Episode 19 of FMA: Brotherhood

Something I noticed and I want to be wrong about someone help contradict me.

Riza reloading her gun while they chase Barry’s body. Six bullets.

She doesn’t use that gun again until Lust comes along. It’s the last gun she uses on her after using all the ammo in her other ones.

There she is whipping out the same gun. 

One shot.

Two shots.

The flash of the third shot.

Another flash indicating the fourth shot.

We hear the fifth shot and see the recoil on Riza.

She stops.

She falls to the ground.

And tells Alphonse to leave.

…Guys, there was one bullet left in that gun and I don’t think she was planning on using it on Lust.




I’ve tried to fit as many people in here as possible without tumblr freaking out and dying on me! Also it took me a long time to find everything, oh my god. I hope ya’ll like this! It was fun making!


Request- midnightcat1070 said: Hi! Your oneshot with Pietro singing Frozen was great! Could you write a oneshot where the reader is extremely ticklish and Pietro is alone with her one day in the tower and he tries to tickle her but she tries to run away and he picks her up over his shoulder and carries her to his room where he tickles her and fluffy stuff like that? Much love!😘 

A/N- Thank you for the request, it sounds adorable so I hope it turns out as fluffy as you were hoping. Sorry for the long-ish wait but here it is!

Title: What’s the Magic Word?

Characters: Pietro Maximoff x ticklish!reader


“(Y/N)…pst. Wake up.” A finger kept prodding your cheek.

You rolled over and buried your head in the warm pillow, today was you relaxing day. All the Avengers were out on different missions which left you alone. “Go away,” you tried to tell the person off but it ended up sounding muffled.

“Sorry дорогой, I can’t do that. It’s hot outside and I really want to go to the…what is the word in you American language?” The heavily accented voice paused momentarily, thinking.

You sighed and rolled over so your voice could be heard, “Describe the place.”

“It is the place where you Americans go. There is water and sand. Lots of girls in bikinis. Guys are shirtless trying to impress said girls.” He listed.

“The beach?” You asked, interest lost at the mention of skinnier, prettier girls in their skimpy, expensive swimwear.

“Yes! The beach! That is where I want to go with you. Like Nicki Minaj, the rapper woman, let’s go to the beach beach, let’s go get away. What is that from anyways?” He began humming the song, “Starships! That song is that Tony called his…man jam.”

“I don’t really want to go..” You muttered sheepishly.

His humming stopped and his blue eyes pierced into your (Y/E/C) eyes, “Why not? (Y/N), you hardly face the outside world other than going for coffee or to the library.”

“I go on missions,” You pointed out. “I just..I just don’t want to go to a place where there are so many pretty women there who’ll take you away.” You started before realizing that it sounded like you had claimed him, “You know, taking you away from our friendship times..” You finished awkwardly.

Pietro laughed, his eyes crinkling, “Oh, (Y/N), Не так красиво , как вы, любовь моя.”

“What does that mean?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. He always spoke in his native tongue around you almost afraid for you to hear what he really was saying.

He turned red, “It is nothing. I will go get ready. We won’t be taking a car so you should wear shoes that won’t fall off when I carry you.”

It was your turn to blush at that, you nodded your head and pushed him out of your room so you could get ready. You decided on a simple black two piece, it suited your figure. To wear over the swimsuit, you chose a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Grabbing a elastic band, you pulled your hair into a bun and walked out the door with your bag filled with sunscreen, a book, phone, and earphones. Always prepared for a trip anywhere. A knock on your door signified that Pietro was waiting for you. You opened the door and he walked in, no longer in his tight running uniform. It was weird not seeing him in the usual get-up. “You ready?” He asked, offering his arm which you took gratefully when you put on your converse.

“I’m pretty sure, where are we going?” 

“Cony Island beach, Wanda told me that’s a good place.” He answered before bending his knees, signaling you to jump onto his back.

“Piet, I don’t want to break you.” You told him truthfully, afraid your weight was going to crush him.

“Oh hush up, now jump on.” You sighed defiantly, hopping onto his back gently. “You settled back there?” He asked jokingly, you had been shifting for a few moments trying to find a more comfortable position.

You let out an uneasy laugh, “I think I’m good. Why can’t we take the car?”

“Because there is no fun in that.” He told you, “Hold on.”

You did and he took off. His grip on you thighs tightened as did yours around his neck. After a few minutes, Pietro moved his hands up to reposition you, preventing you from slipping. His hands held onto your upper thighs,, unintentionally tickling you. You stifled a giggle, you couldn’t help it. That was one thing you didn’t like about yourself. You were extremely ticklish. He noticed your movement when you buried your face further into his neck to quiet your laughs. “You alright there?” He spoke, his breathing steady as if he wasn’t running at an inhuman pace while holding a human.

