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this isnt fair to the ppl who are trending #jungkookisnowlegal bc we are just genuinely happy that we can LEGALLY date him. (i mean obviously we probably wont date him but who doesnt love hope, like when u match the ideal type of ur bias) do you know how weird some of us feel for having a "crush" on someone whos 17 when we are like old enough to have kids and a family and a house??? i was all for not writing mature fics about him untill he was 18, and now hes 18 and i STILL cant say anything????

It took me so long to answer this because I was so distraught by where to start… I just… 

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lost in translation

characters: captains, iwaizumi, various others
note: for remmi ♥️ your fic ideas send my muse into overdrive, and i saw that you really wanted someone to fic this one ^^ (here is the original, genius tweet that this fic is based off of).

11 p.m.

It was a captains’ thing, Bokuto insisted.

“Need I remind you, we are not high school captains anymore,” Ushijima sighed.

“Ah, but for old time’s sake!” Kuroo chimed in, draping an arm across the old Shiratorizawa player and directing his most oily smile his way, relishing in the way his face hardened with irritation.

Iwaizumi looked unsure, glancing between the mismatched group waiting on the doorstep and back at Oikawa, who hummed cheerily as he tied up the laces of his boots and patted down his pockets in search of his wallet. “Oikawa, your sister is getting married tomorrow,” he growled. “In less than twenty-four hours. And you are the best man.”

“We’ll bring him back safe,” Daichi quickly intervened, before Oikawa could act on the flash of challenge that passed through his eyes, no doubt an argument waiting to happen. With a helpless glance over his shoulder at Kuroo and Bokuto, he leaned in close to the old Seijou ace and whispered desperately, “Please, just… anything to make those two shut up.”

Iwaizumi took pity, reminded of old Seijou antics — or perhaps he was slightly hypnotized by the way Daichi’s earnest eyes practically bore into his. Bring him back safe was the promise, before Oikawa pressed a sloppy kiss to Iwaizumi’s cheek and allowed himself to be whisked away by his fellow, retired captains.

5:30 a.m.

Kuroo hiccuped loudly, pulling his face out of a scattered pile of empty shot glasses, and peered out at the room with glassy, unfocused eyes. Blinking the room back into focus, he began to count the blurry faces surrounding him through his drink-addled mind. A curse slipped past his lips.

“Shit.” He roused Bokuto beside him, so hard he was forced to snap up. Their hazy eyes locked. “We lost Oikawa.”

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What happened with miley and Nicki isn't even something to joke about. Miley played the "black women are always angry" card in the interview and didn't expect Nicki to clap back with a response. Typical privileged suburban white girl attitude. She's steady trying to humble Nicki and didn't realize her own argument was severely self-centered.

Oh I was never joking about it. I’m honestly glad Miley got snatched because it was long overdue imo

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Losing Count (JiKook)

For our golden maknae’s birthday, here’s some JiKook for yall.

Warning : Fluff overload, you have been warned.

Summary We’ve kissed often enough in public, I don’t see why they’d think you weren’t my bloody boyfriend I’m madly in love with and sometimes write about, Kookie.

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Jimin liked to call it ‘The Kookie Book.’ It was like a slam book, but the opposite. He had often toyed with the idea of ‘The Kookie Jar’ because it sounded so much better, but Jimin liked the organization of a book. Jimin was just that kind of guy; when he woke up in the middle of the night, scared and sweating, and found Jungkook groggily telling him that no, Jungkook wasn’t going away anywhere, and yes, he was right here if he wanted to hold him, Jimin couldn’t fathom how he would live without the tall Busan boy who had taught him how to love. It was times like that when Jimin would pull out ‘The Kookie Book’ and scribble down another reason why he had fallen in love with Jeon Jungkook.

Jimin sat down and sighed, digging his toes in the wet sand, staring out at the sea. Jimin loved the beach. It gave him the feeling of endless infinity, where the days were long enough to play under and the nights were punctuated with the sound of crashing waves pulling in and out of the shore. And today was the kind of day Jimin liked best; not too many people around, sun just warm enough to kiss every inch of skin, the sky just clear enough to make Jimin imagine what could lay beyond, the sea just green enough to make you want dive into its depths. But he couldn’t bring himself to concentrate on any of it today.

Jungkook walked up next to Jimin, taking a seat near him, leaning on his shoulder. Jimin liked how Jungkook smelt; like morning coffee and forest pines and something else Jimin couldn’t really put his finger on, the kind that always stirred something in Jimin’s heart, because only Jeon Jungkook could smell that way. Despite the heaviness in his heart, Jimin allowed himself a tiny smile. He must have tried to describe it a thousand times in the book, but never close to the perfection of the real thing. He had given up on that a long time ago.

