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this isnt fair to the ppl who are trending #jungkookisnowlegal bc we are just genuinely happy that we can LEGALLY date him. (i mean obviously we probably wont date him but who doesnt love hope, like when u match the ideal type of ur bias) do you know how weird some of us feel for having a "crush" on someone whos 17 when we are like old enough to have kids and a family and a house??? i was all for not writing mature fics about him untill he was 18, and now hes 18 and i STILL cant say anything????

It took me so long to answer this because I was so distraught by where to start… I just… 

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lost in translation

characters: captains, iwaizumi, various others
note: for remmi ♥️ your fic ideas send my muse into overdrive, and i saw that you really wanted someone to fic this one ^^ (here is the original, genius tweet that this fic is based off of).

11 p.m.

It was a captains’ thing, Bokuto insisted.

“Need I remind you, we are not high school captains anymore,” Ushijima sighed.

“Ah, but for old time’s sake!” Kuroo chimed in, draping an arm across the old Shiratorizawa player and directing his most oily smile his way, relishing in the way his face hardened with irritation.

Iwaizumi looked unsure, glancing between the mismatched group waiting on the doorstep and back at Oikawa, who hummed cheerily as he tied up the laces of his boots and patted down his pockets in search of his wallet. “Oikawa, your sister is getting married tomorrow,” he growled. “In less than twenty-four hours. And you are the best man.”

“We’ll bring him back safe,” Daichi quickly intervened, before Oikawa could act on the flash of challenge that passed through his eyes, no doubt an argument waiting to happen. With a helpless glance over his shoulder at Kuroo and Bokuto, he leaned in close to the old Seijou ace and whispered desperately, “Please, just… anything to make those two shut up.”

Iwaizumi took pity, reminded of old Seijou antics — or perhaps he was slightly hypnotized by the way Daichi’s earnest eyes practically bore into his. Bring him back safe was the promise, before Oikawa pressed a sloppy kiss to Iwaizumi’s cheek and allowed himself to be whisked away by his fellow, retired captains.

5:30 a.m.

Kuroo hiccuped loudly, pulling his face out of a scattered pile of empty shot glasses, and peered out at the room with glassy, unfocused eyes. Blinking the room back into focus, he began to count the blurry faces surrounding him through his drink-addled mind. A curse slipped past his lips.

“Shit.” He roused Bokuto beside him, so hard he was forced to snap up. Their hazy eyes locked. “We lost Oikawa.”

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Tbh that was pretty my look every time miles came on stage. I was so glad Nicki called her appropriating ass out. I almost yelled "Drag the bitch" after that mammy comment lol

Me too, but honestly I’ve been waiting for someone to drag her really. She’s been warned multiple times that she has appropriated several different cultures as well as speak about subjects she knows little about and what does she do? Continues saying ‘i’m just being me lol!!!’ e_e 

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