Commissions Update!

I am opening up for some more options with my commissions, now including flat colors and shading/lighting!

Payment or partial payment must be made up front (using paypal). I will do a mock up messy sketch for you to make sure you like the direction I’m taking before I send you the final product.

Things I am happy to draw:

  • OCs
  • Canon Characters
  • Furry or Anthro
  • Kung Fu Panda, Zootopia, etc.
  • NSFW (see restrictions)

Things I’m not very good at drawing but will draw if you want me to:

  • Humans or humanoids
  • Gemsonas
  • Mechanoid

Things I WILL NOT draw:

  • Lollita, beastiallity
  • Gore, vore, or hyper
  • Excessive brutality

(artist’s note: I also will not draw my regularly drawn otp having nsfw relations with characters besides each other, but I’m happy to draw them by themselves)

To commission: please message me at either @lellowberry or @lellowberrysart so we can discuss details. I do work full time but I will of course try to get back to you right away! I reserve the right to decline any commission, but I’m pretty easy going.

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Okay but…Kai, the villain from the new Kung Fu Panda movie?  His theme is basically Imagine Dragons’ I’m So Sorry, but for orchestra.  It’s really beautiful but it also distracted me all the way through the movie, haha

I have to run but if you listen through this you’ll hear it.  Also the rest of the music is really beautiful so, win-win.