“What? Oh yes, I’m fine. How much longer?” You raised your voice to be heard over the whipping wind.

He didn’t reply for a few moments but he stopped abruptly and you felt the smell of salt water fill your nose. “We’re here.”

You jumped off and immediately regretted that decision, your mind wasn’t adjusted to your movement being slow so you nearly topped over as soon as your feet hit the sand. Pietro quickly moved and held you up again. Once you regained your composure, you turned around and pulled off you top and shorts, stuffing them in your bag. “C’mon Piet, let’s go.” You walked backwards watching as he slipped his shirt over his head, muscles rippling. You noticed a handful of girls stopped what they were doing to admire this beautiful creation.

Once he put his top in your bag as well, he ran towards you and picked you up, heading for the water. “Piet, I swear to god, if you throw me in here I will-” You never got to finish your threat because your body hit the surface of the water, soaking you from head to toe.

Once your head popped back up from the surface, you glared at Pietro’s smirking face, “You’ll what? Splash me? Oh how scary.” He feigned fear and put his hands up to make his act more dramatic.

You slowly walked towards him and while he was distracted, you pulled his leg out from under him making him fall into the water. When he resurfaced, it was his turn to glare at you. “You will pay for that (Y/N).”

You tried to turn and run much to Pietro’s amusement. Within a millisecond, Pietro was behind you, wrapping his muscular arms around your waist, picking you up. The contact on your side was enough to trigger your ticklish reaction and you burst out laughing. Pietro noticed this, “Wait, are you, the infamous (Y/N), ticklish?”

You wriggled in his grasp, the stared of people, mostly women, long forgotten, “Let go, Pietro. If I were you, I wouldn’t tickle me.”

“Of course you wouldn’t tickle yourself. It wouldn’t be as funny.” He told you before running to the sand and laying you on the beach towel. He hovered over you, eyes boring into yours. For a moment you thought he was going to kiss you but those thoughts were interrupted by his large hands poking and wiggling on your stomach and sides making you laugh.

“Piet, no. Pietro” you stopped to laugh, “Pietro Maximoff, I order you to stop tickling me a this moment.” You tried to hold in your laughter to sound serious but that attempt went out the window when his hands still roamed around your stomach.

“I’m sorrry (Y/N), I don’t speak giggles. What did you want me to do?” He teased.

“Pietro,” you laughed, “Just let me talk really quick.”

He stopped, “Ten seconds.”

“Let’s go back to the tower, I don’t like being wet while being tickled. I also don’t like the stares we’re getting.” You told him in one breath, using the time he gave you.

Pietro pretended to think about it before finally nodding his head, “Alright, but as soon as we get back, you can’t run away since I was so kind to give you what your requested.”

You thought about it and agreed. At least in the tower you lock yourself in the room if you were fast enough.. you laughed at the thought of Pietro not being fast enough. You grabbing your things and jumped onto his back and within minutes, the two of you were back in the living room of the tower. “Here, in the privacy of the Avenger’s Tower. Happy?” He raised an eyebrow, smirking at you.

“I guess I can say I’m a bit more relaxed. Can we make a deal at least?” You asked sweetly.

“It depends дорогой, if I like it or not.”

“Stop saying that, for all I know your calling me a bitch or something.” You threw your hands up, frustrated that you brushed of Natasha when she tried to teach you that language. “Anyways, my deal is that you can’t use your powers. You’ll have to catch me without your super-human speed, got it?”

He rubbed his chin pretending to be deep in thought, “Hm, if I catch you without my powers, you have to do whatever I want you to at anytime.”

You stuck out your hand, “Deal.” 

He shook it and you took off in the opposite direction, running into the kitchen. You looked around and hid yourself in the corner next to the doorway. It was a tactic or hide ‘n seek (which you always won at), hide in plain sight, the seekers always look for the person in hiding places. You kept still and held your breath when you heard Pietro open the door. He walked right past you to the end of the long kitchen counter top. You seized the moment when his back was turned and ran to the living room. Pietro just barely turned in time to see the ends of (Y/C/H) exit the door. “дерьмо.” He muttered to himself by running, normally, out the same direction. 

After a few times of being caught, there you stood on one side on the couch and he was on the opposite side. Since he couldn’t use his powers, you both had a fair chance of winning this game. You stood, shoulders tense, ready to run keeping eye contact with the speedster. A few moments of intense eye contact later, Pietro did something you didn’t expect. He jumped over the couch and grabbed your wrists. You cursed yourself for not seeing that he had that option and you hadn’t reacted quick enough. He back you up against the wall and nuzzled his nose in your neck. He lifted his head slightly so that his lips could brush your ear, sending shivers throughout your body, “I got you моя любовь.”

