Headcanon #111

Tigress has incredible manners and decorum. She was raised in a palace, not a barn.

She’s a lot more lenient around the rest of the Five and Po, though, so they’re all pretty surprised the first time they meet the Empress and Tigress goes from ‘Kung-Fu warrior’ to ‘Lady of the Jade Palace’ in half a second.

Things that blow me away in awe no matter how many times I experience them:

  • The storytelling artistry of the HTTYD movie
  • Both HTTYD movie soundtracks - their motifs, their complexity interwoven with the narrative themes, their brilliant orchestration, their… everything :3
  • The Kung Fu Panda movie trilogy’s use of art, color, and music
  • The art style of The Secret of Kells
  • The pure brilliance of ATLA, especially regarding character development and storytelling growth
  • The epic storytelling scope, wonderful characters, emotional plots, and no-chill-possibilities of the Mass Effect game franchise
  • Samwise Gamgee sticking with Frodo through everything, and the emotional ending of The Lord of the Rings where Frodo Baggins leaves the Shire to go to the Grey Havens with the Elves
  • Everything about Gravity Falls, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. EVERYTHING about GF, VLD, and FMAB!
  • Seriously though FMA manga / FMAB is one of the greatest stories in all of human culture and history - its characters, its character dynamics, its plot, its emotions, its symbolism, its everything… just… perfection
  • Animation
  • Animation!
Po Ping Appreciation Post

I was in a need of making the post about one of my favorite characters of all time - Po Ping from Kung Fu Panda. We all know that he is an overweight who became our favorite badass, the Dragon Warrior. But I wanted to focus more on the things that are overlooked - or at least I feel like they are.

WARNING - this post will contain some MAJOR KFP3 spoilers!

Ok, so let’s get this party started. Po Ping…

-is an artistic soul

-made his action figures all by himself (including carving in wood and painting) the very day he fell in love with kung fu

-has a photographic memory! He saw the Furious Five only once from far away and carved their portraits in wood very accurately

-was able to learn the Wuxi Finger Hold all by himself just from pure observation and while being under the massive distress

-learns fast. Really fast, mostly from his own mistakes. He improved his fighting skills in such a short time

-cares about his art so much and is very proud of it

-is very creative! It usually shows during the fight on numerous occasions (he “drew” the giant dragon with his own chi, for example)

-probably likes to sing when he thinks no one is around (judging from the scene from the holiday special), he’s pretty good at singing

-cooks well

-has/had PTSD

-hated himself for about 20 years of his life

-is craving compliments and affection… or any kind of validation, really

-throws himself into the most dangerous situations without second thinking

-is even ready to sacrifice his own life for a bigger cause if he thinks it’s necessary

-literally jumps into committing a suicide to save his loved ones. And yes, he was pretty sure he would stay dead i will never cope with this

-is probably asexual… heck, he is very likely asexual! I mean…

So in conclusion, Po Ping is an overweight, a fanboy and a badass but he is also…

-an artist with many talents

-a victim of mental illness

-an individual who for the course of all three movies weren’t given a love interest and yet he isn’t illustrated as broken or cold - he is represented as a loving person, as someone who is capable of love, who’s able to show his affection to others

Thank you DreamWorks, for this amazing, fleshed out character.

This has been Po Appreciation Post.

Headcanon #112

The Wu sisters haven’t been heard from in forever because they’ve had a falling-out with each other.

Wing Wu fell in love with and married a tiger.

Wan Wu accidentally gave herself powers over ice and snow via witchcraft and is now hiding in an ice fortress in the Himalayas somewhere.

Su Wu is a Yandere with a giant Senpai-Shrine dedicated to no other than Tai Lung. She spends her time dabbling in magic to try and resurrect the object of her obsession.