TsukkiYama February 2016 - January 2017 Calendar Wallpapers — Download here

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Artists (in order of their work’s appearance above):
@tsukki–daisuki, @mochiibunbab, @tinollart, @arururin
@goodbirb, @emuyh-art, @yankasmiles, @smrth
@reraimu, @nymphicus, @ci-bear​ + @frenchpressplease​, @baccadraw

Here’s to an entire year filled with good OTP feels 💕

Signs + their HQ!! Valentine's Date
  • Aries:Bokuto
  • Taurus:Daichi
  • Gemini:Oikawa
  • Cancer:Tsukishima
  • Leo:Hinata
  • Virgo:Akaashi
  • Libra:Yamaguchi
  • Scorpio:Iwaizumi
  • Sagittarius:Kuroo
  • Capricorn:Kageyama
  • Aquarius:Sugawara
  • Pisces:Kenma

shinee world 2016 (kobe, day iii) ♡ 160214

(talking about how “cool” shinee is as jonghyun watched from behind.)
key: it’s not like you’re not able to see your own stage before. at least you did in dvds, right?
jonghyun: it’s the first time in ten years that i watched from behind (during performances).
taemin: then, i’ll also be watching from behind …
key: no, i don’t want to perform as four again. (source: keihissi via choco__45) (do not edit, repost or screencap. please ask permission directly from the translator first before you post elsewhere and, after doing so, keep full credits (including the op credits) and translation notes intact.)