Before you could respond, Pietro picked you up and ran (with his powers now that he won) to his room. He grinned widely, seeing your panicked expression. “What, you honestly did not see that coming?” He asked you, chuckling lightly at the memory of the first time he met the bird man on the team.

You shut your eyes and spread out your arms, accepting the inevitable. “Just go on, get it over with. You won, fair and square.” You squeaked, flinching at every sound thinking it was Pietro preparing to tickle you once again.

Suddenly, his hands were poking at your sides and every other spot you could think of that made you burst out into fits of laughter. The feeling was quite unusual since you never let anyone touch anywhere other than your hand for high-fives. “Oh god, Piet. Please” You cut yourself off giggling when Pietro’s hands squeezed your thigh. “Piet, stop please.” You laughed again, breaths coming out in pants.

“Why do you want me to stop? You are laughing, no? And laughter is a sign of having fun.” He told you pausing for a moment before continuing his ‘fun’ torture on you.

After a long, laugh-filled, ten minutes, Pietro finally stopped moving his hands and left them to rest on your waist. He blue eyes shined bright with glee and he moved on of his hands up to brush a stray strand of hair away from your face, “I like it when you laugh, it is cute. Especially when I’m the one that is the cause of it.”

Your face turned red at his comment, “Even when you’re torturing me with tickles?”

“Anytime I make you laugh no matter what, it makes me happy. It sounds so cheesy (Y/N), but like Justin Bieber says, “Whenever you smile, I smile,”” He told you which me you cover your mouth with your hand to prevent your giggles escape your lips.

“Don’t do that. I just finished telling you that I like your laugh. And what do I get in return? You trying to prevent your laughs. I’m trying to be romantic here.” He said dramatically.

After a few moments of silence, Pietro pulled you so you were straddling his lap. You kept your face down so he wouldn’t see your reddening cheeks. “So, (Y/N), remember when we were making our deal and you agreed to do everything I tell you to if I catch you?”

You nodded your head, regretting the decision already. He continued, “It starts now, since I caught you. So can I ask you to do something?”

In the heat of the moment, you nodded you head, thinking he was going to ask to kiss you. He leaned forward slightly, keeping eye contact, “Can you,” he paused and inches his face closer a bit more.

You sat still, waiting to see what his next move was. He leaned forward until his lips barely brushed yours. “Can you…get me a water bottle?” He pulled back and laughed at your glare.

“And why the hell would I do that?” You asked, you were annoyed. He led you on thinking that he was going to kiss you but he ended up wanting you to grab a water for him.

“I won the game so you have to do what I want you to.” He told you simply, leaning back against the headboard.

You got up, grumbling about the stupid deal and why he can’t get up his lazy arse and get the water himself in two seconds. You walked to the kitchen and grabbed a water for the older Maximoff to have the bottle snatched out of your hands and the fridge shut in less than a second. He stood there in front of you, signature smirk plastered on his lips. “Thank you m’dear.” He nodded his head, taking a swig of the cold liquid.

You stood, hip jutted out and arms crossed. The way you were glaring at him made him chuckled slightly and walk towards you. “You know, you’re pretty cute when you’re angry.”

You opened your mouth to reply only to have them shut when Pietro placed his lips on yours. Your eyes widened at the sudden contact and forgot to kiss back untilo he pulled away, his own eyes wide. Before he could apologize you placed yours hands behind his neck and connected your lips once again. He dropped the bottle and placed his arms on your hips and broke the kiss to place you on the counter, standing between your legs. You raised an eyebrow at the new position. He quickly responded, “So I don’t break my neck reaching your height.” before crashing his lips to your the third time in the few minutes.

Little did the two of you know, the other Avengers were sitting around Tony, looking at the small screen in his palm showing the security video feed. In the front, Thor and Vision were talking about how clear the image was for the screen of the small phone. In the back Clint handed Natasha a fifty dollar bill, sighing in defeat. She took it, grinning, “I told you so.” and high fived Bruce. Wanda stood in the middle of them, smiling knowingly at her brother who finally grew the balls he needed to make a move on you. Tony turned around when he heard Clint grumbling to himself, “Stupid young love. Should’ve never bet Natasha.”

“What’s Clint do this time?” Tony asked, amusement flickering in his eyes.

“He bet me that Pietro wouldn’t make a move on (Y/N) and things would be the same as before. The weird Twilight eye contact thingy between the two.” Natasha replied, a smug smile on her face.

“Now I just need to set Wanda and Vision up.” She finished, grinning madly when Wanda spit out her drink.


дорогой- darling

Не так красиво , как вы, любовь моя- Not as beautiful as you, my love

дерьмо́ - shit

Моя любовь - my love


Once again, sorry for the long wait. I hope this is was enough for you. Thank you again for requesting, this was cute. midnightcat1070 I hope you enjoyed!

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