…Kai, the villain from the new Kung Fu Panda movie?  His theme is basically Imagine Dragons’ I’m So Sorry, but for orchestra.  It’s really beautiful but it also distracted me all the way through the movie, haha

I have to run but if you listen through this you’ll hear it.  Also the rest of the music is really beautiful so, win-win.