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Chris Brown posted a pic of got7 on his instagram

That’s so odd…But this isn’t the first time Chris Brown has been involved or showed interest in kpop tbh. Like he even produced a song on JYJ’s most recent album (“Valentine” I think)

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Admin Edit:

He posted this in order to basically shoutout to them for posing in front of his art. 

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Making Supernatural conventions more positive :D

Everyone in the #SPNFamily knows that Jared has been through a tough time, they know this because he was kind enough to let us know and to start the AKF campaign to help support others in similar situations. It is truly fantastic that the campaign has helped people really open up about their struggles and to seek help from each other or from professionals as needed.

Jared is still fighting his fight, he is being strong for his family and for all of us. But it became apparent this weekend that he is struggling under the weight of emotional stories being shared with him. Yes Jared opening up about his problems has helped many of us, even saved lives. Not just Jared, but Jensen, Misha and the SPNfamily in general have helped save lives and this is an amazing thing that should be shared. However I ask you, the spnfamily, to reconsider two things that happened this weekend at Vancon.

Please think twice before sharing your story during the panels. A simple “You helped me I’m doing much better now” is perfectly welcome, but a full story of struggles and despair does not belong at a Q&A session, try to keep your turn quick, light and about the show.

Please also think twice before sharing your full story of depression and despair with Jared during autographs. Can you imagine being told story after story of how people feel like giving up, how horrible things have happened to them…how they almost stopped fighting. What a weight to carry! He’s not only fighting his own battle but now carrying the weight of countless other peoples that have shared theirs with him too.

I ask that if you are struggling, if you feel like giving up, to instead please seek help from your friends, family or from a professional.

Lets try to keep conventions positive! Yes share that you have been helped, because i’m sure that everyone will want to know that you got through it, that you will always keep fighting! It is such a positive message and will hopefully inspire others to always keep fighting too!

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Can you explain to me how Nicki dragged Miley? She only said "back to this btch" how is that a drag? :o

That’s not only what she said? She basically confronted Miley about her speaking (it wasn’t her place AT ALL, but what’s new???) on the thing Nicki and Taylor Swift had over twitter. Rather than drag, the more appropriate term I should’ve used was called out. There was no reason Miley should’ve commented on that because it wasn’t her place, simple as that. Nicki basically told Miley to keep her name out her mouth.

I’m glad she did it too.

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hey I don't really like reading smut so can you recommend some fluff? preferably with chapters

*crawls out of smut cavern* Ah, once upon a time I avoided smut like the plague so I’m basically an expert (; ̄︶ ̄)

Actual Boyfriends  A collection of Taekook drabbles.

(Okay okay, this is actually the best thing in the whole world, some of them aren’t fluff but the majority are super duper cute.)

Ramen  He didn’t want to go out on such a night, but Taehyung was out of ramen and he was starving. So he bundled up in a puffy jacket and headed out of his apartment building into the rain.

#2 Caramel Macchiato ‘i purposely get your coffee order wrong just so you’ll talk to me again’ au

(No but coffeeshop aus in general are adorable. So this fic is no exception ∩(︶▽︶)∩ )

YouTube Sensation  V has a popular YT channel featuring videos of his random and exciting escapades. Now that he’s reached 500 subscribes, he’s promised he’d introduce his pride and joy, Kookie, to his viewers. Looks like Tae may be getting a new YT partner.

(This fic is chaptered and from the perspective is from on of the subscribers perspective. It took me a bit longer to get used to the writing style but I definitely recommend checking this out.)

Follow Me Down  In which Jungkook is a sort of popular tumblr blogger and his life gets all messed up by the most definitely more popular blogger Kim Taehyung, who somehow happens to be fond of him. 

Ideal Type  Jimin thinks he knows Jungkook’s ideal type and is hellbent on playing matchmaker for his best friend.  

Unlucky Charm Their first interaction is hate at first sight, and Jungkook is absolutely convinced that Taehyung is his personal unlucky charm. Who else could be so completely annoying, distracting and god-forbid cute at the same time? 

(Chaptered fic which is really really cute and also has a sequel (●´□`)♡)

What I Wanna Be (Is with You)  Some days, Taehyung just doesn’t want to get out of bed. (And if he’s not getting out, Jungkook’s not allowed to either.)

 Our Little Specks of Infinity  It doesn’t matter how many times taehyung has to watch him from afar, because every lifetime is worth it for the one in which jungkook looks back at him.

I’m sorry that a lot of these aren’t chaptered, the majority of chaptered fluff that I’ve read has smut. (╥_╥)

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Alpha - Ana_K_Lee - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Stiles’ Webcomic is adapted into a TV Show. Enter Derek Hale, an unknown actor who never wanted to be a star but had been a fan of the comic since Day one.

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pls watch mamamoo's impretty rapstar omfg

It was really funny actually! If anyone hasn’t seen it and has seen UPRS, then you know they were just about spot on about everyone. Wheein doing San E was too much, she was literally just like him, just a fraction of how creepy he was lol 

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the signs as entertainment companies/ record labels
  • Cancer: YG Entertainment
  • Pisces: SM Entertainment
  • Taurus: Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Libra:  Amoeba Culture
  • Aquarius: AOMG
  • Gemini: Illionaire Records
  • Scorpio: Big Hit Entertainment
  • Capricorn: Cube Entertainment
  • Aries: JYP Entertainment
  • Virgo: Starship Entertainment
  • Sagittarius: Big Hit Entertainment
  • Leo: Pledis Entertainment
Help my friend keep her home?

A very good friend of mine needs all the help she can get. Even if you can’t donate, I’m asking you to reblog this post. She’s contributed many wonderful fics for the fandom (which I know some of you had read), it’d be great if we could give something back to her.


I’m not pressuring anyone to post this if they don’t want to, I’m just asking for help for my friend.