“Still can’t find it, huh?” Jungkook said quietly, voice barely heard over the crashing waves. Jimin shook his head.

He couldn’t for the life of him figure out where that damn book had gotten itself to. He had tried everywhere, from the bedside drawer to the entire mess of miscellaneous things in Jimin’s luggage, but it had disappeared without a trace. Jimin had basically turned the whole hotel upside down, and even had the management look for it. (Jungkook had objected to it at first; it was too embarrassing to him if they ever went through a single page, but Jimin wouldn’t hear any of it, and to hell with what they thought. “We’ve kissed often enough in public, I don’t see why they’d think you weren’t my bloody boyfriend I’m madly in love with and sometimes write about, Kookie.” Jungkook had blushed, rolling his eyes, and the subject was dropped.)

“It’ll turn up eventually, hyung. Don’t worry so much.” Jimin chuckled.

“That’s all I can count on right now, by the looks of it.”

Jungkook had gotten up then, towering over Jimin as he held out his hand, indicating for Jimin to take it. Jimin looked at him, confused.

“Are you going to mope around here, or are we going to actually go on cute dates and play like you had promised, all because you lost that stupid book?”

Jungkook’s lips were set in a stubborn pout, and Jimin grinned. He had toyed for very long with whether he loved or hated how stubborn Jungkook could be, but in the end he had written a particularly long section about it into the book, because it was what made Jungkook himself, and secretly, his boyfriend’s tantrums were a part of Jimin’s own heart.

Fifteen minutes later saw them both in swimming shorts, and Jungkook running out to the beach as Jimin watched, walking slowly behind him. By the time Jimin was halfway across the beach, Jungkook was already in the water, jumping and splashing around like an excited two year old and Jimin burst out into laughter at how ridiculous an 18 year old looked doing that, but how much it tugged at his heart. Jungkook stuck his tongue out at Jimin, waving for him to come in. Jimin only took a second to appreciate how hot his boyfriend looked with his bare torso glistening under the sun before diving in, grabbing Jungkook by the waist. Jungkook giggled.

“Not worried about the Kookie Book anymore?”

Jimin grinned. He liked how casually Jungkook could refer to it now. Before, when he had found out about the book for the first time, Jimin had been so embarrassed, wanted to melt into a pool and die as Jungkook’s eyes raked over the page, widening by the second. He had finally set it down, smirking.

“You like the hazel flecks in my eyes, huh?” Jimin had hit his arm, mumbled something incoherent. Jungkook had laughed.

“It’s cute, hyung.” And Jimin had given a tentative nod. Every time the book was mentioned after that, Jimin grinned at Jungkook and said ‘I’m breathing in Jungkook, breathing out poetry.’ Jungkook would blush and look away, secretly extremely pleased with himself. So Jimin looked at Jungkook now, feeling a surge of adoration for the younger, kissing his nose.

“I’m trying my best not to.”


The sun had set by the time an exhausted Jimin collapsed onto a beach chair, closing his eyes.

“Hyung,” he heard above him, and Jimin groaned.

“No more playing, Kookie-ah. Hyung is so tired.” He had to admit, he had forgotten all about the book that day, what with Kookie making sure he spent every second of that day doing something or the other. But now, the beach had darkened and most of the people had left. Jungkook huffed.

“I got you that chocolate milk you had been going on about that day, hyung. Remember? You said it was your favorite.” Jimin smiled. He loved when Jungkook remembered the littlest things about him. It was one of the first things he had written down in the Kookie Book.

“It was a one time thing, Kookie. I don’t like it all the time.” Jungkook’s face fell as he put it aside, cuddling up next to Jimin on the beach chair. Jimin shifted so that the nearly 6 foot boy could fit in, and Kookie finally rested his head on Jimin’s chest as Jimin stroked his hair.

“It’s like the time when we weren’t dating and you rejected a second date with that hunk Jin I had set you up with.” Jimin’s jaw dropped.

“Are you seriously comparing men I dated to chocolate milk?”

“Mmmm.” Jimin glanced down; Jungkook was almost asleep already. Jimin smiled softly, stroking Jungkook’s hair. He leaned his head back onto the chair, closing his eyes. Jimin let the sound of the waves lull him into sleep.

In the end, Jimin lost the book, and he found himself not caring. With Jungkook clutching onto him, head on his chest as he slept, Jimin didn’t need a log; he would probably lose count of the list anyway. Besides, Jimin was sure he could find a new reason to love Jungkook again and again for the rest of their days.

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Stiles and Derek spend a night together, and Derek, thinking he’s protecting Stiles, tells him it was a mistake.
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills. He also leaves behind 6 letters to say goodbye to the pack.
From his letters, the pack thinks he’s killed himself.
Meanwhile, Stiles is in NYC, living with Jackson, going to Columbia, oh, and he’s pregnant.