“He was their family. They were his. They were worth every cut and bruise and scream.”

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Ok but imagine: Dan already spends fathers day with wymack every year and its not like sappy she just buys him lunch and then they watch a game on tv but the fathers day after the kings men there’s a knock and Kevin is there, looking more unsure then Dan has ever seen him in his life. He looks like he’s about to bolt, but they tell him to come in and its really awkward at first but it ends up being one of the most special memories for all of them

Kevin Hart And Amy Schumer: The New King And Queen Of Comedy
For the first time in a decade, someone other than Jerry Seinfeld tops Forbes' ranking of the highest-paid comedians.

There are two “firsts” in the list of highest-paid comedians that was put out by Forbeson Tuesday: For the first time in a decade, someone other than Jerry Seinfeld tops the rankings; and a woman is in the top 10 for the first time, according to Forbes’ tally.

Kevin Hart ended Seinfeld’s decade of dominating the list of highest-paid comedians in decisive fashion, using his tour of huge venues to earn $87.5 million — roughly double the $43.5 million that Seinfeld, the next-most successful comedian on the list, made in the same period from June 2015 to June 2016, Forbes reports.

Amy Schumer is the first woman to break into the list of comedy’s top earners, with $17 million netting her the fourth spot in the rankings. And like Hart — who says on his Twitter bio, “My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!” — Schumer is building on her recent success.

Schumer, 35, is on a world tour that will send her to Australia later this year; like Hart, she’s currently playing U.S. venues that normally host NBA games. Her book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, earned Schumer a $9 million advance last September and has become a best-seller since its release in August.


She’s just been lying there meowing for the last 10 minutes. ಠ_ಠ #Kevin #KevinProblems

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